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Posted in: Gov't warns Unification Church over murky child adoption practice See in context

Korean Unification Church abuses are far and wide. That's why a complete shutdown of this cult should happen immediately in Japan!

If this disaster happened in the USA, Europe, and one of their former presidents was assassinated because of Korean Unification Church abuses of American citizens/European citizens, to the point of suicide and murder of a former ex president.

This Korean Unification Church would have been shutdown! Mass arrest made In the West!

Only in Japan Korean abuses can go unpunished or light slap on the wrist at best!

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Posted in: IAEA says Fukushima water release to follow safety standards See in context

The internet experts should listen to the real experts with decades of experience like the IAEA.

Europe approved. USA approved. IAEA approved, Japan invited all the experts around the world to come and witness, test, first hand the water, and witness the release.

This decision took more then a decade to come up with, was not done overnight, was not done in a rush, was not done without looking at all the options first.

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Posted in: Japan refiles request to list divisive gold mine on UNESCO See in context

South Korea's long list of complaints with Japan, what's new.

Koreans care so much about history, yet Korean crimes committed in Vietnam get a complete pass by S.Korea.

Because Vietnamese people don't constantly live in the past like Koreans do, don't ask for apologies and compensation like Koreans do, they think that makes Korean crimes ok, forgiven, in the past! While at the same time telling Japanese the 50th apology is not good enough, and the 3rd payment not enough. Hypocrites.

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Posted in: Suicides in Japan increase in 2022; 1st rise among men in 13 years See in context

Governments need to support Men more. Help Men more. Care for Men the same way they are obsessed with taking care of women or promoting women.

In 2023 Men are attacked and bashed on a weekly basis. Expectations from women have changed in 2023. Expectations for Men Have Not Changed but stayed the same!

They still expect Men to pay for everything.

They still expect Men to fight the wars. Be drafted in the military, Sacrifice yourself for the country, have a house/apartment, maybe a car, in shape, tall, strong, can you cook? Can you clean? Can you work 14 hours a day, then come home and help with kids and cook for stay at home mom. Ridiculous Expectations pushed upon Men! ! !

Women in 2023, You should have no Expectations from. No standards for women, Can't tell women to have kids, can't tell them to cook or clean, she can be married and divorced before, have a long list of partners, work in the hostess industry or OnlyFans, anything they do is perfectly fine and acceptable, and if you say otherwise it's sexist towards women, but apparently never sexist towards Men.

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Posted in: Man says he tried to steal gun from police officer in koban so he could kill himself See in context

This is a cry for help not just a crime.

Suicide for men is 5 times higher then women. Women can date easier, have more opportunities to make money easier, including online, women can marry easier or have more opportunities to travel, and even find a foreign husband in a foreign country, so easy for women now days. Women are not called cowards if they don't serve in the military, no draft for women, in Ukraine all Men are forced to stay between ages 18 to 60 once the country was attacked. You need to stay and fight, die if necessary for the country.

Governments should support men more. More opportunities for men, more care for men who built the country, made the majority of achievements, fight the wars and battles for the very survival of a family/Nation.

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Posted in: Jacinda Ardern to step down as New Zealand prime minister See in context

Another lady doing a below average job.

Just like Angela Merkel in power for 2 decades, nothing but mistakes and weakness towards Russia, dependent on Russia for resources and energy. Closing down all Nuclear power plants which now they regret and are going back on that decision.

Not far behind is Aung San Suu Kyi, again in power for decades, yet never prepared for the worse possible event, arrested, in jail.

Park in South Korea, first woman, nothing but mistakes left and right. Eventually ended up arrested, in jail.

Women in power is a good idea on paper for a woke audience, in practice it's a 70% chance of failure.

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Posted in: Pacific island nations urge Japan to delay release of Fukushima waste water See in context

Japan has delayed by more then a decade. It's 2023 already.

The more we wait, the more political is becoming.

Experts will be there to monitor the release from around the world. Other countries with science and knowledge have approved the release.

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Posted in: LDP lawmakers to set up group to promote Japan's defense exports See in context

There is no Japanese weapon that foreign countries want

Japanese technology is among the most advanced in the world. Chemicals the most advanced in the world. Without them great S.Korea can't built anything, and has to come begging for more. Remember WTO complain.

Also easy for Koreans to win when Japan is pacifist and doesn't even try in the first place, easy to win without Japanese competition.

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Posted in: Japan to roll out plans to back Ukraine at 'appropriate time,' U.S. official says See in context

Send Ukrainian troops to Japan and South Korea to train on weapons systems

South Korea won't even join Quad Alliance to balance China.

They won't make statements of Taiwan emergency is a S.Korean emergency.

S.Korea won't do anything for Ukraine. Not a Korean Peninsula problem. If you want S.Korea to be involved, it has to do with Korea itself or Korean waters or money involved.

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Posted in: German leader Scholz plans to visit Japan in March See in context

Japan is the anchor in East Asia. That's what your seeing from all this countries coming to Japan or singing military treaties.

Just like UK is the anchor in Europe, the first place you land before you step foot on mainland Europe, so is Japan in East Asia. Before you help Korea especially, before you help Taiwan, you need Japan on your side, land in Japan, use military bases in Japan, water, resources, satellites, and Japan's own military power, assistance and help can be provided now in 2023. First Island chain won't exist without Japan to balance China. Quad Alliance.

Japan is the anchor in East Asia. That's why countries like South Korea's anti-Japan Squid Games need to end. Need to stop.

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Posted in: Kishida pledges to pitch vision of world without nuclear weapons at G7 See in context

This is a complete fantasy.

Weak countries like Russia, N. Korea, Pakistan, will never give them up. That time has passed, and the ship has sailed.

Japan has no voice on such issues since we don't even have Nuclear Weapons in the first place. USA should have started the process to ban such weapons with USSR collapse. Weak countries are empowered by such weapons and can cause massive damage even to a powerful military like the USA in the future.

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Posted in: South Korea plans fund to compensate World War II forced labor victims See in context

1965 agreement. Took 15 years to sign and be approved by S.Korea and Japan. Koreans accepted the deal as Final and Irreversible.

Payments in the sum of Billions today was paid to S.Korea, offers for direct payments to victims was made by Japan and refused, Korean government at the time wanted the money directly. They would pay the victims later! What your seeing from S.Korean government now is finally, finally keeping it's end of the deal!

Very few nations in it's history received money and apologies for historical wrong doings, S.Korea is the minority of privileged countries to receive not 1 apology, but more then 50! Payments not one time, but multiple times for the same isssue! Added S.Korea to Whitelist of trusted partners in trading, only one in Asia on such list!

Other countries would be happy with 1 apology, 1 compensation, from anyone, doesn't have to be specific!

Koreans are not happy if the money is paid by Korean companies because they can't go back on it! Can't say it's not sincere anymore and ask for more money from it's own Korean companies and government!

Koreans don't see it this way, but this is a huge win for S.Korea, why?

Victims are finally paid!

Japan will take more responsibility in East Asia, Taiwan which S.Korea can't do or refuses to do equally to Japan, Koreans use the same Taiwan straits for shipping too.

Japan is part of Quad Alliance to balance China, Japan is the anchor in East Asia if any issues happen.

If War on Korean peninsula starts again, Japan's land, water, bases, satellites, air and space will be used to help S. Korea! even military help can be provided now that Japan is increasing it's military budget, changed it's policy for intervention.

Japan's location can be a curse because of natural disasters, but also a blessing because it's an island nation hard to invade by hosstile waters and storms. Japan can exist without S.Korea! but S.Korea cannot exist without Japan. Look at history if you want to find out the truth, it was proven in history before, more then once.

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Posted in: Japan lodges protest to China over visa suspension See in context

Unfortunately, unlike you who sounds like a retired unemployed pensioner, many people between the 2 countries has strong business & interpersonal relationship.

Then tell China it's aggressive moves and behavior is bad for business!

Helping Russia conquer, invade, kill, destroy is bad for business! The planet, food production, energy production, safety and security of Billions of People.

Starting border conflict with India with dozens killed is bad for business! For security! For China's interest itself!

Making threats to take Taiwan by force, is stupid and dumb. No country on Earth agreed that in the future in 2027 or 2035, CCP China can take Taiwan by force if necessary. No one agreed to that! Chinese illusion and dream if you expect us to sit and watch.

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Posted in: Japan's 'anti-Russian course' makes treaty talks impossible: TASS See in context

Russian garbage as always.

Russians want support for invading and attacking Ukraine otherwise your anti-Russian.

This is the same lying Russian promising Japan our islands back for decades. Decades of meetings and gifts to Russia including a dog to Putin which in the end was all for nothing because the Russian will never give back those islands by choice.

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Posted in: Japan joins U.N. Security Council as new nonpermanent member See in context

Hopefully Japan can be made a permanent UN Security Council member at the end of this 2 year term. Japan would add a voice of reason and a love of peace to the body.

Thank you. I agree with this comment and long overdue.

Happy holiday's.

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Posted in: N Korea fires 3 short-range ballistic missiles amid tensions over drone flights See in context

This is actually an MRBM in disguise, as it was capable of lifting a 1-ton payload at 400 km altitude orbit. At normal angle, it should cover a range of 5,000 km, practically all of China and Japan.

South Korea/Seoul can be hit by millions upon millions of cheap artillery shells and cheap drones which you S.Koreans can't detect or shoot down! Huge humiliation for S. Korea this past week by missing multiple cheap N.Korean drones, S. Korean military and government had to apologies in shame and humiliation! You forgot to mention that part dear friend.

N.Korea has very few expensive ballistic missiles that can actually reach Japan. Threats to half of S. Korea is 10000x bigger. Squid Games of fear mongering at Japan's doorsteps is not gonna work. S. Korea is the one North Korea wants to attack and take over again, not Japan.

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Posted in: N Korea fires 3 short-range ballistic missiles amid tensions over drone flights See in context

Can't control aggressive neighbors with bad intentions.

What we can do is get Japan ready and prepared for the worse possible events.

Just like an Earthquake or a Tsunami, aggressive neighbors is another part of life for Japan.

Japan at it's best can deal with Korean aggression and stupidity.

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Posted in: Yoon wishes for return to best period of S Korea-Japan relations See in context

2) Korean courts keep issuing liquidation orders of Japanese assets in each case, meaning their stance regarding asset liquidations have not changed.

Korean court is doing nothing. Keeps waiting and waiting for Japan's reaction or approval to sell the assets.

Just like GSOMIA dear friend, you Koreans talk a big talk, but can't never pull the trigger. Japan is too important, maybe you never got the email telling you about it.

Korean court is garbage, Yoon allowed Samsung CEO out of prison/jail to help the economy. That's how much justice and law matters in South Korea. 0 None, as long as you help Korea, crimes are ok, acceptable!

Half of Korea, would not exist today if Japan did not allow its waters and land to be used. In any future Korean War, Japan's land and water will have to be used again to save your half of S. Korea.

South Korea is the only country to agree with China, North Korea and Russia on anti-Japan views and comments, you S. Koreans are The weak link in the alliance! The one making promises to Beijing China is you Koreans.

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Posted in: Japan to upgrade N Korea missile alert system after malfunction See in context

Someone was asleep at the wheel.

Yeah, it's called South Korea missing drones flying over Seoul and nearby areas with impunity. Their own military had to apologies and promise it won't happen again.

Japan just recently increase it's military budget, South Korea it's been doing it with no restrictions or limitations for decades! Yet they can't detect, stop or shoot down basic drones that cost less then an Iphone to make. Probably using Samsung technology.

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Posted in: Japan adopts new policy promoting greater use of nuclear energy See in context

Glad to see common sense and wisdom prevailed.

Hard not to worry about Japan on a daily basis. Threats all around, at all times.

Being energy independent is crucial, needed and necessary for Japan's survival! Winters are getting worse, economy is getting worse, energy becoming more expensive by the day.

Thank you for doing something in advance, instead of waiting for the car to hit you, before changing policy.

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Posted in: Japan looking into group's report of secret Chinese police stations See in context

We should pay attention to China and N.Korean activities. Yes

We should also pay attention to South Korean abuses, crimes, Unification Church. Yes.

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Posted in: Anti-Japan protest in Seoul See in context

Many more Koreans back in Korea support this protest. Support anti-Japan garbage, support a weak Japan and dream of it, Japan should do nothing against threats on all sides! Literally.

South Korea doesn't care about Taiwan. Not a Korea peninsula issue. Taiwan emergency is not a Korean emergency.

South Korea did not join Quad Alliance to balance China and won't join!

South Korea under Moon made the 3 famous promises to Beijing China, one of them is no alliance with Japan or USA if a conflict with China starts.

Now in 2022 Russia invaded Ukraine, China is talking about Taiwan, N. Korea tested Nuclear weapons and shooting missiles over Japan......What does South Korea do? side with Russia,China and N.Korea against Japan! !

If S. Korea is attacked tomorrow, they would expect massive support from Japan and USA, yet S.Korea expects Japan to remain weak militarily, but somehow Give Massive Help When The Time is Needed!

S.Korea is helping North Korea, China and Russia by making the same anti-Japan comments, by supporting a weak Japan which will Hurt S.Korean interest incase of Conflict on the Korea Peninsula! Dumb and stupid most definitely.

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Posted in: N Korea fires 2 ballistic missiles in resumption of testing See in context

Shouldn't N. Korea focus on it's poor people? Yet, they are testing expensive ballistic missiles. Building expensive nuclear weapons, shooting missiles multiple times a week. No issues from the anti-Japan crowd in that regards.

Expectations from our enemies: Japan do nothing no matter what happens.

N.Korea can shoot missiles over Japan, threatened Japan with Nuclear destruction, tested multiple nuclear weapons already, on top of Chinese massive threat and Russian aggression, invasion of neighboring countries.

This paid 50 cent army expect Japan to do nothing.

Ukraine did nothing for past 30 years, that country is destroyed in 2022, destabilize for decades to come,economy is gone,not prepared, even though they are winning and have massive foreign support.

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Posted in: Japan turns back to nuclear power to tackle energy crisis See in context

Nuclear is the future. Nuclear is the solution to save the planet, to become energy independent and reduce dependence on countries like Russia.

Too much foreign propaganda against Nuclear in my opinion, same people would rather Japanese freeze in the winter, see Japanese businesses fail and go out of business. Energy cost increases which Japan's economy, citizens and businesses can't handle the increase. Stagnation and lost decades for 30 years now. We need Nuclear not for 1 reason, but for 100 reasons.

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Posted in: Why Japan is boosting its arms capability, defense budget See in context

Japan is not alone.

Germany is doing the same because of Russia. Using your logic, Germany must be trying to conquer Europe again.

Japan's enemies always want Japan to be weak no matter what China, Russia or N.Korea is doing. The advice you have for Japan, doesn't seem to apply for your own countries. Hypocrisy at it's finest.

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Posted in: 23-year-old man arrested for assaulting 40-year-old common-law wife See in context

A 23 year old male, married to another 23 year old female= Completely different outcome then what a 40 year old woman would do!

I don't approve of what he did, but dealing with an older woman, with more experience, more to say, more to judge, more likely to call the cops over anything that happens.

You made a mistake marrying such an older woman, she will always take advantage of that.

Any mistake you make an older woman would judge you 100x more then someone younger, someone your own age, someone that's not 20 years older then you, someone that can't give you kids anymore or higher chances of having birth issues. Older woman more likely to divorce as well.

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Posted in: Contentious major defense policy shift shows Japan wariness of China See in context

You can Thank China, Russia and North Korea. That's the countries invading neighbors, starting conflicts at the border, doing sneak attacks not in 1941, but in 2022.

They are the ones kidnapping Japanese citizens, they are the ones shooting missiles over Japan. They are the ones testing nuclear weapons or threatened Japan or other countries with Nuclear Annihilation.

Go ahead and complain about Japan's remilitarization.... No one is listening anymore or they supports Japan's decisions.

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Posted in: Gov't questions Unification Church for 2nd time over illegal acts See in context

Add to the list the thousands of Japanese citizens who became victims of Unification Church. Including a mother with 2 young boys and the father that passed away. 1 of the boys committed Suicide because of Unification Church. The 2nd one also try to commit suicide but failed. His other plan was to attack the top leaders of Unification Church. But covid19 made that impossible with the shutdown. Giving Korean leader a massive pass for it's crimes in Japan.

The Japanese government should have mass arrest of Unification Church leaders, officers, recruiters.

Immediate shutdown of all operations in Japan, all assets should be confiscated.

If a Japanese Church did this in South Korea...... Fire and Furry! !

Japanese businesses would be attacked, destroyed.

Japanese citizens living in S. Korea would have to run back to Japan or offer apologies on mass on their knees.

Shutdown and arrest of anyone connected to the Japanese Church, especially Japanese citizens.

Immediate apology and compensation demands from Korea towards Japanese government.

Koreans would protest on mass against Japan. Conspiracies against Japan for the next 100 years if this happened on Korean Land and the abuser was Japanese!

We will never have better relations if you don't hold Koreans accountable for it's crimes!

We will never truly, and sincerely have better people to people relations if you always give Koreans a pass, Korean brainwashing and manipulation a pass. When the apologies and compensation only goes one way, The Korean way every single time!

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Posted in: S Korea, U.S., Japan to coordinate sanctions on N Korea See in context

Will see how long this last.

Once Yoon of South Korea is out of office, new Korean administration can very easily go back to best friends with North Korea holding hands with Kim and China, making promises of No alliance with Japan and USA to Beijing under Moon administration.

The weak link in this Alliance will always be South Korea.

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Posted in: USOPC sees 'impossible' hurdle to Russian return to Olympics See in context

Of course.

Same Russians doing steroids and cheating on drug tests for over 50 years! We should let them play again. I'm sure the lying Russian will never do it again.

Same Russians invading and attacking other countries. Do they need to win any medals? Does anyone want to see Russians win anything at this point? Inflate Russian ego more to attack other countries?

No need to make Russians feel any more superior. Already flexing multiple times each year over winning WW2. Medals not required!

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