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Posted in: American activist lives on in heart of A-bombed cities See in context

Reality check Japan, you were told to surrender unconditionally in late 1945, you refused numerous times your country owns that. The United States was NOT going to invade Japan and lose twice as many lives as Japanese were lost in Hiroshima and Nagasaki put together. The United States was well aware of what it took to invade Normandy in 1944. The decision to drop the bombs was correct, if your government listened to Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto firstly your country would have had a different fate. Instead a small group of Japanese military personal (Specifically Gen. Tojo and his staff) decided for your nation to attack the United States at a small port called Pearl Harbor..remember?

Remember December 7th, 1941, Japan? Your country started the war not the United States. Your country had options, but you decided for war, the United States finished that war for you, your country lost deal with it.

Today 2019, Japan is long past playing victim because of the atomic bombs, Japan's atrocities are well known, and being one of the chief instigators of the axis powers. The United States has no business apologizing for dropping the atomic bombs on Japan, it ended the war.

Japan and Europe were rebuilt with the help of the United States, ultimately it was the U.S. taxpayer paying that bill. So Japan your welcome, of course this is not taught in Japanese schools, factually you blame the U.S. for your lack of governance and your war you started.

Today Japan is one of the most technically advanced countries on the planet, the United States and Japan are now allies, even friends. While the past will always be the past, it is the future that will by decided by both our peoples. We can and we must build the future better.

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Posted in: Whaling town Taiji begins dolphin hunt See in context

Hunting dolphins? 何 Completely uncalled for, Japanese look like barbarians.

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Posted in: Japan's hunt for minke whales resume in coastal areas off Hokkaido See in context

Whaling? What are you Japanese in the 18th century, whales have enough to worry about plastics pollution, and your radioactive water. Leave them alone, civilized countries on the planet gave this up a hundred years ago.

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Posted in: TEPCO will have to dump radioactive Fukushima water into Pacific, minister says See in context

The irony is laughable.

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