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Posted in: How climate scientists keep hope alive as damage worsens See in context

Please, flip a coin and hope for the best...

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Posted in: IMDb launches What to Watch App exclusively on Amazon Fire TV See in context

This is another transitioning model to a business product of theirs called FreeVee. It's an ad-based platform. They had a a launch of the new Bosch, which I am a fan of, that was watermarked with the name FreeVee throughout. I lasted the first 15 seconds which opened with a lone car driving on an empty L. A. street. Rather than watching a movie, I just kept reading the name over and over and over again. Not a good thing. So now you play a game and Amazon can make your viewing choices. Ah, I don't think so...

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Posted in: Sunken boat exposes flaw in communications system by tour operator See in context

This is just terrible. With Japan's prowess in electronics and allowing all those lives to depend on a cell phone. That has to be changed. How could this have not been advanced to where life is not in concert with safety?...

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Posted in: Coal still top threat to global climate goals: report See in context

Just another tap dance around the real issue. It's consumption. Reduce it and coal goes away. China has declared energy security a number one priority. It's an economic issue and not an environmental issue for them. Coal is still a very major part of this world's future like it or not...

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Posted in: Cereal killer: Kellogg's challenges UK over obesity strategy See in context

When I was in Texas, the local grocery chain remodeled and put the cereal and candy on the same isle. It was insane. Mothers were dragging their children out of the isle. This was dragging them along the floor while they threw fits and sometimes really screamed. It was surreal and showed you how food was a reinforcement for advertising and visa versa. I spoke with the manager and he had never seen it in all his years. The store eventually got back to its original floor plan but what living lesson. These children, those products and an ingredient called sugar...

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Posted in: EU defies gas 'blackmail' as Russia pushes deeper into Ukraine See in context

Why's everybody always picking on me??? The Russian God of War speaks and the world shakes its oily fists. If these veiled threats ever came to be, it would be the end of Russia and an everlasting stain on the souls of every Russian. This madman and his army of criminals are setting about to subjugate and destroy the world one by one. There is no end until he is declared a War Criminal. Then every singular statement would now and forever begin as "The War Criminal Putin"...

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Posted in: Pandemic decision-making is difficult and exhausting See in context

The real difficulty is when you are forced or pigeon holed into explaining your decision(s) on Covid. The rationalization often given are more emotional than pertinent to the real issues at hand. I don't like it when Covid policy is like the "Clapper", clap on, clap off. It makes the policies seem meaningless. I will be happy when every man, woman and child is safe. Until then I am masked...

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Posted in: Cleaner Earth: Healing ozone hole, less smog, more eagles See in context

Black tire dust, coming off everyone's car or vehicle tires is the newest particulate carcinogens that are being examined. It's getting in our lungs, waterways and surface soils. It does not degrade naturally and is becoming another companion pollutant...

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Posted in: India denies request for SDF plane to collect aid items for Ukraine See in context

India is digging its own political grave. Just send a jet aircraft, pick up the U.N. supplies and get them to those refugees who's lives are now shattered and are completely destitute. Take all this bickering to the war zone so neither side can hear the other under all the shelling. Time to move on...

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Posted in: China Airlines upgrades inflight entertainment with e-library service See in context

Great idea...

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Posted in: Japanese school entrance ceremony held in metaverse for over 3,000 new students See in context

They missed the real opportunity to create NFT tickets for all those in attendance...

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Posted in: Biden's biofuel: Cheaper at the pump, but high environmental cost See in context

This is unbelievable. Only in America can you burn food as fuel. Not only is the economics of this plan been resoundingly proven wrong and wrong again but it shows just how vapid the American political system is. Simply stated, "Lower the cost of fuel 10¢ and add 24¢ more in lower mileage." Plus the E15 blend can only be pumped by 2500 gas stations and into cars that are equipped to use it. This fuel will destroy both the environment and vehicles. Many unsuspecting motorists hanging by the thread of living day-to-day will have their only means of transportation destroyed... It's just not right.

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Posted in: Elon Musk accused of breaking law while buying Twitter stock See in context

Elon Musk is very "Putinesk" in his decision making. He truly believes that he is beyond and above the laws that we live by. In both the recent stock acquisitions and the programming of his vehicles to perform a rolling stop when the vehicle deems it is "safe" are examples of his mindset. His monies and position are morally bankrupting individuals along the way just to do his bidding. These events are very ominous for the future of mankind as it sets precedence for the real engineering and integration of detective morality into our everyday interactions with actualized intelligence. Not only should Musk be held accountable but also those corporate entities and the countless minions...

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Posted in: Johnny Depp, ex-wife Amber Heard head to court again, this time in U.S. See in context

Only in America...

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Posted in: COVID increases risk of blood clots for up to six months: study See in context

Again, you do not want to get Covid. This article reflects the beginning journey of Long Covid. Millions have heart disease and other infirmities. At times I am the only person wearing a mask. Most masks being worn are inferior or ill fitted. The single risk is far greater than group comfort. So stay strong, stay safe and mask up...

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Posted in: Amazon seeks to overturn union win, says vote was tainted See in context

Free Pot or Free t-shirts it's all legal in New York... Looks like the Union will have to nix drug tests.

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Posted in: Storms batter aging U.S. power grid as climate disasters spread See in context

The grid is very vulnerable to CME's also. Simply fused power lines and Faraday Cages to protect the power sub-stations is all that would be needed but its not done... If there ever is an event it would be several years before the grid would be active again.

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Posted in: Japanese business established to rent out ad space on lazy comedian’s backpack See in context

There's a Blade Runner future in this concept. Human billboards walking in front of millions of pedestrians having to watch these ads as they walk because they're right in front of them. Walking and being scanned for their reactions in real time. Works for me...

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Posted in: How a nuclear attack on North Korea would add to global cancer epidemic See in context

This is full of conjecture. North Korea is digging up its old nuclear test site and has just threatened South Korea with its nuclear arsenal. They are taking a page out of Putin's playbook. There will never be a tactical nuclear strike as the policy is clear as day, "No World War Three". Look at how the Ukrainian response was neatly measured out. The only response is in measurements of time...

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Posted in: Japanese children perform music on street for Ukraine donation drive See in context

These are great kids. You go kids because every little bit helps bring a better tomorrow...

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Posted in: How fast can we stop Earth from warming? See in context

Excellent article. The thermal reserves that will drive warming our planet will be here for decades to come and will only begin to be mitigated when the "Human" inputs have receded. This is very possible but it takes all "Humans"...

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Posted in: Into the wild: Animals the latest frontier in COVID fight See in context

Not mentioned in the article is that there are 426 vertebrate species, of which 250 are mammals, that can be bonded with Covid and its variants. Deer, infected in the U.S., are not infirmed by the virus but are surviving and allowing the virus to mutate while it spreads the virus at the same time. This is just another chapter in the life cycle that we will all be facing in the coming years...

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Posted in: Talks resume as Ukraine denies hitting depot on Russian soil See in context

This helicopter attack is being very heavily considered a "False Flag" operation by Russian Military. Along with other claims of territorial incursions it may be the beginning of something new with regards to the war for the Russian Military...

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Posted in: First audio recorded on Mars reveals two speeds of sound See in context

This is cool...

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Posted in: UAE energy chief doubles down on OPEC alliance with Russia See in context

This will result in the same double-dealings as before. Russia will agree to one thing and then backdoor its oil to anyone, anywhere, at any price. India is already getting a hefty 27% discount per barrel. No information on the currency being used for the method of payment. It's just a matter of time before they flood the market. Just a wink and a nod will get it done...

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Posted in: South says North Korea faked launch of so-called 'monster' missile See in context

Another lie from one of "The Gang of Three". How unusual...

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Posted in: French family leapt off balcony one by one: Swiss police See in context

6:15 a.m seems a little early for any government officials wanting to know about their son's home schooling. This probably fueled their paranoia even more. Was there even a woman sent to make this early morning event less threatening? This doesn't make sense without the government's full purpose...

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Posted in: Commerce inquiry imperils U.S. solar panel industry, advocates say See in context

If you can't pay the fine, then don't do the crime...

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Posted in: Smith apologizes to Rock; Academy to launch review See in context

Everyone needs to see Magnolia, with Julianne Moore. She has a scene in a pharmacy that best portraits the human anguish of cancer. This was not the time to allow this kind of indecent humor to be said, let alone broadcasted to millions. The Academy is equally, or more so, responsible for allowing someone to throw fuel on these people tragedy just because of one individual's personal jealousy. Sometimes cancer is always there and no one now or forever will ever deserve it. The Academy needs to that there are limits to what we can endure as human beings no matter what the venue. We are all the victims here...

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Posted in: Can you get long COVID after an infection with Omicron? See in context

Yes, this is not something that is really talked about. It will take on a new direction now with all the children becoming infected. This issue should be better monitored so that there will be greater clarity for the care and treatment of those infirmed...

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