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Posted in: 20 words of English origin that Japanese people often mistake for real thing See in context

I'd always thought 'klaxxon' in Japanese came from the klaxon a submarine uses to signal 'dive'

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Posted in: M4.9 quake jolts Tokyo, Kanagawa See in context

Was in Mitaka Station when we heard a "BANG!" That was it. My wife though it was an earthquake. Sounded like a truck banging into the building to me. Then they announced it over the speaker and we had to wait a little extra for the train.

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Posted in: Supreme Court rejects calls for death penalty for murderer See in context

Lowly, presumably about the kidnap and robbery.

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Posted in: Beat Takeshi compares same-sex marriage with bestiality See in context

At least in the translation he didn't compare same-sex marriage with beastiality. He seems to be suggesting there is no limiting priciple if you extend the traditional definition of marriage.

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Posted in: 3 dead, 306 injured in 33 prefectures by typhoon-strength storm See in context

I was in Hakone last night, traveling by bike. Watched the news on tv and wondered if it was crazy to travel back to Tokyo today by motorcycle but didn't have much choice. Left early and got back before the weather started. Now will sit safely in my house and enjoy it ; )

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Posted in: 3 dead, 306 injured in 33 prefectures by typhoon-strength storm See in context

Cricky, good one!

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Posted in: Nuclear power only option despite Fukushima: industry See in context

'Climate change' seemed pretty weak as an excuse to promote nuclear energy. Couldn't do better than that?

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Posted in: Speeding Ferrari driver caught after YouTube post See in context

oh, they had a Ferrari festival in the town square in Modena yesterday. Lots of Ferraris, vintage and late models.

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Posted in: Speeding Ferrari driver caught after YouTube post See in context

Zichi, the town where the new Ferarri museum has just opened is Modena.

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Posted in: Film box-office revenue down 17.9% in 2011 See in context

Hint to theaters: stop threatening viewers with prison for downloading movies. We're the ones sitting in the theater and paying for tickets!

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Posted in: Changes coming to foreign registration, visa system See in context

"Being sentenced to imprisonment or a heavier punishment for submitting a false notification required of medium to long term residents, or violating the rules concerning receipt or mandatory presentation of the residence card"

Heavier than imprisonment? Death penalty for screwing up your resident status?

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Posted in: U.S., Australia, NZ 'disappointed' over Japan whale hunt See in context

Genji, Mabo

Lying about scientific research does not make comercial hunting of whales any more legal than lying about shooting in self-defense makes murder legal.

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Posted in: 61% of single men aged 18-34 have no girlfriend; 49% of women unattached: survey See in context

re the 12% - some of the women who have boyfriends are going out with a guy who is seeing more than one woman?

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Posted in: Hyogo teen accused of stabbing 18-year-old boy See in context

@Matthew Good one : )

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Posted in: Baseball movie offers lessons in life, says Brad Pitt See in context

Well, good thing he learned something about baseball. Would be nice to hear his comments about life after he's learned something about that (we wouldn't develope the automobile. Really? The system hasn't served us well. Really?).

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Posted in: 20 million tons of tsunami debris drifting toward Hawaii See in context


We may be focusing on different parts of the article. I'm referring to:

"The latest analysis also presents evidence that xenon-133 began to vent from Fukushima Daiichi immediately after the quake, and before the tsunami swamped the area."

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Posted in: 20 million tons of tsunami debris drifting toward Hawaii See in context

@gogogo The Fukushima plant actually began emitting radiation immediately after the earthquake, before the tsunami struck.


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Posted in: Lips synch See in context

@JapanGal "I thought it was another wax museum picture."

haha.... so did I.

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Posted in: Why Japanese values and morality confound us so See in context

I wonder why the bombastic atheists feel such a need to proclaim themselves and put down people of faith? In all my years in Japan I have rarely been prozelized by people of religion except for an occasional call at the door by JW, but am frequently accosted by self-(and loudly) proclaimed atheists who almost invarialby ridicule my faith. Why the hatred and contempt? I can understand the atheist point of view and have held it myself and certainly don't begrudge anyone else holding it, but why the intollerance?

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Posted in: Government backtracks on tobacco tax hike See in context

Raise the taxes on cigarettes, remove all taxes on nicotine gum and patches.

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Posted in: Japan to offer 10,000 free trips to foreigners to boost tourism industry See in context


The cost of travel to and in Japan is a disincentive to visiting Japan but the radition worry is a bigger issue right now. My wife is a tour guide and her agency which caters to US tourists has closed its Japan office and are not offering tours to Japan since the nuclear disaster. My wife is virtually unemployed as a result. Tour agencies that are still operating in Japan have seen their customers fall drastically since Diichi. Until worries about radiation subside, it looks to continue that way.

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Posted in: Grief of March 11 disaster laid bare in new documentary See in context


How about directors of funeral homes? Doctors? Physical therapists? Real Estate salespersons (preying on the homeless)? Farmers (exploiting the hungry)? Granted the above (with perhaps the exception of the first) are helping the suffereing in some way, but they are still making money off of others suffering, no?

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Posted in: NZ, Australia condemn Japan's plan to go ahead with whaling See in context

Mussolini said "To remain healthy, a nation should wage war every 25 years." Is this the only way Japan can wage it's war to remain healthy? If Australia or New Zealand or Sea Shepard can manage to injure or kill a Japanese whaler will Japan have what it needs to elect its fascist politician as leader?

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Posted in: The world below See in context

Hit and miss at the top. Can be passably warm or really freezing. Most time I have been up (5) it has been freezing. Better to have some very warm clothing with you.

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Posted in: Japan to buy up and burn radiation-tainted beef See in context


That is disturbing new, but posts contrary to the 'safe Japan", "safe Fukushima" continue to be posed here, so perhaps this ban is not totally effective?

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Posted in: Grim journey See in context


To be honest, I don't think he did mean to kill her. I think he was just so proud of himself that when she rejected him, he flipped out, raped her and killed her.

hmm.... he shaved her head, right? If done while she was alive it's hard to imagine he expected to let her walk with a, "Don't tell anyone I raped you and shaved your hair off, okay?"

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Posted in: 16 children taken to hospital after collapsing during athletics meet See in context


all saying"ATSUI NE""

haha... : D

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Posted in: 16 children taken to hospital after collapsing during athletics meet See in context


cleoJUN. 30, 2011 - 09:54AM JST

I don't even let my dog run around outside in the hottest part of the day, absolutely ludicrous to be holding sporting events in this weather.

Me too, I don't let my cat go out in this heat. Oh, wait, she won't go out anyway. My cat has more common sense?

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Posted in: Compulsory power usage cut implemented for 1st time in 37 yrs See in context

Saw a program on NHK last night that showed California residents using 1/2 electricity of Japanese consumers while US consumers use about twice the electricity of J consumers. No penalties involved. California used a cash bonus to consumers who used less. Rod? The carrot was a successful strategy there.

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