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A nice poster with a good message ... but you’ll have to do better than that. A lot more needs to be done.

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Posted in: Wolverine meets Bogart in Jackman sci-fi 'Reminiscence' See in context

The Nolans are in this, so you know it’s gonna be interesting...

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Posted in: Japanese martial arts actor, 'Kill Bill' star Sonny Chiba dies at 82 due to COVID See in context

I have a pretty good collection of his old movies. One of my favorites. Hong Kong had Bruce Lee. Japan had Sonny Chiba. Guess I’m gonna watch some of his old stuff with some sake. RIP Sonny. And Thank You.

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Tokyoite ... if you haven’t watched the whole movie yet, take it easy fella.

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Posted in: Japanese composer for Tokyo Olympics apologizes for 1990s abuse See in context

*... to the opening ceremony of such an important event taking place in Japan, as a symbol of this country’s problems ( which the Japanese still choose to ignore ).*

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Posted in: Japanese composer for Tokyo Olympics apologizes for 1990s abuse See in context

for bullying a classmate during his childhood.

Disgusting that his music is supposed to be part of the opening ceremony. But it’s only fitting that this coward will be in any way connected to the opening ceremony of such an important event, as a symbol of this country’s problems. Problems that are still ignored. Bullying is literally everywhere in Japanese society. There’s thousands of unknown cases happening everyday in Japan. It’s happening right now.

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*“ And then, the chaos. But they just didn’t care... ”*

How can these people sleep at night ...

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Posted in: First positive COVID tests reported for 2 athletes in Olympic Village See in context

*“And then, the chaos. But they just didn’t care...”*

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Posted in: Bach urges Japanese to support Olympics See in context

It’s not enough to go against someone’s will, you have to tell them what to feel, what to think. No buts...


These IOC boys and girls, what rotten souls they are...

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Posted in: German soccer team cuts short Olympic warmup after alleged racist abuse See in context

From Honduras ... ... ... ... Lmao ...

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Posted in: Ohtani is AL starting pitcher; will bat leadoff in All-Star Game See in context

gdtokyo I usually listen to Stephen A Smith, he does his homework and breathes sports analysis. I like to know what he has to say about what’s happening in major sports but... the guy,s clearly a racist. Now, with Ohtani, he can’t get over the fact that he’s Asian/Japanese and not an American. He’s finally accepting that we’re witnessing something extraordinary and said something smart: the MLB has the modern Babe Ruth in their hands and they’re still loosing. The only people who know about Ohtani are the Japanese and hardcore baseball fans. ( I couldn’t care less ), but baseball is a dying sport. MLB doesn’t know s... about marketing.

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Who are the 5 better sides? Are England 6th? 5 better sides on paper? By performance? It sounds like you accept England are better than Germany. England also beat Croatia. 

Lay the top 5 sides out for us. My take is that there are no outstanding sides in this tournament. England certainly aren’t outstanding either.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m not disagreeing with you. Just saying there are better teams out there. Add some ice to this hysteria. English arrogance knows no limits so I just wanted to remind people the English were lucky.

England played the whole tournament at home while other teams needed to travel thousands of miles. The group was easy and Croatia is... Croatia. Let’s be honest, they got to the WC final but what else.

( If you wanna talk about the front line of European football, ( with Belgium in recent years ) we’re talking about 8 teams. Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium and England. )

Today, imo, Italy, Belgium, France, Portugal and Spain are still better teams than England. Funny enough, after the group stage, England didn’t have to play against one of these teams to reach the final. Talk about being lucky.

But like I said, not always the best team wins, that’s why we love this sport.

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An easy group, “a Germany in transition”, Ukraine ( the only match played away... ), ... needed the extra time against Denmark / won with a controversial penalty ( it isn’t ). Not always the best team wins, that’s why we love this thing called football.

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... sorry to say, but England is not even among the top 5 teams in Europe.

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Posted in: What is the best way for parents of children of mixed heritage to make sure their kids grow up bilingual? See in context

Things get “tricky” when English is not your native tongue and you’re not living in your home country. For those in that situation, I guess the right choice is to go with the universal language first ( if you’re fluent in it, that is ). The kids will learn the other 2 / 3 languages in a very natural way.

Thank you all for your answers.

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Posted in: Will Suga's Olympic gamble pay off? See in context

Short answer: No, it will not.

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Posted in: French father goes on hunger strike for children 'abducted' by Japanese wife See in context

A(nother) warning for all of you foreigners living in Japan; make sure you really know your partner before you marry her. There’s many Japanese women who want cute mixed kids but without their mendokusai husbands.

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Posted in: England clinches top spot in Euro 2020 group See in context

Lmao. The toothless lions will play against one of these teams: Germany, Portugal or France. In other words, start packing...

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Posted in: Tokyo Governor Koike hospitalized due to fatigue See in context

I knew this was coming. Not enough sleep, too many responsibilities ( for one person ) and an enormous amount of pressure ( ...good old Japanese way ) is asking too much. She’s not completely innocent or a victim since she has her own political ambitions, but being surrounded by incompetents and hypocritical greediness doesn’t help.

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Posted in: Germany clicks at Euro 2020 with 4-2 win over Portugal See in context

Incredibly frustrating for the Portuguese to have a better team and still not being able to beat the Germans. For a number of reasons, starting with the coach. I believe they also have an inferiority complex when playing against Germany.

For those of us who love to watch football, it’s unfortunate that this Portuguese team has more than enough talent to produce spectacular plays and memorable matches but because of Fernando Santos, their true potential is stuck in a limbo.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't backs 4-day workweek, but experts split See in context

This is one of the reasons why there’s so many angry / unhappy people out there. This “work work work” mentality was never healthy. If we can have more people in a better mood, the world is going to be a better place.

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Posted in: June has no national holiday in Japan. If there were to be a national holiday, do you have any suggestions what it should be for? See in context

The “I’m sick of this weather, please let me stay home” day. June = 90 - 100% humid plus rain = worst weather of all time.

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Posted in: Garigari-kun celebrates 40th anniversary with new ume flavored popsicle See in context

Garigari-kun ... ... still going strong ... :)

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Posted in: Japanese cook shaves head in apology after customer complaint See in context

That Minegishi girl shaved her head a few years ago because of the no dating rule. Yeah, really old school. You really can’t say anything about it, it’s part of Japanese culture.

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Posted in: Crackdown on illegal maid cafes making maids rarer sight on streets of Akihabara See in context

............ places where perverts and nerds pay 7000 yen for a drink just so they can talk to a ( young ) girl that doesn’t give a d-mn about them – who’s gonna miss that. I won’t. Clean them all. Help/Support the girls.

Anything to stop the exploitation of young girls in Japan is a good thing.

Well said.

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Posted in: High schools to begin mental health education amid rise in suicides See in context

............ right, blame covid ... ignore all the other reasons why hundreds of thousands, I’ll dare to say millions of Japanese kids are unhappy and depressed. Kids aren’t supposed to be unhappy, but again, this is Japan; where there’s no such thing as facing reality, recognize that something is wrong with you and try to fix it. This goes for everybody, parents included.

... yeah, let’s ( just ) blame the pandemic...... it’s easy, right?



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“If you notice something unusual or suspicious, call the police right away!”

No, I’m not gonna “call the police”! ( being a foreigner ) ...if I do that, they’ll ask me 292 questions and time is money!

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Posted in: Tougher anti-COVID-19 measures begin in 6 prefectures See in context

... “tougher measures...”? nah... nobody,s impressed...

these people don’t know the meaning of the word tough...



business as usual...

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Posted in: 60% feel it is hard to raise children in Japan: gov't survey See in context

Two things. Kids can’t be kids in Japan ( too many strict rules ) and the “I’m better than you” culture ( if you don’t wanna be “left behind” (the end of the world for some Japanese), you have to pay for it ). Japanese are obsessed with being “successful“ ( whatever that means ), and being respected.

We see ourselves in our sons and daughters so we want them to be the best ... but(!) the most important thing is making sure they’re happy. Unfortunately, I think it’s safe to assume that their children s happiness is not the number one priority for many Japanese parents.

Changes need to start “from the top”. Younger politicians, younger CEO,s, younger teachers.

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Posted in: Man arrested for kidnapping 14-year-old girl after meeting her on social media See in context

For her it’s even better to search for a ‘kidnapper’ than to live any one more day longer at home together with a father (or family) she could not even chose and must obviously be much worse than any kidnapper could be. And don’t tell me that there’s governmental help or institutions for such young people where she could grow up safer or with more chances. There you are even more pushed to the edge and abused or harassed than by any kidnapper of which quite a percentage just want to offer temporary help and not what you might think.

... you know there’s a thing called being a teenager...


and...... “temporary help”; lmao...

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