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ReasonandWisdomNippon comments

Posted in: Trump vows to block Nippon Steel's acquisition of U.S. Steel if he's elected See in context

Japan is a democracy, and friend of USA. Japan employees millions of Americans already, factories and businesses on U.S. soil.

Dont treat Japan like you would China.

If a British company or European company tried to do the same thing in USA, they would face less challenges. This type of Japanese fear goes back to the late 80s and early 90s when Trump again was bashing Japan, spreading misinformation and fear mongering about Japan's rise.

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Posted in: Japan says it will destroy any North Korean missile that violates its territory See in context

Can you imagine Japan doing the same to North Korea/South Korea, firing missiles over Korean skies/space. Testing ballistic missiles of different types over Korean territory, waters, space.

Emotional Koreans gets upset with Japan from a simple visit to a shrine, from receiving Japanese apologies, but not being sincere enough for their victim mentality.

Japan Firing missiles over Korean skies, would be WW3 for Koreans. WTO complain, USA complain, Koreans would complain for the next 100 years.

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Posted in: Inside South Korea's race to become one of the world’s biggest arms dealers See in context

Inside South Korea's race to become one of the world’s biggest arms dealers

South Korea has no article 9. Not pacifist.

Slowly becoming the world's biggest arms dealer or top 5 at least. They love to brag about it too. Making huge profits.

Quote: "South Korea has supplied Ukraine with $100 million in humanitarian aid since the war began in February 2022, but it has said it wouldn't provide lethal aid to Kyiv"

They send Ukraine the bare minimum. All that advanced technology for sale to Poland and the rest of Europe at a nice fat profit, but refuses to arm Ukraine when it matters most!

Is your country fighting against China or Russia?? Don't look at South Korea for help or support! But they do expect full backing against North Korea in return!

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Posted in: Japan to provide 100 military vehicles to Ukraine See in context

This is kinda disappointing.

Korea is supplying armored medevac vehicles plus tank based mine-clearing vehicles, not unarmored trucks and SUVs.

South Korea had to be pushed to do the bare minimum. Many countries complain to S.Korea before you did anything. A country with no military restrictions, yet unwilling to do nothing. No article 9, not pacifist.

Did Yoon visit Ukraine?? South Korea selling alot of weapons for profit to Europe, yet unwilling to give more to Ukraine for free.

South Korea unwilling to join Quad Alliance.

South Korean emergency is not a Taiwanese emergency, Koreans only care about Korea peninsula.

Do more before complaining about Japan. Pacifist Japan is taking more responsibilities, then half of Korea will ever do in it's existence.

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Posted in: S Korea delegation arrives in Japan for Fukushima water inspection See in context

South Korea wants no water release, doesn't matter what scientific evidence is presented.

Another Ace in Koreas arsenal against Japan, whatever negotiations are done, Koreans can always bring up the past, or Fukushima water release as a negotiation tactic and strategy.

South Korea sees Fukushima disaster as an opportunity to target Japanese food imports, bash Japan over the head that it's a terrible, horrible country.

South Koreans are the first so suggest Japanese drink the water at Fukushima, no matter how safe, low risk it is, apparently the only solution Koreans will accept is that..... drink the water Japan if it's safe! Korean mentality at work!

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Posted in: Prime Minister Kishida has taken a page or two out of (former Prime Minister Shinzo) Abe’s playbook. The late leader became a master of sticking it out through scandals, relying on internal support — and a lack of alternatives — to wait until the media ran out of material. See in context

Revolving door of PM during the 90s was a complete disaster for Japan, former PM Shinzo Abe was the first to break that vicious cycle of "quitting over any stupid issue, no matter how small and insignificant".

That's not serving Japan, that's quitting on Japan, abandoning the ship, when things go slightly bad, not your way.

We need stronger politicians then that. No wonder S.Korea received over 50 apologies in the same period of Revolving door of PM, same weakness and stupidity at play.

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Posted in: Taiwan speaker hails Japan, S Korea and Philippines for 'crescent of defense' See in context

The Philippines and Korea said no such thing.

Taiwan is pretty much on its own on the day Xi decides to invade.

Exactly, thank you. I already know how Korea feels on this subjects, the more people understand that, the more planning can happen without S.Korea.

USA, Japan, should know ahead of time, South Korea has no plans to be involved for Taiwan. All plans, strategy, should happen without South Korea in mind. In fact, knowing South Korea's true intentions ahead of time, is the Best Gift S.Korea can give back!

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Posted in: In her own words: A Hiroshima bomb survivor learns English to tell her story See in context

Whatever mind gymnastics you do to justify using Nuclear Weapons on Civilian Cities, the same reason, justification, can be made against your own country, and people in the near future.

I'm sure Russia, North Korea and China, will make the same justification against, Ukraine, Taiwan or South Korea.

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Posted in: S Korea, Japan use G7 to improve ties long marked by animosity See in context

South Korea always flip flops. Always changes it's mind.

With the anti-Japan movement, is more then history, more then apology, more then compensation. It's about Korea holding Power! Control! Takeshima, If you can control History, You can control the Future! S.Korea knows this, they understand apologetic Japan, and how to squeeze every drop of out Japan.

South Korea is not sincere or honest when dealing with Japan. South Korea says Yes today, and No tomorrow. No honor, can't keep a promise made, agreement signed.

South Korea is not a reliable Ally.

One administration can be Pro China, Pro North Korea, while at the same time hating Japan, and hating USA, even though we are the lifeline of S.Korea.

South Korea wants to be part of G7 even though they flip flop and have no honor, S.Korea want more power, to play more Squid Games on repeat. Korean mentality sees leverage, compromise, as a tool to benefit Korea, once part of G7, very quickly Koreans can back up China or Russia in votes. Allowing shady Korea, lying Korea to be part of G7 would be a Disaster In the Making!

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Posted in: S Korean president urges expanded technology cooperation with Japan See in context

South Korea cannot make anything without Japanese chemicals.

When Japan in 2019 removed South Korea from the white list of friends, Samsung and other Korean companies came begging to continue business as usual.

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Posted in: Japan takes issue with Time's headline for Kishida interview See in context

People barking at Japan's door when it comes to Nuclear disarmament, it's not only absurd, but ridiculous in nature! Japan has no Nuclear Weapons! 0.00%, none. Koreans are the ones owning them, North Korea, and South Korea is the one obsessed with owning one too.

You want Nuclear Disarmament?? Talk to aggressive Russia or China, USA. Those are the big boys on the block. Japan is not part of the Nuclear club.

The only country who understands best the results, and consequences of Nuclear Weapons is Japan!......Is like telling Jewish people Genocide was Bad. They know that already!

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Posted in: Japan protests to China over ambassador's remarks on Taiwan See in context

China tells Japan, don't support Taiwan.

North Korea tells Japan, don't support South Korea.

I'm in favor of helping Taiwan, which is pro-Japan, a good friend, and a good neighbor.

All my interactions with Taiwanese people, men or women, have beeen very positive.

I can't say the same thing about S.Korea, a country with no honor, bunch of liars, can't keep a promise made or agreement signed! Korea/Koreans, doesn't matter if it's from North or South, equally untrustworthy and shady!

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Posted in: Gov't to pitch safety of Fukushima water release to S Korean experts See in context

What does South Korean public want??

No release of any water! doesn't matter what scientific evidence Japan has!

South Korean public, has the expectation that the Korean experts sent to Japan, will give a 100% No! To any water release!

South Korean public sees the water release at Fukushima as a bigger battle against Japan, beyond any concerned with radiation.

This is a win for Korea if the Fukushima disaster becomes a headache for Japan for another 100 years, another way for Korea to complain and cry how Japan is a terrible country.

Anything that makes Japan's day worse, South Korea, and North Korea would be equally happy and excited at Japan's misfortune.

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Posted in: Japan conservatives may impede ties with S Korea despite Kishida's visit See in context

Mr. Yoon cares about South Koreas survival. That's why South Korea is backing down.

What happened with quitting GSOMIA before Yoon was elected?? Koreans waited until the last 50 minutes before deciding not to leave! South Korean Squid Games waiting until the last 50 minutes to see if Japan would back down to Korean demands.

S.Korea noticed that in 2015 they got New money and New apology! When it was supposed to be closed/over/done with.

It only took S.Korea, 2 years to back away from the 2015 deal, wanting more! More money! New apology! Dokdo to be recognized as Korean. They always add new demands. Korean Squid Games at play.

Comfort Women was Step 1. In 2015.

Once S.Korea got Comfort Woman deal,

Time to move to Step 2. Go back on Labor work, go back on the 1965 agreement in Full.

South Korea: "The then-ruling Democratic Party think tank released a report saying the anti-Japan policies would aid them at the polls. As a result the anti-Japan sentiment, egged on by the Moon administration, was at an all-time high". Korea playing Squid Games on repeat.

You can trust South Korea to keep a promise made, agreement signed, as much as you can trust North Korea to keep a promise made, agreement signed. Both Korea's are Untrustworthy!

One day making promises to America and Japan, next day Koreans making the 3 famous promises to Beijing China, of no more THADD, No alliance with Japan and USA. The same Korea playing all sides!

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea to link radar systems to track N Korean missiles See in context

South Korea can be destroyed on the cheap, no need for expensive ballistic missiles. Seoul is within reach, of millions upon millions of cheap artillery shells, and cheap drones. No need for expensive ballistic missiles, or suicide Nuclear attack, to destroy South Korea, old weapons can destroy Seoul just as good. Distance matters, Sea matters, Geography matters.

North Korea less likely to attack Japan if Japan was neutral, or doesn't get involved in Korean War 2.0, half of Korea needs Japan a lot more then we need S.Korea! No need for expensive Navy to reach South Korea, you can just walk across the border holding hands.

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Posted in: S Korea, U.S., Japan hold anti-N Korea submarine drill See in context

Anything North Korea related South Korea will join, self interest, Korean Peninsula!

Will they join against China.

Will they join against Russia.

Will they join to defend Taiwan.

South Korea even under Yoon wants close relations to China, wants Chinese money to support Korean companies and economy.

South Korea only has to care and worry about Korea! Korean Peninsula!

While Japan has to care about everyone else! ! !

Japan has to help defend Taiwan.

Japan has to help South Korea in Korean War 2.0

Japan is in Quad Alliance, meaning we have to help India,Australia, USA if needed.

Japan is joining hands with UK, willing to support Ukraine and visit in person.

It would be easy for Japan to say:"I'm pacifist, Article 9, all this issues is not Japan's responsibility, we need to focus on our economy, need Chinese money too after 3 decades of stagnation".

South Korea needs to take more responsibility! More burden sharing! Against the big powers like China and Russia! North Korea in comparison is a small tiny baby next to China and Russia.

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Posted in: Public approval for Kishida's cabinet rises to 48%: poll See in context

I supported Mr. Kono, but I cheer for Kishida's success. His success means Japan's success.

Please stay strong on South Korea. Mr. Yoon of Korea himself said Japan doesn't have to apologies anymore, they have done it dozens of times already, Paid compensation multiple times. Even Korean government officials and citizens living in Japan are telling us to Stop Doing It! You're fueling the fire every time you do it!

2015 agreement was accepted by majority of victims, over 70%, yet in 2017 they backed away under Moon administration, complaining again.

1965 agreement took 15 years to be signed, reviewed by Koreans and it's government, Universities, Intellectuals..... They took it's sweet time in thinking about everything and adding all issues. Which worked for 30 years.... then complain again, unhappy again, want a new deal.

You give an inch to Korea? They take a hundred kilometers! In the end by 2018, they wanted a new deal for comfort the women, new deal or payment for labor work, again. That means the 1965 agreement which was Supposed to Cover Everything, by 2018 It Doesn't Cover Anything.

If you told Japanese in 1965, That S.Korea would want more in the future, more money, new apologies, more issues to complain! Japan would not Signed The Deal and Agreement Worth Billions upon Billions in 2023. The Miracle on The Han River Could not happen without Japanese money, support, technology, copy of business practices and ideas!

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Posted in: Japan, South Korea renew ties at Tokyo summit See in context

After his arrival Thursday, Yoon attended a reception hosted by the Korean Residents’ Union in Japan. Hundreds of thousands of ethnic Korean residents of Japan, many of them descendants of those forcibly brought there during the war, called for better ties as relations affect their lives.

Thank you to Korean residents of Japan. Improving relations between Japan and South Korea Will 100% have a positive impact on your life's as well, not just about economy and security.

In any future Korean conflict, many more Koreans will end up in Japan as refugees. Japan will also end up sending Billions in weapons,aid,food,water,supplies, including direct Japanese involvement by the SDF, Japan will end up paying a lot more then you realize! A lot more then Koreans back in Korea could ever Understand!

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Posted in: 'Omuraisu,' comfort food for Japanese and Koreans, a symbol of warmer ties See in context

For this vicious cycle to end, Japan needs to stay strong and not back down on apologies given, compensation paid. This is a Korean mess made by Moon Jae-in,the most anti-Japan politician S.Korea had in decades! Korea itself should clean up its own mess, instead of always looking at Japan to do it for them!

If every time we bailout, give a pass, compromise on S.Korea breaking agreements signed, promises made, The Vicious Cycle Will Never End! They Will Hate Us Even More! The More You Give to South Korea as Japanese, The More Hate You Create On The Korea Peninsula for Japan. This is a Fact!

Do you know who never apologies to South Korea? Never paid any compensation?Russia and China! The two most responsible countries for divided Korea in half, then helping North Korea survive the Korean War.

In the future, Korean War 2.0 can resume, North Korea and South Korea would be at War again, What does this mean for Japan??

We will be dragged in any conflict on the Korea Peninsula. Japan itself can become a target by helping South Korea. Yet, this is not enough for S.Korea to accept Japanese apology and compensation as settled! Done with!

Weapons, food,water, intelligence, Navy, Japan's own SDF would end up helping South Korea in any future conflict on the Korea Peninsula.

South Korean refugees? Millions of them! Millions would come to Japan! Seoul is easy to hit, even with artillery, too close to the border with North Korea, Millions of South Koreans would come to Japan, the 2nd Home for Koreans, in the same neighborhood as Korea, with Koreans who copy 90% of Japanese culture. Japan would be like a 2nd home for them.

Japan's help is not without conditions. You can't spit in our face, then expect full support the next day! Korean logic when it comes to Japan.

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Posted in: Yoon: Seoul-Tokyo ties key to addressing N Korea, supply chains See in context

South Korea under Moon Jae-in, attacked the 2015 comfort women deal. Under the same administration the 1965 agreement also got attacked using Supreme Court. Under his administration Korean navy used radars to target and attack Japanese planes in Japan Sea.

All this problems was created by Korean hands, administration, called Moon Jae-in! Koreans responsible for fixing it, improving relations! Since it's South Korea's fault in the first place for things getting this bad! This worse!

Japan has no guarantees another Moon Jae-in won't come in power, bash Japan again, destroy all agreements to normalize relations again, repeat, recycle what happened with Moon Jae-in. No thank you S.Korea, play your Squid Games on Single Player Instead.

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea summit must overcome history to renew ties See in context

How does South Korea feel about other victims that are not Korean? Not of Korean decent? Do they have the same passion? The same victim centered view?? This is how Koreans treat Vietnamese victims at the hands of Korean soldiers during Vietnam war.

Vietnam calls Korea’s decision to appeal ruling for massacre victim “very regrettable”.

After the South Korean government appealed a court’s decision awarding damages to the survivor of a civilian massacre by Korean troops during the Vietnam War, the Vietnamese government called Seoul’s decision “very regrettable.”.

This decision degraded South Korea’s national reputation and eroded trust in the judiciary,” said groups including the Vietnam Veterans Associations Korea and the Korean Disabled Veteran’s Association by Agent-Orange in Vietnam War.


South Korea, telling Japanese the 50th apology is not good enough, and compensation for the 3rd time doesn't count.... while the Korean has a dark side, dark history, crimes in the closet, blood on it's hands! Take responsibility for your own actions Korean! Lead by example!

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea summit must overcome history to renew ties See in context

It's not Japan's responsibility to fix Moon's mistakes, whenever Koreans have a new administration that hates Japan, they go all out 100%, destroying all agreements with Japan to normalize relations. Korean Fault!

Destroying the 2015 comfort women deal approved and supported by 70% of women, which was accepted in 2015, but not good enough anymore in 2017 under Moon!

Under the same administration Supreme Court who usually side with Japan, surprise, surprise, under Moon they side against Japan.

No matter what Japan does, South Korea will say it's not good enough! Proven already by the 2015 deal, 1990s deal, 1965 deal! Whatever concessions we make, Koreans will use that later to make the argument of Japan should pay more, pay again, apologies again.

South Korea will never end this willingly. Why?

Too many benefits, without serious consequences, perfectly describes South Korea policy towards Japan. Why give up a good thing when it works so well for South Korea for the past 5 decades!

Not until 2017-2019 did Japan finally woke up to Korean abuses, Korea breaking agreements signed, promises made.

To South Korea, apology and compensation has a deeper meaning, of Koreans Winning, Defeating Japan, Getting Korea's way.

Just by using history South Korea can keep a strong rival Japan, weak, apologetic, humiliated and shamed about it's own country and history...... South Korea wins in many ways by keeping this flames burning strong!

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Posted in: 57% of Japanese back S Korea's solution to wartime labor row: survey See in context

57% of Japanese back the proposal while 60% of Koreans oppose it.

Shows which country and which people are looking to the future, to better relations, and which country is stuck in the past, obsessed with history and being a victim at every corner.

In 2015 the comfort woman deal wasn't popular either in Japan, but we did it anyways for Japan-Korea relations, for Japan-USA-Korea unity. South Korea agreed at the beginning, just to back away 2 years later under Moon. Even though 70% of victims supported the deal, even then it wasn't good enough! Korea Still Dreaming of More!

Japan took the bullet in 2015, gave the apology, the compensation, the Humiliation, was on Japan's side!.....In 2023 it's time for South Korea to take the bullet, the Humiliation for it's own Korean actions! For Moons actions of giving Supreme Court the Approval to seize Japanese assets! Korea should suffer the Humiliation as well!

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Posted in: U.S. eyes new framework on nuclear deterrence with Japan, S Korea See in context

To avoid conflict, to avoid war, to protect South Korea's existence, to prevent Korean War 2.0 or invasion of Taiwan, such Cooperation is necessary and needed.

Strategic Ambiguity which South Korea would rather be in, neutral, would benefit South Korea only! While sending a message to China and Russia that Souh Korea is not with USA and Japan.

South Korea benefits a lot from Chinese money! I get it, you want to keep growing economically, I want that for Japan too! We have been stagnate for 3 decades now! It would be easy for Japan to do the same as S.Korea for Chinese money, South Korea wants the easy road, no responsibilities, don't stand up to China, don't stand up to Russia, only focus and concerned is North Korea, and it's economy rising at all costs, even though South Korea is a divided country today because of Both Russia and Chinese intervention to keep Korea divided.

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Posted in: Japan-S Korea wartime labor dispute still far from fundamental solution See in context

South Korea's security and very existence is also on the line!

South Korea expects to have no honor, break agreements signed with Japan, hate Japan whenever necessary and convenient, but also benefit economically from Japan, be added to best friends list while hating Japan, and also send full support to South Korea in Korean War 2.0, our soliders will be used, bases will be used, land,water, resources to rescue half of Korea, again!

Japan is not the country divided in half, South Korea is! During Korean War they didn't try to attack Japan, they attacked and invaded South Korea. Your very existence depends on Japan and USA, but Koreans think Japan is not necessary or needed, even though Japan is a major power and has been throughout it's history.

Just because you made some Kpop videos and Kdrama, doesn't make you better then Japan, and it most definitely doesn't mean Japan is not important anymore when it comes to Korean security! It's time for South Korea to have a Wake Up Call.

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Posted in: 86% fear Japan could be involved in war as tensions mount See in context

Then don't involved in the first place

That's what South Korea is doing.

If Japan does the same, Taiwan will disappear, USA can't do everything alone, Japan can share the burden of such responsibilities. The price of failure, will have consequences for both Japan, but especially for South Korea. You would be next. Korean War 2.0 is on the table, if Japan and USA did nothing to help.

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Posted in: Yoon says forced labor plan crucial for better ties with Japan See in context

South Korea is obsessed with Japan. Literally obsessed.

They envy Japan, jealous towards Japan.... If South Korea tries hard, can we do as good as Japan did or better? Japan is the line Koreans measure themselves too. Not the West, but Japan! Winning against Japan means 10x more then winning against anyone else for Koreans.

Koreans like to compare the size of their country, with Japan's size, flat land is similar in Japan and S.Korea, Korean dream is, can we become a great power like Japan did! If Japan disappeared today, Korean would say tomorrow he is the new Japan! And everything Japanese invented is a Korean idea.

In the process to achieve that goal, S.Korea copied 90% of everything Japan did! Uniforms in schools, business practice, technology and ideas copied from Japan, foreign policy, Koreans copy everything Japan does except for standing up to China,Russia, defend Taiwan, except that part, S.Korea does whatever Japan does!

Koreans are obsessed with Japan,Hate Japan, Jealous of Japan, envy towards Japan....... A Weird Combination Of Everything Combined tells you how Korea feels about Japan.

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Posted in: S Korean President Yoon expected to visit Japan in mid-March See in context

It's easy to understand Yoon decisions if you care about South Korea existence, survival, Korean War 2.0 is real and possible, especially after what Russia just did to Ukraine.

Yoon had no other options on the table, it was either this or nothing! No options to humiliate Japan more existed, with Japan approval at least. (See, I get it, S.Korea has been spoiled for decades with apologies and compensation on demand).... Koreans are so confused, why can't this go on Forever!

Korean saying is"Japanese aggressor doesnt Decide when it's over", Translation?? We will never give up on historical issues, no apology is good enough, no compensation enough until we say Yes, not just one time, but as many times as Korean victim hood mentality requires.

Comfort Woman agreement, 70% of women supported that deal, yet in 2017 under Moon, that wasn't enough anymore either. It don't matter the approval rating, Korea will always play Squid Games on repeat if you allow them too!

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Posted in: S Korea proposes public foundation to resolve forced labor dispute with Japan See in context

They in fact want Japan to stay out of conflict and not approach Korea at all.

This is why the ROK is a military superpower in 2023.

Such a beautiful fantasy. Apparently Yoon doesn't agree with your views, and is begging for meetings with Japan, talks with Japan, March first independence speech change of tune, and concessions towards Japan. Rising Sun Flag, South Korea was not ok with it, now it's perfectly fine again, Korea changes like the wind does.

All Japan had to do is wait for this changes to happen, and S.Korea came knocking at our door wanting better relations.

The great ROK, a military superpower, never got your message on Japan not being important apparently.

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Posted in: S Korea proposes public foundation to resolve forced labor dispute with Japan See in context

To South Korean people and government.

If you don't hold your end of the deal with Japan, Don't expect for Japan to be there for Korean War 2.0.

Don't expect USA to use Japanese bases,land,water to save and rescue a hateful South Korea towards Japan who can't keep a promise made, agreement signed. If you hate Japan, no reason to help you, no reason to be dragged in Korean War 2.0. Not for a hateful Korea!

If South Korea wants to hate Japan, not defend Taiwan, not join Quad Alliance to balance China, not stand up to Russia, Then don't Expect Any Other Country To Save You. Your a Selfish, Self-centered Country!

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