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Red Asgard comments

Posted in: Which English words or expressions really annoy you? See in context

"you know" after every other sentence. That I find I have to mock, individuals with there slang. And the yo dawg expression... where all i can do is reply back as " do i look russian. " So much of it these days, that everything in English i've learned seems to be disappearing from lack of proper usages.

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Posted in: Police officer busted for allegedly molesting 15-yr-old girl See in context

Heh every job has stuff like this, hell even the military of every country does as well. Men are just horny creatures, some more disturb then others obviously. But as I started saying. "Heh" Not shocked at the position, but shocked at the alleged part.

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Posted in: My very brief fight with a yakuza See in context

You know members of Yakuza's do strange things, that even I will never understand. Respectfully I wouldn't want to go looking for trouble with anyone in a gang. But I've had my similar moment too. Following a few friends off the base being new to the whole Japanese Culture, going to a club filled with Yakuza's, I found myself not really to thrilled with being a nice bar. And turning around to a group of suited men rolling up on my bud dancing with some yak'z girl. And stepping into the mix to separate the two. And all my dumb American butt could say was, "we leaving" thinking in the back of my mind, oh SH*$ he ain't even going to understand low and behold English... well the best one could expect from one that doesn't pursue english. Saying I like you, your not weak. Don't come back.// made no sense to me, but wasn't going to question it, but never will forget the once in a lifetime go free moment. Love japan still, and miss it so much. Even if things are a little different then everyday U.S. life.

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Posted in: Google to include people's Gmail in search results See in context

Wow; and so far i been successful in keeping spam out of my gmail and spam/promo to yahoo -.- i'm disappointed in google; but then again this doesn't surprise me there A-GPS/Maps started out strong but there last few updates seemingly forgot how to find streets

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Posted in: Panetta hails 'important' deal on Marines in Japan See in context

In a way like in the U.S. neighboring Cities near a military installation seem to all have the same trend when it gets shut down, lack of money flow takes a major dive especially for home businesses which is far greater in japan vs the U.S. but being put out there. Economically it would have a direct affect on the community because they have been there so long most don't realize what the impact would do. Doing it slowly is better then all of a sudden. And sure sure the U.S seems to be the biggest debt producers but so isn't the rest of the world. There really isn't a justifiable amount without debt to not realize there is more debt in the world then actual money. Just a trickery of each countries political saying we have money in each. Some food for serious thought

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Posted in: Water temperature rising in No. 2 reactor at Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

If anyone is wondering, most people don't use F for tempt, it is most likely C even thou that is a big temp increase its also nuclear related so that stuff well i aint ever cooking turkey's with that degree :0

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Posted in: Electronic dictionary See in context

that's really cool, going to have to remember this little handy tool

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Posted in: Tiny wires could usher new computer era See in context

hmm o.O nano wires that do close n/or better than conventional wires... so lets jump ahead if a wire breaks the whole contraption of a device will be useless cause it will take million $ equipment to fix leading to more garbage. I'm not against the nano-wires i just hope it doesn't lead to cheap disposable. I think science should make electronics repairable and faster and more efficient

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Posted in: American father wins custody of daughter taken to Japan See in context

Caught re-applying for US Permanent Residency -.- If one flied and came back >.> not a smart woman. Must of been a poor learner / High school drop out. Guess she came back to see if she could do it again build a nefarious reputation for herself

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Posted in: Make your bento look like your favorite anime characters See in context

Great Idea!! and you can so make healthy foods for lunches and be creative. The tender care n love a parent puts into a meal from time to time really reflects strongly on a child growing up. All this technology and both parents always being swamped caught up with themselves to just do basics, is like say what more do you want i fed you. That just says to your kid, I'd rather you wasn't born. Doesn't have to be done everyday or all the time, but a special treat from time to time, be no different then having pizza n ice cream once every two weeks, or something different. And aesthetic with japanese isn't always being unhealthy living there years ago I found alot of great looking food that was healthy and pretty neat looking at then what i see here on a regular basis in the states.

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Posted in: Why do people talk, text and tweet at cinema? See in context

I use to as a kid hate adults with beepers on call for work, now i just don't go to movies. I just wait. Thou I do think they should put in cellphone jammers, if your on call for work or waiting for something big that day or week just postpone it common sense would dictate you wouldn't want someone spitting spitballs at u at the movies nor do people want to see glowing lights n side noises not part of movie all very annoying. just lobe a spitball at a cellphone user

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