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Posted in: Rakuten wants people who can be active internationally with business skills and language skills. See in context

foreigners have to be careful from joining Rakuten. My friend who joined last month found below facts:

A) company don't pay business travel expenses as they say it is enterpreneur company. Company may send you overseas but you have to bear expenses. B) company decides and reserve restaurant for welcome party of new employees but never pay expenses nor anyone from company joins the party. It's just between new comers.

hiring english speaking persons have become branding strategy to signal international market that we are international company.However reality is far far different than what companies say. . 90% of people in Rakuten still cannot or even try to speak english. Would any non Japanese like to work in this environment...unless there is no other option.

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Posted in: Australian teen jailed for 13 years over Indian's murder that fueled diplomatic dispute See in context

Hmmm.... Just 13 years for killing someone? I am really surprised. I never imagined Australian courts would be that lenient when dealing with murderer. How do the Australian court plan to deal with citizens from other countries who were murdered for having black and brown skin?

Or is the court lenient as the murderer was from Australia.


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Posted in: American father wins custody of daughter taken to Japan See in context

Inoue was arrested in April when she visited Hawaii to renew her U.S. permanent residency status. She was extradited to Wisconsin and was being held in the Milwaukee County Jail, the Journal Sentinel said.

7 months in jail? I am happy to hear that. Never in my life I have heard Japanese citizen jailed for abducting daughter. Probably Inoue is not born Japanese or Inoue's case haven't caught attention of Japanese consulate in US or else she would have not jailed even for a day and now enjoying with her daughter in Japan. It also makes me think if the Japanese consulate have ran out of budget to bribe the judge....What a pity...

BRAVO to Gracia and court of Wisconsin for executing the guilty. Hope media gives due attention to this case and showcase it a message to other Japanese girls who are thinking of doing something like Inoue..


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Posted in: Olympus admits hiding losses dating back to 1990s See in context

All the comments are interesting. But they are mainly by Gaijin's and not Japanese. They do not represent thoughts and feelings of Japanese person. I really wonder and would love to know from someone as to how do an avaerage Japanese person think about the Olympus episode. Do they really see the problem in governance of Japanese companies or they think Micahel Woodford was pain in ass.

My guess is that every Japanese person knows and accept this type of frauds. They see it everyday at work and dont see any problem. On the other hand they must be thinking that Michael Woodford was problem and never allow Gaijin in management. An average Japanese person would also accept the bows and aplogies and forgive Olympus. Lets see the share price tomorrow is it returns to normal...

Please help me to understand what Japanese are thinking thru blogs or other sources.


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Posted in: How to win an argument – Japanese style See in context

The title of the article is " How to win an argument – Japanese style" and no where I can find any tips on how to win argument. The title is not related to the contents of the article. Its simply a list of DO's and DONT's. Will that help to win argument? I doubt.

I would like to add one tip that comes to my mind on how to win negotiation?

Whe negotiatijng for discounted price for anything ( car, house rent, property deals etc) the buyer should never disclose the amount that he would be willing to pay. The moment buyer declares the price he willing to buy than he is looser. In Japan its a unspoken rule or culture that when the buyer discloses the amount that he is willing to pay then he looses and the seller will never agree to negotiate. The buyer can say he is looking for chepaer deal or expecting more dscounts or do not show interest in the product you really want to buy. The seller or agent will try all his skills to know the price that buyer is willing to pay. But please be aware...

I hope to get more tips from the author or other readers of this article that can help gaijins to negotiate and win in Japanese way..


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Posted in: How to win an argument – Japanese style See in context

"ideas are said to originate bottom up, as compared to the traditional American style of top down). "

After working in Japan I agree with your remarks. But when compared to American companies why do everyone say that Japanese companies are managed top down and a person have no say in the decision making process?


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Posted in: International marriages See in context

@gyuoza :) you are funny.

physical attraction and contact, but nothing deeper.


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Posted in: International marriages See in context

All the best for foreign men married to Japanese women. I pity them.

The biggest reason I would marry a non-Japanese is becuase of racist behavior and secondly the laws biased against foreigners. Before I marry my Japanese GF i want to know why she wants to marry me. In 3 of the girls I got no solid reply or no hint anywhere what is it they love about me. They say they just like me so they want to marry. After reading few books and listening to my friends I was told that Japanese women like America and like to have white skin and blue eyed babies. I couldnt believe what I read so I decided to test her.

I took my GF to my friends home for a house warming party. My friend was from India and not white skin. I wanted to see how do my GF get along with people from developing nations like India. She behaved quite weirdly. I saw she was not interacting much with other people like she does when I take her to my other American friends. I later on asked her how did she think about the party? He response was she dont like India and Indians. I asked her why? It was mainly because India is poor country and she don't like the way they speak English. That rang the bell to me. I still ignored her. After few days we broke as she didnt want communicate with me in Japanese. Eventually even I lost my interest and we broke.

With my second GF after few days I took her to home party at one of my Nigerian friend. My GF had almost same reaction as my first GF. She in fact crossed the line saying me that you have friend from Nigeria? I said yeah. Whats the problem? She just ket quiet. She was beautiful so thought of testing her again. This time I just told her one lie that instead of going back to American at end of the year my company asked me stay in Japan for another 2 years. So I wont go back to US till Dec 2013. She said its good. But in 2 weeks she broke up with me saying that she have one more boy friend she likes and she is sorry for that.

May be I met wrong Japanese women. But I just have a word of caution to foreigners. Check, cross check and cross check again in different ways before you decided to marry any Japanese women. After all you are not entering in one night stand but you are choosing a life time partner. Racism, American dream comes first for most of the women here and you know what will happen to you when she gets all this...


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Posted in: Adopting English as workplace language in Japan has its downside See in context

Rakuten aims to become NO # 1 company in world in short period of time. To meet this ambitious target there are simply no talented people in Japan. Only Japanese speaking speaking are also very very few in Japan that can help Rakuten to compete at global level.

For Mikitani to attract skilled and talented people from all over the world he has to do PR stunt " Speak English by 2013". Mikitani is not saying NO Japanese. Its just he wants to have people who can compete globally. Once English only skilled and talented people produce results the Japanese only people will be shocked and have no option but to comptete internally or the company will say bye.

I wonder what will be future of Japanese people who wants to grow but do not wanrt to speak English. Its time to change. Be blingual or be slave of world. Look at the status and way Japanese people were treated outside Japan. 10 years age and now. They are no more elite and special.



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Posted in: Three steps for coping with bullying, privately See in context

The author is perfectly right. I completely agree and have tried and experiences the positive thinking power. Its not just for bullied kids but also applicable to adults and elders in all walks of life. It sounds philiosophical to many people but at some point in life we always face depression or wonder whats the purpose of life. By thinking positively and practicing it in everyday life you can find miracles happenning around you. Practice it to believe it. Atleast try to put in practice whats been written in article for a week. If you dont see things changing that you may quit.

I appreciate Donna for writng this article beautifully. I am following buddhism from last 2 years and this is basic philiosophy that they teach and practice.

Donna. Great work. I am going to read your book right away..


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Posted in: Kindergarten bus driver held over girl's death See in context

Its too early to judge or comment on this report as crtical facts are not disclosed.

was driver drunk? was mom careless? was girl covered under insurance and who benefits? have the driver shown care to take girl to hospital? do the school have wide road enough to park bus and kids to walk?

As the bus driver was held police are not that stupid as we may think. So wait till more info comes out.

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Posted in: Olympus chief Kikukawa resigns amid reports of FBI probe See in context

AWESOME to kow a) this news is in crime section instead of business. b) know the shortie stepped down. Its never too late. Now question is where is that money gone and how to bring it back to company?

Takayama san - its time for you to chnage way things are working below your nose. Be a hero and not imitate Kikuwa. Before defending anyone in company think twice. Micahel is sitting on more evidence that can prove you wrong and even you may have to resign in few weeks

Kikuwa san yoroshiku oengaitashimasu. You bow your head or ass in front of media but spit out the money instead of highly polite apology.

I will buy the Olympus products only when Michael is on board.

Kikukawa will become a director without executive rights, the company said in a statement, adding that director Shuichi Takayama, 61, will replace him as president. Isnt that a promotion for Kikuwa. Now he dont have to work and still make same money. I smell a rat. I was hoping to see him next to Horie sacho in jail discussing plans for next life.

Do anyone know if the investors and shareholders in Olympus dumb? Will be happy to know the names of majority shareholders so that I can keep away from them.



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Posted in: Computers in Diet hit by China-based cyberattack See in context

Japan should learn a lesson from India. Few months ago hackers from Pakistan hacked the website of one Indian university. In return the Indians hacked all the government websites with fancy message. It was quite daring. China should know that there are guys in Japan who can also hack the critical websites of Chinese goverments. Its time to put pessure on Chinese government to take action as the attacks are originated from China.

If Chinese govt is not skiiled enpugh to take any action than allow Interpol or other professional agencies to find and punish the criminals.


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Posted in: Olympus chief Kikukawa resigns amid reports of FBI probe See in context

We as consumers need to take oath that we will never buy any OLYMPUS products till Kikuwa and his gang step down. Thats how I can personally contribute. Its just not about Michael and Olympus. Its about awareness and to discourage other companies to not to do something like Olympus.

After all "consumers are king" and internet and open forums like Japan Today give a chance to consumers to unite and voice the concerns.

I will remember Olympus brand as company which was run by notorious guys for all these years. If the brand value goes down no matter what Olymous wont be able to recover anytime ever in future,


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Posted in: Olympus discloses $687 mil advisory fee amid row over CEO's ouster See in context

eeeeeeeee....3 companies with same address. Coincidence? No. It looks like well planned or common modus operandi of Japanese directors to make money. Just wondering isnt that the aquisition of one company instead of 3 companies? I am scratching my head thinking where has all the money gone....I hope its not hidden under bed of Kikuwa or perhaps need to check the personal bank accounts of top guys.

Olympus guys ...please think little about the young guys who lost their jobs in earthquake affected areas. Please give them work at Olympus instead of paying so high fees to advisors..Have shame and respect Michael for having balls to bring this to public. Thats first step to embrace change.


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Posted in: Olympus discloses $687 mil advisory fee amid row over CEO's ouster See in context

Is news biased as one critical info is missing which is:

A large part of the PWC report focused on the fees paid to Olympus's financial advisers on the Gyrus deal. The report identified them as Axam Investments Ltd., which is incorporated in the Cayman Islands, and Axes America LLC, which is incorporated in New York. Mr. Woodford said he was unable to contact those companies. The Journal was unable to find contact information for them. The significant size of the payments, and the fact that PwC auditors had been unable to trace their recipients after Mr Woodford hired the professional services firm to investigate, suggess the involvement of “sinister” forces.

This info was reported in other news papers than why not in Japan today?


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Posted in: Maehara, Kamei spar over TPP See in context

Can't believe Maehara can say that. I also can't believe that he is protecting lousy agricultural sector by not joining TPP. It looks like political stunt.

I am in favor of TPP to make sector competitive. The agricultural and farm products in Japan are very very expensive. The pricess are rigged. For example price of one tomato is 160 Yen in Jusco. I was shocked to see that price tag. Irrespective of any natural disasters if the price of one tomato can reach 160 yen its high time to import than from out of Japan. Probably you can get dozen in 160 Yen.

Protecting agricultural sector don't help consumers from any angle.


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Posted in: Japan to offer 10,000 free trips to foreigners to boost tourism industry See in context

From where do this money come from? It comes from something called war chest fund. Its called by that name as this is fund established to deposit all the money looted by Japan from other countries in world war's. Its huge. Its looted from Philipines, China, Korea, Russia and so on.

The govt use this war fund to keep Japan out of poverty.

Businesses get free money. I call it free because the interest rates are very nominal and repayment period is 80 to 100 years if the company survives. Govt provide this money to customers of Japanese banks. Its eligible for only Japanese companies.

Please do not wonder as to what will happen to Japan and its economy. Its going to be stable and in one year the people will be as propserous as they were before the earthquake. Thanks to the WAR CHEST FUND.


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Posted in: Auto parts firm execs to forgo pay after $200 mil price fixing fine See in context

200 Million dollars fine and improsonment of Japanese...? Thats awesome. I am glad judges took so bold decision agaist cartel operating from Y2000.

This type of daring decisions can be taken only in USA. I admire US for their guts. That tthere are still some judges left who are fair. Can any even imagine this happenning is Japanese or other countries? In my 15 years experience in Japan I have yet to come across single decision against businesses involved in price rigging. Here every product and every business is so much involved in working in groups to rig the prices that there is no real competition. Its now open that the judges in Japan have been brought up in that evnvironment and think its fair to work in groups and ignore the price rigging acts. Do the judges or lawyers get some kind of global training to know whats happenning in other countries? As companies get global even the judicialy system needs to change.

Now I see why everything in Japan is so expensive. The same thing in other countries is lot cheaper.

It also makes me wonder if there is correlation between the price rigging and Japanese companies. So any company who wants to partner with Japanese companies have to hint existence of cartel in the sales pitch which will influenve the decsions of Japanese companies. If it works or not I am going to try.


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Posted in: TV commercial of the week: adizero vs MiniSkirt See in context

Dont forget the White skin factor. Would this AD had been popular in Japan if instead of that white guy it was some ASIAN or AFRICAN guy? The creativity of AD is not so relevant so far as it has white skin guy in the AD.

I bet these shoes will sell like hot cakes in Japan.

The quality of shoes do not matter as people here would buy even POO of white guys.


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Posted in: Family files suit over death of Ghanian who died during forced deportation See in context

136 Million is not enough and I would probably look for anywhere around 400 Million Yen. I would suggest to involve Ghana consulate member by giving him a cut of 10% of compensation. This way he can help the family to support and negotiate harder with the government.

This would have been an amount had the deceased been American or British. The American and British embassy guys are good to handle this type of situation as a result they always get higher compensation. The main reasons the family deserves this compensation is:

The deceased guy overstayed illegally but he was a human being not a dog. He died in the deportation process. Once again HE DIED. I am still confused on how can a person die unless you treat him unhumanly as victim. The 9 guys in immigration must be tried for murder. its one and half years the family have not got all the information they are looking for from the immigration. Its nothing new in Japan Immigraton guys probably assumed that they can get over this case as the deported guys family wouls be poor, run out of money and will have no money to go to court.

Bravo and I admire the guts and daring of the widow. Japanese widow. My only worry is will the family of deceased sustain the financial expenses to carry on this case. It costs big money to go to court, hire lawyers, translations and so on. If Ghanian family can sustain financially then they MUST file for bigger compensation.

Ghanian community must help to widow to sustain financially this legal process.

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Posted in: Ichihashi admits to raping, strangling Hawker, but denies intent to kill See in context

There is no way Ichihashi will get death penalty. Ichihashi confessed and is sorry for what he did. Lawyers here know the rule of game on how to save the face of Japanese guy and not let him down especially when it comes to killing a gaijin. They have scripted the answers of Ichihashi and know the consequences.

Judges have enough reason to be soft on Ichihashi as he confessed. I guess he will get probably give 15 years life imprisonment. Nothing more nothing less. Let see in few days if I can guess this correctly...

Mr Editor: The ratio of male to female judges is not mentioned. Female judges would have soft corner as victim is women and would prefer to provide death penalty.


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