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Posted in: Water containing strontium leaks from Fukushima plant into sea See in context

abnormal insanity seems to rule the day-4 times the new legal radiation limit-just raise the acceptable level and voila,new safe level...ic how that works

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Posted in: Radioactive crushed stone may have been used in over 80 buildings, METI says See in context

"Breath Deep the Gathering Gloom" All you Pro Nukers-you should go live there if you think the stuff is harmless (even good for you) Ive heard-I bet then you would change your tune!This crap doesnt just dissipate into nothing..you burn it it goes back into the air,water,soil and back into the loop until it becomes the new normal background radiation levels that were just raised to accommodate the Industry and this accident ! Safe radiation level to low for the area-just raise the safe levels to the needed target and call it good!

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