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Posted in: S Africa virus strain more contagious, experts confirm See in context

Good article. The virus is mutating spontaneously around the with an inroad to greater infectious intent...

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Posted in: Japanese defense official, calling Taiwan red line, urges Biden to be strong See in context

China is simply a bully and has chosen not to abide by known agreements that allow Taiwan to freely exist. This is the way of cowardice and immortality...

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Posted in: Panel: China, WHO should have acted quicker to stop pandemic See in context

China knew what the outbreak was all about. It's just meaningless when no one does anything while the dead pile up...

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Posted in: AI chatbot introduced to tackle alarming rise in coronavirus-related suicides See in context

This is all very tragic and even more in these trying times. We should all say a silent prayer for all those lost...

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Posted in: Australia to kill pigeon that crossed Pacific from Oregon See in context

The bird is a rockstar and should be pardoned...

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Posted in: WHO team arrives in Wuhan to search for pandemic origins See in context

China just announced that the WHO will not investigate the Wuhan lab as a possible source of the virus...

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Posted in: WHO team arrives in Wuhan to search for pandemic origins See in context

It's a reeducation vacation. China freely admits to destroying everything under the canopy of containment and safety at the outbreak. This is just the propaganda machinery being driven to their "Not us!" destination...

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Posted in: New virus mutation raises vaccine questions See in context

This would help explain China's response to their recent outbreak...

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Posted in: If I’ve already had the coronavirus, can I get it again? See in context

These numbers can not reflect the exposure rate as they have no idea what any level of exposure is, especially since the subjects will now have a heightened concern about being infected again...

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Posted in: New Mercedes screen to stretch nearly full width of car See in context


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Posted in: North Korean leader Kim says U.S. is Pyongyang's 'biggest enemy' See in context

The party is over for Kim as the world grows impatient with these childish antics...

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Posted in: Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine appears effective against mutation in new coronavirus variants: study See in context

Interesting article but needed more information on the spontaneous simultaneous mutations on the various continents...

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Posted in: One in 100,000 had severe reactions to Pfizer vaccine: U.S. study See in context

There was a disturbing death of a Miami physician just days after receiving the Pfizer vaccine.

Dr. Gregory Michael, 56, an OB-GYN at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach, died after suffering a hemorrhagic stroke apparently resulting from a lack of platelets. He went from healthy to infirmed in mere days.

This death is being investigated by the Florida Department of Health and being reviewed by the CDC and the FDA.

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Posted in: 53 Hong Kong pro-democracy figures arrested See in context


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Posted in: Chinese court jails 10 Hong Kong democracy activists for up to three years See in context


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Posted in: 89-year-old woman conned out of ¥9.3 million See in context

This will haunt this woman to the end of her days. They criminals need to be caught and jailed accordingly to remind the what awaits them at the end of theirs...

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Posted in: Russian, Chinese bombers fly joint patrol over Sea of Japan and East China Sea See in context

Who's going to invade China? Who's going to invade Russia? Living in fear is how dictatorships move towards greater and greater evil...

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Posted in: Debunked COVID-19 myths survive online, despite facts See in context

Sad article that is full of the same rhetoric as the myths. Doesn't anyone do any real investigations of whatever they're trying to piecemeal together. This is the CCP and this all began with the collapse of the USSR. Nothing, nothing like this occurs naturally in nature. Whatever was in Wuhan was there to be naturalized again and again and again until all the hands in this pie were invisible. Just like the American playbook for HIV, the real search is for bio-immunity. Governments on every side of the pond will first preserve themselves and they take the truth with them...

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Posted in: U.S. Congress reaches deal on COVID-19 aid package See in context

Now they can all go home Christmas patting themselves on the back and feel good for the holidays while the country continues to tank. What ever monies are coming are weeks away and aren't even a drop in the needy's economic bucket. Children are going hungry but children don't vote...

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Posted in: Gov't to pull out of ¥60 bil wind power project off Fukushima See in context

This is a serious mistake. Currently there are wind harvesters that can be attached to the towers and other improvements that will provide more energy from this initial investment. The financial return may be slower but in the long term, power security, in any form, for the nation is going to the greater good...

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Posted in: How to spot fake shopping sites and avoid being scammed See in context

If you are not going to govern then what's the point of government. Follow the money...

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Posted in: Japan's additional Aegis ships could encourage further arms buildup See in context

China and Russia don't need any excuses for bullying their neighbors or building up their weapons system. They're just villains and that's what villains do...

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Posted in: 'Do as I say': Anger as some politicians ignore virus rules See in context

They're politicians. So their main job is to tell other people what to do while they spend their monies...

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Posted in: Scientists focus on bats for clues to prevent next pandemic See in context

Bats as scapegoats, the new science...

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Posted in: Japan, China to seek early setup of defense hotline See in context

"Please hold while we take over everything."

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Posted in: Chinese official says Australian PM overreacted to tweet See in context

The CCP is getting a little to touchy over Australia's call for an independent investigation into the originators of the pandemic. Oh well, you know how the saying goes, "liar, liar, your tweets on fire."...

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Posted in: Tokyo zoo unveils first elephant born there in 138 years See in context

How does an elephant contract TB? Congratulations on the newest addition...

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Posted in: Berlin district to keep 'comfort women' statue for now See in context

The monument or "statue" allows Germans to feel better about themselves and their staggering number of war crimes...

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Posted in: Facebook, Google becoming 'human rights-free zones' in Vietnam: Amnesty See in context

Profit over people, how unusual...

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Posted in: Big Oil bets on retail networks in an electric era See in context

Big oil and big bucks. Want more customers, then give them a free lottery scratch off with every fill up...

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