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Posted in: Women's entry in LDP leader race may not boost empowerment See in context

Complete nonsense.

Former PM Abe tried to promote women. What happened? ? ?

They quit! Apologetic! Weak!

It wasn't just one woman, several!

Feminist don't like the failures of women. That's why they never talk about them.

Like South Korea who tried a Woman Prime Minister Park Geun-hye..... A Complete disaster!

Aung San Suu Kyi another woman in power for decades in Myanmar, failed and crashed without doing nothing!

This weak women keep crashing and burning. Thats why Men are the Leaders. Where Better at It!

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Posted in: LDP president candidates vow to double spending on children See in context

Many of you don't even have kids in Japan, but your so upset about the balloons. Upset before anything was done or tried. Typical bias and double standards.

If it was 3 men in the picture that would be another problem and complain like the other post. Congrats.

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Posted in: China's Xi: Handle disputes with 'dialogue and cooperation' See in context

Stop messing with Taiwan. We can't accept force and CCP aggression, the same way you can't accept Taiwanese independence.

This is the best you'll get:

A Taiwan that's not recognize by the world.

No USA bases on Taiwan.

No Japanese bases.

No Nuclear weapons.

That's what we agreed in the past. No one said you can use force to settle the issue. Your breaking the deal you agreed upon if you do so.

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Posted in: Japan to get new prime minister on Oct 4; general election seen in November See in context

3 men. So upsetting. The Outrage.

People on here need at least 1 woman in the picture otherwise Japan is a terrible bad country.

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Posted in: Japanese firms to jointly develop human rights app for foreign workers See in context

It's not possible Japan is a good country. Doing this to help foreign workers. Try to make things better.

Immediately the narrative is negative no matter what we try to do... You will complain as always even if we did exactly what you said. You Still won't be happy I promise.

Enjoy your good life in Japan and don't forget to complain about everything under the sun.

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Posted in: Afghan women outraged by new Taliban restrictions on work See in context

Those women should fight for their freedom and their rights. Instead of expecting men to do it for them. This idea of equality, yet they need the men to protect them, fight the wars, give them rights, let them go to school, vote, drive.

Show me how strong and independent women are.... Remember, you don't need no man you can do it too. Whatever a man can do a woman can do.

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Posted in: 77-year-old woman out on bail over son's murder, arrested for killing sister See in context

Women=less time in jail then a man for the same crime. This happens in several countries around the world not just Japan. Women getting a 2nd chance or a 3rd when most men would never see the light of day.

Women on average get less jail time.

Treated better once in jail.

Easier to bailout.

Women in 2021=automatically has to be believed on her accusations, automatically she is the victim and the man the villain the bad guy.

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Posted in: Kono win in ruling party election likely to push Tokyo stocks higher See in context

Mr. Kono you have my full support.

I did not agree with your view on Nuclear energy, but then it happened and I quote:”Power companies rose after Kono broke from his long-held stance of opposing the use of nuclear energy, saying it is "realistic" to bring reactors that have been confirmed safe back online to achieve Japan's goal of carbon neutrality by 2050.

Thank you for that change. I'm glad common sense is strong in Mr. Kono.

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Posted in: He wants you to like him, and he wants to like you, and he wants to engage, but he has a little bit of an angry streak and it can be a liability. See in context

Japan is surrounded by Vladimir Putin. XI Jinping and Kim Jong Un. Nice people get run over by this leaders.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 302 coronavirus cases; lowest number since July 5 See in context

We can't have that... Way too positive.

The only narrative accepted on JT is Japan is doing bad, worse, people are dying but the news media is covering up.

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Posted in: Foreign Minister Motegi to visit New York for U.N. assembly from Wed See in context


Why is this a problem? What's the issue? Just looking to complain about something.

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Posted in: China, pandemic, energy top Japan's leadership race debate See in context

Countries with more crime. More prisoners. Bad leaders voted in power. Overweight population, life expectancy lower by 10 years, easy access to guns... Are lecturing Japan and how we do things. Priceless!

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Posted in: China, pandemic, energy top Japan's leadership race debate See in context

So much trash talking about Japan's government. Political party. Justice System.... Works for Japanese.

We shouldn't have to live like you want us to live, or make changes here because in your country it's done that way.

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Posted in: With Australia-UK deal, Biden again shows China is paramount priority See in context

This is BULL!

Japan should have been offered this technology as well!

Japan is surrounded by major powers, we need any advantage we can get. Australia is small cakes compared to Japan, yet they are getting the biggest secrets America has released since 1950s when they did the same for their other White Brother UK giving them Nuclear Sub technology.

Japan is not even equal to Australia apparently.

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Posted in: Photos show North Korea expanding uranium enrichment plant See in context

Japan is naked. Pacifist, Restrictions, Article 9.

Even North Korea can be a serious threat with Nuclear weapons and Japan have no way to match them.

What's plan B? If the America's don't come or want to participate, what then?

When Japanese citizens die you should tell them your calling Washington to ask the real President what he will do.

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Posted in: Man sent to prosecutors for posting abusive comments online about mother of late ‘Terrace House’ star See in context

Freedom of speech is different from Cyberbullying.

If you target an individual for months sometimes years, making multiple accounts and telling the person to die. That is Cyberbullying. Not freedom of speecg

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Posted in: Great power rivalry fuels Pacific arms race frenzy See in context

To those Pacifist, with their head and neck buried in the ground.

Are you watching the news?

It's getting worse every month, every year.

Threats to East Asia, South China Sea, to Taiwain to Japan is increasing every single day.

Japan is surrounded by 3 powers with big armies, ballistic missiles, Nuclear weapons.

If Japan is not prepared, consequences will be serious. Life and death. Land and water will be lose.

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Posted in: China submits application to join TPP free trade deal See in context

If China becomes aggressive, uses force, joining the TPP won't mean anything.

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Posted in: SpaceX launches 4 amateurs on private Earth-circling trip See in context

Benefits of space exploration are obvious to see.

Even from past history the counties who traveled and cross the Oceans are the ones who got the resources, land, benefitted the most.

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Posted in: Suga says N Korean missile launches threaten Japan's security See in context

So many threats around Japan.

Changes need to happen soon if a credible deterrent can stop this type of aggression.

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Posted in: Putin to self-isolate due to COVID cases among inner circle See in context

Mr Putin should retire, you've been in power for too long. More then 20 years is enough. Take a break. You got Crimea already. Chill.

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Posted in: Japan eyes tougher jail sentence for insults to tackle cyberbullying See in context

I support freedom of speech. Great idea.


The internet did not exist when such ideas came into existence.

People online are more mean then in person/real life.

If you make it your job to target the same person for months and years, which can lead to their suicide, then you deserve punishment.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S., S Korea call on N Korea to return to arms talks See in context

If Japan and S. Korea was convinced by the USA not to have their own Nuclear weapons because we will be under American Umbrella.

So can North Korea, can feel safe that China will offer it's Nuclear Umbrella, including helping them in the past when North Korea decided to be the aggressor and try to conquer S.Korea.

North Korea already has it's own big brother, big superpower willing to jump in and save them. Under the same communist ideology, sharing a border with CCP China.

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Posted in: Kono announces bid to become next prime minister See in context

Mr. Kono is the most qualified candidate. Why?

Good relations with foreign leaders.

Educated overseas George Town University in USA.

His work schedule is insane, always busy, always trying to do more.

Can handle the pressure, the heat, won't be another revolving door PM.

Speaks multiple languages well. Can talk to leaders directly.

He lived overseas for a while, has experience in dealing with foreigners, people of different skin color, different ethnicities,religions.

Supports more women in the workforce.

Supports foreign workers and students.

Please support Mr. Kono if you want a better Japan.

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Posted in: Takaichi joins race to be next PM; outlines 'Sanaenomics' policy See in context

She has your vote because she's a woman.

Lowest bar you can set.

Doesn't matter if she's qualified, doesn't matter her party anymore, only qualification that counts, being a "Woman".

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Posted in: Nikkei ends at 6-month high above 30,000 on hopes for new gov't See in context


Wealth distribution in Japan is better then Europe by 20x and about 300x times better then USA.

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Posted in: Vaccine chief Kono draws flak for blocking Twitter critics See in context

It's 2021.

Mr Kono like many other PMs around the world has a Twitter account.

All those PM around the World also blocks users who don't behave properly, bully, say means things.

This is not new. Old news. People have been doing it, politicians have been doing it, actors have been doing it, musicians have been doing it around the World!

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Posted in: UK carrier commander: Japan visit underscores partnership See in context

Any help to balance China and make a credible deterrent will have benefits in the long run by avoiding bigger conflicts, bigger wars.

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Posted in: Vaccine chief Kono draws flak for blocking Twitter critics See in context

The right to block users online is a human right, Twitter Right. He has millions of followers, when you have those numbers is a necessary move.

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Posted in: IAEA team arrives in Japan to help prepare Fukushima water release See in context

Fukushima water release will be under the most scrutiny in the history of human kind!

Most inspections done.

Most media attention. Global news reporting 24/7.

Most countries and governments being involved, having the option to send its own inspectors.

None of that matters. Anything Japan does is wrong if you listen to the narrative being pushed on here.

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