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Posted in: Sen Edward Kennedy dies at 77 See in context

I am sorry he is dead, but now he has to face judgment because of Mary Jo. Rest in peace Mary Jo.

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Posted in: What we can learn from Edo Period about recycling See in context

Interesting time period. I suppose all countries have their glory days.

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Posted in: Forste See in context

Dog germs, yucky. Dogs use their tongues as toilet paper. I do not mind petting a dog but not with my face.

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Posted in: Jesus Christ lived in Aomori - really? See in context

Interesting. This is the first I have ever heard of this story. I do not believe the person was the Jesus Christ however I do believe he could have been a from long ago Israel. Thank you for the story. It is interesting.

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Posted in: Mystery sign See in context

No "elbowing" as in when conditions are crowded. In other words no pushing and shoving.

Editor: Readers, the answer is "No entrance."

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Posted in: French pool bars Muslim woman for 'burquini' suit See in context

I do not think the "burquini suit" should be banned. It should be encouraged because of the protection from the sun's damaging effects.

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Posted in: Zoorasia See in context

Only in Japan but wish it was in the US.

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Posted in: Ooh, look at you See in context

Kids will be kids and they will be checking out more that skin pores. My granddaughter is a nature buff and I know she would have fun with this.

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Posted in: Ambassador of cute See in context

At least she has a job.

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Posted in: Japanese automakers object to U.S. 'cash-for-clunkers' program See in context

I wish I had one the clunkers. Some of the so-called clunkers are better that the clunker I currently drive. I was laid off from my job and I guess I will be stuck with my clunker for awhile.

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Posted in: Awa Dance See in context

Nice photo of another unique Japanese Festival. Unique festivals are not unique to Japan.(smile) We have our share here in the United States. For example the Wooly Worm Festival, the Saurkraut festival and the Ramp Festival just to name three. The ones in the US do not have the pageantry of the Japanese Festivals. They most often feature a parade of locals and a lot of fried greasy food which is not quite as elegant as a dance. I do not attended American festivals because of in-your-face type of crowd that usually attend but I think I would really enjoy a Japanese festival.

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Posted in: Harley-Davidson gains popularity in Japan See in context

Japan can have Harley-Davidson, I am not a big fan of the bikes.

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Posted in: Cooling off See in context

Nice traditon.

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Posted in: Barrage of complaints force Miss Universe Japan to change costume design for finals See in context

The costume was originally designed by Frenchwoman Ines Ligron.

Why not a Japanese designer?

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Posted in: Teacher gets pay cut for putting chalk in yawning student’s mouth See in context

What if he had accidently swallowed it? The teacher should not have done it even though he said he would.

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Posted in: On your marks See in context

A little odd but they see to have spirit.

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