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Razz Tharis comments

Posted in: Crushing workload at schools is causing more Japanese teachers to suffer chronic depression See in context

Same story worldwide. In Japan a first point solution would be to allow japanese teachers to take the holidays the same as the students. Also, to remove the unnecessary Saturday schooling, and hav teachers work no later than 4;30/5pm at schools. Way too much is expected from teachers

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Posted in: Emperor gives last New Year's address before abdication See in context

Japan's most wasteful beneficiaries....

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Posted in: Mayweather promises entertainment, not a knockout, in Japan See in context

having now seen the fight - there appears nothing and no rues that could have protected that blonde guy (never heard of him btw). He was utterly outclassed and his balance was very poor. Even with kicking Mayweather would have closed in and dropped him with his power.

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Posted in: Trans-Pacific trade pact takes effect without U.S. amid protectionism See in context

Look at that NZ Minister Parker - he spent a whole 6 months pre-election whining about how his party wouldn't back the TPP - then they could wait to flip-flop after their 36% election win and sign the thing.

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Posted in: All Blacks stumble with eye on World Cup See in context

NZ will win in Japan 2019

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Posted in: 2 death row inmates hanged, bringing 2018 executions to 15 See in context

There is no justification ever for the state to murder even the worst criminals. It is only for revenge and has no impact on crime rates nor does it serve as a deterrent. It is just a barbaric way to satisfy enraged blood lust. Death penalties are only supported in the most childish of countries.

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Posted in: New era approaches, but Japan's dwindling imperial line clouds future See in context

couldn't the money wasted on this lot go to a better cause? like orphans? Or battered women... something that society could actually benefit from. Why not just let the whole circus ed with the current dude?

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Posted in: Heard on the grapevine: How Pacific trade pact primes New Zealand wine for Japan buzz See in context

I would choose NZ wine over French every single day of the week

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Posted in: Group sues over next emperor's enthronement funding See in context

Absolutely good on them for doing this - usually I raise this issue of tax-funding this archaic and controversial family from a tiny gene-pool and get shut down. But what does this tax-payer funded over-privileged bunch actually do? And why does it cost so much. Good on the Japanese people for questioning them.

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Posted in: Garces and Gardner to ref biggest 6 Nations matches See in context

Gardner is clearly the world's best ref now - but Garce like Poite and the other top 2 Frenchmen have a litany of costly errors to their name. Not least the howling mistake in Lions V NZ 3rd test with their failure to carry through with the last offside.

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Posted in: 'Black Panther' poised to become an Oscars heavyweight See in context

what utter rubbish - this movie is overrated in the worst kind of leftist virtue-signalling. There is no category in the Oscars where this movie deserves even a mention. It's just a good 7/10 superhero movie.

This is just fawning hollywood at its worst and most navel-gazing.

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