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Posted in: Ghislaine Maxwell claims Jeffrey Epstein was murdered in jail See in context

I just don't understand how people think the Jeffery Epstein was not murdered, seems a bit odd to me. Plus other famous people have said they don't think that he killed him self, and now with people like Andrew Tate and Jeffery Star also saying that if something comes out like they committed suicide, that it is false like how Epstein's was. It just does not add up in my mind. Just something to think about I guess.

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Posted in: How Congress is changing electoral law in response to Jan 6 See in context

Bro this is why america is a failing nation. they focus more on the corrupt government and what happened almost two years ago. Americas corruption and hatred to DJT is still obvious after nothing has been proven his fault. If america is going to be the thriving head of the world then they need to step it up and work more with the people then caring about their self gain. electoral laws dont matter because if something like January sixth happens again its because the people are mad and have a reason to be. still america is slowly but surely failing and its going to go downhill faster and faster. with that I bid you a good day.

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Posted in: German 'babysitter' on trial in huge child sexual abuse case See in context

death penalty if found guilty

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Posted in: Gorbachev's funeral, burial will reflect his varied legacy See in context

this hurts because Gorbachev was the best leader the USSR had and was a sign of the end of Communism in a lot of the world

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Posted in: China could eventually co-exist with COVID, says top scientist See in context

lets face it this has happened for ever people coexist with viruses, for insistence there is the common cold. humans have coexisted with it for almost ever.

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Posted in: Queen Elizabeth II to mark 70 years on the throne on Sunday See in context

70 years is a mile stone for some to just be alive and this is just how long she has been the Queen. Insane

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Posted in: Russia cuts COVID-19 isolation for some as infections soar See in context

Bruh people should not have to isolate them self's after they have covid or when they have it. every one knows that at this point in time covid is just used as a political tool to scare people and get people to trust the government. we have seen this in america with joe biden, we have seen this in china, all of the EU and also in Australia. people need to realise they can chose these thing and wake up, because the world it slowly getting worse because of all of the stupid crap that has happened because of covid.

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Posted in: Taliban begin talks in Norway as hunger stalks Afghanistan See in context


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Posted in: N Korea fires 2 short-range ballistic missiles in 3rd launch this month See in context

if we want people to stop NK from making bombs then we need to stop trading the stuff they need for said bombs

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Posted in: N Korea fires 2 short-range ballistic missiles in 3rd launch this month See in context

Kimmy boy does look odd. Maybe he is on a keto diet. LOL

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Posted in: Biden concedes voting rights agenda may fail See in context

African-Americans are at the heart of the Democratic coalition, and some influential leaders have already criticized Biden for doing too little, too late on election laws -- an issue steeped in a history of racism and attempts to restrict Black votes

This is sad for the dems but also sad for people of the black community that know this has happened

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Posted in: Anti-vaccine protesters try to storm Bulgarian parliament See in context

Personally I don't see the point of the tilde saying anti-vaccine protesters. I say this because protesting is something people have been know to do for millennia. The point is that calling a group of people a certain type of protester is just dumb. If you protest two things are you call both types of protesters? Putting labels on people that do things you think they should not do is just stupid. In america there are three types of people. Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians. Each party calls each other names based on their opinion. Like snow flakes, trumpies, or idiots. The point is labeling people is just very pointless because there is the possibility of some people at protests that are not in support of what is happening but there to support the friends opinion.

I know this wont make sense to some people but it does to me.

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Posted in: Anti-vaccine protesters try to storm Bulgarian parliament See in context

"nationalist" (fascist?)

Being a nationalist is being someone that loves their country and supports what their country does. A fascist is a person who does not care what you think, takes your rights away and will kill you even if you disagree with them. think of it Hitler did this to people he thought were ruining Germany which he was not even an "ethnic" German. So think of this every one can be a nationalist but few people will go as far as being a fascist.

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Posted in: In 1st, U.S. surgeons transplant pig heart into human patient See in context

what a good advancement in human history.

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Posted in: Louis Vuitton fashion designer Virgil Abloh dies of cancer at 41 See in context

Sucks he died so young. Rest In Peace man

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Posted in: Over 130 Yemen rebels killed in battle for Marib: coalition See in context

I don't really understand what they did that was so wrong. It is just so sad that people kill for no good reasons.

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Posted in: One dead in mudslides that cut off Vancouver from rest of Canada See in context

It is sad that things like this happen in one of the most peaceful countries in the world, but it still could have been much worse.

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Posted in: Biden, China's Xi expected to meet virtually by year's end See in context

Still, the U.S.-China relationship has been under strain, exacerbated recently by the Chinese military's flying dozens of sorties near the self-ruled island of Taiwan, which Beijing considers part of its territory.

> I think that china should just give it up because they don't own Taiwan and if they invade, and will probably happen then that will start WWIII and every one knows that.

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Posted in: Biden, China's Xi expected to meet virtually by year's end See in context

The U.S. also signaled this week that for the time being it plans to stick with tariffs levied against China during the Trump administration.

I must say that I am surprised by this.

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Posted in: Taliban official: Strict punishment, executions will return See in context

everyone already knew that this was going to happen again.

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