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Posted in: Apple in talks with CATL, BYD over battery supplies for its electric car See in context

What would Apple be without China? They're simply codependent no matter how much harm they do th the world...

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Posted in: Japanese gov't plans to remove around 4,000 km of overhead power lines See in context

What will Godzilla walk through???

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Posted in: S Korean designer creates 'Third Eye' for 'smartphone zombies' See in context

Where's the Police version with flashing lights and siren?...

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Posted in: Why scientists are concerned about leaks at biolabs See in context

Sick scientists were hospitalized, the asymptomatic scientists walked out the front door... Not rocket science.

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Posted in: A third child? No, thanks, say young Chinese See in context

The focus is may be on population. But to the CCP it's time to grow the future military...

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Posted in: Dangerously trending: driverless Tesla videos on social media See in context

When you make things idiot proof, God builds a better idiot...

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Posted in: Cool tech, crazy turns: A reporter's take on driverless cars See in context

The first action of the vehicle took was to create an active environment of road rage. Luckily no one was hurt...

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Posted in: Amazon's Washington critics set to pounce on MGM deal See in context

I buy movies all the time rather than renting them. This is all that Amazon is doing just on the economic scale that is at its level of future needs... By the way, Whole Foods is light years away from any form of a monopoly...

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Posted in: Can people vaccinated against COVID-19 still spread the coronavirus? See in context

Quite a dance around. If the inoculation is effective then until the body's defenses are fully in charge the virus will be shed and the vaccinated can be infectious until the virus is knocked out. Both the level of spread and the time infected are an individual event. Multiple factors come into play, like Covid variant, vaccine effectiveness, health of the individual and the autoimmune response. Bottom line is to mask up and don't get Covid...

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Posted in: Actor John Cena faces backlash in China for calling Taiwan a country See in context

What a wussy...

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Posted in: Ultra-long coreless toilet paper rolls cut waste and reduce carbon footprint See in context

I run with 1 years supply of TP. This was easier to shop the sales, except for now there are none. There are still spot shortages every time some newscaster wants to scare the public. But having reserves goes back to my grand parents and the Great Depression. So I grew up with a pantry full of food and paper products purchased from the weekly sales ads from 3 different grocery stores. Simpler times...

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Posted in: Why has the price of Bitcoin been falling? See in context

This doesn't even come close in scope to the Derivatives market. Any quantum computer can crack Bitcoin like an egg. Money is pulled out and put back in then dividended out over a length of time by the reinvestment strength of other depositors. Digital records reflecting what the coding creates. What is the reporting government agency that has oversight when this all takes place internationally?...

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Posted in: China says U.S. increasing military activity directed at it See in context

How wrong can you be. It's only directed at the regional bully. Our bad...

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Posted in: Man arrested for defrauding his 35 girlfriends See in context

Just how many cell phones do you need to juggle this kind of insanity?...

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Posted in: China says U.S.-Japan actions are stoking division See in context

China is just trying to give itself the opportunity to go to greater military posturing before they declare that they own everything...

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Posted in: Viral thoughts: Why COVID-19 conspiracy theories persist See in context

Of course, this is just a natural event. It happens all the time just ask China. The virus mutating on 5 separate continents is not unusual. The fact that multiple strains of the virus can infect the same host and that some hosts are left alive to infect others is the norm. Remain calm and don't think about the horrific deaths or prolonged illnesses as anything but nature being natural...

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Posted in: In mutant variants, has the coronavirus shown its best tricks? See in context

Everyone counts what already has been counted and feels comforted. The reality is the virus mutates at an alarming rate when in its host allowing for multiple iterations of itself during the infectious state. Matching the rate is not the same as inoculating the world in real time let alone any leaps between species. This is far from over and placating people's fears only adds to individuals failing to vigilantly protecting themselves...

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Posted in: Japanese service turns 15,000 restaurants nationwide into food kitchens for needy kids See in context

Yes, there is a real lack of compassion at both the corporate levels and the individual level. Everyone believes that they have done enough. When it comes to the needs of hungry children how could you ever do enough...

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Posted in: Out of my mind: Advances in brain tech spur calls for 'neuro-rights' See in context

Brainstorm the prequel...

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Posted in: 7-Eleven building store in parking lot of another 7-Eleven amid dispute See in context

Either drive the guy into bankruptcy or make up stories about his service, but putting up a wall and another building is just childish...

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Posted in: Fully vaccinated people can travel safely again, CDC says See in context

The CDC always tell half a story. If you're vaccinated you can get Covid. Then you get to find out if the vaccine works. If it does, this is not like a light switch, the body's response takes time. During that duration you will "shed" Covid and can actively pass the virus on to others. The variants have much higher "shed" rate giving them greater opportunity to infect both vaccinated and unvaccinated hosts. In Michigan, currently they're seeing a very small number of individuals that have been vaccinated and now are being infected by the virus. The CDC never elaborates on issues like this because of their supercilious belief in the herd immunity model(s)...

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Posted in: South Korea proposes co-hosting 2032 Olympics with North Korea See in context

Ah yes, South Korea can throw the Javelin and North Korea can launch Ballistic Missiles...

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Posted in: WHO and China: a healthy relationship? See in context

China does what it wants, when it wants and to WHO it wants...

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Posted in: Britney Spears says she cried for weeks over documentary See in context

So much hatred and so little time. She's as much only human as the haters are almost human...

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Posted in: Oscars won't be shown in Hong Kong for first time since 1969 See in context

Inch by inch the new China prevails until it is all China and only China...

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Posted in: China pushes to expand virus origin search to other countries See in context

As long as we are stretching this out, then how about starting with China's Chang'e-5 lunar lander...

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Posted in: Report finds COVID likely jumped to humans from bats through 'missing link' See in context

Wasn't that an episode of South Park?...

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Posted in: Pre-embryos made in lab could spur research, ethics debates See in context

Hence the sci-fi term, "Tank"...

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Posted in: High protection after one vaccine dose for COVID survivors: study See in context

Severity of Covid equates to a corresponding higher immunity with vaccination shot but no reference to which Covid or patient demographics. Additionally, there is an absence of evidence on the duration of protection for the 110 subjects. This a parasitic virus that is mutating on multiple continents at the same time and we are still getting half answers over a year later...

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Posted in: Ringo calling! If he wants you to sing, who could say no? See in context

Rock on Ringo...

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