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Posted in: Obama compromises on birth control policy See in context

Seems discriminatory to me. Why are women provided free contraception, yet men are not?

@DS: Because for men, contraception cannot be regarded as a health issue? Because male contraception cannot yet be acheived by drugs that are approved by the FDA? Both?

That said, in a way I would love for condoms to be free just from the disease prevention standpoint. But if they were free, there would be condom balloons everywhere at the tax payer expense. BC pills are unlikely to be similarly abused.

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Posted in: Obama compromises on birth control policy See in context

Wonder what is he going to try to mandate next on all of us whether we like or not and are opposed to it based on our religious principles.

@sailwind: When you enter the realm of debate of the secular society and its governance, you are supposed to check your religious beliefs at the door sir. Anyone failing to do so should be tazed like a democrat at a Bush rally.

No one is being forced to use contraception. But your money may well pay for others to use it. If you have a reason against, fine. Unless of course its a religious one, because you would be trying to cram your religion down our throats.

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Posted in: Supreme Court rules making teachers sing 'Kimigayo' is constitutional See in context

Where did I say I support?

@Blair Herron: Well if your ad hominems on the teachers against Kimigayo are not meant as support for this desecration of the constitution, then what relation does it have to this story??

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Posted in: Billy Connolly joins 'Hobbit' cast See in context

@Ivan Coughanaffalot: So you were a fan of his acting until you found out he was unpleasant in person? Look, I don't know if you saw caught him on a bad minute or if you spent a whole week long vacation with him in Bali, but I am pretty sure you can still be a fan of his acting even if he is an ass in person.

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Posted in: Japan 'should watch' China's naval reach: report See in context

@toguro: I guess its your business if you choose to beleive the casualty account issued by one side over the other. Just don't go around demanding people accept the "official" claims of one side over the other as fact, m'kay?

I also never said the Chinese did anything out of kind heartedness. I said they showed restraint. In fact, the whole plan was to punish Vietnam all along, not make a colony. And that is exactly what they did. The words match the action, even if the details are a little messy. But I suppose if you just hate China, you are not going to give them a fair shake. I am no fan either. But I don't feel the need to withdraw credit where its due just to feel better about my stance.

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Posted in: Obama compromises on birth control policy See in context

I can never understand the brain dead anti-contraception league except to see them as getting a major kick out of being contrarian pains in the ass. Well that and the fact that they don't read or understand their own bible and instead rely on some guy with a pointy hat in far away Rome to tell them what it says. But I am sure there are way more hypocrites than true believers in pointy hat guy among them.

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Posted in: Osaka cop held on suspicion of forging police ID See in context

None of you seem to really appreciate how serious this is, except for SouthSakai.

Japan has plain clothes police going around in totally unmarked cars. Even their license plates are completely usual. The only thing they have for identification is this ID. I have been hassled by plain clothes cops before. Its no fun. And the biggest reason is because the whole time you are wondering if these guys are for real, and if not, what is going to happen?

I see people pulled over on the highway all the time by plain cars. All they have is a flashing light on their dashboard that you can buy at any auto shop and maybe a PA system hidden under the hood, and possibly, a forged ID. It makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck because I wonder if I am seeing a speeder get busted or am I seeing a kidnapping/rape/murder in progress. I have no way to know and I drive on, fighting the urge to pull over, get the facts and take some pictures. But if I do I know that 99 percent of the time I will just be a gaijin hassling the neo-kempeitai and that won't be good for me or my family.

When all you need is an ID and some baubles to be a real cop, then all you need is a fake ID and some baubles to wield tremendous power. The whole idea of plain clothes cops should be abandoned, and this cop should be looking a life sentence. There is no telling what has happened to people because of him.

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Posted in: Argentina says Britain has nuclear weapons in Falklands See in context

After talks with Timerman, Ban “expressed concern about the increasingly strong exchanges between the governments of Argentina and the United Kingdom,”

This a case where Ban should just tell the Argentine representatives to sit down and shut up and stop wasting everyone's time and energy over their stupid failed land grab attempt 30 years ago. I would be on the verge of asking for a vote to toss those jerks from the U.N. if I was chief! Part of settling disputes means there actually has be a dispute, and making things up out of thin air does not qualify!

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Posted in: Japan 'should watch' China's naval reach: report See in context

China has had ambitions to rule Japan for numerous centuries. Do a search on Kublai Khan in the 13th century.

@ElJeffeEnJapon: Its already a stretch to go back 50 years. But 800 years?

In Vietnam they got squarely kicked out, no question about it.

@Zybster: I was wrong when I said they had the upper hand earlier. A bloody stalement was ensuing. But the Chinese did decide to withdraw. The were not "kicked out". They were going nowhere and called it a day.

They moved out "of their own accord", once they realized the Indians reorganized and were ready to move in.

We could argue the psychological tarot readings all day. I will pass.

There was NO good will in either case.

Who said there was? I said "restraint".

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Posted in: Songs by Namie Amuro, EXILE most popular for Valentine's Day See in context

A song from Namie Amuro on Valentine's Day says " I want you to knock me up so we can get married...then divorce in 2 years!"

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Posted in: Argentina says Britain has nuclear weapons in Falklands See in context

It's rather ironic (sad) how you defend the right of ownership of the Falklands to the British

@Yubaru: No one says the British owns the Falklands. The people of the Falklands own the Falklands. And those people want to be British by their choice. They do not want to be Argentine.

who have no ethnic links to the island

The island had no people until Europeans arrived. The first known settlement was French. That colony passed to Spain. Then everybody left. Then a new British colony was started in 1840. Most people on the island from that time have British ancestry. Anyone who can use a search engine can find these facts.

Besides, do you think the Argentines have such links? And on the other hand, are you aware that South American Indian tribes owned the land now called Argentina? Talk about having no ethnic links!

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Posted in: Supreme Court rules making teachers sing 'Kimigayo' is constitutional See in context

You have no idea how hard it is to be taught by those nikkyoso teachers.

@Blair Herron: Okay so nikkyoso teachers are leftist nuts. Is that your best excuse to support shredding the constitution? Is forcing them to help brainwash kids with Kimigayo and an example of fear going to solve anything? Will forced respect for a song make this country greater than it already is?

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Posted in: Japan 'should watch' China's naval reach: report See in context

Kukuchai, have you ever heard of Tibet?

One country? So he was 99 percent correct then?

@Kokuchihai: Tibet, Vietnam or India may beg to differ with your "In history china never invade any other countries".

I will give you Tibet. But Vietnam and India were border wars and the Chinese withdrew of their own accord both times, despite having the upper hand. I do not congratulate China on the show of force, but, both withdrawals show a restraint not at all common in other belligerents and certainly not Japan.

We have been warned about China for decades now and its getting old.

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Posted in: Getting warm See in context

Wow! And I was under the impression that Japanese are very concerned about saving face! Guess not!

Title should be changed from "Getting warm" to "Bad idea". I hope no one follows this woman's dumb example, and so, I cannot approve of this picture because someone probably will.

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