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Posted in: Japan beats Russia 30-10 in Rugby World Cup opener See in context

very satisfying to have this as top story in JT. job well done Japan! just the first day and we can feel the happiness and excitement in the air. sports really is a precious thing.

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Posted in: Trump keeps up feud with California during visit See in context

California is and it will always be California. Sorry Mr. President, nothing you can do about it, just keep moving.

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Posted in: Man forgets wallet with ¥2.8 million in it on Yamanote line; cleaner who found it nabbed See in context

So much for all those fanciful stories about people leaving their wallets and other valuables accidentally behind in Japan and random strangers returning it.

Don't believe the hype.

those "fanciful stories" are actually true. but you forgot the "generally speaking" part. and also, the thing here is that we,re talking about 2.8 million yen. are you saying that, because we,re talking about Japan, that a Japanese must return that amount of money? that means you might actually believe in those stories because in other countries not even for 20 dollars or 20 euros and forget about all the cards in the wallet, that too. i would like to know (living in an age where most people struggle to make ends meet) how many people would return 2.8 million yen in cash? let,s make it 2 million, no, 1 million. i,m no scientist but i think that number is pretty low.

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Posted in: Will marijuana become the next tapioca? See in context

still very very early for that kind of talk in Japan... and i,m not saying that,s a good thing. but i suppose it has to start somewhere, sometime...

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Posted in: Brad Pitt asks astronaut: Who was better? Clooney or me? See in context

very excited for this one. sci fi keeps getting better and better. and yes let,s hope this one is not as boring as Gravity (one of those good movies but undeniably boring (one time is enough) - so i,m hoping this to be a little different)

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Posted in: British PM could recall parliament if suspension ruled unlawful See in context

desperate Boris... gotta say, interesting character, gave a new dynamic to the third season...

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Posted in: Man with HIV awarded damages after being denied hospital job See in context

don,t wanna seem insensitive, but they have a point...

and people that speak from the outside, it,s easier to look good in the picture...

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Posted in: Abe says ASDF may evolve into 'Air and Space SDF' See in context

.... space force .... air and space sdf ....

.... still waiting for those aliens to come mess with us

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Posted in: The number of children waiting to be accepted into nurseries in Japan came to a record low of 16,772 as of April 1 this year, down by 3,123 from a year before. See in context

it doesn,t just have to do with low birth rates. even after they,re born, things are not getting any easier for the parents... there,s need for some changes, but that,s not a very popular word in Japan. until then, numbers will keep going down...

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Posted in: 8 crew members missing after fishing boat capsizes off Hokkaido See in context

my grandpa was a fisherman, i know about this stuff. i hope they,re ok but when they put missing and sea together we all know what that means...

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Posted in: 12-year-old girl jumps to her death from Oita condo in apparent suicide See in context

@Herosee Reinhart

you should know that being a kid in Japan is not exactly the same as in for example Europe or USA...

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Posted in: 12-year-old girl jumps to her death from Oita condo in apparent suicide See in context

another one... sighs (Japan) what to do, what to do...

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Posted in: Boris Johnson likens Britain to Hulk in Brexit fight See in context

nice try Boris, but the Hulk himself already gave the most elegant response...

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Posted in: Father arrested for beating son with wooden bat See in context

the good old Japanese way of thinking that their sons need to be disciplined like they,re in the army or something. seriously, chill...

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Posted in: Kobe Bryant says U.S. Dream Team days are over See in context

i agree with the previous comment. if their best players keep missing these events, of course the 92,s Barcelona Dream Team days are gone. in fact, they disrespect their fans by doing that. i don,t know if it,s arrogance or vanity, but it,s not pretty.

i,m not saying it,s possible to match the quality of that 92,s Dream Team, but every year, USA is always able to at least get close to that...

i just hope that next year we can see the real American basketball team playing in Tokyo.

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Posted in: Why do some people mock others' taste in music and dismiss groups that they don't like as being crap and having no talent, etc, as if they were an authority or arbiter on musical excellence? See in context

people nowadays are like that. they lack tolerance and respect. we all know it keeps getting worse and worse, it seems.

but everything is subjective. and it depends on the person and what they,re talking about.

i think we could separate it in three categories: 1 - good music that it won,t stop being good no matter what someone says or just because some people don,t like it. 2 - debatable kind. 3 - bad quality, and it,s gonna stay that way whether we like it or not.

if someone likes/dislikes a certain song/music, that doesn,t mean it,s bad or good. i get it when people say that music is supposed to "touch" people. and if some song or music "touches" one or millions of people, then it,s already good, but that doesn,t mean it,s better than any other song/music. for example on youtube we see that the most viewed music videos aren,t exactly the best music there is.

this is subjective. but there,s some examples in which we can,t debate about whether it,s good or bad. example: many people don,t like The Godfather, but that doesn,t mean anything. it,s a fact that it is one of the best movies of all time. same thing with music: many people don,t like classical music. that doesn,t change a thing. classical music is full of masterpieces, it,s a fact. i say again, it depends on what we,re talking about.

but in the end, we should all respect each other,s opinions. those who start mocking others, that,s when they lose.

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Posted in: 22-year-old man arrested for cutting woman’s hair on bus See in context

another weird story involving creepy behavior... unfortunately, as for these Japanese men, they won,t change anytime soon unless Japan changes itself first.

but it,s funny... reading some comments here... it,s almost as if this is gonna end up being in some way, acceptable... i mean, seriously...

a guy that cuts the hair(!!) of a woman against her will is NOT OK, NOT normal in any way. they can,t lock him up for a long time, but i sure would wish they keep an eye on him. and do some kind of therapy.

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Posted in: Top doctor sounds alarm over heatstroke at Tokyo 2020 Olympics See in context

if only they could move the Olympics to (AT LEAST) September... but it,s too late for that, so nothing we can do...

imo, the problem is not the high temperatures (pretty much everyone can handle the heat), the humidity is the problem. and also, i hate it when it rains while it,s hot and humid. where i come from, if it,s rainy, it,s supposed to be cold. summer weather in Japan is a mess, and it,s good people are talking about it now, but they should,ve done that a long time ago. now it,s too late. anyway it,s still the Olympics and people will still go, but it won,t be pretty i,m afraid.

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Posted in: Abe shakes up cabinet, bringing in rising star Koizumi See in context

his daddy being Junichiro Koizumi, his future was cooked up since the beginning. one word: boring.

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Posted in: Dior stokes outrage with new ad for its Sauvage fragrance See in context

the way the world works nowadays ...

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Posted in: U.S. factory output shrinks for 1st time in 3 years amid trade war See in context

it,s a shot in the foot Mr. Trump you have to admit it. and as always, the working class is the one to pay for it.

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Posted in: Hachimura proving himself on World Cup stage See in context

good, good. but imo, he still needs to go to the next level. there,s many great teams and players out there. Japanese need to raise their standards. still a long way to go. keep up the hard work, all the best for Rui and Japan,s national team.

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Posted in: As with adults, no easy way to address weight with children See in context

as for adults, they,re adults, they can make their own choices. as for children, they,re the future so we need to take care of them and it,s never too late for that. change always need to start at home, parents, family members. education also means teaching them how to have a healthy lifestyle - being able to take care of themselves (their health). at school, same thing. schools and families need to genuinely care about children, that means to make some rules; school lunch for example. at home, parents need to stop buying bad food (at least everyday or almost everyday). also children need to get used to physical exercise, so make some kind of schedule, whether at school or anywhere with family and friends. also, enough with sitting all day long playing games or watching tv (Pokemon Go is a good idea). they,ll get used to it (everyday, little by little), they,ll become more healthy/active. if nobody does anything until they,re pre-teens, then it,s too late to change their lifestyle.

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Posted in: McConnell says he's waiting for Trump to chart path on gun violence legislation See in context

what a character that McConnell guy is...

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Posted in: Hong Kong leader withdraws extradition bill that sparked protests See in context

good for everyone except for those political mummies in the mainland. now where,s the rest.

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Posted in: Letter threatening to hunt Koreans sent to S Korean embassy in Japan See in context

we don,t know whether it was a Korean or Japanese doing this, but what i know is that the leaders from both countries should end this circus now (before it gets worse). Japan and S.Korea have alot more to gain if they,re together, not fighting each other. unfortunately korean leadership is not as good as it should be. and generally speaking korean people are like puppets in the hands of their (very) weak leadership.

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Posted in: 17-year-old boy found hanging in classroom in Gifu See in context

...over a disciplinary matter.

of course this has to do with alot more than just disciplinary matters.

Japanese students seem to carry the world on their shoulders and there,s tons of reasons for that. Japan, let your kids be kids.

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Posted in: Opponents of 'no-deal' Brexit defeat Johnson, who promises an election See in context

and... including the grandson of Winston Churchill...... oh Johnson boy what are you doing...

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Posted in: Opponents of 'no-deal' Brexit defeat Johnson, who promises an election See in context

nobody voted for a no-deal exit. in fact, their campaign was based on lies, so that means that people never saw the whole picture. and a no deal brexit would be a complete disaster for the UK.

seriously, my dear British friends, get rid of this mess; elect a new Prime Minister, have a new referendum (everybody knows that remain will easily win), and apologize to the EU. unless you wanna go through a looong storm, lose Scotland on the way and feel isolated between the world superpowers, just for the sake of saying "we,re the UK, we,re special".

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Posted in: Johnson threatens election ahead of Brexit battle in parliament See in context

"I want everybody to know there are no circumstances in which I will ask Brussels to delay: we are leaving on 31st October, no ifs or buts,"

October 31... how appropriate...

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