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Posted in: U.S. questions self-defense law after killing of unarmed black teenager in Florida See in context

The US Attorney General is one of Obama's Lefties. Of course, he is going to say stupid things. Interesting to read of the group he was addressing when he made these insane comments. I never heard of it before. I wonder does he realise that Zimmerman also qualifies for membership?

I also wonder if there is a similar organisation for caucasian Americans? The way things are going under Obama, they will soon need it. I wonder, too, does the Attorney General know of the recent murderous attacks on, and rapes of, young white children in his country? No outcry about those. Hardly even a mention of them in the mass media, either. What the heck is going on in the "Land of the Brave and home of the free?" It sure doesn't sound either brave, nor free, under Obama Law.

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Posted in: SoftBank forms green energy tie-up with U.S. firm See in context

I as with Softbank for years. Rip off merchants. As for "Green" energy, "carbon footprints" and "water footprints?" Never heard of water footprints before. What an absolute joke. I'm all for increasing my "carbon footprint." the planet needs more CO2, not less. No "global warming" forthe past 15 years, and counting. The lie and scam of anthropogenic global warming is being nailed every day. The whole idea of "green energy" is based upon lies. It is supposed to be cheap, but actually, works out to be very expensive, and perhaps that is why Softbank are getting on the Marxist/Environmentalist green energy bandwagon, because they think it will make them even more money. Solar power is dangerous, wind energy is a complete farce, actually doing more harm to the environment than fossil fuels ever did.

When the scam is fully exposed for all to see, will they take away Al Gore's Nobel Prize from him? I sincerely hope so. Japan needs more energy? Simple. Build more oil and coal fired power stations.

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Posted in: Do you think summers are hotter now than when you were a child? See in context

The summers vary, like they always have, and always will. Its called nature, andit happens in cycles. In recent years, Anthropogenci Global Warming alarmists like Al Gore have made a fortune out of senseless and unscientific hype, by distorting the facts, and demonising CO2, so as to force us all to pay more taxes to "save the planet."(sic) The Climategate scandal, plus the global cooling since 1997, has all but killed the "global warming" scam. More and more people are waking up to the fact that we have been duped for long enough. Polls like this on Japan Today and other hysterical and false reporting of facts, with a definite hidden agenda, only raise the unnecessary hype. This summer in the UK is fantastic, after one of the coldest winters and springs on record. Many scientists now think we are headed for another Mini Ice Age, similar to many similar periods in the past. Weather is weather, and its natural. There isn't anything we can do about it. No need to get excited. The Earth has been here for millions of years, long before Man was created. We cannot influence it, we can just enjoy the changing climate and the changing seasons. I see little difference in all my years. I have lived in Japan for over thirty years, and while Tokyo and other places may seem to be "warming" at times, I think most of it caused by the massive amounts of concrete and few green areas that make up Japanese cities. Concrete retains heat. Concrete the cities and you raise the temperatures. Simple.

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Posted in: John Paul II on brink of sainthood after miracle approved See in context

According to the Bible, every Christian is a "saint." The Roman Catholic Doctrines of "sainthood" are not found in the Bible. Therefore, they have absolutely no basis for existence other than in the RC Church's man made doctrines. God, through His Holy Spirit, convicts men and women of their sin and they are redeemed by the bloodof Christ, according to the Bible. At that moment, the sinner beccomes a saint. There is no need for all this "sainthood" nonsense perpetrated by the Roman church. It is unbiblical.

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Posted in: World's first floating wind turbine arrives in Fukushima See in context

Wind Turbines are subsidised by ordinary people through extra hidden charges in their current Electricity Bills. They are inefficient and useless. The entire concept of "renewable" and "green" energy is built in the massive scam called Anthropogenic Global Warming, now in its death throes. We are currently in a period of glo al cooling, and have been since 1997. Wind Turbines are a blight on the environment. They kill birds, they are ugly, and not worth the expense of building them and running them. They only produce miniscule amounts of electricity, and on,y when the wind actually blows. Fossil fuel power stations are needed as back up when the stupid things dont lroduce anything. This is no use to the people of Fukushima or anywhere else.

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Posted in: NHK may charge viewer fees for Internet, smartphone usage See in context

I gave up paying money into NHK years ago. A useless organisation, with mostly deadly dull News and other programs. Now they have the sheer audacity to attempt to impose taxes on us for using Smartphones, computers and other devices capable of picking up their awful programmes? As I always told the NHK feel collector who comes to my door "I dont watch your trash, and I am not going to pay for it." They can try to charge fo their rubbish via taxing my phone and computer, but sorry, I wont pay. Simples.

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Posted in: Buddhist monk arrested after exposing himself in video rental shop See in context

I wonder which part of this monk did the Security Guard "apprehend?" He obviously hasn"t reached "enlightenment" then.

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Posted in: 150,000 protest in Paris against gay marriage See in context

Why are people engaged in lawful protest treated with such ridcule? It appears that despite very large numbers of French people being opposed to homosexual "marriage" the politicians have decided to go ahead with it, anyway. There needs to be a referendum on this issue, which is not about "equality" or "equal rights" it is a question of morality. Since the beginning of humanity and human civilisation, the natural order has defined marriage as a union between one man and one woman. Husband and wife. Man and woman. Male and female. Father and Mother. Now politicians are taking it upon themselves to redefine the nature of marriage. It is unacceptable to most people in the world today, no matter what belief system or religious system one adheres to. When we examine the history of ancient civilisations and empires, the common thread that led to their downfall and disappearance was immorality, and in particular, sexual immorality. To destroy the time honoured natural institution that is marriage between a man and a woman is to destroy civilisation itself. I have nothing against himosexuals who wish to commit to a monogamous civil partnership, b ut I am totally opposed to calling this "marriage." it can never be that,

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Posted in: Israel to build 1,000 new homes in annexed east Jerusalem See in context

Israel is a tiny country, amd it is democratic and free. Its Capital, from ancient times, has been Jerusalem. That will never change. It is surrounded by hostile Arab nations with a desire to wipe Israel off the map and destroy every last Jewish person in the country. Most of these Arab States are umdemocratic and unfree, they are enslaved by Shariah Laws and harbour terrorists who will do anything to destroy Israel. Israel deserves the support of the Free World. Israel, and many more leople like myself, do not give a toss about what "International Law" states or decrees, since it is mostly Marxist and anti Israel in origin anyway. Israel is one of the few countries in the world today which fights for its people and also is proud of its own sovereignty, u like many Western nations which have sold their countries to sunserviemce to outside powers, like the EU. More power to the Israelis for taking this bold and good step of building more homes in the eastern section of their Capital. This year marks 65 years of freedom, and counting! Long live Israel!

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Posted in: Anti-Islamist protests flare after British soldier butchered near London barracks See in context

Western Europe is currently being deliberately popultaed by Islamist immigrants. As the numbers grow, usually when they reach around 12% of the populations, they start agitating for their own Shariah Law system to be introduced and the more extreme elements become very vocal about their attitude to "kaffirs" and "infidels" or people who do not believe in the Islamic religion. This sometimes leads to extreme violence, as in this case in London with the beheading of Lee Riggs, the annual rioting on the streets of Paris, and the recent week-long rioting in Stockholm. Many of the caucasian natives of these countries are beginning to feel threatened, and for good reason. There are areas of the UK which have become "no go" areas for white people. Even in President Obama's home ground of Dearborn, Michigan, a large part of that city has almost become a no-go area for Christians. What are we to say in repsonse to all of this? People are being attacked in the streets of some of these places by Muslim extremists, for no other reason other than the fact they ar percieved to be "infidels" who deserve punishment. I have zmuslim friends, and I know that all Muslims are not bad people, but the fanatics have given their religion/ideology a very bad name in recent years. The mass media largely ignore the daily violence and growing problems, and as a UK citizen, Iremember the words of a famous politician decades ago, whn he predicted that unless immigration was curtailed, the streets of Britain would have "rivers of blood" flowing in them. I hope mot, but recent events make that seem more, rather than less likely.

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Posted in: British PM Cameron heads off rebellion over gay marriage bill See in context

The picture with this report says "Liberty for all relationships." Does that include Incestious relationships, Bestial Relationships, and Paedophillia relationships as well, I wonder?

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Posted in: U.S. Atlantic braces for active hurricane season See in context

Strange. The number of hurricanes has actually decreased in recent years. Are these people simply getting on the global warming alarmist bandwagon yet again?

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Posted in: Boy Scouts approve plan to accept openly gay boys, but not leaders See in context

As a former Boy Scout, I am appalled by this decision. The Boy Scout Institution was founded by Lord Baden Powell and was always based on Christian principles, but was always open to all boys who were willing to take the Boy Scout Oath, in the case of the United Kingdom, that meant to pledge Duty to God and the Queen. In recent times, there has been a deliberate agenda to remove all those Christian principles from the institution, to the detriment of it. There have always been boys and leaders with homosexual tendencies within the organisation. Some Boy Scout leaders in the last have been jailed because of committing homosexual acts with boys. What is abhorrent about this decision is that homosexual boys can now be open about their sexual preferences. That is unnecessary, and is detrimental to the entire ethos of the once great institution that was the Boy Scouts. Since a large majority of Boy Scouts meet in faith based buildings, this decision is going to cause nothing but trouble.

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Posted in: Stockholm police get reinforcements as Britain, U.S. warn over riots See in context

Its time to close the doors to immigration. Very sad to hear of this trouble in Stockholm. The same thing happens in immigant areas of Paris on a regular basis.

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Posted in: Obama wants to end 'war on terror' but Congress balks See in context

Why does Obama continually run down his own country? He promised to close Gitmo way back in 2008, but it hasnt happened. He promised many things, but his record has been abysmal. He believes in Big Government, and is slowly taking away the rights and the liberties of the American people in the process of implementing his Far Left agenda. Its so sad to observe the rapid decline of the once great nation of America under this man. He has been a disaster of a president so far. Benghazi was a disaster for him and his Administration. As Commander in Chief, he failed is own people. In the face of growing Islamist attacks, he now wants to "end the War on Terror?" Unbelievable! Did he ever study history? The British Prime Minister, Neville Chamberllain, tried to appease the terrorism of Hitler. That led to World War II. Obama is trying to appease Islamist Terror. It wont work.

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Posted in: Anti-Islamist protests flare after British soldier butchered near London barracks See in context

This article is not factual. The two Islamist terrorists who carried out this atrocity were wielding knives and a Meat Cleaver, and they drove their car into the soldier first, then proceeded to hack him to death, and trid to behead him, while shouting Allah Akhbar. They new exactly what they were doing, and they hung around in the hope they would die as jihadist "martyrs" and thus go to their Islamic "paradise" and get their 70 virgins. London today is just 40% White. British people refer to London now as Londonistan. This is because of unfettered immigration over many years by successive British governments, resulting in a population increasse of over 5 million in just a few years. Britain is a multicultural society, and for an atrocity like this to happen on the streets of the Capital City of the UK may lead to the rise of racism and racial attacks. The British Government has tried unsuccessfully to deport radical Islamic Preachers of hate, but their hands are tied because of the EU. These radical Islamic preachers of hate continue to radicalise young men like the ones who carried out this act of depravity. The one who spoke to the cameras with blood on his hands after the attack actually comes from a Christian parents, but converted to Islam a few years ago, according to BBC News reports. He was subsequently radicalised by the preachers of hate. Many years ago, a right wing Conservative MP said that if immigration in Britian was not controlled, there would be "rivers of blood" on the streets. He was condemned at the time, and is long gone, but his words are currently haunting the streets of London.

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Posted in: Hashimoto regrets meeting cancelation; wants to apologize to U.S. See in context

Why do the Japanese people think that an "apology" makes the horrible things they do and say ok, and absolves them from guilt? It doesnt. I would use a stronger word- repent. Hashimoto is a Right Winger with Fascist tendencies, hence his remarks which are racist and discriminatory in nature. He needs to show genuine repentance for his remarks, which have caused anger, hurt and resentment around the world. True repentance would mean that he wouldnt utter such vile comments again, but even in this article we can see that he actually repeated his views. True repentance would mean that he would resign immediately. The lack of outcry from his constituents shows that sadly, many of them must concur with his sick views. This is a reflection of the distorted view of history being taught in Japanese schools. Japanese politicians will continue to put their feet in their mouths while their distorted views of history continues to be taught in their schools, and the world will never fully trust Japan as a result.

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Posted in: The grave of Christ – Japanese town solves many of world’s mysteries See in context

Jesus died and rose again in Israel. He is alive today, and will return to this earth again one day soon as King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and Judge of all the Earth. He knows about this crazy town and these poor, deluded people, because He is the Creator of this world. Japan is well lnown throughout the world for the wacky, the wierd and the wonderful. This town and this story ranks among the wierdest and the wackiest. I pray the people of Shingo will come to know Him. The tomb of Jesus can be seen near the Arab Bus Station just outside the walls of Jerusalem, its called the Garden Tomb. Its empty, because he is alive. He did not die, as this story suggests, to "save Christians from Hell" He died to save all mankind, including the Japanese.

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Posted in: Do you think airlines are sneaky about fuel surcharges, fees for extra baggage and other charges for various services? See in context

Airlines are by nature sneaky. I dont trust any of them.

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Posted in: Do you agree with Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto's comments on comfort women? See in context

They weren't "comfort women" they were SEX SLAVES

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Posted in: Goldman Sachs to invest in Japan green energy projects See in context

Fact #1 Goldman sachs are just cashing in on this, like so many others. Its not for the benefit of Japan, its for the benefit of Goldman Sachs. Fact #2 around the world, people are turning against the destrution of the environment through Wind Turbines in particular, and also dangerous Solar Power. Fact #3 The entire "Green energy" thing is based on the theories of Antrhopogenic Global Warming, and the theory that CO2 is bad for the planet. There has been NO global warming for the past 16 years, and counting, while at the same time CO2 levels have increased, thus debunking the entire Alarmist AGW theories. Mankind does not influence the planet's climate, its all nature. Time to go back to plentiful fossil fuels and stop demonising CO2, which is essential for plant life.

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Posted in: Snow falls in Hokkaido as cold spring continues across Japan See in context

An Inconvenient Truth for Al Gore and all the followers of his Global Warming Religion. There has been no Global Warming since 1997, instead, we are in an extended period of Global Cooling, thanks to the lack of sunspot activity. The cold weather in Hokkaido and throughout the Northern Hemisphere is just typical climate change, which has been happening for millenia, and has nothing to do with the activities of human beings.

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Posted in: Most Muslims want sharia law, but divided on interpretation See in context

Sharia Law belongs to Muslim majority countries. They can keep it. Interesting to read some of the comments on here about "religion" having no place in the laws of the land. The fact is, however, that in most countries of the world, many laws are based on at least five of the Ten Commandments given to Moses. Without them, the world would be in even more chaos than it already is. Most Sharia laws are based on the Koran, of course, and it would be intolerable for those laws to be introduced into Western countries, given the fact that pazt of the Koran teaches that "infidels" should be destroyed for not believing as they do. No thanks, we dont need Sharia Law.

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Posted in: Rainbow Pride See in context

Practical observation about this picture. I wonder where they all left their lrdiary clothes? In the coin lockers at Shibuya station??

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Posted in: Rainbow Pride See in context

I think that the figure of 5% of the Japanese population is way off the mark. Much, much higher than that, I'd say, given what I observe on a daily basis in this society, both on and off TV. Its all undercover, because its not really acceptable in Japanese society. Just look at the vast numbers of closet gay salarimen on the trains in Tokyo every day!, especially on the Saikyo Line.

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Posted in: Royal gathering See in context not a "Coronation". The Dutch don't do coronations. It was an Investiture. I wish the mass media would leace Princess Masako alone to recover from the bullying she got from the Imperial Household over many years.

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Posted in: Obama, ex-presidents praise 'resolute' Bush at library opening See in context

I just read above that someone on this thread blamed George Bush for Hurricane Katrina! That is one of the dumbest comments ever. Its as dumb as saying that Obama got the ( now totally discredited) Nobel Peace Prize for what his peace efforts have achieved!

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Posted in: Obama, ex-presidents praise 'resolute' Bush at library opening See in context

Its a pity George W Bush is not President of the USA right now. Obama is destroying the country. Roll on 2016, and hopefully Sarah Palin will become President and sort out whatever is left of once great America.

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Posted in: Leafy Yasukuni shrine stirs raw emotions See in context

Yasukuni Shrine is founded on lies, deceit and a false history. It represents a "religion" which became so twisted before and during the Second World War that it was used by the fanatical Fascist Right wing in Japan to indoctrinate and brainwash the Japanese people into thinking that they were superior to all other races, that they were made differently from all other people in the world, and that they were born to rule and subjucate all the other Asian nations. It brainswashed the Japanese people into thinking that Emperor Hirohito was a "god" descended from the sun goddess, and if they looked at him, they would be blinded. They were brainwashed into believing that it was honourable to die for the emperor, and many young and deluded Japanese men did just that. To visit the Museum in Yasukuni is to see for yourself the extent and the results of this brinwashing, which is still carried on today by certain politiciians, teachers and Rightists, who deny the evil history of Japan's aggression and brutality. It made me very sad and also very angry to visit the Museum, and indeed the shrine itself, and to see people bowing before an edifice built on lies.

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Posted in: Antarctic summer ice melting 10 times faster: study See in context

There has been NO "global warming" since 1997. The UNs IPCC recently admitted this, together with many scientific researchers. Melting ice in the Arctic and Antarctica happens due to nature, and it has been happening for tens of thousands of years. Its got nothing to do with the activities of human beings. We are now in an extended period of Global Cooling, not Warming. Michael Mann's infamous "Hockey Stick" has been shown to be false. Lots of "inconvenient truth" around us these days for the great High Priest of AGW religion, Al Gore! The Northern Hemisphere is currently enduring the coldest Winter and Spring for a long time, the third or fourth in a row, with still not much sign of heat. In 2007, one of the doomsday Warming Alarmists told us that "by 2012, snow would be a thing of the past, and we will have to explain what it looked like to our children, because of global warming."

There seems to be no end to the falsification of data and the climate predictions of doom and gloom based on useless computer models, which prove nothing, coming from these people. Around the world, Australia has disbanded its climate change department, the New York Times no longer has an Enviromental Desk, Canada has just announced the end of its Climate Change Office, Forbes Magazine is now officially Climate Skeptical, together with The Economist, and more and more people have been waking up to the reality that we have been lied to, by people who want to make momey out of their endless fearmongering. Enough is enough. Summer melting in Antarctica? Summer, nature, in action.

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