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Posted in: The pros and cons of software running your car See in context

I love that term, "Software Defined Vehicle". It holds great promise for the motoring public. Right now it's like the wild, wild west with everyone trying to outsmart and outbrand the next guy. But the root idea has the real possibility for giving the future a renewed direction...

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Posted in: Russian official warns West of destruction for arming Ukraine See in context

There's more than enough Leopard 2 tanks available to supply Ukraine with the tanks it's requesting. Switzerland has over 120 tanks and that's because of why? It likes the commerce it has with Germany. Spain has over 300 and I'm still trying to figure out how they will all fit on Gibraltar. Greece has more than 300 also and there the islands thing. So the tanks can come from everyone. It's a great tank. Our American tank is like our old Detroit iron, way to heavy, gas guzzling Turbine, with game like electronics to shoot, kill and skedattle. Like all the old Detroit iron, it's just good looking beautiful. Give them those high mileage diesels and run them straight up Putin's you-know-what...

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Posted in: Sakhalin exception: The Russian energy Japan can't quit See in context

50 years later and what do get? Cheapest provider and that's that. Oh yeah, that hydrogen solution has it building engines which wear out and requires maintenance. Everything needs to make money no matter what the real costs are. Being fully prepared for the insanity of the gang of three is possible but what are the real costs?...

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Posted in: Ramstein summit fails to agree on Leopard tanks deal for Ukraine See in context

Great theater... No modern war has ever been won without air power. Give them fighter jets and hear how loud the Russian threats get. Smile everyone, it's going to be a fair fight. P.S. Watch the borders.

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Posted in: Electric car batteries could be key to boosting energy storage: study See in context

How is this a new study? The idea of grid sharing was part of going electric. After work, vehicles would plug into the grid offsetting home demand then when everyone is sleeping their cars are recharged. Not rocket science and not even new...

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Posted in: Super-resistant mosquitoes in Asia pose growing threat: study See in context

Serious numbers. Like any other lethalized eradication the surviving community has a natural immunity and so again it's reap what you sew. In Florida, I put Listerine mouth wash into a very small bottle sprayer and use that. It works exceedingly well. It's also very safe.

For going on two years I have been trying to find if the has been transmission testing for the Covid virus. Can the insect infect others as it makes it rounds after drawing blood from a Covid positive individual? It will be interesting to see if these assumptions have merit...

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Posted in: Russia blames its soldiers' mobile phone use for deadly missile strike See in context

Usually, it's your mobile phone bills that kill you, but putting their barracks next to an ammunition dump is par for the course for the Russian military. When Ukraine won back its lost territory they showed how the Russians took.over a school, slept and lived on the main floor and filled the basement to the brim with artillery shells. They even punched holes in the floor for quick shortcuts to get the munitions in and out. That's not war that's crazy...

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Posted in: Actor Jeremy Renner in critical condition after snow plow accident See in context

It must be really bad when so little is being said. He's a great actor. I very must enjoyed his work in "Wind River". Having lived in Grass Valley, just below Tahoe on the California side, it snows very heavily. In fact Donner Pass was closed due to the snow fall on I-80. There are road side reflectors several feet tall so the plows know where the edge of the ravines are. I hope that he didn't misjudge and took a tumble. There's nothing about his rescue either, which may tell us if it was an obstruction or not that was struck. In any case, get well very soon and get back to enjoying life again...

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Posted in: Long COVID: Could mono virus or fat cells be playing roles? See in context

The real tragedy is the simple fact that the dead are the very keystone in which all of the science will be derived from. Long Covid is unique to the very singular individual it's infecting. Given the fact that all of the variants and the Covid infection mutation rate of the host will make this endeavor possibly one of the hardest medical breakthroughs every encountered by humanity... Godspeed.

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Posted in: Free yourself from boring business formal with Fake Dress Shirt, perfect for remote working See in context

When my company was thinking about working remotely, my buddy first thoughts were how long he could go without washing. This is a man thing and no doubt will be very successful. Best of luck...

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Posted in: Japan, Sweden sign defense equipment transfer pact See in context

This is an excellent partnership as Sweden has been dealing with multiple layers of Russian military and has a strong defensive posture. This offers Japan a more rapid and strengthened build up of the needed deployments to make those threatening a peaceful way of life to pause...

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Posted in: U.S. hurricane rebuilding rules must adapt to climate change: expert See in context

This is putting the cart before the horse. The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale is a 1 to 5 rating based only on a hurricane's maximum sustained wind speed and with Ian is proved woefully inadequate. The U.S. Weather Service has buried the truth of the actual wind speed as recorded by its newest drone at the Boundary Layer of Ian just prior to making landfall in Florida as 210mph (338kmh). This makes their current scale irrelevant. Once the scale has been revised, then and only then, Building Codes and construction materials can be properly employed. Remember, Florida is just one big sand bar so it will be interesting to see the engineering solutions as they evolve...

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Posted in: Retreating Russians leave their comrades' bodies behind See in context

This has been going on since the invasion. Dead soldiers are not counted but only listed as MIA's. It makes the war easier to swallow for Russians...

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Posted in: Power-saving reward points worth ¥2,000 to be given to households See in context

Turning off all electronic and electrical advertising would be a great start. Then creating small forests on every street, thoroughfare and highway to make all of those channels of hard surfaces a greenery. Life would be better and more likely livable...

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Posted in: Robot finger covered in living skin developed by University of Tokyo See in context

Wrong finger...

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Posted in: Wind energy infrastructure hindering Japan's defense radars: sources See in context

This makes no sense. The SDF is creating a Marginot Line of radar defense. The wind farms should be integrated into the defense network creating a deeper, more penetrating radar defense system. These wind turbines will also act as dynamic obstacles for incoming missiles requiring more active locating by the incoming missiles so as not to impact them. Either forcing them to go around, go above or destroying the turbines themselves in the first place only adds to Japan's defense grid. Energy security is of paramount importance now, more so, than tired generals complaining about having to do more...

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Posted in: WHO: COVID origins unclear but lab leak theory needs study See in context

Unfortunately, what needs to be freely written about this turn of events cannot be posted due to the sensitive nature of online censorship. So, not only has the virus come full circle, along with scientific thinking but I will state this again, as I have stated since April of 2020. The virus is an immature bioweapon that was being naturalized by the lab but was never created there. The virus was there to be brought to a state of generational evolution so that it would look like a naturally occurring phenomenon. It was deliberately relocated throughout the world so the the epicenter would be diffused allowing for timed responses and common initiatives. China's current Zero Covid Policy is based on quantum computer modeling that has them deeply concerned over their continued viability to contain or redirect the viruses direction. The original intention and application of all this can be summarized into two words: "Orphan Island"...

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Posted in: Pitt says Jolie sought to 'harm' him by selling vineyard to Russian oligarch See in context

Who sells anything to the Russians? And this from the UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador... Well, it's in France, so maybe, just maybe, she did not want to humiliate Putin.

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Posted in: Musk threatens to walk away from Twitter deal See in context

Running Twitter into the ground and picking it up for a song, "Money, money, moneeh..."

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Posted in: How climate scientists keep hope alive as damage worsens See in context

Please, flip a coin and hope for the best...

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Posted in: IMDb launches What to Watch App exclusively on Amazon Fire TV See in context

This is another transitioning model to a business product of theirs called FreeVee. It's an ad-based platform. They had a a launch of the new Bosch, which I am a fan of, that was watermarked with the name FreeVee throughout. I lasted the first 15 seconds which opened with a lone car driving on an empty L. A. street. Rather than watching a movie, I just kept reading the name over and over and over again. Not a good thing. So now you play a game and Amazon can make your viewing choices. Ah, I don't think so...

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Posted in: Sunken boat exposes flaw in communications system by tour operator See in context

This is just terrible. With Japan's prowess in electronics and allowing all those lives to depend on a cell phone. That has to be changed. How could this have not been advanced to where life is not in concert with safety?...

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Posted in: Coal still top threat to global climate goals: report See in context

Just another tap dance around the real issue. It's consumption. Reduce it and coal goes away. China has declared energy security a number one priority. It's an economic issue and not an environmental issue for them. Coal is still a very major part of this world's future like it or not...

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Posted in: Cereal killer: Kellogg's challenges UK over obesity strategy See in context

When I was in Texas, the local grocery chain remodeled and put the cereal and candy on the same isle. It was insane. Mothers were dragging their children out of the isle. This was dragging them along the floor while they threw fits and sometimes really screamed. It was surreal and showed you how food was a reinforcement for advertising and visa versa. I spoke with the manager and he had never seen it in all his years. The store eventually got back to its original floor plan but what living lesson. These children, those products and an ingredient called sugar...

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Posted in: EU defies gas 'blackmail' as Russia pushes deeper into Ukraine See in context

Why's everybody always picking on me??? The Russian God of War speaks and the world shakes its oily fists. If these veiled threats ever came to be, it would be the end of Russia and an everlasting stain on the souls of every Russian. This madman and his army of criminals are setting about to subjugate and destroy the world one by one. There is no end until he is declared a War Criminal. Then every singular statement would now and forever begin as "The War Criminal Putin"...

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Posted in: Pandemic decision-making is difficult and exhausting See in context

The real difficulty is when you are forced or pigeon holed into explaining your decision(s) on Covid. The rationalization often given are more emotional than pertinent to the real issues at hand. I don't like it when Covid policy is like the "Clapper", clap on, clap off. It makes the policies seem meaningless. I will be happy when every man, woman and child is safe. Until then I am masked...

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Posted in: Cleaner Earth: Healing ozone hole, less smog, more eagles See in context

Black tire dust, coming off everyone's car or vehicle tires is the newest particulate carcinogens that are being examined. It's getting in our lungs, waterways and surface soils. It does not degrade naturally and is becoming another companion pollutant...

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Posted in: India denies request for SDF plane to collect aid items for Ukraine See in context

India is digging its own political grave. Just send a jet aircraft, pick up the U.N. supplies and get them to those refugees who's lives are now shattered and are completely destitute. Take all this bickering to the war zone so neither side can hear the other under all the shelling. Time to move on...

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Posted in: China Airlines upgrades inflight entertainment with e-library service See in context

Great idea...

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Posted in: Japanese school entrance ceremony held in metaverse for over 3,000 new students See in context

They missed the real opportunity to create NFT tickets for all those in attendance...

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