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Posted in: Taiwan president says she has no plan to talk to Suga See in context

Taiwan not being recognized as a real government should simply be given the namesake of "NEVER CHINA". Then the whole world will know who they are referring to. Long live freedom and democracy in a sea of ambiguity...

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Posted in: Japanese lawmakers call for military drills with U.S. around disputed isles See in context

This is China operating on multiple fronts to probe the regions resolve with the militarized responses to Beijing's future pushes. Japan needs to double-down on going eye to eye and toe to toe with these events now and in the years to come.

America is focused to deliver a stronger and more powerful response now and in its future arsenals. China is showing its hand at becoming the world's villains. The polyester suits and the Audi's are only modern day camouflage.

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Posted in: Kono instructs SDF what to do on UFO sightings See in context

Not watching "The Mysterians" is one way to go too..

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Posted in: As fires rage, Trump has head 'in the sand,' says LA mayor See in context

In the forties, fifties and sixties there was proper management of this fuel. Governments at all levels created and maintained real fire blocks, cleared the fuel and underbrush. Today it is not a government problem but a climate problem. Even Paradise hadn't been cleaned up so it wouldn't burn down again. It is a firestorm created by neglect and ignorance...

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Posted in: Chinese military calls U.S. biggest threat to world peace See in context

China makes everything, including the end of the world...

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Posted in: Fauci disagrees with Trump on coronavirus, citing disturbing U.S. statistics See in context

The expert is laughable. Anyone who can read knows why the virus will become active again. This is just great theatre and not any real news.

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Posted in: Honda goes small with first all-electric car See in context

The "Pregnant Roller Skate" rides again...

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Posted in: Amid outcry, U.S. postmaster general to testify before House See in context

Mail has been delivered in a whatever washes up in your mailbox for many, many months. In fact delivery was to be set to a 5 day delivery week of Monday through Friday this summer but never happened.

Pelosi's White House West has never been to a post office because the U. S. government pays the postage.

If you want the ballots delivered, then pay the postage needed. Bulk rate is not working under a bankrupt agency that has been sucking on the teet of the American tax payer for decades.

Its not rocket science, just pay the rate or accept the delivery date.

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Posted in: Air Canada stops guaranteeing adjacent economy class seats are empty See in context

IF you are not going to govern them what is the point of GOVERNMENT... Airports just will not allow any aircraft to take off of land without social distancing. This point of egress and entry is how WHOLE world became infected.

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Posted in: As bosses embrace tech to monitor remote workers, can privacy endure? See in context

Yes, there is the right of an "Expectation of Privacy" for Lea. She could have requested the needed hardware, fully licenced software, anti-virus and a strong VPN service from her client.

As for the "Why?". This would give her client insight to the work so that they search out competitive bids and lower their costs.

In the end she would have been betrayed by her client. Since tens of millions of Americans have been kicked-to-the-curb, this is just the beginning of some hard economic times coming up.

Sorry to read about it happening so soon...

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Posted in: Skymark Airlines still using Windows XP See in context

Windows XP SP2 was faster and more stable than ANY version of Windows Vista. Microsoft had to replace the kernel for the OS and that even made it worse. Additionally this hyperbole of Window's Vista numbers is based on purchases that Microsoft forced both vendors and customers had to make in order to roll back to get the OS that they wanted, Windows XP. Windows XP is doing just fine running bank ATM machines and at the time of being unseated had the lions share of OS market.

Windows 10 is another Microsoft kill box. Either you update or you current Windows 10 version is NO-LONGER-SUPPORTED. Fly on that logic...

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Posted in: Australia bushfires renew anger over climate change See in context

As many as needed solar powered desalination plants to create enormous man-made lakes would create a micro climate that would not be conducive to allowing brush fires to propagate. While climate change is real there is never any mention of the Sun being the hottest its been for the past 50 years, even during this latest solar minimum. The simplest solution would be to use less today so there is more for tomorrow.

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Posted in: Nissan CEO says it would be hard to hide effort to falsify emissions data See in context

This is a dark stain on the soul of humanity. This action robbed the world's children of a better world. Whoever programmed the software is guilty of an unpardonable crime. Who was the programmer???

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