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Where are all the nuclear fan boys to tell us how safe and brilliant nuclear power is? What an utter disgrace Fukushima is. An ongoing massive embarrassment to Japan and should be the catalyst that ends nuclear power production across the globe.

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I'm actually astonished to learn Japan still has the death penalty! Or perhaps I'm not. maybe now I understand why the Japanese are all too scared to express themselves and prefer to throw themselves under a speeding train rather than stand up for their rights?

And before I am accused of defending nasty people who deserve everything they have coming to them just check history. There have been so many people wrongly convicted, and indeed framed by governments, but hanged. Will you be the next one?

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Japan is such a lovely country. What a pity it allows the nuclear industry gangsters free rein to destroy and devastate. Utterly disgusting. Close all nuclear ower now and get on board with solar, hydro, thermal, tidal and wind.

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What is the point of being allowed to wear a short sleeved shirt and no tie if you are then subjected to sweltering 28 degree temperatures? The workplace should always be a cool 22 degrees. If people are expected to work in higher temperatures they should only have to wear shorts and t shirt otherwise it is inhumane.

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Japanese Police should investigate the thriving prostitution business around the North Exit of Yamato station. After dark, and before midnight, there are around twenty street prostitutes asking men in the street if they want a massage. One recently tried to drag me into a massage parlour there. Most of these women look foreign and are probably slaves. The Police should do something about the customers of these prostitutes who ride powerful loud motorbikes around Yamato at all hours of the morning. Does Japan have any Police? Do they care about these people making life unbearable for Yamato residents?

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