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Posted in: Vietnam reportedly moves new rocket launchers into disputed South China Sea See in context

@ lostrune@

"A lot of people don't know this since it wasn;t on the news"

In the 1950s. the then Sth Vietnam PM and later the current Regimes bot declared publicly that the Paracel and Spratlys Islands wren/are Chinas' territories since the Song Dynasty. After WWII these territories Japan returned these territories in a formal handover to China with the assistance of the USA in ferrying the Chinese soldiers and officers to the island in US naval vessels - A lot of people don't know this part of the history since it was not on the news.

Under the Treaty of Paris and also thought Philippines Congress had formally stated that all the islands . shoals and reefs are outside Philippines territory and does not belong to Philippines. Maps published in 1947 by Russia, Japan, France, Germany and Britain all showed the Paracel and the Spratly are Chinas' territories including the 11 dash lines. - A lot of people do not know this.

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Posted in: Japan protests over China's radar unit near disputed waters See in context

@ OssanAmerica Aug 9 5.27am

"By being aggressive and ignoring international law.. Even agree meant to where they are a signatory . China history is not going to end well"

I think you are twisting and fabricating misinformation.

Firstly which international law did China ignore. Secondly what signatory are you referring to. If you are referring to China signatory to the UNCLOS then you should be clear in your comment and also include the Declaration by China of the 2006 in which it clearly stated that it only signed on with the proviso that its sovereignty and Maritimes border are not part of it.

As to your last comment that China's history is not going to end well,you failed to realised that China has a civilisation few centuries ahead of the USA. As far as civilisation concern one could say that USA civilisation is only in its infant stage. So this comment of your does not in any way support your claimed of China's history is not going well.

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Posted in: Japan warns China of worsening ties over East China Sea dispute See in context

Imagine how peaceful this Region would be if both Japan and China could work out their differences and dispute. To top it up with the removal of US military base in Okinawa as well.

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Posted in: No. of dementia sufferers expected to surpass 7 mil in Japan by 2025 See in context

This disease dementia seems to be a prevalent disease in many parts of the world. There should be more research carry out as to the cause so that prevention methods could be instigated. Could this disease be cured? presently no known cure apart from slowing the progress.

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Posted in: Ex-reporter files lawsuit over comfort women stories See in context

During the WWII the Japanese Expeditionary Force in Central China issued an order to set up comfort houses during the period of the time after the Japanese high Command made plan to create a giant underground system of military prostitution. The plan was straight forward by luring or kidnapping between eighty thousand to two hundred thousand women mainly from the Japanese colony of Korea, China, Taiwan, Philippines and Indonesia.

The Japanese Government denied these incidence have anything to do with it but in 1991 Yoshimi Yoshiaki unearthed from the Japanese Department Agency Archives a document entitled "Regarding the recruitment of Women for Military Brothels". The documents bored the personal stamps of leaders from the Japanese High Command and contained orders to immediately construction of facilities of sexual comfort to stop troops from raping women in regions they controlled in China.

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Posted in: Ex-reporter files lawsuit over comfort women stories See in context

Azuma Shiro was the first Japanese veteran in 1987 to admit openly of his participation of this orgy killing in the City of Nanking the aftermath was threat and death threat targeted on him and his family.

Katsuichi Hora, a professor of Japanese History at the Waseda University in 1966 did his research in the Massacre of Chinese in Nanking during Japanese military occupation of the City of Nanking and concluded the Japanese atrocities in his published research in several books

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Posted in: Ex-reporter files lawsuit over comfort women stories See in context

The Japanese people need to know the truth, no censorship or threat can stop this from being revealed. This cover up has been continue with the ernest help from successive Japanese Government since WWII.

To those who feel the need to find out more should read the RAPE OF NANKING by IRIS CHANG.

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Posted in: Obama immigration plan good, not great for economy See in context

Apart from the Healtcare this will be another high light of Obama in his term as President/

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Posted in: China pledges more dialogue on regional conflicts See in context


There is already direct communication line between Japan and China in case you do not know.

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Posted in: Ships race to investigate signals in jet search See in context

" But there were question about whether any of the sounds were the breakthrough that searchers are desperately seeking or just another dead in a hunt seemingly full of them with experts expressing doubt that the equipment aboard the Chinese ship was capable of picking up signals from the black box,"

Nick Perry are we talking about cooperation among nations to have this unfortunate accident solve or you are trying to make political mileage out of this.

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Posted in: China, S Korea lash out at Japan foreign relations report See in context

"But the paper on Friday added that Japan would try to improve the thorny relations with ChinaAsia's two biggest economies, sure responsibility in Asia and beyond."

Yep sound like this must be the new policy to do the job

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Posted in: Japan coast guard arrests Chinese coral fishing boat captain See in context

@ Heart Let Gomia

No Heart Let Gomia in the Philippines they were not escorted by warship but barbarically shot them.

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Posted in: Japan, Russia discuss peace treaty negotiations See in context

@ OssanAmerica Nov. 03 2013

"Please name the strategic Alliance between the Russia Federation and PRC and when it went into effect"

Having best relation does not mean that they need to enter into a strategic Alliance. Sound like you could not differentiate between the terms best of relation and Strategic Alliance.

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Posted in: U.S. looks to Asian nations to build their militaries See in context

US, please don't further increased your military presence in this Asian region any more, we and my future generation would really want to live in peace

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Posted in: Japan growth seen slowing in third quarter See in context

There seem to be some fallacies and assumption in this reported article. Economic growth had slow, capital expenditure had been cut back. Even if consumers spending increased before the increase in the sale tax this is only a one off even,t then what happen next.

If domestic demand is weak,economic growth is also weak, individual investors are cutting back investment, capital expenditure cut and the coming increased in sale tax will add more stress to price hike and is it real that industries will hire more people with higher wage. This does not sound like a likely scenario.

Something is loss in translation.

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Posted in: Researchers move step closer to oral diabetes treatment See in context

Sound like this diabetes drug under research has great potential. The main research seems to center on obese people with diabetes, I wonder whether what will this do to slim people that also have diabetes given that this potential drug could result in weight loss.

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Posted in: Britain to build Europe's first nuclear plant since Fukushima disaster See in context

highball7 and Tigerta9. There is nothing to be sad about the Brits not get a go at the deal, It's a matter of which bidder offers the best deal, price and completion time. 16 Billion pound is not a small sum for any British company and EDF undertook it at their risk.

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Posted in: As U.S. averts default, Japan and China brace for next dollar drama See in context

Yes BertieWooster I like the Gold Standard, they should bring it back.

Japan and China are US perpetual lender, unlike your fixed term deposits in the bank which you can withdraw on maturity.

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Posted in: Radioactive water overflows barriers at Fukushima plant during heavy rain See in context

It seems that TEPCO is forever battling to contain the radioactive water at the nuclear complex, Its pumps are battling to keep up with the rainwater and they are battling to come up with a solution, won't be long they will be battling to survive as a going concern.

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Posted in: Abe open to talks with China but no concessions on Senkakus See in context

Under the Japan-China Peace and Friendship Treaty the Island issue was to be resolved by future generation with an open mind.

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Posted in: Japan's trade deficit swells 25% in August See in context

Bertie. Well said

lostrune2, Generic and financial sectors are the one that benefited the US greatly, Bertie is correct.

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Posted in: Chinese exchange student rescues 9-year-old boy from fast-moving river See in context

This is a heroic human instinct that know no boundary between races. Island dispute should not be dragged in in such circumstance for point scoring.

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Posted in: U.S., Russia agree on Syria weapons; Obama says force still option See in context

A good initial positive outcome from this meeting and negotiation. Now it's time for both sides to keep their hashed rhetoric to themselves. Further threats and counter threats will do no good to further conclude a positive outcome.

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Posted in: New Komeito leader urges greater efforts to build trust with Japan's neighbors See in context

@ JoeBigs How does these two statements tied up 1.0 South Korea running a trade surplus with PRC. 2.0 South Korea has been a tributary state of the PRC ( For your informationl South Korea has not been a tributary state of PRC?). Do you think you can write factual comments?

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Posted in: China military tells U.S. not to encourage Japan over isles See in context

@ LSpiro

This dispute issue has its origin at the signing of the Treaty of San Francisco which China was not invited to, Understandably US is the party that sow the seed of discontent between China and Japan. May be its time US come clean to have this uncertainty resolved instead of issuing insinuated conflicting comments on the ownership of the disputed Islands.

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Posted in: TEPCO exec tells DPJ Fukushima plant not under control See in context

BertieWooster "When Abe was asked whether the situation was under control, he was either misinformed or lying"

Misinformed, highly unlikely

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Posted in: Obama, Abe discuss how to deal with Syria See in context

Why so eager to bomb another country? Is war and bombing the only answer?

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Posted in: Kerry says world must act as Obama wins some support for Syria strike See in context

Strongly pushing the implied dangerous threat from the axis of evils and insecurity is a very good strategy for US to use to win Congress approval

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Posted in: Japan's military seeks big boost in defense budget See in context

@ squeeks

"Can Japan afford it"

I also wonder. May be just print more money.

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Posted in: Aso compares Senkakus dispute to Falklands See in context

@ BertieWooster

I do agree with you that this dispute should be settled by negotiation for the good of both countries and for Asian region as well. There is a issue I have with your distance of Senkaku/Diaoyu Island, distances between Nations. On checking them from data bank I found them as follow:

76 Nm or 140 kilometers from East of Pengjia Islet, Taiwan's Territory 92 Nm or 170 kilometers from Ishingaki Island, Japan Territory 100 Nm or 186 Kilometers North East of Keelong, Taiwan Territory 220 Nm or 410 West of Okinawa Island, Japan Territory

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