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Posted in: Oscars go green with plant-based menus, no plastic bottles See in context

i,m sorry man ( Joaquin Phoenix ), i,m sure you,re really happy with this, you have good intentions and i hope you win the Oscar and everything else, but this one is kinda ridiculous ...

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Posted in: Billie Eilish: the edgy pop radical rewriting stardom's rules See in context

she,s really pretty, but imho she would look even more pretty if she wouldn,t wear weird stuff all the time... but i get it, she wants/needs to be/look "different". about the music... bad guy song is cool, and... that,s it i guess... (for me)... she has a few good songs but she,s still very young, once she goes to the next level and stops having millions of depressed teenagers listening to her songs, she,ll be even better...

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Posted in: Tokyo prepares foreigners for potential disasters See in context

Asking a Japanese “where are the fire extinguishers?” In anything other than Japanese will get many a blank look...

exactly ...

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Posted in: TMZ: The 'merciless' news outlet slammed for scooping Kobe death See in context

... people will always be fascinated with celebrities and Hollywood in general.

it,s all about who gets there first. like someone said; if they didn,t do it, somebody else would.

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Posted in: Nose-blowing and face masks provide deep insight into Japan’s social norms See in context

originally, the reason why Japanese (and east asians in general) wear masks is because they,re sick (or don,t wanna get sick). supposed to not only to protect themselves but also to protect others. also the fact that Tokyo and other asian cities are gigantic and have millions and millions of people. and there,s also the pollen issue. however nowadays these are just cheap excuses and the real reason why (a big number of) people wear masks is because they don,t wanna be seen (for millions of reasons) (no, not the makeup thing (we,re talking about guys too) ). the other half, they,re hiding and becoming more and more isolated and anti-social. sure, you can argue that many asians are shy, but that,s no excuse to become a ghost. as for blowing the nose . . . . . . (if i have a runny nose (very uncomfortable)), i always blow my nose whenever and wherever i want (i mean, duh). as simple as that.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for abusing wife See in context

another “tough” guy ...

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Posted in: Virus death toll in China rises as U.S. prepares evacuation See in context

Jimizo ... wanna know something funny? (about the 90,000 infected) i already knew it was fake even before i checked it online (because you asked) (happened to be the Daily Mail, could,be been something else). the fact that you believed it, i accept if you have some lack of experience in reading the news or if it,s your concern blinding you, but what i don,t understand is why you,ve been asking here all day (from morning until the end of the day) for links, all worried about your friends and you didn,t took 1 minute of your time to find it online (which is super easy). interesting huh. not 90,000. it,s serious though, we have to agree on that. but it,s also not the end of the world.

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Posted in: Virus death toll in China rises as U.S. prepares evacuation See in context


apparently it,s a Chinese nurse claiming that the real number is 90,000... i read that in the Daily Mail ... but there,s no proof or confirmation... i understand your concern... let,s hope for the best.

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Posted in: Virus death toll in China rises as U.S. prepares evacuation See in context

... people saying there,s already 90,000 cases of infection (sensationalism) . . . seriously relax folks, we got this. ( it,s not gonna be long until the whole thing is contained but until then better be careful and take precautions ) . . .

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Posted in: Japanese politeness is a myth: One person’s tale strikes a chord with people around the country See in context

many young people seem to be more polite, but i don,t think that,s "surprising". i think the reason why many Japanese old people are self-entitled pr-cks and extremely rude is because they know that in Japanese society, everyone is supposed to respect older people no matter what. things get worse in any workplace especially in a supermarket or a restaurant where the "client is always right". put these two together with the fact that they,re getting older, they,re old and they don,t wanna accept that reality. not a good combination.

So many customers act like god...

this is true, especially in Japan ( historically there were always big divisions in Japanese society ).

“Japanese people are kind to foreigners but strict with Japanese people.”

Japanese people are kind to foreigners, especially tourists, because there it is, their culture tells them to be kind and polite. but things might change if you stop being a tourist and start living in Japan long term.

i agree when people say that everyone should work in a restaurant, supermarket or any customer service related job for at least a few months. i believe the world would be a much better place. anyway, at the end of the day, it doesn,t take much to be kind, to smile and say a simple "thank you".

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Posted in: Koizumi backs different surnames for married couples after heckling incident See in context

i don,t know if he,s putting on a show lately, trying to look modern and break away from those old politicians, but i,m almost starting to think this guy is not so bad after all. still a daddy,s boy though, no good when they start announcing that he,s going to be prime minister years in advance. part of the problem with politics in Japan. and what a character that Sugita is...

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Posted in: Downtown Tokyo's homeless fear removal ahead of Olympics See in context

don,t worry about these homeless (in a city with 37 million people, they,ll always be out there, and unlike the homeless in many other big cities, these (Tokyo) homeless are not dangerous).

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Posted in: Democrats accuse Trump at impeachment trial of corrupt scheme to pressure Ukraine See in context

the world is watching yes, and unlike many American people, people in Europe and other countries are not ignorant and like to know what,s going on in the world. but there,s one thing, i believe the world doesn,t give a d-mn about this. yes, breaking news: the world is not just US.

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Posted in: 'Simpsons' actor says he'll no longer voice Apu after controversy See in context

so after 30 years and after becoming the nr one tv show on American tv and one of the most watched tv shows of all time ( globally speaking ), with Apu being one of the most popular characters, they suddenly decide it is offensive. way to go PC, this is becoming more and more ridiculous. all we can say is Thank You Hank Azaria, Good Job! ... and we still have Moe.

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Posted in: Japan's Communist Party raps China in 1st platform change since 2004 See in context

agree with some of the things they say, but as long as they keep using the name “communist” in JCP they deserve to be kept in the dark like always. well, they,re communists anyway. as someone would say - democracy is not perfect but it is the best we can come up with, in other words, the best possible option.

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Posted in: Harry, Meghan to quit royal jobs, give up 'highness' titles See in context

also i think after all is said and done... if they,re happy (and i hope her love for him is genuine), none of the other cr-p matters which i guess is supposed to be the most important thing. so just let them be. and for those talking about racism; not just the UK, but all of Europe is racist, remember how old Europe is, you can,t make history go away just like that. the thing is, we,re talking about royalty here, and when speaking about royalty, we end up speaking about blood types and pureness and other nonsense.

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Posted in: Harry, Meghan to quit royal jobs, give up 'highness' titles See in context

he turned his back on the military, his family (like it or not, always part of the royal family), and in a way, his country too. like i previously said, he became americanized. the whole “marrying a mixed American girl” and rebelling against the system is part of it. i think the fact of being the younger brother also plays a role in this, in the development of his character and the way he feels about the world, his world. this marriage won,t last for many years, and in the end, when he gets back, if he gets back, it,s gonna look like it was a very long dream (or a nightmare, depending on how you look at it). on the other end, i salute Meghan, even if i don,t like her, for helping people realize what an idiotic nonsense this “royalty/monarchy” thing is. hopefully it closer to its end than it was a few years ago.

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Posted in: Trump impeachment trial opens; White House faulted on Ukraine aid freeze See in context

after Trump being acquitted and the way they,re treating Bernie (again), (shame on you CNN the way you treated Bernie in the debate is disgusting) there,s no way Trump is going to lose his re-election. next Tuesday folks, the re-election begins ... unless the establishment starts having some b-lls...

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Posted in: U.S. Senate passes North America trade deal; Canada still to approve See in context

whether you like it or not, this (together with China,s trade deal) is a big win for the Trump administration ...

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Posted in: Neo-NEETS: Living on other people’s money See in context

while some people don,t want to understand it and just call these people “losers”, my opinion is that there,s some logic to it. i,m referring to the fact that people are getting sick of being slaves of society. everybody says “this is supposed to be like this”. well, maybe not. and then there,s people working more than 90% of their time... that begs the question, are we really living life...

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Posted in: 'Joker' leads Oscar nominations with 11 as women miss out See in context

Joaquin Phoenix should, ve won two Oscars already, but finally, this is his year. Joker is an incredible/special movie and completely deserves to be the leader of the nominations, with 11(!). Best Picture and Best Director is debatable, since there,s some strong contenders, but as for Best Actor, i think we all know who deserves it.

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Posted in: Canada yet to decide if it will pay Harry and Meghan security costs See in context

Canada, right...

in the last few years, Harry became americanized, and, in a way, embraced the North American culture, unlike the rest of his family. combine that with getting married with a mixed (black) american girl. of course these two were always gonna clash with the royal family, British media and public opinion in the UK. i guess it comes down to a simple thing which is: we,re in 2020 folks. if they wanna go to Canada or whatever, let them be. but this royal thing doesn,t make sense nowadays and the Canadians should pay zero ! not even one Canadian Dollar for a prince and his spoiled wife.

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Posted in: Record start for Liverpool as Southampton gains redemption See in context

unbelievable how a club with an incredible amount of European titles, wasn,t able to be English Champion for 30 years. in Europe we have many cases of historic clubs that can,t win their domestic leagues for many years, but 30 years?! shocking, but hopefully, starting from now, things will change and they,ll finally be back “in their place”...

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Posted in: Mendes war epic of grandfather's heroics shakes Hollywood See in context

... haven,t watched this one yet, but i,m definitely gonna see it, but i don,t think i,m gonna change my mind and i,m still gonna keep saying that Joker should be the big winner at the Oscars this year... for a number of reasons ...

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Posted in: Man beats fast food worker because one chicken nugget was missing from his combo meal See in context

just another typical frustrated Japanese man turned into a stupid bully . . . . . .

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Posted in: Oscars to go without host for second year See in context

it,s not what it used to be (a few years ago and especially a few decades ago and early 00,s), that,s for sure...

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Posted in: Official overseeing Tokyo Olympic ceremonies resigns over power harassment See in context

these little tough guys*

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Posted in: Official overseeing Tokyo Olympic ceremonies resigns over power harassment See in context

they have to (really) punish these little tough (in all of Japan) ... and Dentsu ... again ...

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Posted in: Japanese gov't, prosecutors condemn Ghosn's remarks in Lebanon See in context

... was not expecting to laugh this much by reading this (nice way to start the day btw, thanks), it,s actually hilarious ... “fair” huh? no matter if he,s guilty of some wrongdoings or not, he,s striking some nice blows into the Japanese criminal justice system (which is far (really far) from perfect), i think we can all agree on that...

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Posted in: Tuna fetches ¥193.2 mil at New Year auction in Tokyo See in context

must be one h-ll of a tasty tuna . . . (-_-) . . . seriously, publicity or not, this is ridiculous . . .

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