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Red7Racing comments

Posted in: Dolphin-hunting town begins annual pursuit See in context

Good luck fishermen, here's to a bumper season!

Hopefully there won't be too much disruption from the headline-hunting protesters.

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Posted in: I would encourage Japanese people to go whale watching. It's extraordinary, it crosses culture, crosses emotion. The exposure increases the passion. See in context

Better still, a tasty platter of whale sashimi with few cold beers - while on the whale watching cruise. Best of both worlds!

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Posted in: Bidder pays Y3.52 mil for rights to photograph former Miss Universe Riyo Mori See in context

She'd make a good nurse... perhaps that's the photo shoot theme!

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Posted in: Photographer charged over nude photos at cemetery See in context

Come on JT, we clearly need pictures to make an informed judgment on this one!

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Posted in: Flowers See in context

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Dodgy clothes will look fine on the floor.

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Posted in: Tokyo experiences coldest mid-April day in nearly 50 years See in context

There was a colder day in 1961. Unusual, yes - related to 'global warming', no.

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Posted in: Pope breaks silence on abuse, urges repentance See in context

Nice. So the Pope thinks that it's OK for all the deviant priests to touch little boys as long as they repent.

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Posted in: Fan automatically adjusts air volume See in context

It would be on full power all day in my stupid coolbiz office, and it would still be too hot.

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Posted in: Man dies after being dragged by car for 70 meters in Ibaraki See in context

Japan really does need to do something about the laws that make the consequences for hitting someone with a car so severe that people feel they have to run away.

A balanced penalty (or not, for a genuine accident) so people can do the right thing might just have saved this guy's life.


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