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Posted in: Woman, 'unaware' she was pregnant, delivers baby into cesspool See in context

I am saddened by the comments here. If she is found to be 1)mentally unstable 2)a known neurosis why all the attacks. Just because this is the internet we shouldn't say such things. Most of you wouldn't stand outside a mental institution and ridicule the people inside.

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Posted in: Rainbow Pride See in context

Did they costumes not accomplish one goal. If most of the posters here are heterosexual, we are discussing gays. The more we discuss it the harder it is to be ignorant. Lets also be honest. How many media outlets would carry a parade article if there wasn't some catch.

Also if any of you know children that are not your own. IE working in some sort of care system for example. Most children seem to have a greater knowledge at seven then you probably did at eight-teen. The stuff the kids know entering middle school is amazing. Most kids just don't advertise in front of there parents. But get them together where they don't care what an adult hears and you will see.

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Posted in: Have Japan’s anti-smoking laws gone too far? See in context

I live in a city that has no smoking in public or work places. Even if said work place generates more carcinogens then smoking. I believe you can not smoke within 50ft of an entrance to any building. Not sure of the distance. I voted to allow all of this.

With that being said. I am not sure I agree that the woman should have been awarded any damages. I can not force my neighbor to run is super polluting old truck that stinks up the whole block. I close my windows and wait for him to be done. I can tell you he is a lot longer then a 15 min smoke, when hes out revving the thing to death.

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Posted in: Japan extracts 'fire ice' gas from seabed See in context

I do not know the cost ratio for japanese energy. But I am going to go out on a limb and say they are using a formula similar to alberta oil sands. Oil has to be over $30 a barrel to break even and then they need enough of a buffer so that it wouldn't slide under $30. It is porbably higher now. But you get the idea. Has the cost of power doubled? That would be a good sign that its viable choice.

I understand oil sands oil is considered/probably more dirty then regular crude. But if there is an accident here we are talking lakes and local area. Isn't fireice extremly dangerous? Like globally dangerous?

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Posted in: Former MLB pitcher Kuwata rejects corporal punishment in sports See in context

If you have a coach with a big enough desire to win this happens in some form. I don't know how many run till you puke practices we had the one year in basketball. It was the same in football. The coach never hits you but they torture kids mentally and physically. It is completely allowed in any competitive sport I have been a part of.

While it is sad that he was hit and that makes this news. Sadly the coaches with the most wins in youth sports seem to be the meanest degrading people. Just look at what US college coaches get caught on camera for. Sports and the chance for money and success create this culture.

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Posted in: McDonald’s 60-second campaign a bit much for staff See in context

When I spent time in Japan I was astounded by the quality. Burger King, KFC, and Mcdonalds were all great. I wouldn't say picture quality. The standard is leaps and bounds above Canada. Service depends though.

I never get a Big Mac that doesn't have more lettuce on then off. A egg mcmuffin with more cheese on the wrapper then the egg. There was also a 60 second challenge a few years back for the drive thru here. After you paid 60 seconds to get the food from next window. The employees would just hold you up at the pay window. So in fact it took longer. Even though the timer said 60 seconds.

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Posted in: Japan's seniors work on into retirement See in context

My stepfather had to take sometime off after he hit 70 for heart problems. The day he went back to work he looked like he did when he was 50. His brothers both retired look like they are just waiting to get old and pass on.

In some ways the daily grind keep people young and happy. As long as the work isn't demeaning and something they enjoy. Some people work for the money, my grandfather still farms at 90 because he likes it.

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Posted in: Forest of Sweets for Tohoku children See in context

On a baking note why wooden trees? Why not ginger bread?

Ginger bread almost never goes bad. It just hardens. It is still edible a year later same with fruit cake. Most of the commercial (not in store) baked goods are well over 6 months old.

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Posted in: Why Japan doesn’t give a Gangnam about PSY See in context

I am going to go out on a limb here and say most of these posters don't do the dance club scene. The words don't matter one bit. A good DJ on the table will turn the beats in this song to pure magic. I have probably heard at least 20 songs mix with this.

If Psy actually wrote the music to this song he will probably see a lot of success in countries that have dance music that charts top 40. While the image sells well now, most pop tart artists need someone with talent to write the music for them. We may be looking at an Asian Timbaland.

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Posted in: McDonald’s gets flak for removing menus from counters See in context

I would say a good 3 out of 5 times in Canada i get people in front of me confused looking up at the board. It saves no time. It seems people need to think when they are at the till. I liked the picture menu beside the till when wife and i were in Kyoto.

Maybe a cellphone menu should have been added as well before this change. The reader boards really arent that informative.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi willing to sell Dutch plant for 1 euro if buyer keeps workers See in context

If the union isn't milking Mitsubishi they should run the Factory as a subsidiary of Mitsubishi. Sadly its a losing venture and I don't want to see anyone unemployed. You can't let the whole company suffer. It sounds like they never really truly got what they had hoped for from Europe.

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