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Posted in: S Korea beats Japan to reach women's Olympic curling final See in context

Well Canada is not claiming gold where it usually does, but we finally edged up to #2 in the medal count. No way to catch up to Norway though - wow. Germany in 3rd. Other countries, well,

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Posted in: Armed deputy at Florida high school resigns after failing to engage shooter See in context

He was there to protect the students. He did not. What a disgrace.

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Posted in: Armed deputy at Florida high school resigns after failing to engage shooter See in context

He failed to do his job.

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Posted in: U.S. beat Canada in shootout to win women's ice hockey gold See in context

The USA needs more medals... they don't have many so this will help.

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Posted in: Time to ban gay 'conversion' therapies, say experts See in context

What became of the 700,000?

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Posted in: Japan dethrone Dutch to win gold in women's team pursuit See in context

koiwaicoffee - same thing re the USA. if they are winning or win at a sport, it is important and it is covered. But where they do not do well (e.g. world cup soccer - men's) they will simply state that no one cares about soccer. so, not unusual behaviour.

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Posted in: Japan to buy at least 20 more F-35A stealth fighters See in context

great stuff. load up on some quality new aircraft.

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Posted in: Ivanka Trump to attend Winter Olympics finale in S Korea See in context

They should have sat her in front of the NK sister - then NO ONE would have been looking at the NK sister...

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Posted in: Trump moves to outlaw 'bump stocks;' considers other steps after Florida shooting See in context

Awesome - too bad obama didn't do this... lives may have been saved.

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Posted in: Italy warns of election threat as rival parties court Russia See in context

Doubt they could match the influence of the main stream media.

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Posted in: Trump backs effort to improve gun background checks See in context

Trump at long last finally did something (bill re bump stocks).

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Posted in: Olympic Medals Table See in context

It looks like we (Canada) will surpass Germany before this is all over... but Norway... wow.

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Posted in: Slow-cooked pork - a brilliant pork dinner waiting to happen See in context

I add the wine to myself. Start with half a cup, then another, and another, etc.

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Posted in: Facebook faces big challenge to prevent future U.S. election meddling See in context

It will be great when Facebook fizzles out. It will happen. Hopefully nothing as horrible rises in its wake.

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Posted in: Stars to wear black at UK film awards: Will Kate join them? See in context

Don't televise the event - what a nice protest that would be. Plus, something worthwhile could be televised instead. win-win

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Posted in: Olympic streak over as Canada loses to Czechs in shootout See in context

Easy to win when NHL players were participating. Much better to leave the Olympics to the 'non-professional' athletes to give them a chance to shine.

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Posted in: Olympic Medals Table See in context

USA weak in general in winter olympics but strong in summer.

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Posted in: Parents attend matchmaking parties to find partners for their children See in context

Could be good. After all, many yourh cannot make good decisions and wise adults may be able to to steer them along with some wisdom.

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Posted in: Defending champ Hanyu leads; Uno 3rd after men's short program See in context

CAN still only 3rd... that should improve.

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Posted in: U.S. naval officers at Japan base removed over 'misconduct' See in context

It is a sad day when you cannot run around 'your own yard' naked except for army boots. i mean, who hasn't done that? recently? often?

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Posted in: Olympic Medals Table See in context

Canada only 3rd... we will do better.

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Posted in: Egyptian sumo wrestler fined Y500,000 over car accident See in context

His sumo days are numbered. Perhaps he will leave the country in the near future.

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Posted in: Ter Mors gets gold; Kodaira wins silver, Takagi bronze in 1,000-meter speedskating See in context

  1. GER 2. NED 3. NOR 4. CAN - only fourth in medal count so far. Sad! Alas, there is yet time...

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Posted in: Fukuoka city to recognize LGBT couples from April See in context

Tommy Jones - the majority everywhere.

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Posted in: Kim Jong Un lookalike provokes N Koreans See in context

He is not fat enough.

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Posted in: Japan beats unified Korean team 4-1 in women's ice hockey See in context

United they fall, divided they stand.

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Posted in: Kim dominates to take gold in women's halfpipe See in context

Medal count as of now: 1. NOR 2. NED 3. CAN 4. GER 5. USA. CAN not doing too great yet... give us a bit more time.

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Posted in: Kim dominates to take gold in women's halfpipe See in context

"connective tissue". geez.

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Posted in: Is a unified Korea possible in the foreseeable future? See in context

Not sure NK would want to deal with so much norovirus.

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Posted in: Japan took in 20 asylum seekers in 2017 from nearly 20,000 applications See in context

Mass immigration is a disaster. That can readily be seen in Europe (be certain to not only read the main stream media) and it is a mess in Canada, where we are taking in a few hundred thousand per year. One component which is bad is the 'chain migration' - qualified person X arrives, then brings in all his relatives, pets, neighbours and such who are often a pure drain on the economy and healthcare system, etc. And of course, oil and water do not mix - there's a lot of that happening as well. Sadly, we have a complete nut for a prime minister for whom the children voted - and they will be paying dearly in their future for that mistake.

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