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Posted in: China uses D-Day anniversary to praise Germany, slam Japan See in context

what do you expect when Abe goes around doing the same thing?.If you think Japan is the most popular country in Asia, you must not be living in Asia outside of Japan. Go to Korea (the 2 Koreas), China, Malaysia,Myamar and the rest and you will get a different picture.The atrocities the Japanese army commited and the blood on their hands will not be washed away in a hundred years. The koreans have never forgiven Japan and the way most japanese leaders are behaving thats not going to happen. PM Murayama has told Abe to forget about containing China and show some sincerity. Most Japanese don't even know their country had gone into Korea, captured a princess, tortured and burned her alive. They were forced to renounce their korean names and take up Japanese ones... Many Koreans wonder why the japanese dislike/hate them so much when Japan was the one commiting the crime.. I am not going to get into the even more atrocious crimes that have been commited.

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