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North Korea has attacked South Korea many times!

Got invaded and almost taken over by North Korea in the 50s! Only with American and Japanese help did you survive and make it!

You should worry more about your half of Korea, which is closer to North, and with the intention to take over South Korea and reunite under Kim. You have more to worry about then Japan does.

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South Korean products are half baked. I hope your military tech is better then your consumer products!

Japan has been under article 9 with many restrictions for decades. Any move and half of Korea would complain about Japanese trying conquer again.

New plane, new missile, S.Korea would always be there to complain towards Japanese remilitarization.

Japan needs to stop listening to Korean complaints, and have a normal military again!

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You have my vote.

The last part the ICJ, SKorea will need to open up the 1965 agreement and read it out loud to the world. Koreans don't want to do that. They don't want to read the agreement they signed in Full in front of the world!

Going by Korean logic, the 1965 agreement doesn't cover anything in 2022!!

The moment Korea detected weakness and willingness to pay again for Comfort Women in 2015...... It was only a matter of time before they complain about force labor, also not being covered. Or not enough. Or not sincere for the Korean.

We keep giving ammunition for Korea to play it's Squid Games on repeat!

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Korean Unification Church should be investigated and shut down in Japan.

South Korea's government should come out with apology, and compensation for all Japanese citizens who became victim of Korean Unification Church. This crimes are happening in 2022, and no remorse or sincere apology or feelings from Korea.

Koreans are such experts on whats sincere and whats not. On how to applogies correctly, You keep telling Japan we're doing it wrong! Not good enough for the Korean!..... Go ahead and show us how the expert SKorea does it!

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Posted in: LDP to update list of members linked to Unification Church See in context

Korean Unification Church. Targeting Japanese citizens, taking advantage of women with children and old people.

North Korean Schools in Japan, Chōsen gakkō. Brainwashing Koreans to hate Japan. Teaching them anti-Japan garbage on Japanese Soil.

Pachinko Machines, taking money from hard working Japanese with gambling addiction, taking all their money. Mainly owned by Korean business and influence.

All Korean influence should be under investigation in Japan..... This is just the tip of the iceberg. Korean hands in many more areas that we need to investigate before it's too late.

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UK is at the other side of the world, and willing to help balance China's rise.

South Korea is in East Asia, next to Japan, yet so quiet when it comes to balancing China.... Someone else's problem. Not a Korea issue.

Taiwan. Again, not a Korea issue.

Quad Alliance, Yoon the new PM, has been completely quiet. Not a Korea issue, and won't join.

Would rather have UK on Japan's side, UK has it's flaws, but I would trust them 1000x more the S. Korea's flip flop Squid Games. Say Yes today, and no tomorrow.

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Posted in: Kishida cabinet support rate drops to 40.2%: poll See in context

Yoon in Korea is around 28%.

40% in a democratic country is actually not bad. Considering the Korean Unification Church disaster on Japanese land. Economic stagnation since the Plaza Accord. Assassination of former PM Abe. 2 years of Covid. 40% is good considering everything that happened.

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People still complaining about America not getting a fair deal when America's economy is 5 times bigger then Japan!

1985 when Japan was forced by USA to signed the Plaza Accord, that has affected Japan's economy, stagnation for the past 3 decades. We're still dealing with the consequences of that disaster that was pushed on Japan.

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Posted in: N Korea criticizes Japan for rendering key bilateral accord 'null and void' See in context

You can trust North Korea as much as you can trust South Korea to keep a promise made, agreement signed, deal made which is 0.00.

Koreans move like the wind does, today they can be with you, tomorrow they are with China. Making 3 famous promises to Beijing. Never joined Quad Alliance to balance China. Doesn't support Taiwan, Squid Games at play, by Both communist North and Democratic South. Same trash games at the end of the day, Korean Squid Games.

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Posted in: S Korea, Japan differ over summit plan in New York See in context

Yoon plan and idea for Japan

Get relations back in South Koreas favor.

Get Japan in the position which Koreans love for the past 30 years!! Revolving Door of Japanese PM giving endless apologies to the Korean, which Korea accepts today, and says No tomorrow!

Get Japan to apologies, pay compensation, OK for Koreans to Hate Japan 100% with everything they have!, BUT EXPECT FULL SUPPORT FROM JAPAN IF MILITARY CONFLICT ON KOREA PENISULA HAPPENS AGAIN!

KOREA wants it's cake to eat it, bash it, spit in it's face, humiliate at every turn, but then get maximum support, MAXIMUM HELP FROM JAPAN NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS!! KOREAN SQUID GAMES AT PLAY!!

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Posted in: S Korea, Japan differ over summit plan in New York See in context

Trusting South Korea. Is like trusting and making a deal with the Devil.

You signed agreements with the Devil as Final and Irreversible! Then the Devil tells you it doesn't count! Doesn't cover this or doesn't cover dreams they had last night about Japan.

Unification Church another Korean idea. Pollution, Squid Games, abusing and taking advantage of old people and single women with children. Not one apology from the Korean government! Crimes only count if Japanese did them. Koreans get complete immunity, including in the Vietnam war crimes.

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea stress need for better ties before key court decision See in context

South Korea watching Japan's reaction.

That's why this is taking forever, Korean is using Supreme Court as anti-Japan tool to get it their way, get another apology and compensation.

South Korea let Samsung CEO out of jail. Free Pass. To help the economy!

That's how serious the Korean takes justice and law! If it helps the economy, we can bend rules, laws, justice!!

If South Korea was sincere, ruling against Japanese companies can disappear easily! Half a Korea can pay with the money we gave them in 1965 as compensation in the Billions today.


Even the Germans refuse to pay more or again. Poland, Greece keeps asking, Germans keeps telling them No! Stops here! No more!

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Posted in: Energy crisis spurs nuclear comeback worldwide See in context

Propaganda article to justify the restart of the Japanese reactors.

The real Propaganda is foreign ideas of wind mills and solar panels as a solution and fix for Japan's massive energy needs!

What's Propaganda is people from large countries with infinite resources, telling Japanese how to deal with energy needs when we don't even have enough flat land to expand, most of Japan is Mountains! 80%!

Nuclear is necessary! Especially for Japan! If you truly care about Japan or have Japan's Best Interests at Heart It Would Be Obvious!!

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Posted in: Japan signals return to nuclear power to stabilize energy supply See in context

The Debate is done with. Nuclear is necessary and needed especially for Japan.

1.Climate change.

2.Russians. Resources being used as a political tool.

3.Japan being an Island Nation. Not enough flat land. No resources.

Korean copying Japan, doing the same, with half the population. I dont see this argument for Korea. Always cry and complain about Japan. But not other countries doing the same. Hypocrisy and double standards.

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Posted in: Unification Church followers in S Korea protest negative Japanese media coverage See in context

Quote"Unification Church followers in S Korea protest negative Japanese media coverage"

SKoreans should be grateful Mass Protest in Japan is not happening on mass against SKorea or Koreans in general!!

The anger Koreans would have if Japanese church did the same in Seoul in 2022 would be fire and fury!! against anything Japanese!! Any Japanese citizens in SKorea would have to leave for their own safety!!

SKorea and Koreans in general always receive a huge, huge pass in Japan! Can always play the victim card so perfectly! the moment they notice any backlash for their bad behavior! Victim card comes right out to be played for the 1,000,000 times!

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Posted in: U.S., S Korea, Japan hold missile defense exercise with eye on N Korea, China See in context

The weak link between USA, Japan and South Korea is = South Korea!!

A country which can switch sides or be neutral in a major conflict.

A country which was willing to make promises to Beijing China under Moon Korean administration.

A country which made promises to Japan to normalize relations, signed agreements as Final and Irreversible, just to back away under a different Skorean administration.

SKorea changes like the wind, yesterday was with China and making promises to them, today is making promises to the American, and tomorrow promises to Japan if you apologies, pay compensation, give in to all Korean demands at all times!

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Posted in: U.S., Japan affirm cooperation on 'any situation' amid Taiwan tension See in context

No South Korea as always

Burden in East Asia falls upon Japan and USA to defend Taiwan.

SKorea never even joined Quad Alliance to balance China.

SKorea made the 3 promises to Beijing.

SKorea Never made promises or commitments to defend Taiwan... not a Korea issue, someone else's burden.

SKorea expects everyone to help them! Help against another North Korean attack! While they are unwilling to do the same for Japan or Taiwan!

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Posted in: S Korea urges improved ties with Japan See in context

Today is Korea's liberation day. They celebrated by putting up street performance of Koreans beat up Japanese soldiers using taekwondo or destroying Japanese flags. Typical Korean liberation day. Bashing Japan, hating on Japan, show performance that's anti-Japan, then 2 minutes of nice speech about cooperation with Japan which the media will swallow up and ignore the other 98% of Japan bashing.

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Posted in: S Korea urges improved ties with Japan See in context

South Korea.

Yesterday with China and the 3 promises to Beijing under Moon.

Today when USA Nancy visits, we are with you America!

SKorea swings from left to right with no consistency!

SKorea never joined Quad Alliance to balance China!

SKorea never made promises to support Taiwan or come to Taiwan rescue.

SKorea is not reliable! Shady! Squid Games! Lies and misdirection!

SKorea lets the criminals out, pardon from president Yoon himself if it benefits the economy. Don't matter the crime for Korea, as long as you benefit the country.

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Posted in: S Korea urges improved ties with Japan See in context

South Korean Unification Church in Japan, brainwashing Japanese citizens, taking all their money and resources, women, widow's with children being taken advantage off, left broke and financially devastated. Will South Koreans offer apology and compensation for that???

It only counts when Japan does the crime! When Korea is guilty and in the wrong, No apology. No compensation!

Korean Squid Games being played on Japanese land and soil by both North Korea and South Korea with immunity and laws protecting them and their Squid Games!

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Posted in: Industry minister Nishimura visits Yasukuni shrine See in context

Yasukuni shrine. Japanese are allowed to go. No deal. No Agreement NOT to go. No Agreement for politicians not to go.

We never told Koreans we wont go to Yasukuni shrine. We never signed deals or was part of any agreement not to go to Yasukuni shrine. This is more anti-Japan Garbage going on. Politicians have a right to go as well. They are Japanese citizens!

Yasukuni shrine was built long before WW2 ever happened. Long before WW1 happened when Japan was on Allies side and USA side.

Telling Japanese not to pay respects to it's fallen soldiers, while you worship your military, and soldiers as heroes, it's doubled standard and full of BS.

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Posted in: Kishida to reshuffle cabinet with COVID, Taiwan, Unification Church in focus See in context

South Korean Unification Church Virus needs to be stopped and countered!

Korean Unification Church was abusing and taking advantage of old people, women, widow's who lost their husband with children to look after... That's who the Unification Church targets! Robbed them of their money, resources, time, with promises of glory, salvation and god! Disgusting and predatory! Squid Games being played on Japanese Land and Soil!

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Posted in: China cancels bilateral meeting with Japan after G7 Taiwan statement See in context

Taking Taiwan by Force was never the deal dear China.

No American bases on Taiwan.

No Japanese bases on Taiwan.

Only few small countries still recognize Taiwan, while the majority, including the Americans and Japan, recognize the one China deal we all agreed upon.

If you become aggressive. Use force. You will lose everything! All the gains for the past 4 decades will disappear!

Century of Humiliation doesn't have to be in the past. It can happen again!

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Posted in: A-bomb survivor says Kishida's nuclear speech avoided 'honest debate' See in context

Rediculous argument. Japan with no nukes. Victim of atomic bombs. Never tested one, is not trying to get one, is the last country you should talk to about banning Nuclear Weapons.

Dear A-bomb survivor,

1.Japan never used nuclear weapons.

2.Japan understands more then any other country how horrible this weapons can be.

Doesnt matter what Kishida said!! It doesnt matter!! America, Russia, China and many others, have their own plans and ideas, and dont give a FK about what Japan has to say on such issues, they will never give up their Nukes!! Never! Especially not because Japan said so!

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Posted in: Japan foreign minister meets new S Korean envoy as relations thaw See in context

Japan has tried to work with South Korea for decades. Korean is the one who refuses and backs away.

Korea is the one backing down from agreements as Final. Having Korean court try to liquidate Japanese assets over what happened 100 years ago, after we paid Billions, normalized relations, with multiple apologies which Korea accepted, took the money, but now wants more, not satisfied, pay again and again.

South Korea under Moon was more friendly towards China then Japan. 3 promises from Seoul to Beijing. 1. No alliance with USA and Japan. 2. No more Thadd missiles. 3. No joining global missile shield with USA. 4. Korean never joined Quad Alliance to balance China. Stays quiet and a good boy on Taiwan issues, not a Korean problem.

South Korea has been like a virus for Japan! Unification Church and N. Korean schools is a perfect example. Too much freedom to play Squid Games on Japanese soil and land!

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Mr. Abe was assassinated because of Korea or Korean involvement in shady practice of Unification Church taking money from Japanese citizens!!

Yet Koreans gave no apology. No apology from the Korean government FOR ALL THE MESS THEY CAUSE JAPAN.

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South Korea is not the only victim of Japan! Yet they receive all the money and apologies that should have been given to multiple countries!! Stop giving anything to the hating Korea who lies, cheats, takes the money, takes the apology, then later say it Never Happened!!

I hope your country gets what it's deserve, for being so shady, so nasty to deal with.

Yet the Korean will come knocking, wanting better relations. Korean anti-Japan Games can only be played if Japan allows it too.

2015 Comfort woman Deal. Japan hold strong for the past 7 Years!! Korea back down In 2022!!! Koreans will back down if Japanese stands it's ground!!

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South Korea playing Squid Games again.

Korea hates Japan 100x times more.

Korea backs away from deals with Japan, even those as Final and Irreversible. Backs away from compensation paid and apologies given.

Unification Curch, a South Korean virus, is responsible for stealing and taking all the resources of Japanese citizens, praying on innocent women who lost husband. Just like the story of the shooter. Shady, predatory practice on Japanese land and soil.

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Mr. Shinzo Abe, was the longest serving Japanese PM.

Mr. Abe died for Japan. Sacrifice for Japan. Worked until exhausted and his health affected many times for Japan.

Mr. Abe was a Hero. Leader. Someone who loved Japan and it's citizens!

Mr. Abe made the biggest sacrifice you can make for Japan!

Thank you Mr. Shinzo Abe!

For your hard work, sacrifice, willingness to do what's necessary for Japan and it's people.

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Posted in: S Korean foreign minister suggests respecting 2015 comfort women deal See in context

Quote "Seoul's intent to respect a 2015 bilateral agreement to settle the issue of Koreans forced to work as "comfort women" in Japan's wartime military brothels."

Forced labor was also settled in 1965 agreement as Final and Irreversible.

South Korea will back down, and respect the agreements signed, if Japan takes the agreements seriously as Final and Irreversible!

S.Korea will always ask for more if they have that option. S.Korea is like a bully who will never stop Unless You Stand Up to Them and Say No More Compensation or Humiliation.

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