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Rdz KJ comments

Posted in: Speaking positively about marijuana online leads to arrest of Japanese man and woman See in context

Well japanese gov being japanese gov, they don't need excuses to act stupid all the way...

unless make a blind eye in front of crimes, like rape, murder, assault, violence, and such, then they just pretend nothing happens and swep it under the rug... after all the only important thing is "out side image" or "saving face"

I wonder if they would be that fast to act like that if their toy emperor gets to smoke pot hahaha XD

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Posted in: 5-year-old boy in critical condition after being hit by car on crossing; driver arrested See in context

Seems to be a problem in the japanese people, which is that they can´t see the RED color, because i can't understand any other way that japanese can´t figure out that RED MEANS STOP as in step on the brakes and HALT!!!

Its not a suggestion is a MANDATORY THING TO DO, and also a 19yo ass is not a child, nor a kid not a minor... is already an ADULT and should be treated as one... but japanese people thinks anyone under 20 is a baby, a child which is like a kiddy who can´t be responsable for its actions, like if they have some kind of mental disability.

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Posted in: Hot spring hit by manga thief shows kindness as it tries to recover its missing comics See in context

As it is clearly a theft , because nobody will take 20 volumes as an accident or by mistake, is logical to expect that won't be returned...

Even tho i don't have faith in humanity as a whole, i have to acknowledge and admire the fan who is willing to donate his 18 book collection

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Posted in: Man pleads not guilty to fatally abusing girlfriend’s 2-year-old daughter See in context

The child welfare officials who interviewed the mother should also be charged for negligence to do their job properly and failing to relocate the child for safety! Pathetic officials as well as the police who met with the child’s mother! Despite strong history been there, physical marks and bruising yet these garbage officials didn’t take action and the poor girl suffered before losing her life!

Once again is shown the japanese rule that the outside image or saving face is the most important thing in their life and the complementary one of "Do not cause problems to other people" which officials employs follow always...

So is ok to them to just pretend nothing is happening until someone ends up dead, and just say some crap like there was no evidence, even tho there is lots of it and just say "gomenasai"

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Posted in: 23-year-old woman fatally stabbed by ex-boyfriend in Saitama See in context

Mizumoto was quoted by police as saying there had been some trouble between them and that he wanted to get back together with Ishizawa

Yeah! because killing her was the right way to get back together with her stupid idiot... hope he gets a very large sentence...

And i suppose the girl leave this creep because she figure out the type of crap this guy was, to bad, and to sad it was already too late

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Posted in: Fukuoka man cleared of theft charges because he was 'only borrowing' victim’s bike See in context

Bike shop receipt is very important to carry with you. Otherwise, Police will ask many question and invite you to Koban.

Really? why register it in the first place then? is kinda stupid to have to keep carrying the receipt for something you bought and register already.

Is the same as if i buy a phone and i have to carry the receipt because probably a stupid lazy police creep stops me to wander if my phone is mine.. or i will have to go to the koban... that´s just bullsh...t

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting student and stealing her bag See in context

Do you also feel that violence against small children is same as violence against adults? It is really all the same to you?

I don't justify violence or robbery or any type of crime, but 18 YO IS NOT A CHILDREN, so stop acting as if the victim was an elementary student!!!

Btw, that idiot states he didn't choke the girl, even tho is filmed on camera? Is he stupid or something, also this article says nothing about robbing the money, we assumed that because it says he stole her bag and then dump it later, but 5,000¥ is kinda ridiculous reason for robbery, perhaps he wanted the "rush" of attacking a girl

In any case, i'm glad this ass was arrested and hope he's convicted, but i highly doubt it goes beyond than slap in the face and a couple nights in jail.

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Posted in: Father arrested for forcibly giving 11-year-old daughter buzz cut See in context

First of all, i find very dumb from people here acting like if Japan is a part of usa, which is not, nor either the law system, so stop imposing you judicial ways on ANOTHER SOVEREIGN NATION

He is also accused of kicking the girl in the face earlier that month. She reportedly suffered serious injuries, including an orbital floor fracture.

Yes, this poor girl needs help, but there is a problem within the japanese society that states... "you should not cause problems to other people" , so is no wonder that this girl would not seek out help by her own, that putting aside that also japanese people only real concern is about "public image", without any concern about consequences.

This only translates in abusive situations which don't get to be known by the public eye, or gets regarded as something not important, and swept under the rug by people and judicial system.

Its very sad that a country like Japan cares so little about their youth and their welfare, or even more vicios crimes happening and just give more importance to "saving face" than doing the right thing and bring justice

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Posted in: Japan likely to announce new era name around April 1 next year See in context

As always gringos and outsiders making stupid comments showing their low education and disrespect

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Posted in: Women in Japan reveal their worst dating experiences See in context

It seems girls only focus on what they want, to go to places they like, to have fine dinners, etc... But i dont see any comment on they trying to do something, or give anything to the date, just complains... talk about being just focused on getting free great meal, ride in nice cars, to be taken expensive places, with candles and violins and all that movie they dream in their heads, or had seen on tv shows... In a date both side are equals and have to give time, effort, ideas, conversation, insight, sometimes even money to make it memorable and a success, not just give me, give me, i dont like it ... then bye... horrible date.

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