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Posted in: Abe visits rain-hit Kumamoto to assess damage See in context

You know Abe is doing well when the foreign media and audience points out the mask, how his wearing it, if it's the right size. Lol

They are ignoring that part now... Want to talk about the mask his wearing personally. Haha

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Posted in: Japan may still build Aegis Ashore despite reports of cancellation See in context

Long Overdue.

Building your own missile defense system should have been top priority of the government decades ago.

It's a defensive weapon which is necessary to protect Japan.

The quality, performance, reliability of a missile defense system will be handle better and performed better if Japan builds it from scratch.

-America was not able to protect itself from missiles fired from Iran.

-America was not able to protect and defend Saudi Arabia when they got hit with cruise missiles. Saudis even have America missile shield and it Failed.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. sign document on cooperation for lunar exploration See in context

Why invest money in space if some people are still poor?.... What kind of logic is that.

Why invest money in anything else if people have coronavirus.

Lets go back to living in caves, give up your phone and computer, all the technology you depend upon, you don't deserve.

You'll always have people who want to keep the human race behind, who want to keep Japan behind.

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Posted in: Japan's ruling party calls for government to cancel Xi visit See in context

Can't believe what I'm hearing.

I don't support Xi or like him, his terrible decisions speak for themselves.

But Japan should never turn it's back on a opportunity to have a conversation on improving ties, making sure they don't get even more aggressive.

If you corner the CCP they might be even more violent in their decision making. Talks and leaders meeting is one of the most important thing they can do.

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Posted in: U.S. says Ghosn wired $862,500 to man who helped him flee Japan See in context

Ghosn choose Nissan and Japan. No one forced him to do so. In fact he was making massive amounts of money for his incompetence and bringing Nissan high quality to low and mediocre over small savings, nickle and dime everything was his solution.

When he benefited and was making huge amounts of money. No problem staying in Japan, benefitting.

When he brakes the law and knows his guilty what does he do? Run away.

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Posted in: Japanese rapper Kan a.k.a. GAMI arrested for marijuana possession See in context

If you look at the evidence when it comes to Marijuana, its safer then alcohol, no one ever died of smoking too much weed. It has many many health benefits and the reason it's becoming more legal worldwide.

It doesn't make you violent or aggressive its the opposite of that. I believe Japan is behind by a lot when it comes to understanding Marijuana and all of its benefits and uses.

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Posted in: Japanese women feeling pressured by image of perfect 'mama': study See in context

Let's ignore the salary men.

Lets ignore the pressure being put on men to succeed.

Lets ignore the higher suicide rate among men compared to women.

Men are toxic or bad just because your a man, that's what the media says.

Men's problems are ignore, hidden, while women's issues are all over the media and all over magazines.

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Posted in: Japan formally asks U.S. to extradite men accused of helping Ghosn flee See in context

Ghosn failed as a CEO. He failed as a leader of a company, Nissan famous for its high quality cars, deminish and deteriorated under his leadership, the list of laws this guy broke its the reason why he ran away hiding inside a box.

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Posted in: Man suspected of stabbing Hong Kong officer arrested on plane about to leave for UK See in context

Inconvenient truth that many don't know.

UK did not want to give back Hong Kong.

The reason they handed over HK back to China was because of military threat if they don't do so.

America and European powers tried during the Korean War to push back China and take over North Korea to reunifie the two Koreas. It failed.

Britain by itself trying to keep Hong Kong which is right next to mainland China would never succeed. That's why they gave it back.

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Posted in: Japan extends $464 mil loan for Philippines COVID-19 response See in context

Glad Japan is helping the Philippines. Our neighbors who are less developed and friendly towards Japan should definitely be helped in times like this. Our country has fallen in a recession and we still try to help others, that's the interest rate.

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Posted in: Japan caught in dilemma with mainland China over Hong Kong See in context

If you want Japan's help then move to Japan. We welcome Hong Kong citizens looking for freedom and a new start.

Japan is restricted by Article 9, if you want a stronger Japan with a louder voice and more influence, then you should support Japan's change to its constitution and Article 9.

China doesn't care what Japan has to say. Japan it's a pacifist country, weak militarily, relies on America for its own defense and security. You need a different kind of Japan to help you in Hong Kong or to help Taiwan.

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Posted in: U.S. tells Japan it hopes for in-person G7 summit in late August See in context

If other countries in the G-7 are willing to go and attend the meeting because the risk is acceptable, Japan will have to go as well. S. Korea, and Russia would go tomorrow if they can. You don't have to ask them twice.

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Posted in: I see China as exploiting a window of opportunity caused by the global confusion surrounding the coronavirus pandemic and while Donald Trump’s administration is on the ropes on the pandemic and focused on the election in November. See in context

I disagree.

China image has been affected in terrible ways because they are the ground zero of Covid-19. A second wave is more then likely which will make people dislike and hate the CCP even more.

If that's not enough they also started a border conflict with India, soldiers died, Hindu people are boycotting Chinese products and apps.

CCP is digging itself a giant hole and will take the rest of the country with them.

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Posted in: Japan and Britain aim for trade deal by end of July, Tokyo negotiator says See in context

UK by leaving E.U. Is affecting Japan in terrible ways. If Japan knew from the beginning you would only be a temporary member, we would not have invested the huge amounts of money we had in your country.

UK should definitely try to understand the situation that they voted on and supported will have consequences not only with Japan but other countries as well.

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Posted in: Gov't to aid companies to develop next generation of 5G See in context

5G is the future which many countries are racing to invest and get ahead.

South Korea government is investing heavily and is ahead of Japan when it comes to 5G.

They are also ahead when it comes to spending money on Research and Development. 3x As much.

Many governments provide help, bailout, assistance to their companies to succeed, being bias, double standard towards Japan only shows you don't support or love this country. You want Japan to Fail.

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Posted in: Tokyo stocks gain as robust U.S., China data hearten investors See in context

Stocks only tell you part of the story when it comes to economic recovery or well being. It's not a good indicator of things getting better for the average Japanese.

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Posted in: Japan factory output slumps; jobless rate rises to 2.9% See in context

Japan has done better then most countries. I believe the recovery will take some time, another Coronavirus wave is possible which would slow things down.

Japan will be among the top countries to come out of this Covid-19 Recession that's my prediction.

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Posted in: Japan to boost space cooperation with U.S. in revised policy See in context

If you actually read the article you'll realize it can protect Japan by tracking missile activity from North Korea. A country which fired missiles over Japan and threaten with Nuclear strike.

They even want to cooperate to send astronauts to the moon another benefit for closer cooperation.

We did not go in debt because we spend on the military. We did not go in debt because we spend money on the space program... That has more to do with terrible aggrements Japan signed in the 80s.

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