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Posted in: 7 injured in Saitama Aeon mall after woman pepper sprays them See in context

Spraying the stress!?

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Posted in: Japan's stimulus plan must exceed ¥15 tril, says ruling party executive See in context

Isn't it's too late now?!

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Posted in: Man arrested for cutting high school girl’s skirt, groping her on train See in context

Serial offender is repeating the same crime still roaming freely!?

Are we missing the some part of the story.

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Posted in: Cost of Abe's state funeral rises to ¥1.6 billion See in context

If Abe-san is watching from heaven he must be surprised and will not like spending such huge amount by government in such a way.

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Posted in: Ex-baby sitter gets 20 years in prison for sexually abusing 20 boys See in context

20 years? Just hang him!

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Posted in: Japan national police chief to resign over Abe's assassination See in context

He is almost close to retirement and making him responsible will not change the responsibilities of on duty officers at the time of assassination.

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Posted in: Foreign employees at Lawson claim unfair treatment such as forced sushi and Christmas cake purchases See in context

It's so un-Lawfull, law-son!

I will now choose more foreign friendly 7-11.

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Posted in: Bogus deliveryman sexually assaults woman, steals her underwear See in context

Inspired by manga story?

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Posted in: Man mistakenly sent ¥46.3 mil in COVID funds gambles it all away See in context

Thinking about situation of the official who transferred it.

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Posted in: Operator of missing Hokkaido boat apologizes for causing fatal accident See in context

Very unfortunate! Those black companies should be identified and treated strictly before any such incident happen.

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Posted in: Japan's top business lobby aims to create boom in 'unicorn' firms See in context

Anyway those startups will obviously become extra feed for large corporations in Japan.

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Posted in: Akita governor who owns cat gifted from Putin blasts Ukraine invasion See in context

Let's pray that someone/something will teach Mr. Vitamin Protein, the importance of peace.

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Posted in: Memorial service held for Sri Lankan 1 year after death in detention See in context

Mr Kipling

Today 07:50 am JST

If only she had followed immigration rules...... She would be alive and well in Sri Lanka.

So you will KILL if someone don't follow the immigration rules!?

Your thoughts are really shocking and reflects lack of sensation.

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Posted in: Japan willing to accept Ukrainian refugees: Kishida See in context

First time heard some daring n bold decision by Japan government.

Whether it's 1 or 1000 that should give a big message to Put-in.

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Posted in: Relatives of Sri Lankan detainee who died at immigration center to sue gov't See in context

Good move. Those people are really inhuman who let her die.

Looking forward to see if c ourt of law n equality really exists?

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Posted in: Russia attacks Ukraine as defiant Putin warns U.S., NATO See in context

U-krai(zy) Put-in!

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Posted in: Russia attacks Ukraine as defiant Putin warns U.S., NATO See in context

This gonna impact our life too!

Put-in brain!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 11,443 new coronavirus cases; death toll a daily record 319 See in context

The change in numbers is just because of the daily change in PCR test counts or real impact of government guidelines?

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Posted in: How the media failed Japan’s most vulnerable immigrants See in context

A totally failed country when it comes to treatment and human rights for immigrants.

Really sad!

RIP Mr. Okafor!

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Posted in: Woman jumps from window of love hotel after apparently stabbing man See in context


That would be embarrassing. I wonder what the quarrel was about?

Any guess other than money or manga story execution!?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 8,805 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 51,987 See in context

Please don't say that the reduction is because of no alcohol after 8pm.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 16,129 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 87,723 See in context

Even the 専門家会didn't officially confirmed whether stopping drinking after 8 reduced the numbers.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 16,129 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 87,723 See in context

Does drinking only before 8pm will stop this?

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Posted in: China detains Japanese man in Shanghai; details unclear See in context

I think Japan should reconsider it's soft strategies on China. Time to be strong. Even in worst case it's gonna affect Chinese economy so a little painful decisions can be considered.

Check few countries how they fighting against china in a strategic way.

Slap on the wrist and see how China keep wasting it's energy in blackmailing and power show which is nonsense but could be a diplomatic win for Japan.

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Posted in: 14-year-old boy arrested after attacking classmate with knife at school See in context

Agree with BoBo.

School, police don't care about bullying in schools which results in crime at young age.

Horrible social thinking, horrible police n there incapabilities to handle those bullying on right time.

Really irritating n irresponsible.

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Posted in: Chiba man arrested for writing 'Amazon!' on Shinto shrine See in context


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Posted in: Japan to cut 7-day quarantine period for those entering country to 3 days See in context

Ok that means the experiment is not over yet and we still have to face the 3 day detention at hotels with the cold bentos left outside the door.

Oh and the special charter flights taking 10-20 people to different parts of Japan for quarantine when Tokyo, Chiba hotels are full.

Complete waste of tax payers money!

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Posted in: 17-year-old boy in Yamagata Pref arrested for threatening to shoot down Vietnam Airlines plane See in context

@Mods, my arrow symbols disappeared in above post!

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Posted in: 17-year-old boy in Yamagata Pref arrested for threatening to shoot down Vietnam Airlines plane See in context

Arrest huge workforce inquiry tons of paperwork warning shut the case wait for next incident

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Posted in: IAEA reviews water release plan from Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

Among those who really "tested" the "water"?

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