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Posted in: Hamilton, Leclerc disqualified from U.S. Grand Prix after inspection: FIA See in context

I really enjoyed the race. It's just amazing that the professionalism showed by the drivers racing under the rules to handicap their abilities aren't respected by the Stewards or F1. I didn't read anything about whether the race course was in compliance as not to create unfavorable race conditions for these entrants. How can one even measure this issue during the event and what is the safety significance to the driver(s) when this occurs? One cannot enjoy these races because the win will be eternally subject to the arcane...

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Posted in: Electrical grids aren't keeping up with green energy push See in context

The article fails to mention the pervasive monopoly of power generation companies that want to control it all. The mindset is to make it fail then fix it. The electric version of smiling greed...

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Posted in: What to stream this week: The Rolling Stones, John le Carré, 'Living for the Dead' and Harry Bosch See in context

Harry Bosch on "FreeVee" is Amazon's monetization and cannibalism of it's own Prime Membership. It's dragging down its tens of millions of customers with its executives failures to maintain their shrimp cocktail lifestyles into an economic abyss of abuse of their own paid membership. Putting ads and a watermark on such a great "Prime Created" series is pure economic hubris. They call themselves a retailer but you can't purchase the unadulterated version of the series. Someday these digital green bar intellectuals will have to face the world they've made and will pay dearly in spirit...

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Posted in: As Alpine glaciers slowly disappear, new landscapes appearing in their place See in context

As the song goes... "Don't Worry Be Happy Ooh-ooh-hoo-hoo-ooh hoo-hoo-ooh-ooh ooh".

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Posted in: Amazon says ads coming to Prime Video streaming in 2024 See in context

Unimaginative and sad... Paying extra for crap nobody watches and jumping on the "everyone else is doing it" philosophy is far from adding value to the customer experience. Amazon needs to find executives that won't suck the future out of it's customers, workers and the business.

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Posted in: Amazon unveils 'smarter and more conversational' Alexa See in context

Alexa can be a real pain. Currently it lowers the device volume so you cannot hear an answer. It's genes answers, results or information willy nilly. My favorite is when I say "Wrong Answer." Alexa replies that no phone is connected to the device. At times it goes off on it's on tangents and rarely allows for a long sentence before it comes up with the wrong answers. The is especially true on Feedback Statements. With the current state of customer harvesting and monetization, I can't wait for this next round of grievances to be thrust into my lexicon of "All things Alexa."

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Posted in: 100-year-old gingko trees may get ax for Tokyo redevelopment project See in context

Trees are life and reflect those things in life that are meaningful. One hundred years is not something that can be bought and sold. It is something reverent...

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Posted in: Fukushima residents react cautiously after start of treated water release See in context

Not the brightest moment for Japan, but maybe one of the laziest. Pumping the water offshore is just wrong. They should have purchased a ghost tanker, cleaned it up, retrofit it, filled it up, towed it out to their territorial limits and sunk it. Then it would have become much more diluted and more so over a greater span of time. And there's always the Godzilla factor with this method too...

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Posted in: Anger grows as Hawaii fire death toll nears 100 See in context

If it was slow moving lava heading their way, there'd be sirens, lots of sirens. These were needless horrific deaths by smoke and flames...

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Posted in: Tech giants form AI group focused on ensuring safety See in context

Except for the fact that the first things they are going into is CRYPTO, everything else is just fine...

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Posted in: Disney cracks open vast archive for centennial celebrations See in context

They just shuttered their latest movie "Crater" for tax reasons. I wonder if they archived that movie's props and gave it a special quickest non-release to write off category. They should AI Walt D. and run the company that way rather than by the rules of the IRS... Very sad.

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Posted in: Ford product chief looking to turn car sensors into features customers will buy See in context

Software Defined Vehicles will be the single greatest leap of mankind. It's not going to be whatever marketing wants, but it will fulfill the promise of a better, less polluted, safer future. Can't wait to see everyone there...

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Posted in: Packages from China surging into United States. Some say $800 duty-free limit was a mistake See in context

Gee, the government is the last to know. How unusual...

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Posted in: U.S. chip giant Micron to invest $600 mil in China plant See in context

It's all about the money. When the gang of three turn Asia into their pie, semiconductors will be the blade of the knives...

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Posted in: Ukraine keeps up pressure following Russian declaration of victory in Bakhmut See in context

It's going to be over one day and the only thing left will be the War Crimes...

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Posted in: Malaysia searches Chinese ship suspected of looting WWII wrecks See in context

Grave robbers...

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Posted in: Russia hits military base in Ukraine in new wave of strikes See in context

Pootin is showing the whole they don't have to be afraid of Russians and that they are killed very easily. Time is running out for their lot. Sooner than later...

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Posted in: Japan says it will destroy any North Korean missile that violates its territory See in context

The preservation of Japan's air, sea and land rights are imperative to any island nation. To defend those rights are constitutionally valid. Japan needs to deny North Korea access to any air space.no matter what the altitude just as it would deny them access to her sea space no matter what the depths. Japan is not a doormat for murderous tyrannies...

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Posted in: Crash of private Japanese moon lander blamed on software, last-minute location switch See in context

Seriously, programming for one perfect landing??? Landers have crashed everywhere, all over our solar system, again and again. It was traveling approximately, according to the article, at over 200 mph. That's the landing approach speed of a Boeing passenger jet. What's the rush? Maybe it should have been 15 mph so the "software" wouldn't stay confused and have time to make a course correct and go on to a secondary landing site. All this is not rocket science but just good judgement...

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Posted in: Russia fires 30 cruise missiles at Ukrainian targets; Ukraine says 29 shot down See in context

China shows up to monitor Ukraine's Western air defense systems up close. Time to send them packing...

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Posted in: Could AI pen 'Casablanca'? Screenwriters take aim at ChatGPT See in context

Screenwriters will be the first to continuously exploit the full gamut of AI. It's produce or perish. What they're really afraid of is being replaced by Screenbloggers or anyone who can type for that matter. Metaverse here we come...

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Posted in: BMW: Don't drive older models with Takata air bag inflators See in context

NHTSA has been and still is playing Russian roulette with these Twists air bags. The are still millions in use and no incentive by the car companies to even think about replacing them, let alone deactivating them. They are simply waiting for attrition to lower their numbers and hoping the air bags that do deploy are not defective... At least the Germans know the true value of safety.

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Posted in: Wildfires in Anchorage? Climate change sparks disaster fears See in context

Having been born in Anchorage, this article makes as much sense as a best guess. When my Mom and I vacationed there 20 years ago we stopped in at the Visitors Center to pick up brochures on the area so my Mom would get better references from the ground because she and my Dad flew everywhere since there were no roads in the late forties and early fifties. While in the Visitors Center they were explaining how these extensive parks were there for the people to enjoy created by the city. My Mom was amazed that no one knew why the land was cleared to begin with or why the had a perimeter shape. These were enormous fires-blocks so the wooden city wouldn't burn down to the ground. She went on and on. It was amazing. Our family left Anchorage in the mid fifties, the week the city voted to pave their main street. It's going to be a daunting task to reduce the available fuel but if they don't then they'll only have to look to California to see their future fires...

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Posted in: Russian strikes in Ukraine kill 25 including five children See in context

Blow the bridge and reclaim the country. Women, children and the elderly are all collateral victims until then...

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Posted in: Japan's crackdown on truck driver overtime raises fears of economic breakdown See in context

Pay a living wage without the extra hours would make the occupation more attractive. Unfortunately, greed and autonomy will rule the day. Get out now before you get run over...

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Posted in: Ukraine gets 31 children back from Russia after deportation See in context

Being alone and told your parents no longer want you is criminal. The children enduring this suffering, living in a lost childhood, will never be the same...

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Posted in: Russia hits illegally annexed Ukraine areas from ground, air See in context

Blow the bridge and head towards the sea. It's an end run that will move the troops out and weaken the Eastern front...

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Posted in: Musk, scientists call for halt to AI race sparked by ChatGPT See in context

How about a six month halt from Humans killing Humans? And Musk had his engineers program their vehicles to roll through Stop signs when it was determined to be "safe". It's against the law, period. Now the genie is long out of the bottle and control is the real illusion. God help us all...

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Posted in: Artists fight AI programs that copy their styles See in context

If a human copied the style it's not a problem. The real issue is both speed and the commercial success from the art buying consumer. Nobody likes jealousy but envy is a whole other story. Embrace the tool and grow your craft...

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Posted in: Panasonic-Sony display maker files for court protection See in context

Sony hasn't been relevant since the Trinitron era...

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