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80 to 90 percent of ordinary people didn't get a ticket? And sponsors (Japan inc) and IOC get them handed to them for free, like confetti? What a joke!

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The state pension in any country should be seen as an insurance policy against homelessness and starvation in old age, because that is essentially what it always has been intended as and no more. To live well in retirement you are going to need your own savings. If Japan’s politicians have neglected to explain this to their people up to this point (one minute to midnight), then they have only themselves to blame for the political consequences.

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Posted in: What’s your impression of parental supervision of children when families are out and about in Japan? See in context

Mothers drive cars here with babies strapped on their front in baby slings. I am not joking.....well at least baby is restrained, unlike the toddlers jumping around on the front passenger seat.....

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Gee, the fans that opted for etickets by email delivery will be disappointed. No mention of the commemorative designs and wallet during the ticket lottery when you had to decide on eticket or paper...

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Posted in: Man stabs police officer, steals his gun in Osaka Pref; 33-year-old suspect sought See in context

There are more of these crimes occurring in Japan and it seems Kobans are seen as soft targets. Understandable, given that the Koban cops seem to spend most of their time giving local directions and policing bicycle thefts. Japanese society is less safe than it used to be and these cops are needing to deal with more serious and violent criminals and urgently need improved training accordingly.

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Posted in: Does Kawasaki stabbing rampage signify start of lost generation's revenge against society? See in context

This being Japan, recluses are given a group label and a box to reside in called hikikomori. But similar things happen in many other advanced economies where certain narrow pathways are considered the successful ones and others are not. Many people in other countries also don’t feel properly valued or accepted in their society and can’t deal with all the pressure to conform. They too settle down in their own quiet corners where they feel comfortable to live out their lives. It’s just more extreme in Japan.

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Posted in: Parenting book author says school system, overprotective parents killing kids' creativity See in context

In this discussion it’s important to remember that Japan is a group oriented society at its very core. The individual is not prioritised in Japan. Simple example, but look at names. Family name first and your first name is far less important and almost irrelevant in the public sphere. Compare that to western countries where the complete opposite thinking is the norm. The education system is simply a reflection of the society that it is preparing children to participate in.

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Posted in: Thousands honour former Australian prime minister Bob Hawke at state memorial See in context

Hawke was the only PM yet that really knew how to govern Australia and Australians.

A decent and fair minded person who took the job very seriously and intelligently despite the larrikin persona.

We’ll miss you mate.

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In countries like Australia, people are constantly reminded that they will need 1 million dollars plus in private savings (superannuation) in retirement before even thinking about the aged pension. No politicians reject that conclusion. Yes it causes anxiety but that's the reality of retiring in a first world country. Aso is being irresponsible in rejecting this report.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic CEO reminds visitors that cannabis is banned in Japan See in context

This shows the insular mindset of Japanese. I mean who rocks up at the border of another country thinking it's a free for all and they don't have to respect and follow the laws of that country? Are they going to remind visitors of every single law in advance just because some board member suddenly gets worried?

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Posted in: 71-year-old arrested over threat to attack 'noisy' kindergarteners See in context

Sad way to spend probably the last few years of his life in this world. Threatening kindergarten children.

Put on some noise cancelling headphones for the 10 minutes when they are at the bus stop. Won’t hear a thing.

Old men here feel so entitled.

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Posted in: 22-month-old girl dies after being hit by car driven by father See in context

Truly tragic and terrible for everyone but people here do trust some imaginary force where kids can scurry about all over the place and nothing bad will happen.

That imaginary force in Japan is called heiwa bokke

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Posted in: What do you think of the level of care in hospitals in Japan? Tell us about some of your experiences? See in context

The excellence of health care in Japan is only surpassed by the size of the massive public debt that funds it!

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Posted in: United by fear of China, Hong Kongers stage record march See in context

Even if by some miracle they can stop this amendment to the law today, in 2047 China will be in complete control of HK and they can just revise whatever laws they want. Makes you wonder whether it was kinder of the UK to just revert completely to China in 1997, rather than allowing people 50 years of ongoing angst under one country two systems...

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Posted in: Rugby Australia slams Folau 'media campaign' after leaked letter See in context

The whole thing was badly mismanaged by RA and this is the result. How can they focus on the imminent World Cup with this sideshow going on?

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Posted in: Abe becomes 3rd equal longest-serving PM with 2,720 days in office See in context

changing leaders (of different political stripes) on a regular basis, although disruptive, is actually a sign of a healthy functioning democracy. It shows the people are ultimately in control not career politicians. Not sure why they are celebrating this feat of longevity in power.

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Posted in: Journalists in jail? Australia weighs implications of police raids on media See in context

3 Chinese warships steamed into Sydney Harbour on Monday, taking many Australians by surprise. Few were aware they were coming. On Tuesday and Wednesday, Australian journalists were raided by federal police and are now threatened with jail for receiving “state secrets”. A few years ago the Port of Darwin was readily leased to China for 99 years. At this rate the country will soon be renamed the People's Republic of Australia!

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Posted in: What can be done to help Japan's 'hikikomori' (recluses)? See in context

kids don’t come into the world wanting to be recluses. The emotional problems that lead to becoming a recluse are triggered by the Japanese society and the enormous pressure to conform and achieve whatever it is that society has deemed to be the acceptable course. Even the enablers (families), unless they are extraordinarily strong, will certainly struggle to resolve the problem and end up being part of it. The only hope is that new and kinder social mores will come to Japan due to the reality of its shrinking, aging population and the passing of older generations.

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Posted in: Man arrested on suspicion of molesting 11-year-old girl in park toilet See in context

Don’t want to single out Japan as it happens everywhere, but there are quite a lot of creepy, socially awkward looking people hanging around parks, train stations and other public places here. Don’t trust the safety Japan myth. Kids are approached and harassed by “fushinsha frequently here. Watch out for all kids and stay alert out there!

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Posted in: Labor minister opposes banning female dress codes with high heels See in context

Dress code should be between the employer and employee, and should be reasonable, non discriminatory and respectful of people. Why does a dinosaur politician/minister even need to comment about this? In other countries this would be like a joke for a minister to even offer any serious opinion about the necessity for high heels!? Embarrassing....

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Posted in: Elderly driver, passenger die in Fukuoka 5-car crash; 9 in hospital See in context

Expect to see more of these accidents as the population continues to age rapidly. No easy solution either, as cars are essential outside of the big cities. Subsidised ubers and taxis maybe, but then again not enough young people to pay the taxes to provide the subsidies, and not enough young drivers. Myriad of issues ahead for Japan as it ages.

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Posted in: Recent murder cases in Japan draw attention to recluses living with aging parents See in context

Japan needs to face up to the reality and scale of the hikikomori problem. So many people with these emotional problems is not indicative of a healthy society.

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Posted in: Australian police raid public broadcaster amid media crackdown See in context

Indeed a slippery slope.

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Posted in: Britain plans unprecedented D-Day event for queen, leaders See in context

For anyone who wants to know what the fuss is all about, watch the first 15 mins of saving private Ryan. You’ll get an idea of what they went through and why it should be commemorated.

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Posted in: White House wanted USS McCain out of sight while Trump was at Yokosuka See in context

Even if the request was made there's no way the US Navy would agree to this. It's akin to disrespecting and destroying the morale of the entire crew of that one ship in the fleet. It's like something that may happen in China or North Korea, but no way US commanders would ever agree to this.

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Posted in: Jaguares face call to get boot from Super Rugby See in context

I don’t know. In some years you could argue that the Waratahs are basically the Wallabies so....

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Posted in: 16 schoolgirls, 2 adults stabbed in rampage in Kawasaki; 1 child, 1 man dead See in context

There is nothing more vile in this world than harming children. We are all responsible for their welfare, and adults have no greater responsibility than to protect them. I cannot imagine how these parents are feeling, especially the mother and father that said goodbye forever to their daughter at their door, only a few hours ago. Life is full of unexpected events. We never know what is next.

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Posted in: 16 schoolgirls, 2 adults stabbed in rampage in Kawasaki; 1 child, 1 man dead See in context

Another tragic consequence I’ll bet of untreated mental illness, and a society that heaps too much pressure on people, who then release it on the weak and defenceless.

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Posted in: Japanese firms resist hiring foreign workers under new immigration law: poll See in context

JGov: Please come up with real meaningful reforms within your own country to solve the labour shortage. Like supporting your people properly to have kids while maintaining careers and jobs, like other G20 countries do.

The government, despite the prevailing foreigner phobia in Japan, increasingly seems to look to foreigners (JETs for English, increasing tourist numbers to pull in hard cash, 5 year vIsas for the dirty, difficult and dangerous jobs) to solve its own problems.

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