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redfender comments

Posted in: Japan rock group Dragon Ash member nabbed for marijuana possession See in context

Lots of good comments that’s for sure.

When one thinks about alcohol versus THC there is no doubt which is a bigger threat to society.

I have seen drunk people vomit in the train, on the platform etc.

Japan is a cool place to live but the government is so in the dark ages about THC and its usefulness both for people who can benefit from it as a medicine and the economic possibilities of legalization and taxation.

It would be interesting to see how many people would have nothing to do with marijuana here if it became legal. I would guess there would be very few that would buy it.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for filming up woman’s skirt at train station See in context

Well, eventhough that police feller did something as monumentally stupid as that, he did admit it and didn't try to skirt the issue. Now let us hope he will be washing dishes at GUSTO.

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Posted in: 20 crows found poisoned to death in Saitama See in context

Interesting how the individual(s) were able to get poison especially made for birds. Wouldn't that be hard to find?

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Posted in: Abe meditates as Japan punches time clock early for 'Premium Friday' See in context

@ gaijin player,

Luckily since I am in IT premium Friday is a fact for me. However some of my best mates are hard working teachers and really nice fellas and gals. Why hack on people that do an honest day of work? But, then again, you da man, you da playa! LOL

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Posted in: Over 950 students, staff suffer food poisoning in Tachikawa See in context

Last Friday walking to work I passed a yakitori shop. The shutter was halfway up and obviously a meat vendor had delivered the supply of meat for the day. The meat was in a thin plastic sack. The floor it was sitting on was in the entryway to the shop. The floor was filthy and blackened from heaps of foot traffic going in and out of the place. I would be extremely reluctant to eat the yakitori there.

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Posted in: Delta shutdown strands 1,000-plus at Narita airport See in context

I think Trump was behind it all!

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Posted in: 6,588 taken to hospital for heatstroke in week to Aug 7 See in context

I have seen people wearing winter stocking caps!

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Posted in: Man robs convenience store, then asks employee to call police See in context

They may give him a heavy guilty!

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Posted in: Tokyo begins taxi service trial with starting fares of 410 yen See in context

After that, the fare will go up by 80 yen for every increment of 237 meters.

What was the rate before for 237 meters? Or was it always 237 meters? Hmm... doesn't sound like such a great deal. And why 237? Couldn't it just be an even 300? Strange numbers....

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Posted in: Prison guard arrested for filming up woman's skirt See in context

I would go fishing and bring along a six pack on ice if I were stressed. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

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Posted in: Clinton promises steady hand in dangerous world See in context

Ah, yes window dressing.

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Posted in: Clinton promises steady hand in dangerous world See in context

This is the failure of the two party system. So who is the lesser of two _____? Personally, voting Clinton in just gives the bankers, corporations and wall street a green light. An extension of Obama. On the other hand Trump, again, a direct result of the failure of a two party good ole boy system. Some believe Trump is there to help facilitate a Clinton victory. Is that true? Who knows... If Clinton does win, it will be an indication that the presidency resembles more of a dynasty than anything else. Cause at the end of the day, the membersof the two party system are all buddy buddy behind closed doors.

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Posted in: Getting stopped by police in Japan – how often does it happen (and why?) See in context

Yeah, my experiences reflect the fact I am white and blue eyed. Never been stopped before and in my 23rd year. I also noticed my appearence really helped at immigration many years ago too. I applied for permanent residency. The guy behind the counter practically rolled out a red carpet for me. It's not fair other nationalities of people get stopped just because the way they look. I have heard and read some bad stories about this issue.

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Posted in: On the Go See in context

Don't forget to do your summer homework! :)

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Posted in: Going my way? See in context

It's highway robbery considering how much we have to pay to drive on them.

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Posted in: ASDF major arrested for filming up woman's skirt on train See in context

Ah~~~c'mon now that isn't true.

Of course the major is a major disappointment but then again in Japan men in uniform often are.

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Posted in: ASDF major arrested for filming up woman's skirt on train See in context

Wow! What a complete idiot! Nice monthly paycheck, and career, gone? Maybe his superiors do the same thing though...?

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Posted in: Taking a break See in context

This isn't a park. This is a cemented urban pedestrian area. CUPA Parks have grass.

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Posted in: Abe orders new stimulus package after election win See in context

They ought to get the printing presses goin high speed, print heaps of money and get guys on scooters to deliver it like newspapers!

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Posted in: Abe says it is his duty to revise constitution; calls for debate See in context

Okay, I clearly understand Japan has no natural resources. Never has never will. Really though, are a group of small islands really worth it? No, it's not fair that China is doing what it's doing but scrambling F-15s on a daily basis isn't the best diplomatic solution either. And taking the situation in as a whole the Japan govt has nobody to thank other than the loonies and killers that invaded a great portion of Asia in the earlier part of the 20th century. Next time they visit Yasukuni they can give their proper thank yous.

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Posted in: Ruling bloc wins landslide in upper house election; voter turnout at 54.7% See in context

Let us hope that our kids that we have chosen to raise here aren't forced to join the military. Never know what those guys have planned. Seems all the way along Japan wants to join in conflicts abroad and be one of the players on the world stage militarily. War is a racket.

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Posted in: New Renaissance Party backs use of medical marijuana; gets mixed reaction See in context

And also, are you implying only Americans smoke weed?

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Posted in: Japan plans extra spending on anti-terrorism measures See in context

Probably to set up something similar to the NSA. Wouldn't put it past these guys over here to listen and spy on their own people. Abe knows what the US does. Takes a horrible incident and uses it to justify assaulting the civil liberties of the populace. Writing stuff like this might even be risky someday, if not now. I have heard that free speech is basically non-existent in tje US now. That being said, what could happen here. Hopefully nothing but one must keep the fingers crossed.

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Posted in: New Renaissance Party backs use of medical marijuana; gets mixed reaction See in context

Weed cazy people? What? You make very little sense.

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Posted in: New Renaissance Party backs use of medical marijuana; gets mixed reaction See in context

It'll never happen. Sad but true. Research has already proven that it's a very useful medicine. This country will never allow this to happen.

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Posted in: 18-year-old arrested for sending death threats to idol See in context

Hmm... posting that on twitter might make it really easy for the cops to come pay a visit. Guess he didn't think about that. Or he wasn't thinking at all. Wonder if he is gonna vote?

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Posted in: Connecticut judge OKs bankruptcy plan for rapper 50 Cent See in context

50 cent, you are broke? That's funny!!!

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Posted in: Japan voters seen boosting Abe in parliament vote See in context

I think that since I pay taxes, pay into the pension fund have a family and have been here 23 years, I should have the right to vote. As well as many others like myself here in the archipelago.

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Posted in: Teacher who sat for anthem deserved pay cut: Japan court See in context

Yeah I remember ole Abe saying that last year. Ridiculous to say the least.

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Posted in: Man arrested for placing condom full of semen in high school girl’s bag See in context

Mocheake, makes a good point here. If I had a 10000 yen bill for every time I have been in a similar situation, I would take a long vacation.

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