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Posted in: What are some movies that had such a profound effect on you that you thought about the subject matter for days after you saw them? See in context

Two of my favorite movies : Mulholland Drive and La La Land. Similar messages but with different outcomes. Following your dreams can be not only complicated but also dangerous.

Also, Dead Poets Society. Your child’s happiness should be your number one priority. ( like I said, complicated and dangerous )

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Posted in: Japanese cafe opens limited-time 'Stranger Things' themed cafe See in context

You lost me at “limited-time”.

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Posted in: Tokyo June heatwave worst since 1875 as power supply creaks under strain See in context

… and we still need to go through July, August and September.

“ He's experienced about as much pain and suffering as anyone I've encountered, give or take.….. and he still has Hell to look forward to.

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Posted in: Biden urges Western unity on Ukraine at G7 summit See in context

Kishida looks like a kid in Disneyland…


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Posted in: For readers who are married to Japanese persons, how much does your spouse know about Japan's actions before and during World War II? See in context

My grandfather-in-law was in his classroom in Hiroshima when they dropped Little Boy. Far from Ground Zero so he survived but he was left with scars because the windows exploded and he got hit by glass. We’re all aware of how incredibly lucky he was. Now, I’m gonna tell you all something. My grandpa doesn’t hate anybody.

It was one of the worst acts in the history of mankind, but it was war. War is an ugly, ugly thing. The Japanese did horrible things, but so did the allies. Politics and brainwashing played a huge role during WWII. My wife and her family and I believe most of Japanese know that there were millions of innocent people ( on both sides ) whose lives were destroyed because of politics ( remember, not just civilians ). And we also know that it was more than 70 years ago; those people full of hate died long ago. But yes, we’re all still healing.

To answer your question, my wife and her family know enough. How much is enough? Tbh, I don’t care. We never bring it up, because… why should we?

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Posted in: 5,000 peaches stolen from Yamanashi orchard See in context

” They’re not from Georgia, though. “

Police said they received a call from a grower at around 3 p.m. on June 21 who noticed that around 5,000 peaches were missing, local media reported. The peaches are a variety called Misaka Hakuho. The value of the stolen fruit was estimated at 1.5 million yen.

But seriously, good luck to the poor guy…

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Posted in: 5,000 peaches stolen from Yamanashi orchard See in context

They’re not from Georgia, though.

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Posted in: Aichi woman arrested for mixing human excrement into school lunch See in context


OK, you’ve got to be kidding me. I wanna know who allowed this animal to work in a school...

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Posted in: Japan to 'throw everything' at Brazil after thrashing Paraguay 4-1 See in context

"Everyone worked hard and created chances. It's disappointing that we conceded, but we didn't give much away at the back and we scored goals," said the manager.

"I think we showed the gap between a team that will be at the World Cup and one that won't."

Not just arrogant, but a bit silly too. The reason why Paraguay isn’t going to the World Cup is because they always face stronger competition in South America. The Japanese players and this coach need to be humble and learn that Japan is light years away of reaching the level of European teams and Brazil. In other words, they’re mediocre, same as Paraguay. Beating them 4-1 in a friendly match doesn’t change that.

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Posted in: How has the coronavirus affected your mental health? See in context

Just a little anxious because I really wanna see my family again. Except that, I guess I’m fine. I was never infected so I think that helps. I should consider myself lucky.

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Posted in: Jury sides with Depp on lawsuit; Heard on counterclaim See in context

I ate a lot of popcorn watching this... Nah, just kidding. Couldn’t care less.

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Posted in: Uvalde tells Biden to 'do something'; he pledges 'we will' See in context

Well, he will sure do something, but without deep cultural change it is not likely it will end up being something useful.

It surprises me nobody else is talking about this. I’ll go even further and say this goes far beyond the GOP and mental illness ( because political change will come, sooner or later ). This is American culture we’re talking about. Americans sure love their guns but do you know what else they love : violence. Take away the guns, they’ll still find a way.

But yes, we’re hoping we can at least reduce the number of mass shootings.

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Posted in: Police inaction moves to center of Uvalde shooting probe See in context

Who else displays such behavior, attacking the weaker and cowering from the stronger?


Brilliantly said.

“What Columbine taught us is, when you have an active shooter situation, waiting for additional resources will result in people losing their lives,” Wexler said. “Here we are, 20 years post-Columbine and that’s the same issue that continues to challenge law enforcement."

Fact. But (!)

20, 30, 40 years. A coward will always be a coward.

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Posted in: Which do you think make better pets: cats or dogs? See in context

People will say it depends on your personality but... You know the answer, I know the answer, and we all know the answer to that question. Dogs will always be the best, purest, most loyal friends we can have. But that takes work... well, love takes work and dedication, right?

Cats will always have those leave me alone moments. Nothing wrong with having cats. A good choice for someone with a busy schedule. And they’re cute, yes they are. But dogs... well, Ricky Gervais recently said: “ There’s nothing more beautiful than a dog.

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Posted in: Kishida says foreign tourists should follow Japan face mask rules See in context

Look at all these downvotes to certain comments. This love hate relationship with Japan you all have is blurring your vision. Yeah let’s just say it’s a political show from the JGov, masks don’t work and the Japanese are racists. Well, I’ll still go with common sense, respecting the culture and people of the country you’re visiting and caring about other people’s well-being.

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Posted in: Kishida says foreign tourists should follow Japan face mask rules See in context

I bumped into a few Japanese yesterday not following the rules. I know of at least one elderly Japanese man who has never consistently followed the rules since PanStart 19.

Sure. But the difference is that these tourists, and foreigners in general, choose to come here. Many of them are waiting for idk how long to come here. The lack of respect they’ll show if they don’t care about what the Japanese say. Like I said, a little bit of common sense doesn’t hurt anybody.

Some serious dark racist undertones there.

Yes, we, as foreigners in Japan, know the whole story. And I agree, I mean, I got to. But let’s put that aside and focus on this virus ( haunting us for the past 3(!) years ). Sorry, but in this case, I don’t care about that us vs them Japanese mentality.

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Posted in: Kishida says foreign tourists should follow Japan face mask rules See in context

Common sense.

And that’s what many foreigners coming into the country don’t have. The Japanese make the rules, not you. Respect the rules and we’ll all be happy. Nobody wants to go through another wave.

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Posted in: Ray Liotta, 'Goodfellas' and 'Field of Dreams' star, dies at 67 See in context

One of the best. RIP, Ray Liotta. And thank you.

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Posted in: 18,000 police officers to be mobilized during Biden's visit to Tokyo See in context

18,000 police officers to be mobilized during Biden's visit to Tokyo

You know what that means, folks – don’t forget your Zairyu Cards (!)

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Posted in: Cruise receives honorary Palme d'Or; says he makes movies for the big screen See in context

Palme of what??.. lol..

“ The French Air Force display team streaked across the sky over the red carpet as the stars headed into the screening for the long-awaited sequel to Cruise's superstar-making 1986 blockbuster. “

Using the Air Force for that clownery??..

Top Gun was the reason why thousands of young Americans joined the Air Force.

It’s funny how people love to underestimate Tom Cruise and his movies...

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Posted in: Director Martin Scorsese said recently that many people today rarely bother to watch movies or TV shows made before their own time. Do you agree, and if so, why do you think this is? See in context

Scorsese’s movies not only glorify the most despicable people but they are also extremely unrealistic. They should show what it means to be the bad guy and what ( really ) happens to you if you’re that kind of person. I’m not gonna listen to what he has to say.

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Posted in: Kremlin warns of retaliation after Finland moves toward NATO See in context

Keep threatening all you want... We’re not afraid of russian scum...

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Posted in: World's biggest YouTuber PewDiePie moves to Japan See in context

This is good news for Japan! I don’t understand why you jealous people need to attack a guy following one of his dreams. He’s part of the 1% that can get a visa “in a different way”, so what? He earned that possibility. Let’s welcome him and hope this will turn into something positive. I’d even say that Japan needs this. The country is ( finally ) changing and this is one of the many things that will help that change.

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Posted in: Operator of missing Hokkaido boat apologizes for causing fatal accident See in context

On the floor, like a dog...

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Posted in: Bayern Munich wins record 10th consecutive Bundesliga See in context

Congratulations to Bayern. But something has to change in the Bundesliga.

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting woman at apartment building entrance See in context

I’d Japan is “ pretty safe “.

I’d say Japan is “ pretty safe “.

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Posted in: Man arrested after confining teenage girl at his home for 3 days See in context

Wow, lots of people here who not only know more about psychology than psychologists, but also know more about an investigation then the police who are investigating it.

Since you’re talking about psychology ; the reason why some posters talk about the victim is because nobody here wants girls to be abducted ( “ I think “ it’s obvious that we’re all on the same side / against that disgusting creep ). If the victim didn’t do enough, people want to bring that up and send a message : “Please, be smarter than this”. Not easy, I know, but unfortunately these ”men” ( if you can call them that ) won’t go anywhere anytime soon.

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting woman at apartment building entrance See in context

Silvia trulyToday  10:34 am JST People think Japan is the safest country in the world, but according to most official rankings, e.g. the global peace index, it's not even in the top ten; sex crimes and violence against women being some of the main reasons.

Here you go: https://www.statista.com/statistics/273159/most-peaceful-countries-in-the-global-peace-index/

“ Safety “... “ Peace “... Doesn’t matter...

What I know is that I’m not gonna compare a country with 130 million people ( Tokyo being 37 million ) to Iceland, New Zealand, Denmark, Portugal, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, Czech Republic, Canada or Singapore. I’d Japan is “ pretty safe “.

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Posted in: 22-year-old woman arrested for stealing ¥9 mil from 51-year-old man See in context

*Anzai and the man met about three years ago through a dating website. She had stayed overnight with him twice, the second time being the night of the theft.*

Police quoted the man as saying he had recently told Anzai that he possessed a large amount of cash.

Not the sharpest tool in the shed ...

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Posted in: What do you think the outcome of the war in Ukraine will be? See in context

Putin death. If not by his own side it will be a Ukrainian 100%.

Putin s a war criminal. My bet is that he will be executed. But yes, there’s also the possibility of an insider getting the job done. Either way, he’s a dead man.

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