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Posted in: Japan says no truth to Times report on canceling Tokyo Olympics See in context

Foreign media spreading lies and misinformation about Japan.

This is not new. Happens often on many issues related to Japan.

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Posted in: Okinawans, former N Korea abductees urge Biden to take initiative See in context

People in Okinawa are tired of US military bases for a reason Smith, they are not anti-US Not Jobs as you call it.

Crimes have been committed, murder, rape, theft, drunk accidents, bad behavior happening for decades that's why people on Okinawa are tired and done with US bases.

The smart move is to relocate, not everyone, not all US soldiers, but at least half should be moved away. Look at those bases in Okinawa, look at their location, is literally next to people's homes and businesses.

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Posted in: Japan braces for U.S. jobs-focused Biden trade policy See in context

From USA with love..... Hey Japan.

Remember your amazing growth in the 60s 70s and 80s, ready to surpass the USA economically. until 1985 when the Plaza Accord was pushed on Japan by the same friend and ally.

Sending our economy in the lost decades for the past 30 years of stagnation. Trillions and Billions lost and taken away from an entire new generation of young Japanese who:

-Don't own a house or apartment.

-Don't own or have enough for a car.

-Don't have kids or a wife because they can't afford it. Don't want to disappoint.

Now in 2021. Even though Japan has no fault or blame for Covid19. The Americans want to push Plaza Accord 2.0 on us, so USA can continue growning. An economy already at $24 Trillion, While Japan has been stuck at 5 Trillion for the past 3 decades.

Makes perfect sense. We should sign it right away whatever they demand like before! Sign away our future and growth!

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Posted in: Japan urges South Korea to drop wartime compensation demands See in context

Why would S. Korea ever change? ? ?

They always win. Always get their way for decades now!

If you always win in a relationship, you always get your way!! Why would any change ever happen??

We make it impossible for Koreans back home to say Don't be Anti-Japan to other Koreans!! We fuel the anti-Japan fire with our apologies and compensation.

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Posted in: Japan urges South Korea to drop wartime compensation demands See in context

Issues South Korea has with Japan in 2021.

-Don't like 1965 aggrement.

-Don't like the 1995 women's fund.

-Don't like 2015 comfort women deal. 

-Don't like over 50 apologies over decades.

-Don't like the name and tried to change Sea of Japan.

-Illegally occupied island of Japan in the 50s, refused to go to court, refused to talk about it.

-Doesn't like GSOMIA pact tried to quit. Not reliable or dependable.

-Target Japanese plane in Japan Sea. They don't like our planes and ships in Japan Sea.

-They Boycott everything Japanese especially in Korea, many Japanese companies shut down because of it.

-Teaching young Koreans to hate Japan, never forgive, never accept compensation or apology. Walk on Japanese flag, burn Japanese flag, destroy Japanese products as a form of patriotism.

-Building comfort Women statues worldwide, newest one in 2020 Germany Berlin.

South Korea; The most Anti-Japan country in the world! The only Asian country to receive compensation and apology multiple times is S. Korea!! Not Even All of Korea, just Half! North is not even covered!

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Posted in: 'Walkable chair' makes standing on the job an easier prospect See in context

I'm sure South Korea is watching this. Samsung will have a version at half the cost that will break within the first year.

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Posted in: Uniqlo owner Fast Retailing's operating profit beats pre-pandemic level See in context

Glad to see Uniqlo survive and make a profit.

South Korea tried hard to affect this company, Koreans boycott the store on mass.

They would even watch the Uniqlo stores and criticize other Koreans who would go inside as unpatriotic. Many Unilqo stores in South Korea had to shut down because of it.

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Posted in: Japan considers various options against S Korea 'comfort women' ruling See in context

South Korea is not part of Quad Alliance, leaving all the burden in East Asia to America and Japan to balance China.

-South Korea received over 50 apologies.

-South Korea received compensation multiple times.

-South Korea the only Asian country to receive this much! No other Asian country got even half of what S. Korea got! It's Not even all of Korea. We keep giving to South all the time! Rich South Korea!

-Under the Moon administration, both the 1965 aggrement and the 2015 aggrement are out the window!

Ways to get South Korea back in line!!!

1.MORE MATERIALS to the list added, the Korean was feeling the pressure, why did you stop?

2.South Korean companies should be a target in Japan. Just like Japanese companies have become a target in S. Korea.

3.Schools for Koreans only in Japan should be closed down! They encourage Anti-Japan sentiments and propaganda!

4.Make it clear to America, if S. Korea is not in line, doesn't hold the agreements with Japan, there will be consequences for Koreas security and defense.

5.Tax any income being sent to South Korea or North Korea.

6.Can we send some Koreans back home? The Criminals? The ones who break the law? Send a few thousand back, and their government will get the message.

7.Educate and tell the rest of Japan the agreements signed with South Korea, the payments made, the amount of apologies given. How South Korea accepts the deal today, and tomorrow their not happy. Wants more money and a new apology.

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Posted in: S Korea likely to confirm ex-comfort women's win next week See in context

Biden and Obama was there in 2015 when the comfort woman deal was signed. They supported this idea and agreement.

I hear no comments from either of them on how South Korea will be hold accountable for breaking the deal in 2017, and now in 2021 trying to escalate the situation, seize Japanese assets if we don't open up the wallet again, and agree to further Korean demands.

Watch some SKorean news, they will tell you, unless we feel economic pain, no reason to stop the pressure on Japan.

Koreans are United in boycotting everything Japanese.

That's the response we need in return if we expect South Korea to change it's attitude towards Japan. They have to understand the consequences of hating Japan and using such policies to keep us devided will affect their economic bottom line and security.

Don't expect Japan to be there if North Korea attacks if you break this agreements would be my response to Moon. 1965 aggrement and 2015 are Final and Irreversible!

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Posted in: S Korea to continue efforts to improve ties with Japan, says Moon See in context

Mr. Moon, Your responsible for the worst relations between Japan and S. Korea in the past 70 years.

He made promises to break the 2015 comfort woman deal if he gets elected, to get a new deal with more money and a new apology, even though 70% of Comfort women supported that deal. Hate against Japan was more important.

Under the Moon administration the Korean court usually in check and hold back by the previous Park administration. Under Moon, they got the blessing, the approval to escalate the situation.

It's no coincidence that at the same time under Moon, both the 1965 aggrement and 2015 aggrement are in trouble, dead on arrival under Moon.

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Posted in: Universal basic income proposal by Suga adviser may be hard sell in Japan See in context

This should have been done a long time ago. Without the Plaza Accord in 1985 we could have done UBI without having to think about the cost.

Even a small amount of money given to every Japanese, at the end of the year it amounts to something Big.

Enough to get your own place.

Enough to invest for the first time.

Buy stocks for the first time.

Go on a vacation outside of Japan for the first time.

Little bit of money to loyal citizens, hard working people who follow the rules and laws, serve the country, Japanese citizens deserve UBI!!

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Posted in: Japan calls S Korean court ruling on 'comfort women' regrettable, unacceptable See in context

South Korea has:

Refused any other 3rd party/country to look at 1965 deal.

Has refused to take it to WTO, to UN, to America. The Korean doesn't even want to open up the 1965 deal and read what they agreed upon! The Korean will avoid, and refused to look at the deal he signed!

SKorea unlike any other Asian country, Has received Dozens of Apologies and compensation multiple times! NO other Asian countries has received this much!

In 2015 stupid Japanese government again bent over, the right wing Abe gave them both apology and money which Korea accepted until 2017 when New President Moon came to power with promise of more money new apology.

South Korea exist in 2021 because of American and Japanese help.

The Korean wont acknowledge any of it.

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Posted in: South Korean court orders Japan to compensate 12 former sex slaves See in context

South Korea

The only country to receive over 50 apologies from Japan.

The only country to get paid compesation not One time But Multiple Times! from Japan.

South Korea, the only country that depends on American and Japanese support, use of our land, water, resources to save Korea in 1950s during first Korean War. It will happen again in the Next Korean War.

South Koreas wealth, fast and rapid Rise is because of Japanese technology, know how, use of our materials and chemicals.

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Posted in: South Korean court orders Japan to compensate 12 former sex slaves See in context

1965 aggrement as Final.

Covered comfort women. Slave labor.

In 2021. The 1965 aggrement Doesn't Cover Anything if you ask the Korean.

2015 aggrement as Final and Irreversible dealing with comfort women only this time.

In 2017 Moon administration in S. Korea backed away, promised more money, new apology.

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Posted in: South Korean court orders Japan to compensate 12 former sex slaves See in context

What about the defense of South Korea? Does that count?

Robert Abrams.

The command’s work in Japan is vital to the defense of South Korea since it would help facilitate reinforcements that would head to the peninsula through Japanese ports in an emergency. It also facilitates the missions of warships and aircraft that monitor North Korea’s efforts to evade U.N. sanctions.

“You can’t fight a major engagement in Korea without access through Japan,” Williams said during a recent interview at his office, which shares a building with the USFJ and the 5th Air Force.

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Posted in: Tick-Tock: Tokyo Olympics hit the 200-days-to-go mark See in context

I was always a fan of the Olympics.

Was happy to hear Japan will host in 2020.

Then, this disaster happened called Covid19.

Now, I'm more concerned about daily cases increase, getting the vaccine as fast as possible. Our economy to rebound, people to get out and resume their life which has been on pause for the past year.

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Posted in: Back in 2001, what technical advancements did you think the world would have achieved by 2021 but which haven't happened? See in context

Keep the flying cars....

I'm still waiting for better treatments and cures for diseases.

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Posted in: Group protests over comments by Japan cosmetics firm on Koreans See in context

Dear South Korea

When will you protect Japanese people and Japanese companies located in Korea?

The racism, bias, hate, even attacks on Japanese have increased in S. Korea.

We have Koreans boycotting Japanese products on mass. It's so bad many Japanese businesses are closing down.

Trying to take Japanese companies Assets in S. Korea, even though we had the 1965 aggrement which settles such issues.

Again a one way street. In South Korea they burn with hate against Japan and our companies. No protection for our citizens, No protection for our companies!

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Posted in: Japan-S Korea deadlock to continue despite Biden push to mend ties See in context

Obama and Biden was there in 2015 when we signed the Comfort Woman Deal with SKorea.

In 2017 S. Korea backed out! Broke the deal! Broke the agreement!

What did Obama do? Nothing!! 0 response!! No consequences for the Korean!

-No consequences for Comfort Woman Deal.

-No consequences for 1965 deal and agreement.

-No consequences for the actions of S. Korea, for breaking promises and aggrements. For always looking to start a new conflict with Japan.

America should realize who is the rock for USA in East Asia. Which country is part of Quad alliance (SKorea Is Not), The Korean wants your help, but he will never return the favor unless it's against North Korea.

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Posted in: Japan-S Korea ties remain frosty 5 years after 'comfort women' deal See in context

Quote Japan-S Korea ties remain frosty 5 years after 'comfort women' deal

That's because the previous Park administration signed the 2015 comfort woman deal as Final and Irreversible. Then in 2017 the new Moon administration destroyed the deal, he promised a new deal, with more money and a new apology.

Under the Moon administration, even the 1965 aggrement and settlement for labor is out the window. They are backing away from that too. Because of Korean Court Ruling which the government supported, they are backing away with the excuse it's not us it's the Korean Court. (Not international Court, Not WTO, Not E.U. Not America) it's the hateful bias Korean court ruling deciding in Korean favor. What a shock and surprise! !

If the Korean gets to decide they will never stop. No deal is Final. No deal is permanent.

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Posted in: U.S. President Donald Trump has been pressing Japan to pay more for the cost of stationing U.S. forces in the country. Do you think the administration of Joe Biden will pursue the same policy? See in context

Japan pays %75 of the cost. More then any other U.S. Ally in the world. 3x more then S. Korea for 3x longer period of time.

We helped USA in the Korean War.

We helped USA in the Vietnam War.

Helped in Iraq, Afghanistan, against ISIS.

Used Japanese land, water, ocean, resources without cost, free of charge. Get to eat plenty of free Japanese cake Alan.

We support the dollar, we support U.S. Economy by buying over 1 Trillion in bonds, more then China. More then any other U.S. Ally we support America.

We opened factories in the USA, many, employing close to a million Americans, good paying jobs. Does it count?

Japan was forced by America to sign Article 9. Become pacifist, with promises of protection and no need for nukes or strong military.

When Japan was doing the Best Economically, ready to surpass America. We got stunned, stopped, forced to Sign Plaza Accord so we don't surpass USA.

If America starts a war in East Asia they expect Japan full support. They expect Japan to shoot down missiles heading to America. To protect their assets, and soldiers.

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Posted in: If you are a foreign resident (either permanent, long term or short term) of Japan, do you currently feel safer living here amid the coronavirus, or would you prefer to be in some other country? See in context

I definitely feel safer here then when I lived overseas for work.

In some countries they don't wear mask everywhere, some people don't take the necessary precautions which in Japan it's always been there even for the basic flu.

We have the oldest population on Earth, many in their 80s,90s even 100. If people were not careful our Death rate should be triple by now. Similar to USA numbers or half base on population numbers and location from the source which Japan is next door.

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Posted in: Japanese defense official, calling Taiwan red line, urges Biden to be strong See in context

Big difference Joey. Big difference.

Okinawa wants to be with Japan.

Texas and Hawaii wants to be with USA.

Taiwan Does Not Want To Be With CCP China!

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Posted in: After early success, S Korea sleepwalks into virus crisis See in context

Oh wait. Don't tell me the Korea supporters are backing down.

Their perfect Korea was doing so well. Bragging 24/7 how perfect they handle the Virus.

Dozens and dozens of articles written by Koreans or their supporters glorifying the S. Korean government as the ultimate answer and solution to Covid19.

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Posted in: Japan aims to conclude talks on cost-sharing for U.S. troops soon See in context

Japan does pay.

More then any other U.S. Ally in the world. 3x as much as S. Korea for 3 times longer period of time.

Japan more then any other U.S. Ally has opened factories in America, employing close to a million U.S. Citizens, good paying jobs. While Ford, GM have closed down and moved to China.

Japan has contributed to the Korean War, Vietnam War because of distance and location. It has helped financially or with soldiers in more peaceful means in Iraq, Afghanistan, in the war against ISIS and other terrorist groups.

In any conflict in East Asia America expects Japan's support, or to use our bases, to shoot down ballistic missiles coming towards Hawaii, California, Mailand U.S.A.

Most Americans don't realize how much Japan is doing, has done, and will do in the future!

We would have done even more without Article 9 forced on Japan, and without the Plaza Accord which crippled our economy for 3 decades.

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Posted in: Defense budget rises with funding for stealth fighters, long-range missiles See in context


3 lost decades Smith. Wasn't because we spend on the military that's for sure.

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Posted in: Defense Ministry to team up with Keidanren to promote arms exports See in context

Ossan, Peter, Fighto very well said. Valid points that many times are overlooked in Japan.

Samit, I do agree with your view that Japan is behind S. Korea in some military technologies because you don't have Article 9 keeping you behind. That's why it's important to take this steps if you expect Japan to be of any help in East Asia or to help S. Korea if another war happens and North attacks again.

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Posted in: Japan raises GDP outlook for FY2021 See in context

You mean after 3 lost decades of stagnation and economic woes since we sign the Plaza Accord... Japan can grow again? Oh wait, this is only temporary. If the growth last more then 5 years, another Plaza Accord forced on Japan.

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Posted in: S Korea sets record COVID-19 cases as prison reports major outbreak See in context

SJ your South Korea which you said it's doing so perfect before, looks like they keep having new rising cases. Must be a lie. Perfect S. Korea could never have such problems. They only copy everything Japan does.

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Posted in: Netflix’s newest anime live-action adaptation is 'Yu Yu Hakusho' See in context

What could go wrong.....

Give the best we have, Classics, to Netflix?

Go watch some anime on Netflix, 80% is sub-par, not good enough, crap on a stick.

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