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Posted in: U.N. report sees $1.45 tril global warming cost: Japanese media See in context

There has been no "global warming" since 1996, and counting. The amount of CO2 produced asa. Result of human activity is minute, compared to what nature produces. The climate changes, as it has done for tens of thousands of years. The IPCC is a political lobby group, not a scientific organisation. This report, like all the others before it, is climate alarmism without any basis in real scientific fact. There is no evidence to support their wild claims. The climate models used by fraudulent "scientists" is based in failed and flawed co puter modelling. Ey told us we would not have snow on the planet by 2013, and the US has just had the coldest winter in years. They told us the ice caps were melting, but there has been a 69-65% increase in ice on the caps. They are frauds, as is the "theory" of "global warming." Nothing new under the sun, and nothing new in nature, either. The earth has seen it all before, and survived. It is because of stupid Green Marxist agendas and policies that there are food shortages, nothing to do with climate. This report is bunkum, and should be ignored. The world has eoken up to the scam and the fraud, propagated recently by Al Gore, Obama and Prince Charles, known for talking to his plants and wanting to do wierd things with tampons.

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Mori was a disaster as Prime Minister of Japan. Always known for opening his gob and putting both feet right in. A very bad choice for the Tokyo Olympics. His English is appalling, too. Remember how he made a mistake addressing President Clinton, by confusing "Who are you?" with "How are you?" Clinton's response was priceless. "I'm Hillary's husband, who are you?" The further reply from Mori was totally hilarious. "Me, too!" A man like this should not be anywhere near the Tokyo Olympics. He will be a laughing stock.

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One of the saddest sights in Japan. Each "jizo" represents an aborted baby.i can think of more appropriate terminology than the sick political correctness of the word 'unborn' for this. The scourge of modern society. One good thing regarding this in Japan, though, is that the babies are recognises as babies, even though they are aborted. In America and other western countiries the aborted babies are thrown into trash cans at the back of the abortion factories. Its been reported recently that in New York City alone each year over 34,000 children of African Americans are disposed of im this way, and that figure is more thsm the live births. What a sick world we live in.

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Posted in: U.S.-Japan satellite to study global rain, snow See in context

"The data will be used by scientists to study climate change." That says it all. More propaganda about non existent "global warming," and more demonisation of CO2. More lies and more fraud.

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Posted in: Japan revises teaching manuals, says disputed islands its territory See in context

Abe wants to revise the history books? Well, there's a surprise...not. Nothing new here. The LDP always tried to rewrite history and conceal the truth about Japan's wicked past from its young people. Sadly, they have all but succeeded, producing generations of brainwashed sheeple, who cannot question anything or think for themselves. History will repeat itself.

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Hillary Clinton was a disaster as Secretary of State, hust like Obsma has been a disaster as president. Time for rral change. Both Hillary and Obama shoild be impeached over their many failings, especially Benghazi. Let the Democrats put her up for election of they like. The American people will speak loudly come election time, unless the voting is rigged again, and she will be consigned, with her husband, to the dustbin of history, where she belongs.

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Posted in: New NHK head's 'comfort women' remark stirs controversy See in context

Comfort Women = Sex Slaves. Enough of political correctness disease. Call a spade a spade. This idiot is not fit to be Head of NHK, orHead of anything. Time for him to return to the Institution he obviously escaped from. People like him are the reason NHK is a discredited organisation. Another reason why I will NEVER pay money to this organisation. He should not resign, he should be booted out.

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Posted in: ANA apologizes over racial stereotyping in new TV commercial See in context

If you click on the video on this website, it says "This video is private." Japanese, or JT censorship at its best. However, if you view directly on Youtube, you can see it in all its racist, xenophobic stereotypical stupidity. I have flown with ANA a lot in the past. Wouldn't dream of flying with them ever again. If this is a true reflection of ANA company policy, then I will not be giving my money to these bigots again. I am offended, not just by the stupid nose and wig, but also by the Japanese ethnocentrism displayed in this ad. People who still bleat on about "We Japanese" and "I am a Japanese, this is the way we are" belong to the distant past, not the 21st century. If Japan wants to be truly "international" then it must abandon this nonsensical and archaic way of thinking and join the real world. Big thumbs down for ANA. They need to pull this advert now.

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Posted in: Global warming: Fact or fiction? See in context

Global Warming is not only fiction, its a massive Fraud, led by Al Gore, the failed politician.

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Posted in: Obama symbolically signs up for Obamacare See in context

"Obama signs up for healthcare" ha ha. I wonder how he managed to get on the website. Also, the only reason he signed up for it was because of the exposure of his lies and deceit,

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Posted in: Obama says Snowden leaks caused 'unnecessary damage' See in context

No, Mr Obama, the Snowden leaks showed us all what you are really like. And its not very nice. Spying on your own people, taking away their rights, and spying on other people around the world is not on. You have been exposed as one who does not tll th truth, and one who likes to hide the truth from the American people. Impeach now.

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Posted in: Gov't says Fukushima decontamination likely to be finished by 2017 See in context

I dont not believe anything uttered by politicains called Ishihara. Fukushima is much worse than the government have been saying all along, and everyone knows that. This is just play acting, and it is untrue.

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Posted in: Abe visits Yasukuni shrine; calls it pledge against war See in context

This visit was not a "pledge against war" as Abe called it. It was a glorification of Japan's wartime atrocities and the vile people who committed some of the worst atrocities in human history. Utterly disgraceful.

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Posted in: Don’t own a TV? NHK doesn’t care, but still wants your money See in context

Haven't paid NHK a penny for many years. The bully boys have come to my door, but I refuse them, because I never watch NHK on principle. They have the most boring News and the most boring Newsreaders on the planet, its all government and scientific propaganda and I am not going to give my hard earned cash to this discrdited organisation. Actually, there is hardly anything worth watching on anyJapanese TV channel. During the years i have lived here, Japanese TV has sunk to new depths with each passing year. Back in the 1980s it was great, and I enjoyed it, but not anymore. Same old, same old. Boring.

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Posted in: Morsi: No stability in Egypt unless coup reversed See in context

Morsi is behind bars, and he deserves to stay there for the rest of his life. The Egyptian people are better off without him.

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Posted in: Obama warns Congress against further Iran sanctions See in context

The worst president in US history strikes again. Impeach now.

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Posted in: China says rich nations must pay up if U.N. climate talks to succeed See in context

It is beyond the capability of human beings to influence climate change one way or the other. This annual "climate change" jamboree is not about "saving the planet" nor is it about science. It is Marxism masquerading as environmentalism. The UN wants One World Government, and the way they are going about this is through the Fraud that is "global warming" scaremongering. Currently, CO2 levels have been rising, but temperatures have been flat, or lower, since 1997. The ice on the Ice Caps currently are at record levels. The hurricane season in the US has this year been the quietest on record, and its been that way for a while. The Alarmists shamelessly use individual, weather events to try to propagate their fraud. The planet has survived many Ice Ages and Warming periods in the past, for millennia, and it will do so in the future also. A bit of global warming is good for the planet, as is the use of fossil fuels, and CO2 is not evil, it is the very life blood of the planet. Time to stop the lies, and resist this Marxism masquerading as environmentalism. Climate change is nature in action, nothing more, nothing less. Its been around since the beginning of the planet. Time to stop these annual nonsense jamborees.

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Posted in: Japan slashes greenhouse-gas reduction goal target See in context

There is no need for Japan, or other any country, to reduce carbon emissions. The entire "global warming" religion is a fraud. CO2 is the lifeblood of the planet, not an evil pollutant. I am glad Japan is using fossil fuel power stations. Its good for the planet. In Warsaw, the annual Climate Change Alarmist Jamboree is underway, spouting their usual scaremongeting lies, and trying to "save the planet" through cutting caron emissions. The facts are that the ice caps have more ice than ever before at prsent, and we have been in a period of global cooling since 1997, despite rising levels of CO2. More and more people globally are on to this scam. In Warsaw, 50,000 people protested about the Climate conference, yet this eas not reported in the mass media? Why? Because so many people around the world are making money out of this scam. As Tony Abbott of Australia said the other day. "Enough of this Socialism masquesrading as Environmentalism." Its really not about Science, but Marxist Politics and the redistribution of wealth.

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Posted in: Tamori announces end of 'Waratte Iitomo' after 32 years See in context

I grew up in Japan with this show. Sad that its the end of an era, but I think it ha shad its day. Otsukaresama,, Tamori san.

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Posted in: Malaysian court rules use of 'Allah' exclusive to Muslims See in context

The God of the Bible is the Creator God of the Universe. Allah, the God of Islam, is an entirely different entity. The God of the Bible is the Triune God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. One God. Since the Father and the Son are One, and since Islam does not recognise Jesus as the Son of God, their Allah is a completely different entity. I have no problems with Malaysia's decision to regard Allah as a completely different entity from the God of the Bible, for so he is.

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Posted in: Malaysian court rules use of 'Allah' exclusive to Muslims See in context

Allah is the Muslim god had has no connection with the Christian God of the Bible.

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Posted in: Obama tells Republicans he will negotiate once they end threats See in context

Obama is becoming more of a dictator every day. Even Matt Damon has turned against him. Now Obama is trying to blackmail Congress? Impeach!

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Posted in: U.S. freezes major weapons, cash aid to Egypt See in context

The majority of Egyptians consider the Muslim Brotherhood to be thugs and terrorists. When they were in government, Obama supported them, now that they have been removed from power, Obama withdraws funding and support. It shows us clearly where Obama's loyalties lie. He should be impeached.

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Posted in: Russia 'finds drugs' on Greenpeace ship; new charges loom See in context

Greenpeace are ecoterrorists. Should be locked up.

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Posted in: Scientists say they are more certain mankind causes global warming See in context


Earth is becoming a toaster-oven. The global warming denialists are pushing us into an apocalypse, and they deserve the gravest of punishments.

Where is the proof for this ridiculous statement? Since 1998 we have been in a period of global cooling. Also, what exactly is a "denialist," and why the extreme condemnation of someone with a different opinion? I am not a "denialist," but I do not believe in the "anthropogenic global warming" scam. Nor do I believe that climate change, which has been around since the beginning of the planet, is a problem. Nor do I believe that CO2 is an "evil pollutant," either. It is actually essential for the planet, the very gas of life. Yet, people who dare to disagree with and to question the junk science and Marxist ideology that is "global warming" theory, " deserve the gravest of punishments?" That, sir, is bordering on Fascism. Hardly surprising, though. An Austrian professor is on record recently as stating that " global warming deniers should get the Death Penalty." Using such language shows the nature if the political dogma that is man made global warming. It is a political movement, based on junk science. The Climategate Scandal a few years ago alerted us to the true nature of the beast.

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Posted in: U.S. slides into government shutdown See in context

Why has Obama not been impeached yet? The man is destroying America.

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Posted in: Japan sales tax hike 'welcome first step': Lagarde See in context

Miss La Garde heads a corrupt banking organisation which should have no right to either comment or interfere in the affairs of any nation, much less Japan. Japan's Sales Tax is too high at the moment. If is because of corrupt bankers that the world is now in the current mess, yet none of them are behind bars, where they should be, and ordinary people have had to pay the price for their corruption.

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Posted in: Donors help reopen axed Australian climate watchdog See in context

Who wrote this biased rubbish? Australia now leads the way in abandoning the Marxist/Environmentalist "crap" as Tony Abbott rightly called it, the no discredited theory of Anthropogenic Global Warming. Tim Flannery is a failed entity, as is his now defunct Climate Commission.the scam has gone on long enough, the "disinformation" came from him and his fellow Junk Scientists. Shame on the writer of this article for such a biased, ind sided viewpoint, propagating and promoting the nonsense about "global warming". There has been NO global warming since 1997, and we are now in a prolonged period if global cooling. The demonisation of CO2 and fossil fuels has got to stop, and the evil agenda of the Red environmentalists has to be nipped in the bud. Congratulations, Australia, on electing Tony Abbott and getting rid of Labour and their insane energy policies, based on lies.

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Posted in: Paris backs veil ban, police after weekend of clashes See in context

Three cheers for the French Government. The full veil is a symbol of the oppression of women,but its more than that, it is an expression of inequality towards ordinary people who are not of the Islamic religion. As a man, I cannot get through airport security if I am wearing sunglasses or a cap. Im asked to remove them, yet these totally veiled women are allowed through. I am offended by that. If these people wish to be part of Western Society and live in the West, then they must adapt to our ways with regard to what is the acceptable dress code. If I visit Saudia Arabia, there are many things that I cannot do, as a Western Christian. The Christian church is persecuted in many Muslim countries, yet these people have complete freedom of religion. With regard to the wearing of the Burkha, it is unacceptable to most people in Western countries. My children are scared to see a woman totally veiled, coming towards them. There is also the question of security. Its well known that sometimes male terrorists have dressed as women wearing Burkhas. The French government are completely right in banning this thing. I hope other countries follow suit.

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Posted in: Palestinians rebuff U.S. peace talks blueprint See in context

John Kerry and Tony Blair. Sending both those guys to try to broker a "peace" deal between Israel and the Palestinians is akin to bringing a can of gasoline into a fireworks factory. Kerry ifailed to win the Presidency a few years back, Blair led the Brits into two wars that we should not have been dragged into. He then tried to become "president " of the EU, and failed. Add to the potion the evil EU itself, sticking its ugly nose into the Middle East, and you have a recipe for total disaster.

There will never be "peace" in the Middle East, so long as Israel exists. It is a tiny country, surrounded on all sides by hostile neighbours who wish and work every day for its obliteration. The Palestians could be classified as the enemny within, too. The Marxists and Lefties around the world are on the side of the Palestians. For them, it's the "cool" thing to do. Support the poor Palestinians, who daily fire rockets into Israel, aimed at killing innocent men, women and children. They also send suicide bombers as a little present, just to make life "interesting" for the hard pressed Israeil people.

The Palestinians should have their own homeland, in Gaza. They certainly have no right to claim Jerusalem, north, south, east or west. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, and has been for thousands of years. The capital city of the Land of the Jews. Today's "West Bank" was ancient Samaria. Are they closely linked to Jews or Palestinians?

Ther will never be peace, because the Arab world, with one or two exceptions, is vehemently anti Israel.

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