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Posted in: American father wins custody of child after divorce from Japanese woman See in context

It sounds like the wife was very self centered and immature in deciding what is best for the child. You have to choose what is best for the child, not just think what you want. With the amount of money spent on legal fees, she could have flown to the US hundreds of times to visit.

Unfortunately this seems to be the case on parents of either gender in a divorce. The soon to be exes spend so much time fighting and arguing that their child gets either forgotten or is used as a pawn. Hopefully this little girl will grow up well with her father and his new family, and maybe in time, she will be able to have some sort of relationship with her mother.

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Posted in: GACKT reportedly in relationship with ICONIQ See in context

the child's name will be #!%$&*@!

I am a fan of Gackt (although I am not one of those weird fans) and I must say that made me giggle.

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Posted in: Anna Tsuchiya rockin' with second child See in context

Good luck to Anna. She is one of the few originals in the Jpop/rock scene.

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Posted in: YOSHIKI, recovering from back surgery, reveals fans will benefit in his will See in context

@Mittsu; having a slipped disc is not fun. It's painful...actually beyond painful.

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Posted in: Marie gives the lowdown on being 'half' See in context

As someone who lived the same sort of childhood as Marie let me say that the "problems" will stop when this becomes more common. Just as in the states it wasn't all that common to be bi racial at one time; now it is becoming more and more common and accepted. Give the people of Japan who don't like it time, they will get over it. I will say though, I didn't have too many problems growing up...I was made fun of more because I was clumsy and wore glasses; two things that could have happened even if I were full Japanese.

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Posted in: Hiroyuki Sanada to star in 'Fallen Moon' See in context

I like him very much. I'm looking forward to this film.

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Posted in: The state of Washington See in context

@pathfinder--Why be so cynical? Is it that hard to believe that an attractive woman can also be intelligent?

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Posted in: Obama says health care critics use 'scare tactics' See in context


"That means 85% of Americans have health insurance, be it private, employer-based, or government-based (like Medicare). Contrary to popular belief, some Americans who do not have health insurance do so by choice; mostly the younger, healthier population that hasn't established enough income to justify the expense. There is certainly a problem with lack of insurance for a percentage of the population, but it is NOT something that requires complete destruction of the current system. "

Actually that is not the case. Also from the census:

The number of uninsured full-time workers increased from 20.8 million to 22 million.

The number of uninsured part-time workers, 5.6 million,

The number of U.S.-born residents who were uninsured increased from 33 million to 34.4 million.

I would say that that those figures are much more than the people who choose "not" to have coverage.

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Posted in: White House appears ready to drop 'public option' on health care See in context

@TokyoRoughGuy--It's not Americans that have spoken, it is people who are brainwashed by Palin and her ilk to believe that National health care means Death Squads and old people not getting their meds. They don't know what they are talking about and they are going to end up getting everyone shot in the foot.

Really though I just love the protestors and their hypocrisy--they are against health care but sure do love their government funded and run social security, medicare/medicaid, unemployment and the like.

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Posted in: Obama says health care critics use 'scare tactics' See in context

@therealmusashi--I hate to be rude but don't make me laugh. We are in the middle of one of the worst recessions ever and you want me to "try" something else? What else should I try? I apply, interiew, reapply and reinterview for jobs constantly. I have good education, solid experience and great references--they haven't helped me yet...and here you come telling me to try something else. You know what? There isn't anything else and that is the god's honest truth.

@yabits--thanks man!

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Posted in: Obama says health care critics use 'scare tactics' See in context

mygrain--I'd like to where you are getting your facts from. I am from the US, have two college degrees and work as an accountant. I don't have health coverage (and haven't since I was 18) nor can I afford it making $9 an hour. I am just one of the MANY in the US who are in the same situation.

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Posted in: Ambassador of cute See in context

@KyotoChris and TokyoKake--Right on you two. I don't see what is negative with a cute girl doing something that isn't traditional in terms of an occupation. She's making money doing something fun, good for her! Wish I could do it but my country is vast becoming a land of women who want to look like men.

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Posted in: Manga mania See in context

Good luck chickie. Keep up the hard work!

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Posted in: Ambassador of cute See in context

Alright, they pick a girl who is actually cute. I am all for being serious but I don't see anything wrong with this...nice way to bring some non seriousness to the world.

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Posted in: Former porn star Ai Iijima found dead at Tokyo apartment See in context

"nothing mean about it, if you feel depressed about her death because you watch a lot of AV then a box of tissues is a useful thing to recommend. good for crocodile tears too. yes she died, RIP. lots of other people died during the 2 minutes it took me to type this. RIP them too."

Ah, here we go again. The standard "everyone dies so why feel sorry for someone you've never met before" cliche. How about this: the article is about Ai, not anyone else who is dying at the moment, which means that -people are going to post about her and no one else. Don't pretend to be so ignorant that you don't understand this. Don't be so ignorant that you can't be sorry that another human being passed away much too young.

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