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Posted in: Can Islam and the Western world coexist peacefully? See in context

I forget what the percentage is, but it roughly translates into around 300,000,000 "extremist" Muslims in the world today. That is a big problem for everyone in the civilised Free World. ISIS must be quashed. If it is not, their next goal is the overthrow of Western. Democracies and their replacement with Middle Ages Sharia Laws. The sad part is that many Western Leaders have already sold out to Sharia laws. There is creeping Islamification of European countries at the moment, with the result that London is now known in the UK as 'Londonistan." It is fast approaching a situation in the UK, France, Holland and Sweden where the ugly head of Islamic extremism is raising its head. The future looks bad, because it is a simple fact that once the Muslim percentage of the population reaches a certain point, they start to demand Sharia Laws, which are the antithesis of Western civilisation. Islam and Western Democracy can never co-exist after a certain point is reached. The UK is fast approaching the point of no return, and the point where native British people will rise up in revolt.

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Posted in: U.S. Supreme Court to rule on birth control See in context

This headline is misleading. It is not just about "birth control," it is about trying to force a company to provide Abortion Pills to their employees. That is morally reprehensible, and wrong. There can be no justification for trying to make a Christian company pay for something they consider to be murder.

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Posted in: Australia abolishes divisive carbon tax See in context

This is wonderful news from Australia, despite the recent intervention and meddling by the leader of the Climate Change cult, Al Gore. There has been ZERO "warming" for the past 18 years, and even the UN's ridiculous IPCC admits that. The climate alarmists cannot explain it, but are already trying to put the blame for the cooling trend on "global warming." It is so laughable. A carbon tax is ridiculous, and it has cost ordinary people dearly, with sky high energy bills. It is also anti industrial and anti human, which are the policies of the Greens and their friends in the Marxist environmentalist movement. Yesterday was a victory for the ordinary Australian people, and for democracy. Fewer and fewer people now "believe" in the entire Anthropogenic Climate Change Myths anymore. There have been too many dire predictions of doom, based on severely flawed computer modelling and downright fraudulent "science," as exposed a few years ago by the Climategate scandal. Three cheers for Tony Abbott. I wish we had him as our Prime Minister in the UK, where I am from, instead of the spineless and gutless PM we currently have, who does more U turns than a whirling Dervish. Yesterday was a great day for Australia, and for the world. There is nothing to fear from climate change. It is natural, and their isn't anything we humans can do about it. Anyway, despite all the doomsday scenarios, it just isn't happening.

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Posted in: Germany most energy efficient nation See in context

Germany is beginning to turn its back on useless "renewables" such as Wind, because it is far too expensive and unreliable. They are starting to produce energy from coal again. "Anthropogenic Global Warming" has been shown for what it is- lies and fraud. There is no problem with CO2, despite its demonisation by the Marxist Environmentalists. The climate changes, as it has since the dawn of Earth. It is pointless trying to "control" weather. Time to put the last nails in the coffin of "global warming" alarmism. It ain't happening, and hasn't happened for the past 18 years. The brave Australians vote yesterday to repeal the ridiculous and fraudulent "carbon tax." Now it is time for other nations to follow suit. Abolish all "green" taxes and subsidies for useless "renewables" like Wind. The world will be abetter place without them. Time to ignore the Green Eco Fascists, too. Enough of their anti human, anti industrial nonsense and fraud.

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Posted in: Do you support Israel’s action in Gaza? See in context

Israel will fight terrorism against them, and they will win. "Palestine" never really existed, anyway.

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Posted in: Do you support Israel’s action in Gaza? See in context

Israel os surrounded by extremely hostile Islamist Statesand is constantly under attack from Hamas in Gaza. They have the right to to defend themselves, and they have the guts to do it, unlike Obama and Cameron. All we hear on the biased anti Israel media is about the deaths of "Palestinians," but hardly ever about the daily attacks from Gaza. There never was a "Palestiine" state. Israel belongs to the Jewish people, including Judea and Samaria, these days referred to as "the occupied West Bank." I admire the Israeli PM and theIDF. They will win. Terror has to be defeated, as does "jihad."

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Posted in: Australian PM ribbed over 'cringe-worthy' photo with Abe See in context

Tony Abbott is a great Prime minister, much better than his predecessors, who brought the country to its knees and put thousands of people in poverty because of their Carbon Tax, which is pure Marxism. Of course, the Lefties all hate him, and anything he does or says. He is a hero to the rest of us outside of Australia, because of his policy of standing up to Climate Alarmist bullies and the entire Climate Change Cult.

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Posted in: Fewer U.S. nuclear plants could curb climate change fight See in context

What a load of cobblers. Climate change is not a problem. Never has been, never will be. Its nature in action, and we have no control over it. Co2 is GOOD for the planet.

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Posted in: Obama says climate change deniers ignoring science See in context

"Climate Change/Global Warming/Climate Disruption" and whatever Gore and Obama are calling it today is the greatest fraud ever imposed on mankind. No "warming" for 18 years, and counting. Ice at the Poles at record levels. Polar bear numbers increasing. Glaciers not melting. Large hurricanes at all time low in America, yet we are continually fed this garbage by Obama and his Marxist Environmentalist buddies, plus Prince Charles, that the activities of mankind (industrial production, jet travel, use of cars, etc. ) is "destroying" the planet? What a load of cobblers. Someone on this thread referred to a "scientist in England" and his "findings." Was that the same guy made infamous by the Climategate scandal a few years ago? Probably. Junk science, produced by junk scientists who suppress the truth, manipulate data and also subject dissenters to bullying and intimidation for daring to disagree with their "theory," proves nothing other than they are undemocratic and anti human, driven by political motivation and not science. Wake up, folks, you are being conned, big time. Watch out for more of this as the great UN Climate Jamboree in Paris, 2015, approaches, when they will attempt once again to subjugate the entire human race to their One World government, under the evil Agenda 21. Pure Science Fiction.

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Posted in: Halal tourism takes off in Japan See in context

They can have their "halal" meat if they like, but please don't force the rest of us to eat it. I for one am not interested, and would refuse it. My view is that halal meat is produced in a barbaric way.

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Posted in: Scientists meet in Japan to discuss climate change See in context

There has been NO global warming for almost 18 years. None this century. Time to expose the Scam that is "global warming/climate change."

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Posted in: Checklist for 'black hospitals' to be avoided See in context

My experience of Japanese hospitals has been good, with one exception. The lady doctor despised foreigners and men. I was both. After a crude examination, she let me go home even though I was bleeding internally, asking me to return in a week. I went to another hospital that day and was immediately hospitalised.you just have to be very careful which hospital you go to in Japan, and is in the Home Country. There are good and bad hospitals, and good and bad doctors and nurses.

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Posted in: Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams arrested over woman's murder in 1972 See in context

Adams is a nasty piece of work, masquerading as a peacemaker but in reality is totally different. I hope he is tried and found guilty. Jean McConville was a Protestant married to a Catholic, who committed the "crime" of giving water to a wounded British soldier near her home. The IRA murdered her as part of their vicious Ethnic Cleansing program, during their 40 year "war" in trying to force Northern Ireland to leave the UK and join with the Irish Republic, against the will of the majority.

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Posted in: Dutch arrest 30 Greenpeace activists blocking Russian tanker See in context

Marxist Environmentalism at work, for all the world to see. What started as a genuine environmental movement has now become totally politicised and is becoming more and more insane every day. Along with other "environmental" (sic) groups, it has jumped on the "man made global warming scam, because they know there are big bucks to be made with it. This is all about money, Marxism disguised as environmentalism and nothing to do with real science or protecting the environment.

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Posted in: Global warming: Fact or fiction? See in context

No "global warming" since 1996. 65% increase in ice on Polar Ice Caps. Hurricane frequency in US at lowest levels for many years. Still the hype from the politically motivated IPCC continues. We are not fooled. Anthropogenic Global Warming? Nonsense. A lie and a Scam. The climate has changed since the Beginning of the planet. Nothing to fear. Remember Climategate.

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Posted in: Islamic militants claim responsibility for Nigeria blast See in context

"We are in your city, but you don't know where we are." That applies to London, Paris, Stockholm and other European cities as well. A worldwide network of evil jihad murderers.

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Posted in: Cabinet minister visits Yasukuni shrine See in context

These people will never learn, and never understand. Yet another visit to the infamous Shrine of Hate. Despicable.

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Posted in: Michelle Obama's absence likely to be felt in Japan See in context

Rumour has it that the Obama marriage may be on the rocks, which might explain her absence. On the other hand, maybe she is just on another all expenses paid holiday (which she and the rest of the family take quite often, at the expense of the American taxpayers) in China. I wonder do the taxpayers foot the Bill for her mother as well. How many millions of dollars will it cost this time, in a country which is economically on its knees? Bankrupt and desolate cities like Detroit, thousands of Armed Forces Veterans living homeless on the streets of America, thousands of families having their homes taken away by evil Bankers, endless political scandals like Benghazi, NSA and IRS, preparing for Martial Law in a bankrupt country over which the Obamas preside, and still they do not curtail their lavish lifestyles and excessive public trips abroad, at the expense of the ordinary American people. I find it incomprehensible that this family have been in the White House for so long without being ousted.

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Posted in: Fukushima meltdown unlikely to cause many cancers: U.N. scientists See in context

The UN is an increasinfly irrelevant orgwnisation. It should be disbanded. I especially do not beleive anything that UN "scientists" have to say, about any subject. Fukushima has and will continue to cause cancers. I wonder what these pple were paid to say this? Disgraceful. Untrue.

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Posted in: U.N. author says draft climate report alarmist; pulls out of team in Yokohama See in context

There has been no "global warming" since 1996, and counting. All their prophecies of doom until now have been sheer alarmist nonsense, so why should anyone take any notice of this latest drivel from the IPCC, a UN Political Lobbyist group, headed by an Indian former railwayman?

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Posted in: Lights off for Earth Hour See in context

Small wonder there are no comments about this annual charade of nonsense.

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Posted in: Greece bans protests at EU ministers' meetings See in context

Not surprised by this news. The EUSSR is a dictatorship, where dissent is not allowed, ruled by unelected "presidents whom no one knows,and by their faceless and unaccountable eurocrats.

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Posted in: Obama cheers 7 mil health care sign-ups See in context

Obama claims 7 million have signed up for Obamacare. I simply don't believe that, and even if its true, given the 300 million population the figure of 7 million is an epic failure, just like his presidency. The worst president in US history, presiding over a government which spies on all its citizens, and the rest of us as well. What a sad and bankrupt place the US has become under him and his Marxist cronies.

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Posted in: Australia's top court recognizes 'gender neutral' sex category See in context

All species are divided into male and female. Its been like that since the Beginning. Courts and governments cannot decide these things. Itsdecided by Nature. While there are a few mixed up people around, this decision by an Australian Court is one of the most nonsensical I have ever heard. What next from the "gay" agenda? This is quite disgusting. Our human society is going down the plughole when governments and courts are legislating sickening political correctness to make the unnatural the norm, even trying to remove words from our vocabulary. Genesis 1:27 ..."male and female He created them." Sorry, but there just is no "third gender" in that list.

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Posted in: Climate change boosts risk of war, hunger, floods: U.N. report See in context

The Chairman of the UN's IPCC is a former railwayman, from India. Hardly an expert on climate, as are most of the others comprising this unelected alarmist quango, which is more political than scientific. There has been no "global warming" since 1997, 14 years ago, yet they are still spewing out this bunkum. The computer modelling used by many of the so called scientific "experts" is severely flawed, and did not foresee the current global cooling. This report merely repeats what this alarmist group has been saying for years, but they have left some of the more extreme predictions out, namely: Snow would disappear from the Earth by 2013, more women would turn to prostitution because of climate change, and more people would take up golf in Canada because of it! We can't have that terrible consequence, now, can we? Climate change has been around since the dawn of time, and there is nothing to fear from it. Decarbonising the Earth means the end of civilisation. There is absolutely no need to panic about "rising levels of CO2." The amount produced by human activities is very small compared to what is produced through nature. Enough of this idiotic scare mongering. It is becoming more ridiculous by the day. The IPCC, and its parent, the UN, should be disbanded, then we will have a lot less hot air the world.

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Posted in: U.N. panel: 8 reasons to worry about global warming See in context

There has been no "global warming" since 1997. That is why the alarmists have changed the terminology to "climate change." More and more people have caught on to the giant scam. The fact is that science has nothing to do with. "consensus," which is a political term. Environmentalists with a Marxist agenda are the biggest threat to the planet at the moment. There is absolutely nothing to fear from "climate change," since it has been around for a very long time. The Earth has been through countless climate changes, and has survived, without our help. I love the environment, and hate to see it being destroyed by useless, unreliable and extremely expensive Wind Farms, which I am being forced to pay for through "Green" taxes. The IPCC is a political, rather than a scientific organisation. You need to take what they say with a large pinch of salt.

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Posted in: Gay marriage becomes legal in England and Wales See in context

Since the dawn of time and the creation of the first human beings, marriage has been a sacred union between one man and one woman, who form a family through their union and the procreation of children. There is no earthly reason to change that. Homosexuals have been discriminated against and brutalised in the past, but these days there is more tolerance and in many places they are free to live their lives in peace, and practice their lifestyle choice. Civil Partnerships were introduced in the UK several years ago, which gave same sex couples the same legal rights as married heterosexual couples with regard to property, etc. Why the need for homosexual "marriage?"

Same sex couples cannot physically procreate children, so they will always be different from married heterosexual couples. They can never be "equal" in that respect. Like it or not, the dominant world view of marriage is a union between a man and a woman.

Same sex couples have the right to live in peace, free from harassment like the rest of mankind, in many places. However, the constant stream of "in your face" aggressive attitudes, flaunting their sexuality and lifestyle, can and does put many people off them and their lifestyle choices.

Redefining traditional marriage in any country is not a good thing.

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Posted in: Japanese lawmakers call for revision of wartime sex slavery apology See in context

"We Japanese feel pain when we lie." What effrontery and utter nonsense. This idiot claims to speak for all Japanese. He does not. The basic problem with him and his ilk, which includes many Japanese politicians and those in NHK, is that they have neither recognised nor repented of the past evils committed in the name of Emperor Hirohito, especially in China and Korea. People of many nations suffered from Japanese brutality before and during the Second World War. This man proves himself to be a speaker of untruths by this very utterance. Without repentance, there is no remission or forgiveness of sins. These racist, xenophobic ultra right wing Japanese politicians are intent on repeating the evils of the past, while the average Japanese seems to be in a comatose state of mind while this is going on around them. Is World War III just around the corner? Tokyo may not be hosting the 2020 Olympics after all. These people are leading the clueless average Japanese to destruction once again.

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Posted in: Japan says it is puzzled by new China WWII national days See in context

While extreme right wing nutcase politicians continue to hanker for the good old days of Imperial Japan, continue to deny the past, continue to whitewash the history books they teach Japanese children, continue to rewrite history and deny the Nanjing Massacre, and continue to visit the Yasukuni Shrine of Hate to worship war criminals and the deluded young men they forced to become suicide bombers, then they can expect nothing but antagonism from their neighbours, whom they so viciously brutalised before and during World War II.

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Posted in: U.N. report sees $1.45 tril global warming cost: Japanese media See in context

Its good to see more and more people waking up to the fact that for years the biased mass media have been spinning the lying propaganda about "global warming." The theories have been exposed as being mostly conjecture, based in flawed science, and in some cases there has been deliberate deception and fraud. The Climategate Scandal in Britain a few years ago is an example of this. Scientists need money for their research, and will stop at nothing to get it, in some cases.

Al Gore made billions out of the scam, as did others. The environmentalist movement has become increasingly Marxist in its ideology. Dissenting or questioning voices have been threatened or sacked from university positions if they dare to question the quasi religious dogma surrounding "global warming" and the alarmist predictions accompanying it. It has become a religion, the Church of Climatology. Unbelievers are threatened with jihad for their unbelief, and called all sorts of names. We all know that name-calling is the last resort of those who have lost the argument.

We are all being told that we must "change our lifestyles" in order to "save the planet." That is Marxist speak for anti human, anti capitalist and anti industrialist policies. CO2, the very lifeblood of the planet, has been demonised as a "pollutant" when the exact opposite is the fact. Without CO2, neither we nor the planet could survive, yet the Marxist environmentalists tell us we must "decarbonise" in order to "save the planet." It is nonsense, and worse, it is criminal. The planet has survived millions of years of climate changes and fluctuating temperatures, thank you very much. The last 150 years of industrialisation is but a moment when compared with the long history of climate changes and CO2 fluctuations on the earth.

The "global warming" terminology has been changed to "climate change recently, because of the past 17 years of global cooling. Even members of the IPCC are becoming skeptical. Science itself is all about asking questions, and being skeptical. To suggest that " the debate is over" and "the science is settled" as Obama and others like Prince Charles have done recently shows that these people are ignorant of the facts and are willing to sacrifice their countries and their people for unscientific lies, emanating from one of the greatest frauds and scams the world has ever known. Enough is enough. Time to ditch useless wind turbines and revert to good old fossil fuels. Time to put "global warming" theory in the dustbin of history.

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