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Posted in: 2020 Olympic golf club votes to amend membership policy on women See in context

@dango bong, I was thinking the exact same thing. I was searching for the part in the article where they say the change is only in effect in the year 2020.

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Posted in: Are you in favor of daylight saving time? See in context

I'm not in favor of daylight savings time and the switching of clocks an hour forward and an hour backwards. Always hated it when I was in the states. And with a big country, it's hard to find a good fit where people in most cities are satisfied with the amount of sunlight. Most people here are complaining the sun is up too early for them. Just get some better curtains, lol. But really, daylight savings time isn't the solution to this. It would be changing Japan's time zone. Although I'm not in favor of that either. It is already ridiculously hot here in the summer, and an extra hour of sunlight in the evening isn't going to help anything.

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Posted in: Two halves of a whole: Japan’s habitual ‘labeling’ of bicultural kids See in context

I don't think the word hafu is actually meant to be "oh they're only half a person". I think there's some over-sensitivity to the issue. Yes, the labelling of someone as hafu is done to show a difference between them and the general population, but Japanese people usually have a positive image of hafus. But that is of course if your other half is a desirable ethnicity, like of Caucasian decent.

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Posted in: Do you think cold calling is an effective sales method? What do you do when you receive one and you don't have time (or the inclination) to listen to the caller? How do you end the call without being See in context

I just hang up. If I'm trying to be a bit more polite I say 'No, thank you" and hang up. But I don't feel there's anything wrong with just hanging up. It's much better than me getting annoyed and yelling or cursing them out. But most of the time I don't have to deal with these calls because I don't answer the phone if it's an unknown number.

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Posted in: Kyoto Board of Education administers English test for teachers with disheartening results See in context

I wonder if the teachers prepared for the test or not. But either way this result isn't surprising. The TOEIC exam is for people actually planning to go abroad to live in an English speaking country. And as much as Japan loves the idea of being fluent in English, they just want to learn enough to interact a bit with the foreigners who come here. They don't really care about being able to survive abroad in an English only environment

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Posted in: Nintendo files suit against go-kart company MariCar See in context

I first heard about this company over a year ago. I would've assumed that they already had permission from Nintendo. I can totally understand the lawsuit as they're making money off the Mario Kart brand.

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Posted in: What do you think of e-cigarettes? See in context

I'm anti-smoking, but all the data available so far shows that e-cigs are safer than the regular cigs. I would want smokers to switch to from the regular cigarettes to e-cigarettes if possible. But the problem with them is that are starting to make smoking attractive to people who normally wouldn't be interested in smoking.

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Posted in: It's a conflict between the freedom of expression and choice, and the healthy upbringing of youths. I'd like to decide whether to go full steam ahead with the measure based on the opinions of resident See in context

That's one of the things that surprised me the most when coming to Japan. How it is totally acceptable to display these types of magazines in convenience stores in full view of every type of customer. Especially in one convenience store I frequent where the magazines are right next to the register, where you can't even avoid seeing them if you wanted to. I'm not someone who's against porn. I'm actually pretty pro-porn. But I don't think convenience stores are the right setting to sell them. And given that you can go online and look at basically any porn you want (and most of it for free), I don't understand how these magazines are still popular in Japan.

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Posted in: People no longer care about the difference between men and women, making it easier for men to proudly proclaim, ‘I have a sweet tooth.’ For such men, Valentine’s Day is more than just a day of romance See in context

There's 2 things I don't get. 1st: why is it that in Japan it's considered feminine to have a sweet tooth? I'm not sure if other cultures are like this, but this stereotype doesn't exist in the US. 2nd: if Japanese men generally aren't into sweets, how did Valentine's day become a day where women buy chocolate for men?

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Posted in: 2020 Tokyo Olympic golf venue postpones decision on full membership for women See in context

They didn't postpone the decision. They postponed going public with the decision. They don't want to let women be full members. Just move on, and find a venue that will.

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Posted in: Porn 'tube' sites threaten children and actors, critics say See in context

I get that these tube sites are wrong because they host a lot of pirated material, but the other claims made against them don't make sense to me. Even before tube sites became popular it was easy for children to come across porn on the internet. The first time I came across internet porn was from spam emails. Also, the idea that tube sites in particular are detrimental to the types of attitudes people develop about sex is ridiculous. I can understand saying that all porn could have this affect, but I don't see how tube sites should get all the blame for this and other porn should be left off the hook. I think the makers of this film are bitter because they can't make as much money off of porn as they used to. So they want to blame tube sites for every bad thing that porn could do. I think that the biggest problem with tube sites would be that anyone could upload any video they want. So we now have a lot of cases of revenge porn.

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Posted in: 'Sailor Moon Crystal' set to continue as 4th season announced See in context

I loved Sailor Moon as a kid, and have re-watched the original series a few times. But I don't really see the point in watching the new series. It tells the same stories as the original. I tried watching the first season, but I just felt "what's the point of waiting two weeks for a new episode when I already know what's going to happen". I don't know if other fans felt this way, but I think the biggest problem is that it hasn't really caught the attention of new fans. Like the original series was huge when it first premiered, but kids today don't know what Sailor Moon is.

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Posted in: If the daughter, who is an elementary school student, goes back and forth between the parents' homes for 100 days a year, it would be a physical burden and would affect her relationship with her schoo See in context

Yes, going back and forth 100 days of the year would affect her schooling. But her father hasn't seen her for even ONE day. How does that affect her emotionally? Utterly ridiculous. They could at least grant visitation over holidays and weekends.

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Posted in: Japan ushers in new U.S. president with Y5,800 'Trump Burger' See in context

I wouldn't mind spending 5,800Yen on a burger if it was a great one. But this burger seems completely unappetizing, from it's looks, ingredients, and name.

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Posted in: Japanese toilets receive new standardised symbols to help foreign tourists See in context

@MightyMo My mom felt the same way. I'm American and when I explain what a bidet was my mom thought it was disgusting and unsanitary.

Also, being from America my first time seeing a dual flush toilet was when I came to Japan. Maybe they are more common in Australia and Europe. I guess Americans are way behind the times with toilet technology

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Posted in: Japanese toilets receive new standardised symbols to help foreign tourists See in context

I agree that there needs to be better signs/symbols for Japanese toilets. I know that was definitely one of the most confusing things about Japan when I came here. And recently when I had family visit, my sister accidentally pressed the button for emergency assistance because she wasn't sure which button was for flush. That being said, I would still find these new buttons confusing. Just because western toilets are so different. We don't have different options for a big flush versus a small flush, so I can still see many foreigners staring at those two buttons and thinking, which one should I push.

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Posted in: Survey picks 8 most disappointing sightseeing spots in Tokyo See in context

Tokyo Skytree was the most disappointing tourist attraction my family visited in Tokyo. First, we went in August which was a big mistake because it was super crowded. On top of the high cost, we had to wait four hours until our appointed time to go up.Then once you are inside, it's hard to find a good place to stand and take in the view because of the crowd of people. And then of course trying to leave we had to wait in a long line just to take the elevator down. Maybe if we visited at a less busy time it would've been more enjoyable. But I still think the cost is way too high to justify the trip as the landscape of Tokyo just isn't that impressive.

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Posted in: Trump unleashes Twitter attack against civil rights leader; protests begin across U.S. See in context

There are many that believe Trump's win is illegitimate. And there's evidence to support this theory. But Trump shouldn't be wasting his time responding to every person who criticizes him. He's already stated what he thinks about the situation, so he needs to be concentrating on the fact that he will be inaugurated in the next few days. I'm no fan of Trump but we need him to start acting presidential and stop acting like some child who always has to have the last word. Also, right before MLK day is no time to criticize a respected civil rights leader.

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Posted in: Man with guide dog hit, killed by train after falling off platform See in context

I understand it would cost a lot and it would take a lot of time to construct, but there needs to be gates at the platform that prevent people from going onto the tracks. It would save a lot of lives, whether they fall unintentionally or intentionally.

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Posted in: Security researcher cautions against striking Japan’s favorite picture pose See in context

This article makes at a good point. But at this point, the peace sign has become so ingrained in how the Japanese take photos that I think it would be hard to get people to stop. Maybe celebs might stop because they are arguably the most at risk, as I imagine a lot of people would be interested in stealing their private info. But the average person realistically probably doesn't have to worry as much about people wanting their fingerprints.

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Posted in: Japan's draconian marijuana laws against ongoing trends See in context

@gokai_wo_maneku The states that voted to legalize marijuana are liberal states and voted Clinton for the election.

I personally have no interest in using any kind of drugs, I don't even drink. But anyone can see from doing a little bit of research that marijuana is not as harmful as the media portrays it. It's actually safer than alcohol or cigarettes. I think countries should at a minimum legalize medical marijuana.

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Posted in: 3 lessons on simplicity from Japanese moms See in context

From the article 1) Carry your child 2) Ditch the diaper bag 3) Simplify Your Stuff

I always assumed that carrying the baby in a carrier rather than a stroller had to do with taking public transportation. It's really hard and inconvenient to use a stroller when you have to take it on the train or bus. And as far as ditching the diaper bag, I've seen plenty of Japanese moms who either carry a diaper bag or just have a bigger purse so they can fit in things for the baby. The article talks about how it's unnecessary for moms to carry a lot of items with them in Japan because there are plenty of convenience stores around to purchase what they need. So this isn't really a lesson that people living abroad can use.

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Posted in: Japan’s extremely harsh video game reviews may be the reason it gets some new releases last See in context

Do other countries even pay attention to how Japanese gamers rate games?

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Posted in: Japan backs off pregnancy clause for Syrian refugees See in context

'the program’s main focus was “not to rescue the underprivileged but to educate personnel” for Syria’s reconstruction.'

So you guys reaaalllyy don't want to help the refugee problem at all. Japan isn't concerned about the health and safety of people who's country has become war-torn. Maybe Japan is just doing this for their public image. "Look we're planning to take in 150 refugees in 5 years. That averages to about 30 refugees a year. Isn't this much better than last year when we took in 27?"

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Posted in: Japanese people seem expert at napping on trains, subways, in department stores, cafes, restaurants, park benches or anywhere in public. Have you ever been able to nap in public like that? See in context

It's no wonder they are experts at public sleeping as they work so much they're always exhausted

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Posted in: Visitors from abroad have often complained about a lack of places in Japan where adults can have fun at night. See in context

So how much does he have at stake in getting casinos approved? The most ridiculous quote I've heard in a while. The only time foreigners would complain about the lack of a night-life in Japan is if they were visiting the countryside. And new casinos that are planned for the major cities isn't going to do anything to solve that.

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Posted in: What are some of your favorite Christmas-themed movies or TV shows? See in context

The Ref

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Posted in: Diet enacts law to allow casino gambling at 'integrated resorts' See in context

I don't understand why there's such an opposition on casinos. Gambling is already legal in Japan. People can literally walk to their local Pachinko parlor and waste as much money as they want there. Are a few casinos really going to make things much worse?

But I do have to say, if the government was only interested in bringing in wealthy tourists they could have an arrangement like in Macau. Local Chinese aren't allowed to gamble in the casinos there. Only foreign tourists are permitted.

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Posted in: Johnny Depp, Will Smith, George Clooney on 'overpaid' Forbes list See in context

I'd be more interested in a list of underpaid actors.

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Posted in: Producer Masi Oka announces first Japanese actor in Netflix 'Death Note' movie See in context

I'm a bit interested to see what becomes of this movie. The Japanese live-action was actually a decent film and for years there's been interest in a Hollywood remake, but project after project has fallen through. If this one actually goes through and is successful, maybe we can hope for some Hollywood remakes of those live-actions that were terrible renditions of their anime.

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