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Posted in: Japan's population target unlikely without migrants but door stays shut See in context

Do not let the Muslims to enter Japan please... See what is happening in Europe and USA.... That will be the end of Japan a civilized free nation....

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Posted in: Tearful S Korean president says ferry responsibility 'lies with me' See in context

Japan offered its help, But stupid politicians refused it. Japan has most advance equipments that could hold the ship floating for many more hours by that time they could save the children with rapid action rescue force. But the politicians want Koreans hate Japan for their political benefits. This was in their mind, let 300 of our children die but still we will not accept the help of Japan.

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Posted in: France offers China help in locating Boko Haram hostages See in context

Why China need any help? They are the greatest nation in the world and according to their textbook Chinese are the best an most capable people in the world... They do not need any help from any nation.

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Posted in: North, South Korea trade live fire over sea border See in context

good trade... Trade more please...

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Posted in: AirAsia X launches Kuala Lumpur-Nagoya flights See in context

The airasia Terminal in Kuala Lumpur is a HELL. If you have a transfer you will have to bite your toe finger. The poorest service and worst customer service in the world. When I asked to them about it, the reply was this" Our service is like this only". If you want to experience HELL in Malaysia you travel with airasia... Some times they OFF LOAD you for not having a VISA stamped eventhough you do not require a visa to travel to your destination country. They will trap you like this and make you to buy another ticket to divert your travel to another country. I personally experienced it. The Airasia Terminal in Kuala Lumpur is a different terminal and you can not access any other airline except airaisa. So you are trapped and they will treat you like a criminal and humiliate you there. They will never respond you or listen you after you are trapped by them in their preplanned arrangements. Better know it before you travel and keep all the documents with you for filing a case after your travel if you want. This is my experience with airasia.

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Posted in: Abe to visit India for three days See in context

Here comes the importance of India again. Al most all the Japanese top guns are visiting India. Two months ago the king went to India. And the Defence minister now the prime Minister. This is a message to China. China is trying their best to be friend with Indian. But India is very clever as she keep China in a good distance...

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Posted in: China slams 'troublemaker' Abe after Africa visit See in context

KariHarukaJan. 16, 2014 - 07:49AM JST

No doubt soon China will try and claim that the African continent has been a part of China since ancient times rolls eyes

Yes this is true and in a way they are preparing for it.

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Posted in: New Komeito leader visits India See in context

The world power points has changed from USA to India. Things to notice that Japan find the only country in the world who can control China is India. No more USA or Russia is capable of stand against China. Recently China is trying to make the best relationship with India even asking for an unconditional space exploration co-operation. US and Russia are trying their maximum to show to the world that India is in their side. The truth that Whole world is looking at India as a savior of this new century. But stupid Indian politicians do not understand it, they keep looting the money and putting it in the Swiss accounts and other black money deposits in the world. It is reveled that the black money deposited by Indians in the world can make India is the second highest GDP in the world and that is much more than China's GDP. So the Japanese leaders wants to visit India than USA or China for making friendship.

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Posted in: Japan's next defense budget to post biggest rise in 18 years See in context

japan should develop Nukes and missiles as equal as China has, I mean 3000 nuke missiles. All aim at China. You will see a different China who love and co-operate with all the Asian nations around it.... Simple...

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Posted in: Chinese speculators buying up diapers in Japan See in context

About four years ago Chinese were buying a particular baby Milk powder from Japanese market. Any how this is the beginning of inter-dependence.. Even though all whole Chinese govt campaign against Japan, the rich and the educated ( world knowledge) Chinese can not live with out Japanese MADE product!!!!!!!. Time to tell the truth....

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Posted in: Japan scaling down 2020 Olympic stadium after criticism of cost See in context

Renovate the old stadium, give a futuristic Japanese look. More eco friendly.... Save money an show to the world this is the most cost effective Olympics of all time... Then In the future more countries will ask for the new tech from Japan. Japan will benefit for decades...and the people of Japan also.

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Posted in: Facebook adds warnings after backtrack on beheadings See in context

Mostly from the Islamic terror group and from the Islamic Sharia law followers...

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Posted in: China lashes out at Japan military radar plans See in context

ScroteSep. 24, 2013 - 10:56AM JST

The Chinese often say their military build up is not a threat to anyone. The Japanese radar can only be used for defence, so I wonder why the Chinese are so agitated? They should stop meddling in Japanese affairs.. Well said.... China make nukes and missile and all kind of explosive and says ? it is for SELF DEFENCE ONLY... But if Japan or Korea or any other country make a radar to see the incoming Chinese missiles? then that is not allowed, Why??? I urge Japan to make more nuke than China since SELF DEFENCE Bla bla can be applied to Japanese missiles also....

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Posted in: At least 65 dead at pro-Morsi Cairo rallies See in context

What Happened to All the Islamic fundamentalists? Keep accusing the west... May be they must read Quran 24hrs and accuse other religions...

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Posted in: Abe offers Malaysia high-speed rail technology See in context

Japan is on the way.. Lets all Asia unite and share the tech and freedom. Unite against the aggressor China..

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Posted in: Broadcasters ban Panasonic 'smart' TV commercial See in context

If viewers see this then the they may feel constipation. According to broadcasters...

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Posted in: Chinese general warns India against 'new trouble' See in context

In reality the only country in the world China is afraid of is India. last May China entered Indian territory and just by one warning they withdraw the troops. Why China is afraid of India. So let that dog to bark.. as much as he can.

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Posted in: Facebook time See in context

This is called facebookgagnam style dance. Women does it in a sitting position, crossing the legs to left and showing the thigh to friend half open, then put the hands to left side and try to stand up while singing the GA GA GA FA FA FE FE FE...

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Posted in: Chinese supercomputer world's fastest See in context

Yes China made the fastest SUPER Computer with brain and technology from US, Japan, and Germany, Parts from Korea, So it is made in China... Do not drop it please, handle with care. The plastics body are made in China 100%.

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Posted in: Muslim envoy asks Pope Francis to declare Islam a peaceful religion See in context

>alitrkJun. 08, 2013 - 01:57PM JST wrote.. as a Muslim I wisheverybody in the world go to Heaven.we dont earn somethink if someone die.but we can earn if we become a way for someone to go right way.

Oh Alitrk, You are doing all this terrorism to take all people to Heaven????? OH ALLEHU EKBER... take me also to your heaven, Usama Binladen said each suicide bomber get 21 virgins ( huries) in heaven... Come on! what is your offer.. By the way I am not ready to do "sunnath" , Huries like the original one... What a peace... Christain pope may accept the offer as muslim you are offering...

In Syria muslims killed 70000 muslims and the number is going up. West is trying to stop it. When you watch the video of Palastine watch the Syrian also and think to take them also to your heaven...

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Posted in: Muslim envoy asks Pope Francis to declare Islam a peaceful religion See in context

*alitrkJun. 08, 2013 - 11:33AM JST

Hey realmind:dont think that you are real Mind.if you use our mind,you can understand that who is terrorist.Terrorist is whom;killing people in Iraq,who is killing children in Palestinian,who is killing in Myanmar,who is killing in Pakistan and finally;who is killing but making scenario and make people to think terrorists are Muslims.one day people will understand the reality.but I wish it wont be late.*......................

Dear friend and brother... Yes they are many people are being killed in Iraq, look at Syria also... When you muslims kills you people shout " Allahu Akbar".. Those killers are called terrorist.... We did not hear "Jesus Akbar" or "Buddha Akbar" , from those religious people. Even when they fought back to the terrorist.... See the difference.

Islamic terrorist and other Islamic people always try to find excuse to justify in their barbaric actions. By pointing out the Iraq and Iran.

Islam is peaceful religion for humanity only when Islam eliminate all other faith on earth..... This is your peace policy and your target.

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Posted in: Muslim envoy asks Pope Francis to declare Islam a peaceful religion See in context

*Karim MahmoudJun. 08, 2013 - 08:04AM JST

Religions are not violent. Religion is perfect, the people aren't.*

How does 26000 incidents of terror by muslims, prove that Islam does not mean peace....? True that all the muslims are not terrorist but all the terrorists are muslims?????

If Muslims they feel themselves are good then why they are not stopping the evils by the fellow muslims????? We here many philosophical words from muslims. But in reality when are gathered they support Islamic terrorism. Because they are internally one. When we can see muslims come out and speak out against muslim terrorist then we will see peace in that religion. Until then all are in the same boat...

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Posted in: Muslim envoy asks Pope Francis to declare Islam a peaceful religion See in context

Very funny... Muslims are asking Christians to declare that Islam is PEACE. My be you will see soon that Christians goes to Islam and ask Christianity is peace.....Hey guys practice peace... then the world will judge it is a peaceful religion or not.....

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Posted in: American woman gang-raped in Indian town See in context

Travelers to India better you avoid Northern India and choose Southern India. South people are more cultured than the north.

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Posted in: France, Britain confirm use of sarin gas in Syria See in context

wearing Parda and implementing SHERIA law can protect a muslim from sarin gas.... Ask all the muslims in UK to go to Syria and have a very very happy life with all the LAWS...

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Posted in: Shimane town demands pants for Michelangelo's David sculpture See in context

OR Cut his Penis out..... A new art!! hah hahhhhhaaaaa

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Posted in: Shimane town demands pants for Michelangelo's David sculpture See in context

There are 1000s of woman statues need bras and panties in Japan. What a crazy demand???? People should love the arts..

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Posted in: Famed American sniper killed at Texas shooting range See in context

Islamic terrorist?????

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Posted in: Japan's rush into Myanmar snags on land ownership issues See in context

China bought 1000s of acres of land for another industrial complex. And they have bought mountains ( many 100000s of acres of land) which has rare earths and minerals. They bought it for almost free price from Junta govt.NO FARMER made any claim or complaint, why? if they speak they will be killed by Junta govt. Now when it comes to the Japanese companies the case became different. China is playing the game with farmers ( behind the farmers) to stop the Japanese entry in Myanmar. The industrial complex is a direct threat to China as many of the companies from China are planning to shift to Myanmar

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Posted in: China, Japan move to cool down territorial dispute See in context

DO not trust China. They are evil and waiting for opportunity. Make a unified group of other Asian countries is the only way we can counter China.

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