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Posted in: 2 elderly women jump to their deaths on rail tracks See in context

THIS is why the passenger railroad companies plus both Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway are building platform barriers as fast as possible in the Tokyo region. Such barriers will be enough of a deterrent that station personnel will have enough time to stop these acts of suicide.

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Posted in: McDonald’s adds wasabi and teriyaki sauces to their Chicken McNuggets in Japan See in context

I'm actually surprised McDonald's Japan didn't do this at least ten years ago....

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Posted in: Japan sees potential in solar power See in context

That's certainly the case on Honshu from Kyoto west and on all of Shikoku and Kyushu, where there are enough sunny days to justify such an investment (where's all the solar power installations on Shikoku and Kyushu?). But I'm not so sure on Honshu north of Sendai and on Hokkaido, where heavy snowstorms and long winters could make solar power a lot less effective (people forget that Hokkaido and much of the Sea of Japan side of Honshu get major snowstorms coming from Siberia in winter).

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Posted in: Aviation poised for 'third revolution': Airbus boss See in context

I think both Airbus and Boeing are already looking at replacements for the A320neo and 737 MAX that won't look anything like what we see now. The new airplanes that will be even quieter and burn far less fuel than before.

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Posted in: New restaurant sightseeing bus offers gourmet meals on wheels See in context

I'm actually surprised that only now has Willer Express stepped forward to offer such an excursion tour--a tour that could go to the more remote scenic regions of Japan not reachable even by rail lines.

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Posted in: One woman's road to changing Japan’s image of British cuisine, one cake at a time. See in context

I think a lot of the issues with people looking down on British cuisine comes from the fact right across the English Channel is a country with one of the world's finest cuisines, that of France (we can thank Auguste Escoffier for that!).

If you look carefully, there are some important aspects of British cuisine that have become well-known--the breakfast of eggs, toast, some meats and potatoes comes from England, hence the name English breakfast. Indeed, crumpets and scones are a distinct English product that have become well-known worldwide (the so-called English muffin is kind of a crumpet derivative).

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Posted in: Pokemon Go fans glad Niantic addressing complaints See in context

There is one thing Niantic needs to do: get the servers for playing Pokemon Go running on a web hosting service deigned specifically for high-volume services, so the game runs reasonably smoothly.

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Posted in: Would you support a complete ban on smoking in public places in Japan? See in context

Except for bars and izakaya restaurants, smoking should be banned at every public space in Japan. There's a reason why Starbucks took off in popularity in Japan: its strict smoking ban attracted a lot of customers, especially female--proof that a no-smoking food establishment does have a clear place in that country.

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Posted in: Nintendo files suit against go-kart company MariCar See in context

I'm actually surprised Maricar didn't ask for Nintendo's permission in the first place. They could have set up operations in Kyoto (NIntendo's corporate headquarters are located there) and turned it into a major attraction for that city.

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Posted in: Apple 'spaceship' headquarters readies for boarding See in context

Apple built this new campus so they could centralize many of their employees there, primarily the divisions involved with iOS-based products (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and (as rumored) eventually a Siri-based assistant device). Apple will likely move many people involved in MacBook and iMac products to its current corporate headquarters also. In short, this will allow Apple to reduce the number of buildings needed to house its various divisions.

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Posted in: The good, bad and unknown about marijuana's health effects See in context

I think the days of smoking a joint may be coming to an end. There's good reason for this: smoking cannabis like you smoking a cigarette introduces a lot of really bad chemicals into your body--you're essentially inhaling smoke from a burning substance. The future will be the use of vaporizers, including the very small vaping devices.

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Posted in: Niigata governor tells TEPCO nuclear plant to stay shut See in context

I can understand why the Niigata government did this: in 1964, there was a major earthquake in Niigata that caused a lot more damage than anticipated because much of the land around Niigata city was highly vulnerable to a type of damage called liquefaction, where the ground shaking causes the building to literally collapse into the ground. They want to make sure the nuclear power plant literally does not sink into the ground in case of another major earthquake in the area.

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Posted in: Train driver says he can't remember overrunning platform by 220 meters See in context

This is why JR East has been testing in the Sendai area--and will soon implement throughout the the entire JR East system--a form of positive train control that will not only stop the train, but also control its speed between stations. That way, the train will automatically brake anyway as it approaches a scheduled station stop.

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Posted in: 5 things to do in Nagano City (that aren't winter sports) See in context

Until the then-Nagano Shinkansen opened in 1997, even relatively small numbers of Japanese visited that town for tourist reasons, mostly because it was a long train ride just to get there from Tokyo. But once the Shinkansen opened, the city became a bit of a tourist town--and now even more so with the full opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen all the way to Kanazawa.

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Posted in: Tokyo Metro employs megaphone translation tech at station near Harajuku See in context

I think an improved version of this special megaphone could be used at major train stations--particularly Tokyo, Kyoto, Sin-Osaka, Hiroshima and Hakata Stations, where large numbers of foreigners travel through.

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Posted in: 'Osechi ryori' - The meaning behind Japanese New Year food See in context

Making or buying osechi ryori used to be common but within the last 30 years, the rise of konbini and regular supermarkets that open just about all the way to December 31st has reduced its demand. The high price of a decent store-bought osechi box hasn't helped, things, either.

I wouldn't be more surprised nowadays that families during New Year's Day period in Japan are more likely to eat from a nabe pot or an oden pot instead at home, especially since you can get the ingredients almost right up to the last day of the year.

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Posted in: KFC Japan's New Year box See in context

@Nippori Nick, while I understand you sentiment, the Japanese have taken to KFC in such a big way that they would take to something like this, especially given the eye-opening cost of a decent osechi-ryori box set nowadays.

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Posted in: Koike seeks to reduce crowding on trains during rush hour See in context

@GW, I couldn't agree more with your suggestion about "decentralizing" Tokyo corporate offices itself. They need to move corporate offices away from much of Tokyo inside the Yamonote Line loop or the Marunouchi district and put them in other Tokyo wards, southern Saitama Prefecture, western Chiba Prefecture and Kanagawa Prefecture.

I mean look at New York City. Many Wall Street firms are now putting up offices not on Manhattan, but on New Jersey side of the Hudson River, where there is a lot of space to grow.

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Posted in: Koike seeks to reduce crowding on trains during rush hour See in context

Particularly bad in terms of ridiculous overcrowding are the JR East Saikyo Line and the Tokyu Toyoko and Den-en-toshi Lines. They need to figure out a way to get the riders now using the Saikyo LIne to use more the "F-Liner" service via the Seibu Ikebukuro and Tobu Tojo Lines with runthrough on the Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line and help Tokyu rebuild stations to run longer trains on the Den-en-toshi and Toyoko Lines.

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Posted in: Authorities urge elderly people to be careful when eating 'mochi' See in context

It may sound like Big Brother, but the elderly choking on eating mochi is a well-known problem in Japan. (If I remember correctly, the famous movie Tampopo has a reference to that issue.) Better be safe than sorry....

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Posted in: Disney faces 'Star Wars'-size dilemma over loss of Carrie Fisher See in context

We have to know just what was completed in an early rough cut of the movie shown to Disney executives. If it means an important role for the Leia character in Episode IX, then there is a chance they may have to reshoot a number of scenes in Episode VIII, and that could result in Episode VIII being delayed from December 2017 to May or June 2018 for its release date.

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Posted in: Sagawa employee caught on YouTube throwing, kicking parcels See in context

Ah, doesn't that employee know there are many millions of camera-equipped cellphones out there? Most of which can take video? That's the reason why celebrities have to be much more careful in public in recent years, because one wrong move will result in their actions posted on YouTube and other video streaming services in no time flat

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Posted in: Blindsided by SUV boom, Hyundai Motor trims costs, perks See in context

Don't be surprised that Hyundai at least shows a concept version of a new, smaller crossover SUV based on the next-generation Hyundai Accent platform (the OS model mentioned in the article), possibly as early as the Chicago Auto Show in February 2017. The current Tucson and Sante Fe models sell well but Hyundai really needs a smaller crossover SUV model to fill out its range.

Honda is doing well because they have crossover SUV's in the low-end (Vezel/HR-V), mid-range (CR-V) and high-end (Pilot) models to cater to buyers demanding an SUV.

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Posted in: Massive fire engulfs more than 140 buildings in Niigata Pref city See in context

I wonder did they stop Hokuriku Shinkansen service because the fires were too close to Itoigawa Station?

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Posted in: European clubs call on FIFA not to expand 32-team World Cup See in context

I think it will stay at 32 for the foreseeable future.

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Posted in: Solar panels repay their energy 'debt': study See in context

However, I'm not sure if solar panels worth it in parts of Japan that have snowy winters--especially the Tohoku region north of Sendai and in Hokkaido. It would certainly work on Honshu from Kyoto westwards and on Shikoku and Kyushu with enough sunny days to justify its use.

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Posted in: 79-year-old truck driver, going wrong way, killed in expressway crash See in context

I'd really like to know how did the driver miss the No Entry sign, which has been used worldwide for many decades? Might want to check for the possibility of alcohol or prescription drug use.

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Posted in: Tokyo officials announce flu season has begun See in context

Any cold or influenza virus could spread really fast in Tokyo given all those crowded commuter trains and subway trains. Might want to take some proactive measures, though some of them are of questionable value.

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Posted in: Tech evangelists see the devil in Donald Trump See in context

It's not hard to figure out why: companies like Facebook, Google and Twitter were seen by many to be actively rooting against the Donald Trump candidacy and now dread what will happen with technology issues in a Trump Administration.

Why? I can probably date this back to February 17, 2011, when President Obama held a private dinner in San Francisco with the CEO's of Apple, Cisco Systems, Facebook, Google, Netflix, Oracle, Twitter and Yahoo!. We don't know what was said at that private dinner, but one must openly wonder was there a "gentlemen's agreement" with the President's personal blessing to censor the political Right by tweaking the search and discovery algorithms to favor Leftist topics. If we find out this is true, then the companies I mentioned could be legally liable for violating the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, since it was essentially de facto government-approved censorship.

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Posted in: Hollywood in shock over Trump victory See in context

To which I say, your problem. The entertainment community donated millions of US dollars to the Hillary Clinton campaign and made a lot of personal appearances on behalf of the campaign and got nothing for it. No wonder why we're getting angst-ridden postings on blogs and on social media (Facebook and Twitter primarily in the USA) from many celebrities so disappointed by the outcome. Particularly alarming was that long post on Lena Dunham's own weblog and MIley Cyrus' video response.

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