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Posted in: Japan in line for more Tier One games See in context

To sustain this, as others said, they have to invest in the grassroots. Schools rugby, club rugby based on geographic locations not companies, Japan joining the rugby championship etc. That will take time to develop. I hope it does.

But more likely, the tier 1 nations will cherry pick the star players and coaches from this team post World Cup and Japan rugby will suffer.

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Posted in: Japan-Scotland Rugby World Cup game to go ahead See in context

Both RWC and Olympics should probably have avoided the Aug to Oct period completely. Taking extreme heat and typhoons away as risks, that would leave the risk of a large earthquake disrupting the event. Japan has a higher exposure to natural disasters than many other countries - that’s the reality. To schedule something in Japan means taking those risks.

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Posted in: Scotland want flexibility for Japan match See in context

I agree with the Scottish position. The organisers have painted themselves into a corner with the inflexible policy, that now means they can’t treat this game differently and can’t reschedule it to later in the week when it will be fine and sunny....

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Posted in: Rugby World Cup organizers cancel 2 games due to typhoon See in context

Safety of people is paramount definitely as it is only a game after all. But I still wonder why they couldn’t have just pushed the Sat and Sunday games into Monday and Tuesday or even later in the week if necessary. I hope it wasn’t because Eddie Jones would complain about a shorter turnaround time for England! Everybody just hunker down for the weekend, and then come out and play once it’s passed. Surely that’s better than cancelling games?

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Posted in: 9-year-old boy in serious condition after being hit by car See in context

This red light running happens every day in Japan. It’s incredible. Never start walking immediately on the green signal - pause for 3 seconds and you’ll save your life. Teach your kids that too please.

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Posted in: Killer Japanese fungus found in Australia See in context

Some birds fly down to Australia from Japan on annual migrations. They could have carried small amounts of the fungus with them somehow. Could that be an explanation?

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Posted in: All Blacks score 9 tries in 63-0 romp over Canada See in context

Here's an idea, why don't the top 4 teams in the world automatically qualify for the quarter finals. Then the remaining 16 battle it out in the pool stage to make up the other 4 quarter finalists. This would avoid these ridiculous games where the (now) rank 22 country plays the all blacks.

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Posted in: Japan stun world No. 2 Ireland with 19-12 victory at Rugby World Cup See in context

I never gave them a chance of going past the pool stage but might have to put the humble pie in the oven and start warming it up....playing like that they deserve a quarter final for sure. Superb rugby.

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Posted in: Foreign-born players in Japan's team at World Cup put spotlight on eligibility rules See in context

Weird article. Most of the other teams are full of foreign born players. Why single out Japan?

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Posted in: Make climate fight 'sexy' and 'fun,' says Japan's new environment minister See in context

Oh embarrassing. Clearly he’s not ready for this senior role as a Minister. Anyway he’s only there because it suits Abe’s strategy.

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Posted in: Japan set to host 'spectacular' World Cup despite legacy issues See in context

There will be zero legacy from this in Japan. Rugby isn’t an easy game to introduce to Asian schools widely, due to the fact that it’s a full contact sport. Easier and safer to play soccer or baseball for Japanese kids and parents. The Japan team is doing better due to quality coaching in recent years, foreign players, more games against tier one nations and super rugby involvement. Japan as a nation will quickly and collectively turn their full attention to the Olympics as soon as Japan exits the tournament. Enjoy the RWC while it lasts for sure, but let’s be realistic!

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Posted in: Slippery balls, high tackles: 5 Rugby World Cup talking points See in context

There are rugby fans in Japan but it’s a really niche sport. If Japan goes past the pool stage, people in the general population will jump on the bandwagon and rugby fever may spread in October. Otherwise it’s just a big party for the half million foreigners travelling here to cheer and drink beer in exotic Japan.

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Posted in: 13,000 volunteers ready for Rugby World Cup See in context

They should at least subsidise the transportation costs. Love the RWC, but lets face it it's already a big commercial success. The event is a sell out, ticket prices were sky high, and the fully priced merchandise push is relentless.

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Posted in: Disputing Koizumi, new industry minister calls no-nuclear power policy 'unrealistic' See in context

How long do we give it until the young upstart falls into line, joins nippon kaigi and stops all this progressive nonsense? Not long I’d say.

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 Olympic organizers test fake snow to beat the heat See in context

This is a stupid idea. Don’t do it!

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Posted in: Revamped cabinet lineup signals Abe's gambit to stay in power See in context

That photo could equally have been taken 100 years ago in 1919. Just sepia tone it, take out the 2 women and the young koizumi kid and noone would see the difference.

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Posted in: TEPCO will have to dump radioactive Fukushima water into Pacific, minister says See in context

This is just his "personal opinion" but then will be official policy once the report is released. They are preparing the public for the inevitable.

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Posted in: Boks captain Kolisi seeks Japan payback before World Cup See in context

All hinges on Japan. If they crash out in the pool stage, then you may as well play the rest of the World Cup on the moon!

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Posted in: 7 countries land Haneda slots ahead of Tokyo Olympics See in context

Apart from IOC hangers on, media and free loading sponsors etc etc are there really that many hordes of people going to fly into Tokyo for the Olympics, or is Japan massively overestimating? I mean your average Joe is not going to spend thousands to fly in and sweat it out in August in Japan when you can just watch it all at home on TV in comfort. Good thing though is that this event is accelerating the moving of many flights and slots away from Narita to Haneda which will be one positive legacy of the Games.

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Posted in: Japan Post to end Saturday standard mail delivery next year See in context

I remember thinking how unusual Saturday mail delivery was when I first came here. Amazing overservicing of the people. Economic and demographic reality have caught up....

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Posted in: Heat headache as Tokyo swelters a year before Olympics See in context

The two weeks will come and go and nothing in Japan will really change. Foreigners may come and praise Abe for all the shiny new buildings and well prepared infrastructure, and marvel at Japan’s orderly and polite society but is that brief praise really worth the billions spent? The 1964 games had a much larger real social and economic impact on the country than these games ever will.

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Posted in: LDP lawmaker Koizumi, TV personality Takigawa to tie knot See in context

Good luck to the happy couple. Nice to see a half Japanese marrying a future prime minister and nobody seems to care. Japan is ever so slowly diversifying....

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Posted in: Japan's 2 imperial heirs to fly on separate planes to Bhutan See in context

Actually It would be news if they DIDN’T separate them on the flights! But it does highlight the precarious position that the male only succession rules can place these royal families in.

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Posted in: 33 dead after man sets fire to Kyoto anime studio See in context

Tragic. That number of fatalities would suggest the place was highly flammable, overcrowded and that fire drills, escape doors and preparation etc. was lacking. Those poor people. We need to always be aware that personal disasters are just around the corner every day and that we never know when they will strike.

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Posted in: Aussie Tupou 'ready' for Springboks despite Johannesburg phone robbery See in context

Yes the audacity of this is extraordinary. A group of rugby front rowers can be mugged by one guy after a phone?

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Posted in: All Japanese customers banned from restaurant…in Japan?!? See in context

Ultimately it’s a business decision. If foreign tourists happily order one bowl each without complaint and Japanese constantly try to be cheap and share bowls and complain if they can’t, then it’s logical as a businessman that he would favour the foreign tourists as customers which result in more revenue. However no need to discriminate by nationality. The sign should simply say if you enter and want to share a bowl then your request will he declined with no exceptions. Ask to share at own risk.

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Posted in: Japanese firms to offer telework to ease traffic jams during 2020 Games See in context

The lengths they are going to for this two week sporting event are quite extraordinary to witness.

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Posted in: Japan-S Korea feud deepens with disputed accounts of trade meeting See in context

They should have just cancelled this meeting. Embarrassing for both sides - like 4 elementary school kids being forced to sit down and fix their quarrelling.

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Posted in: Moon to Tokyo See in context

There are plenty of houses in the inaka that still look exactly like this. Right down to the doll in the glass case.

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Posted in: Japan population declines at fastest pace to 124.8 million: gov't See in context

This is good news. Japan would be a comfortable place at around 60 million. Imagine the uncrowded trains without all those stressed 60 year olds beating up station employees, and the spacious houses with gardens and apartments. Would be quite pleasant.

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