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Koreans already ban food from Japan before we even release the water.

This is just another excuse to bash Japan over the head from the long list of complaints you have against Japan.


U.N. Atomic agency, IAEA, the experts and regulators when it comes to nuclear energy are on Japan's side! Not the bias S. Korean which no amount of evidence would ever be good enough.


The amount of pollution and damage coming from China, over fishing, building fake islands, doing damage to marine life, that's perfectly fine. Don't see you Koreans willing to rock the boat or complain.

Japan following world order, same rules other have, Not good enough!

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USA supports Japans decision. Does that matter? Or only China and S. Korea count?

Japan is following the rules of the world. Same ones that apply to your country.

Nuclear Experts said Japan did a good job and to release water. JT crowd, anti-Japan people, don't agree. No experience, don't understand half of how it works, but they disagree as always.

What's next? Are we going to ask the opinion of North Korea? Call Kim and ask him too.

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UN nuclear agency supports Japan.

Normal practice to release the water once it was treated/filtered.

Other countries have done the same in the past.... But they did not report it to the world, did not ask the opinion of others.

Japan=already the fool of East Asia. Constantly giving apologies, compensation, Takeshima Island. Now where asking the opinions of Japan haters? Long history of Japan hate from this countries. What do you think they would say? ? ?

Dumb as always while SKorea and China are always winning.

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Posted in: Gov't decides to release water from Fukushima nuclear plant into sea in 2023 See in context

Does facts matter when judging Japan?

UN nuclear agency supports Japan decision to release the WATER. Normal standard practice.

Other countries have done the same. They don't report it, then don't ask the opinion of the world, haters.

Water has been filtired many times, the risk has been lowered to worldwide standards. Does it matter? Not if your bias against Japan.

Been dealing with this issue for over a decade. Running out of space, waste of money, land, energy. We will have to get rid of this water at some point. Even if it's 50 years from now. Should have done it sooner rather then later!

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Americans will always vote against their own interest.

The wealth distribution in America is horrible 360:1

The rich run away with all the wealth. The poor are left with nothing. The rich blame Japan and China.

Rich will say to the poor Americans.... ''See those Asian countries??'' It's their fault. It's because of them. It's because of Japan in the 60s,70s,80s. Now it's China turn to be blamed for economic problems in USA.

The typical American narrative. Blame others. Even though their economy it's 5x that of Japan. Americans even if their economy was 100x that of Japan all the wealth will go to Top 5% or top %1.

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Have you read stories of women doing this? Stealing men underwear for sexual pleasure? No

Do you read stories of women trying to record men in the bathroom for sexual pleasure? No

FanOnly sites, majority women making money off of men customers. Men working 10+ hours, hard work then give money away for some female attention and companionship.

Feminist never talk about the advantages women have over men. Life so unfair for them. Making easy money off of dumb men paying for everything. Dates, gifts, travel, jewelry, treat them like a princess and they still complain=feminist 2021.

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Just do it! ! !

Stop talking about it and asking the opinion of Koreans and Anti-Japan crowd they will always complain and say No!

Quote:''The treated water containing radioactive tritium, a byproduct of nuclear reactors, is said to pose little risk to human health because even if one drinks the water, so long as the tritium concentration is low, the amounts of tritium would not accumulate in the body and would soon be excreted.''

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Posted in: Suga planning visits to India, Philippines to counter China's growing clout See in context

Necessary steps at a time when China is becoming more aggressive in the region. Building more aircraft carriers, submarines, more capabilities to push it's neighbors around.

Remember the peaceful rise promised by China? It's becoming more aggressive with each day.

That's the reason Quad Alliance exist. Why more countries are turning against China.

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Posted in: China says carrier group drills near Taiwan will become regular See in context

China is flexing that's for sure. Trying to intimidate Taiwan, but they won't attack anytime soon.... Why?

Not strong enough.

Not enough allies.

Not a navy power, maybe a land power in the future.

Covid19=Massive hate against China. People and countries already upset. Anything that China does if aggressive, will mean maximum pressure and backlash against the CCP.

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Posted in: Japan to work closely with U.S., S Korea to deal with N Korea See in context

South Korea is not part of Quad Alliance to balance China, is getting closer to CCP instead.

South Korea threaten GSOMIA pact, if Japan doesn't listen to Korean demands then it's over.

South Korea doesn't see Japan as important, not necessary, we can do without type of attitude, even though their only half of Korea. They are very confident Japan is not needed. Only USA is needed.

Thats why they have the attitude that you see. Willing to risk the relationship with Japan at any point, at any moment SKorea can say it's over! We are upset...again.

0 respect for Japan. 0 respect for any agreements they signed with Japan. S. Korea has benefited from their anti-Japan views.... How?

Billions paid by Japanese government towards SKorea for past mistakes.

2.Takeshima Island taken in 1954. No response from the Japanese government. Instead we pay compensation in 1965.

3.S. Korea was added to best friends list. Benefiting economically. The only Asian country to receive such previlage.

4.Keeping an old rival country (Japan), weak, apologetic, unbalanced, not prepared. Ashamed as much as possible of our country, while S. Korea is more fanatic each day with patriotism. Mandatory military service. No restrictions militarily.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan, S Korea eye foreign ministers' meeting in April See in context

Japan and South Korea need to work on their relationship 1 on 1.

America is the excuse SKorea has been waiting for to receive more apologies, more compensation, more of the same old strategy to accept an agreement today, and complain tomorrow.

South Korea has received compensation multiple times. Which they accepted.

South Korea received over 50 apologies by dozens of Japanese PM, including Emperor. Which they accepted.

South Korea illegally occupied Takeshima in 1954. What does Japan do? Pay compensation in 1965, and add Korea to white list of best friends.

South Korea is the most Anti-Japan country on planet Earth. Trying to change the name of Japan Sea. Getting closer to China and N Korea. Building comfort women Ststues around the world. They are winning against Japan! Been doing it for decades now.

South Korea not part of Quad Alliance to balance China. They have to think about their country first. Have to think about Korea first.

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You care about climate change? Serious about it? Nuclear is they key.

You care about Japan having 0 resources, an Island Nation? Nuclear is the key.

You care about energy prices going up in Japan? Nuclear is the key.

Nuclear power has only been discovered in the past 80 yrs. MOST POWERFUL SOURCE OF ENERGY HUMANS INVENTED! !

Yet some people talk about it like it's old technology! not good enough, not worth it. lol.

You still use electricity? How old is that? Do you still use fire? The wheel? How old is it?

Nuclear apparently, it's the No Go. We Barely started to understand how it works, how to keep it under control, safer, and some people want Japan to give up on it?? Please don't listen! ! They don't have Japan's best interest at heart.

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Posted in: Suga says SDF facing challenging security environment See in context

Hey, are you bias and double standard? But you don't know it yet? Ask yourself this:

-Does your country not have Article 9? but you want to push it on Japan? That makes you bias and double standards

-Do you complain about Japan and Article 9 while giving a full and complete pass to Germany? No Article 9 for the Germans? That means your bias and double standard.

-China, North Korea, South Korea and Russia.... This are the countries surrounding Japan, All of them are investing heavily in their military, don't like each other. Yet, you expect Japan to do nothing?? That would make you bias and double standards.

Whenever you have an idea about Japan, ask yourself this: Would I be ok with my own country agreeing to the hate and double standards that I want and expect Japan to agree with? ? Ask yourself this, the double standards you have.

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Posted in: No breakthrough in U.S.-China talks may hurt Sino-Japan ties See in context


Plaza Accord was a disaster for Japan, that bubble in the 90s has been a disaster affecting Japan for the past 30yrs of economic stagnation. USA at the time was afraid of Japan economically not China.

Japan in 2021 without the Plaza Accord.

-Larger economy to deal with China.

-Larger military budget, could take on more responsibilities in East Asia Indo Pacific.

-Better life for average Japanese, foreigners living in Japan.

-Universal Basic Income, Japan could have been the first to do it without Plaza Accord.

-Spend more in space and on research for diseases R&D.

-Could have landed a man/woman on the Moon, second country to do it.

Massive Debt! Huge amounts of debt since Plaza Accord was signed. It wasn't because we spend on the military, No. Wasn't because we spend on our people,No. Disaster called the Plaza Accord! ! Trillions of wealth lost! !

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Posted in: China, N Korea on agenda as Blinken, Austin head to Asia See in context

Quad alliance + South Korea =

Stronger message to North Korea to be nice.

Stronger message to balance China. Keep them in check.

Another strong country militarily and economically to help keep the peace, balance necessary in East Asia.

Where is South Korea? The burden in East Asia should be shared, South Korea needs to join.

Blinken and Mr. Austin need to make this clear to S. Korea.

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Posted in: China says it is exercising self-restraint against Japanese ships near Senkakus See in context

Does it matter you forced Japan to sign Article 9? ?

We could have a military much stronger if America didn't get in the way. Now you complain? Typical.

Japan tried to get the Nuclear weapon after China got it.... Who told Japan No don't get the Nuke?

America told Japan No, we'll protect you with Nuclear Umbrella. You don't need it.

Now the Hypocrite wants to cry Japan is Not stronger, they might have to help protect Japan after 80+ years of promises to do so. After your country is directly responsible for Japan being in it's current position. Nice!

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Posted in: Uncertainties linger over how U.S. promotion of Quad will play out See in context


I've asked that question myself about S. Korea.

A country with mandatory military service, millions of soldiers trained.

Military budget similar to Japan, yet half the population, 1/8 the area to defend.

No Article 9 for S. Korea, no pacifist constitution, no restrictions on what weapons they can own.

South Korea expects full support if anyone attacks them, yet they refuse to return the favor to keep the peace in East Asia.

They are in a win-win-win situation, get all the benefits, none of the burden on China. None of the risk if it's escalates.

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Posted in: Reactors to keep operating See in context


Well said, your comment should be the post of the day. thank you sir.

If renewables was the magic answer some you believe, I would have supported it a long time ago.


Yes correct only 9 right now, slowly more are being turn back online.

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Posted in: Quad leaders discuss vaccine production, China See in context


Exactly which part do you find weak about Quad?

Add the total economic budget of all this countries.

Add the military budget of all this counties.

Add the ships, submarines, carriers of all this counties.

Add the satellites, space assets, rockets of all this countries.

Add the total number of soldiers, army and navy, special forces.

Bases worldwide.

Which part do you find funny or weak about the Quad? Please clarify.

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Posted in: 12% of Fukushima town still a no-go zone See in context


I agree.

Mistakes have been definitely made. Including not having enough backup generators incase the ones you have get flooded from a second wave.

Giving up on nuclear power for Japan I'm not a fan off. Which some seem to support.

We are developing better safety features, we can make reactors smaller, we can even use the nuclear waste produce from older plants to recycle the fuel and use it again in newer plants. Fukushima reactor was old from 1967.

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Posted in: One year on from shutdown, U.S. sport inching back to normalcy See in context


Big difference between a normal sports even and hosting the Olympics.

Sport events only last a few hours on average.

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Posted in: South Korea agrees to 13.9% increase in its share of cost for U.S. troops See in context

Quote ''28,500 U.S. troops are stationed in South Korea to help defend it against North Korea. The 1950-53 Korean War ended in an armistice, not a peace treaty.''

S. Korea is not part of Quad Alliance.

They don't have to lift a finger.

They will not balance China.

The only time S. Korea will fight, intervene is against another attack from N. Korea. Thats the only conflict they are willing to participate.... If they get attacked.

They expect full support from USA and Japan, but won't do the same in return.

UK is thinking about joining Quad, they live at the other side of the world, but they are willing to join and help. while S. Korea is in Japan's backyard but refuses to join.

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Posted in: Hikaru Utada releases new music video directed by 'Evangelion' creator Hideaki Anno See in context

Dear Hikaru Utada,

I was always a fan. I'm glad to see your releasing new songs. Looking beautiful as always. Best wishes and success.

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Posted in: U.N. finds no adverse health effects from Fukushima disaster See in context

Stop it. Enough with the propaganda!

Any positive news must be fake to you people.

The only news JT uses consider real is negative news. That's when it's real and not fake.

Does it matter it was U.N. Researches who said this? Not for JT users. Fake news!

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Posted in: Japan to stage Tokyo Olympics without overseas spectators See in context

I still think we should postpone and give it more time. The rush to host the Olympics will have serious consequences if we get it wrong.

In the news lately more forms of Covid19 which has mutated, evolved, we don't know how affective vaccines are against the new type of Covid.

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@Sindhoor GK

Those agencies still hold a lot of power if your companies are doing business overseas. The credit they give matters. Even if Japanese companies don't care, They will be affected in a negative way.

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Posted in: Officials dealing with COVID-19 working nearly 400 hours overtime a month See in context

The ignorance on what government officials do shows on here.

Japan 2021:

Covid has remain stable.

Japan has remained stable.

9 months ago all of you said Japan will fail.

Death count low.

New infections low.

All the hard work and the reason why Japan doesn't have Death numbers 10x worse it's because of the hard work done by many. Including government officials.

I appreciate your hard work to keep Japan safe. Thank you!

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Posted in: When a woman comes forward about being sexually assaulted or harassed by a now-famous man a long time ago, how do you know whether to believe her or not? How should the media report such cases? See in context

Yes. Because women don't lie right? ?

You should tell that to Johnny Depp.

His ex-wife Amber accused him of physical violence, assault, abuse, she gives speech about being victim in front of feminist crowd. She destroyed his career!

Later we find out He was the real victim. Johnny was the victim!

We have her on audio confessing to being abusive, mean, physical with her husband, punching, throwing, everything you can think off.

If you don't know about the case, please look into it. Very interesting to hear this conversations back and forth. Shows who the victim is and who the abuser is.

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Is easy to judge Japan when you have infinite land and resources in your own country back home.

When you have dozens of options to pick from.

Need more resources? Open a new mining operation. So easy and nice! Sitting on resources for 500 years to come.

Japan doesn't have that privilege.

Doesn't have the same options.

The food is safe! You can believe whatever you wish, don't eat it then.

Contaminated water? No other option. Should have been done a long time ago. We hold on to it for 10 years now. Sitting in containers, which are starting to leak.

-You said yourself at the beginning Smith, your country is not Japan. You don't understand the struggles, problems, lack of options, and it seems like you don't want to help or defend, but rather judge everything it does as Bad.

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Posted in: Japan to allow use of insulin syringes for COVID-19 vaccines See in context

I really don't see how the government plans to host the Olympics this year when so much left needs to be done.

It should be postponed, instead of being rushed. We need more people vacinnated before you host such a large event.

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