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Don't start!

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@Thomas Anderson

Wouldn't surgically removing healthy organs go against the Hippocratic Oath?

You aren't in Kansas anymore. This ain't the USA or the West in general. What makes you believe that they would even know that oath? Only a single doctor I have ever taught here in Japan knew it and that was because he went to Harvard.

how dose he pee?

Was wondering the same.

cannibalism is not illegal in Japan??? WTF

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The only reason I can see for this product being produced is to appeal to the older folks that might have stacks of cassettes laying around. It's low tech and the oldies can handle that.

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Did you even read the article? This is not about actors, it's about directors.

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Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick!!! Why is there no mention in the article that this was a DAIRY cow???? Dairy, meaning milk, not for slaughter.

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I've been asking this question for years. Starbucks, McD's, etc... all claim to be wi-fi, but it doesn't mean much if you have to pay for it. If I jam the manager on it they just give me that shoulder shrug crap and either walk away or tell me it's a corporate decision.

Corporate? McD's are franchised in Japan, (aren't they???) so no it's not a corporate decision. The same goes for Starbucks (pretty sure about that). It comes down to franchise owners being too ***-damned cheap to drop 3-4 thousand yen a month on a system that would attract more customers.

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No. Screw 'em. Fool me once, fool on me. Fool me twice.... you starve.

Actually, it wouldn't be so bad if say the Red Cross could go in and monitor the distribution, but I don't believe anything "son of toad" or his handlers say.

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we dont eat Japanese food as there are plenty of alternatives available, for example beef stew with all the ingredients available at Costco

Typical American... let's eat pre-packaged crapola. I'm sure you find it difficult to shop for clothing in Japan as well. They tend not to carry 120cm waist jeans. Oh sorry, you're one of the lames who are clueless regarding the metric system. That's a 48" waist.

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Am I the only one shocked by the utter inappropriateness of this? And they want to sell this to kids!? Not when I'm around.

Apparently you are. Where does it say they want to sell it to kids? Uh... NOWHERE. So don't stay around, please return to your whitebread life in NoClue, USA. I have 3 Gloomy shirts and was the envy of friends, young and old, back in the states when I was there for xmas.

@KingBasil: totally agree about the kawaii

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Virtually all the rice is planted tractors with rice-planting devices attached

That's probably the crap rice that's sold for industrial foods, glue, or what not. The stuff in Nagano is mainly for sake and a lot of the Yamanashi rice is for the same.

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Guess the writer is a big city boy who thinks the majority of rice farmers can afford the big machinery. Here in Yamanashi and over in Nagano this is the only way rice is dried.

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Cool. Let the idiots waste their money and resources. When the funds run dry and they look around to see who is to blame, they need only look in the mirror.

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A not so thinly veiled threat? WTF is going on?

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Time to start gathering up email addresses and contacts of IOC members and their staffs. Going to have to resend a whole bunch of stuff that I sent years ago slamming S.I. for his xenophobia then just wait for him to open his big dumb mouth again. This should be fun.

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Ask a doctor in Japan if they are aware of the Hippocratic oath.

Ask one if they ever took an ethics class at university.

They ask the knob why the JMA does not allow non-Japanese to practice medicine in Japan.

Chances are you will get empty stares and pathetic excuses.

If you want to get admitted, do what we did when my mother-in-law had cardiac arrest: get a taxi to the hospital and do the CPR yourself. They can't radio you with a lame excuse.

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She shouldn't apologize.

She got in trouble for pointing out the obvious? WTF? Oh yeah, I forgot for a moment, this is Japan, its not how well you play, but for how long. Its not what you know, its who you blow.

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that more transparency

should read:

that more transparency was needed

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I think the Japanese government realizes now that you don't slack off on safety when it comes to nuclear, that's for sure.

Don't be so naive. This is not the first incident of nuclear slackness by the Japanese. An why place blame on the IAEA? They've warned Japan in the past that more transparency by the officials regulating the industry in Japan. And Japan responded by cheerfully ignoring the advice. Typical.

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What a bunch of blithering idiots: news flash, South Korea got the winter games for 2018.

If you think the IOC is going to send the Olympics back to Japan in 2020, I want what you are smoking.

Better things to spend money on than another stroke job for your egos.

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What a bunch of blithering idiots: news flash, South Korea got the winter games for 2018.

If you think the IOC is going to send the Olympics back to Japan in 2020, I want what you are smoking.

Better things to spend money on than another stroke job for your egos.

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Actually Kaio's been the recipient of this adulation because he's the friggin' record holder.

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With all the problems stemming from the March 11 earthquake, you'd think the J-government would find better ways to spend/waste taxpayer money than subsidizing the whaling fleet.

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Lost in the neighborhoods in Honolulu. Me thinks he was looking to partake of a bit of the old 420 and should have taken that left at Albuquerque.

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You need a 'd' at the end of the longest word, I believe.

I do believe this is a quote. Hence, JT should not correct and/or edit.

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Posted in: What do you think of laws in some countries (U.S., Australia) that require tobacco companies to put gruesome, full-color images on their packs as health warnings against smoking? See in context

It just might make them more appealing to certain groups, particularly teenage boys... almost like collecting baseball cards. I can already imagine the remarks:

"Dude, I got mouth cancer."

"Sick man. Check this out. I got esophageal cancer."

"Gross. I got lung cancer... again."

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They've been through hell. I hope they get to see him swing.

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The grisly images would probably make cigs even more appealing to teens.

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