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MarkG, you are supremely and purposely forgetful: the USA as a government and country was created by European immigrants who were "illegal" and inflicted genocide on the indigenous peoples of the continent, with above 90% death rate.

BUT I agree: do let's return the illegals to their own country of origin for that would mean Anglo ignorants like yourself would go back to where you came from. Those with indigenous blood, native to the continent, which IS what Mexicans are (mixed indigenous and invader blood: Spanish) would have access to the places their people have roamed for thousands of years before ethnocentric know-it-alls arrived.

Regarding the article, any deaths are lamentable such as in this case. The terror, grief, loss and pain experienced before they died, but most especially that which the survivors will forever live with is what should be considered. Sorry, if you people like you have your own agenda to push and forget these important human facts, and accepting that the term "immigrant" inheritly is negative.

Alex80 was not incorrent, though not "the West" but most especially the USA covertly does influence and sometimes exacerbates difficult situations in certain countries for its own gain.

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I read a comment yesterday where a male therapist stated simply, that men should stay out of it and let knowledgeable, reasonable women decide what they need to do regarding their bodies and especially topics like this, from the law-making level downward. I agreed with him.

Sure you got some ding-bat women backing their husbands like Akin and Ryan, but there are some terrific, intelligent women out there, that in agreement with and consensus by other women, should be making these decisions, not men. As I work in psychology as well, and having dealt with and observed extremely problematic situations of this sort, Akin's comments were really sickening and ignorant, and very disturbing because it is the basic belief of his party however ill stated. That people still back them is unbelievable. No, its believable, because they believe what they want to believe.

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Ironically enough perhaps, they are not allowing the photos to be shown in the U.K., which has been commented on by some news source as being because papers are now too afraid of controversy. I don't really think that's the really they're not allowing them however.

I don't have a problem with people getting naked, that's for sure! LOL But you'd think big name stars, celebrities or royalty (in this case) would be more circumscribe because surely such photos or videos will get out at some point. If they don't want them out there, I'd take more care.

I'm no celebrity, but I've done my share of partying and nonsense, and there's only one vid I know of out there, but my good friends are nice enough not to share it around. In every other case I made sure no pics, vids, and to collect them if there were!

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I read this article yesterday at a German language website, I live in Germany, and a number of the comments were in support of customs whether it was simply a solidarity ploy or not, I don't know. I personally thought it was absurd.

I've never been stopped in such a situation but my son was, when he was returning to the US. He was 14 at the time, and got tagged because of "something suspicious" in his backpack. He was terrified as all these stern looking people come over. They didn't allow me near though he was special needs, large for his age but mental age is lower, and didn't speak German. It was all over Groundon. You know him? A Pokémon that my son had a plushie of, which is his security toy. They laughed then, too, but my son was understandably traumatized believing they were going to take both him and his toy away.

Of course, no apologies, no acknowledgement. They shove it in a bag, barely looked at him or me and carried on. Most don't care about you personally, that's for sure. As a former officer myself, I know you do see so many people daily, you do/can become more dismissive to humanity and human needs and concerns but sometimes its completely over the top. Germany is becoming far more strict, overly stern and arbitary in such situations than its usual bureaucratic, to the letter and beyond, just-have-to-count-to-ten self. I'm comparing ten years ago when I first came back to Germany, to today's nonsense. Anytime you have to deal with an official office here, that's just how it goes.

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@tmarie "Personally, am glad they cuffed her and took her to the station. I am sure she was scared and I hope she remember it next time she decides to pull this crap."

Believe me, as a former law enforcement officer who regularly took people to jail, it is traumatizing for adults, beyond scary for many, and a psychological event that can affect them the rest of their life. And that's for an adult, cognizant of what it really means. For a child to go through the same? And you're glad it happened to the child? Glad I think is the wrong word, because if you are glad something bad happens to someone even a child, I think that shows something about you.

No matter what her behavior was, she is still a child, with children being under control from adults or others. She was out of control. Through cuffing they brought her under control. I am absolutely sure there were secure offices to keep the child in until parents are notified and arrive to pick her up. Taking a child to the station, in a holding area was the extreme.

Even if we may stop and cuff a suspect at the scene, especially if a minor, the officers have some leeway to remain there and not take it a "level up" as it were. If the person has no priors, has calmed and no immediate threat is perceived or that a true crime has been committed, we have the option to get their information, contact parents, let them be picked up and then later follow-up.

The officers didn't have to take her to the station. That is my only problem in this situation. The teachers only did what they could, as did the school. To reinterate, even the cuffing wasn't unwarranted, but transporting a 6 y.o. to the station was both unnecessary and extreme.

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I was around nine, I believe when I did something similar in class, though not to this extreme. I remember ripping posters off the walls, yelling and screaming. I wouldn't have hurt anyone else, but other students might not have known that or the teacher. However, that was thirty years ago, and at the time my parent's marriage was failing, frequent arguments and fights, and I had already been sexually abused for almost two years.

What this article tells me, from the child's behavior, there are some serious underlying issues that fueled this child's acting out. As some suggest, it is not always a child has been spoilt and are used to having their way. In my case, in a post-military home, you would not dare to ever voice your opinion or act out for any reason because you were beaten badly or otherwise punished severely. This resulted in anger that came out in other areas.

As an adult who later went into law enforcement, I know teachers cannot touch students anymore the way we used to get a "paddling", which I got for my outburst and then I was later beaten at home much worse. Teachers and schools can and do often get sued, just like police officers, and in the latter case...many often took out insurance policies in just such an event. Schools and teachers have gotten sued and accused so often, and too often unjustly, that this is the current solution: bringing the police in. The society itself has created that aspect of the issue.

I don't believe the child should have been taken away from the school in handcuffs, but the handcuffing itself may have been warranted. In any case, no matter how the child acted or why, being handcuffed, led away by adults into a holding situation will be traumatizing. Yes, it can result in the child never doing such again, but it can equally and conversely result in a deep distrust and hatred of the mis or overuse of authority as well.

I think the underlying factors of this case should be taken into consideration and the homelife itself be looked into. The parents actions do seem opportunistic to blow this out of proportion when its very likely the homelife and examples they set for their child is the root cause of the outburst.

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