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Posted in: Japan to boost child allowances to tackle falling birthrate See in context

The US birthrate isn't much better but the population ain't falling. Hmmm... what could it possibly be? Oh yeah, IMMIGRATION. Legal or otherwise, they pay taxes and take jobs most don't want.

Throwing a few yen at the problem won't solve a thing. But as long as dinosaurs keep running the country, it'll just continue to be business as usual.

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Posted in: Dempagumi.inc about to break into stardom See in context

Great. Just what J-land needs: another shite group, singing shite music. Start getting with the groove Japan. Where's that "global" outlook? http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-26626396

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Posted in: China Internet users call for action against Japan See in context

“If they refuse to comply, and act willfully despite advice to the contrary ... China’s armed forces will take emergency defensive measures.”

Let the B-52's bring down the rain.

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Posted in: Abe warns China on use of force as jets scrambled See in context

The U.S.A. wants a war with China but they cannot do it directly, so they are doing it by proxy.

Oh Bertie, poor Bertie, take your anti-American rhetoric and get stuffed. This has nothing to do with war by proxy, rather, it has to do with so-called news networks inflaming it's readers with nothing more than.... fluff. It is nothing.

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Posted in: Abe warns China on use of force as jets scrambled See in context

During the cold war, US and Soviet planes played the same sort of cat & mouse games up by Alaska in the Chukchi Sea and Bering Straight. Had the internet been around then, well you can imagine how many Americans and Russians would have had their panties in a bunch. This kind of reporting is simply irresponsible. It only infuriates and provokes. It's all much ado about nothing.

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Posted in: What do you think of old-time comedy acts such as the Three Stooges, Marx Brothers, Abbott and Costello, Laurel and Hardy? Do you think their brand of comedy still holds up today? See in context

Watching old movie reels of the originals are quite entertaining. Watching someone today try to recreate those acts.... not so much. I think it's the context. What Laurel & Hardy, Marx Brothers, etc... were doing, when they were doing it, makes it significantly more funny.

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Posted in: Japan will never stop whaling: minister See in context

At no time does he mention how much of that mercury laden goodness ends up on his dinner table. Hmmm....

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Posted in: TV drama captures public angst at 'Made in Japan' decline See in context

Completely agree with you Jeff. As a further example I recall growing up in the US in the 1970's and early 80's and seeing "Japan Bashing" events at local fairs: pay a dollar and get 3 or 4 swings with a sledgehammer on a Datsun or Toyota. Then we thought it was funny, now I see it as just sad. But Japan needs to get over it, and move on. Too bad they lack the backbone to break the grip of the bureaucrats and expand the service sector.

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Posted in: Day to remember See in context

It's a MEMORIAL photo... who died?

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Posted in: Hashimoto says he will no longer answer questions from Asahi reporters See in context

I'm sure if he had been compared to Tojo that he would have been fine with that.

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Posted in: What support will the government give to the economies of areas like ours that have always cooperated with Japan's pro-nuclear energy policies? See in context

What an asinine comment. You only cooperated for the kickbacks. Guess you should have invested it better.

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Posted in: Slain reporter's partner urges Syria to investigate her death See in context

Uh, huh. So the govt of Syria is going to drop everything and check out the claim. Right. Send in the Keystones, maybe they can find the evidence.

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Posted in: My grandson went to work for Honda Aircraft. I would never buy a Japanese car, but I've got to change my mind a little bit now that he works for a Japanese company. See in context

Yeah, time to get over it grampy. My uncle survived the Bataan Death March, and another was on Midway. Neither of them have a problem with my Japanese wife.

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Posted in: What do you think of sports stars who shriek, grunt or yell out during play? For example, Maria Sharapova (tennis) and Ai Fukuhara (table tennis)? See in context

Just wish that one time, one player would do it right back in their face. Just so they can see and hear how ridiculous they look/sound.

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Posted in: Do you agree with Warner Bros' decision to cancel red-carpet events, premieres and news conferences for "The Dark Knight Rises" in various capitals around the world, including Tokyo, because of the fa See in context

Beat me to it Jesse.

Yeah, it's tragic.... but Americans bring it on themselves with lax gun laws and then are shocked when someone goes nuts. The rest of the world shouldn't suffer for American stupidity... oh wait, we do.

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Posted in: Sushi Bazooka See in context

Get it right...

If you live in Japan, you will have to go through Rakuten.

NO YOU DON"T! Amazon ($16.66) ships this item to Japan

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Posted in: Massive anti-nuclear power rally held in Tokyo See in context


It's about time this countries nut sack dropped... again. In the 60's this country was castrated by the neo-cons.

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Posted in: Amateurs still dream of joining Japan's professional league but once you enter it, there is something missing. For example, a salary doesn't grow after a certain point so there is nothing that players See in context

Nobody wants to mention it, especially Mr. Nomura, whom I have a great deal of respect for, but once that fossilized POS that owns the Yomiuri Giants dies, Japan baseball can move on and become a more attractive league both here and abroad.

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Posted in: Tokyo zoo hunts squirrels that fled during typhoon See in context

@ tmarie

what would a squirrel mess up? They don't eat other species and the only enemies they have are large birds which I don't think Tokyo has.

Um, a British friend told me about the invasive American squirrels and how they have virtually wiped out the indigenous squirrels on the British Isles. They are pretty territorial and they will kill other squirrels. Still, it would be great fun to see those guys chasing squirrels.

However, I believe I read in J-Times newspaper yesterday that these were indigenous squirrels. So, either a misprint or a misread by me

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Posted in: Physicists devise formula to predict how successful a film is likely to be See in context

Yeah, did they apply it to John Carter? Lot's of ads, lots of talk. Oops, probably not. This bunch of eggheads should spend their time more productively. Leave the movie biz to the movie people. And what are a bunch of Uni Physicists doing making these formulas? Shouldn't they be teaching?

Regardless of what I think, people are listening. I checked Mr. Ishii and found this, which explains his hit phenomenon in great detail : http://iopscience.iop.org/1367-2630/14/6/063018/article

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Posted in: American father wins custody of child after divorce from Japanese woman See in context

She is being punished by the American system on behalf of her ex husband.

You make me want to puke. She got punished for breaking the law.

Shows if you have money in America that anything is possible.

Money has nothing to do with this. It's called perseverance.

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Posted in: American father wins custody of child after divorce from Japanese woman See in context

Nice to start off the day with some good news.

Questions I would have for Emiko: What were you thinking? Hawaii? Did you forget it was part of the USA? Do you think law enforcement is that inept?

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Posted in: Gov't drops bill to integrate kindergartens, daycare centers See in context

The reality is that these 2 dinosaur parties cannot fathom the idea of women working.

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Posted in: Why Sports Day is a big deal See in context

realteacher - so after they pend all that time with their class prepping and practicing, they're going to miss it? Will you first ask them if they want to miss it? What if they tell you they want to go?

They won't be wasting all that time prepping. They'll be home... very sick... with a dangerous halfu illness.

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Posted in: Why Sports Day is a big deal See in context

Junior high school students in Japan are much more independent than American students. They can sit in a classroom unattended without burning the school down.

This has nothing to do with independence, as much as it has to do with social control.

But Japanese classrooms at every level have more opportunities for students to take on responsibilities and lead their classmates.

They are not leading, they are doing as they were trained. Leadership involves more than following orders.

there are many beautiful aspects of Japanese schools that I wish I had had when I was growing up.

Name 3, please?

Sorry, but sports days are a complete waste of time. When mine get old enough to enroll, they will be conveniently ill on those days and study at home. My 3 year old can already throw a ball further than most 10 year olds I've seen in Japan. Along with the juku system, it is indicative of the time wasting mentality that has continued to plague schools, government, and offices . Arrgh, it's just frustrating thinking about it.

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Posted in: Corn stolen from Yamanashi farms for 2nd time in a week See in context

Wild boar digging up rice paddies, bears mangling other crops and now this... Sooner or later Japanese farmers need to be able to own guns, at least as a deterrent...

You obviously live in the city, whereas I do live in Yamanashi and damn near every farmer I know has at least a shotgun, some an actual hunting rifle. Get your facts straight.

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Posted in: Calls made for bicycles to have number plates See in context

If you think I'm going to put a license on my superlight road bike, you're out of your minds.

Why don't they:

a) just enforce existing laws

b) create bike lanes

I also agree with TigerTokyoDome about selling/recycling the bikes to other Asian countries.

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Posted in: NBA may not send top stars to Olympics See in context

if they did that, then from last year they'd be sending the Dallas Mavericks... MINUS Dirk Nowitzki, who is German and their best player. Without him they'd finish last in the Olympics easily, so your theory doesn't make any sense. Most teams are comprised of a few international players, and oftentimes they are one of the teams key players.

Foreigners playing in the NBA? No sh*t, really? And you think one player makes the whole squad? Sorry, but not even Michael, Larry, or Kobe (well maybe Kobe) would agree with your ANALysis of that situation.

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Posted in: The people of Tokyo don't have to come to the Olympics. The rest of Japan will come. See in context

The people of Tokyo don't have to come to the Olympics. The rest of Japan will come.

I doubt that!

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Posted in: NBA may not send top stars to Olympics See in context

If the USA wants to send the best possible squad, just send the NBA champs. Forget this all-star mish-mash of high profile players who don't know how to play together.

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