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Posted in: 79-year-old woman arrested for 24th time for pickpocketing See in context

She needs to be kept off the streets, seeing as she will probably never change her ways. If not, ,maybe put her picture up in local stores for awareness and public humiliation? No sympathy for this woman.

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Posted in: 'X' now a gender option in Australian passports See in context

@Foxie Although I think this is a good thing for the purposes of avoiding unecessary and constant questioning and detention at immigration, I do agree that it is a bit silly to make up a whole new gender for yourself unless you are genetically intesex or something. It would be a lot easier if everyone accepted that there are many types of "males" and many types of "females" instead of feeling the need to create a brand new gender because they feel they don't fit into normal society.

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Posted in: 'X' now a gender option in Australian passports See in context

@It"S ME Choosing whether to use the male or female bathroom is something that these people would have to deal with regardless of what their passport says, so this issue is irrelevant.

@papasmurfinjapan If social reform required all countries in the world to simultaneously adopt a new custom/law, we'd never get anything done.

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Posted in: 'X' now a gender option in Australian passports See in context

@smithinjapan: I think the key word here is option. You can't eliminate discrimination by simply ignoring the differences, and people who don't want the "x" don't need to get it.

@papasmurf: That's a good question. Another article on this says this also covers people who are "indeed genetically ambiguous" so I guess it's trying to cover a lot of situations.

This may be a stupid question, but if you make a conscious choice to convert to the other sex and can convince your doctor you are serious and were unhappy in your old gender, as far as diagnosis goes isn't it the same as gender identity disorder anyway?

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Posted in: Size matters - in your face See in context

LoveNot - Not everything has to be a cause... As mentioned above, this is just an article about a Western woman's experience here in Japan. I'm actually confused as to what about this you found insulting - the fact that Western women tend to sweat more? The fact that Japanese people tend to consider small faces more appealing? The fact that plastic surgery exists? What is it? Obviously there are extremes, but I don't find anything wrong with caring how you look.

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