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Posted in: Japan hangs all 6 remaining Aum death row inmates See in context

"If you kill, then you must be killed"

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Posted in: Scrapping crippled Fukushima plant to cost Y220 bil annually See in context

Could someone please check my calculations ?

It doesn't sound right to me.

Y220 bil annually

= approx 600,000,000 Y per day ! (600 million)

= approx 25,000,000 Y per hour ! (25 million)

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Posted in: Fukui governor OKs restart of 2 nuclear reactors See in context

@ Stuart hayward Interesting ! "my small house is almost runs completely off grid, once I replace my old heating unit, I'll be 100% off grid. In time it can be done by anyone, homes," thanks !

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Posted in: Gov't says 70% of land suitable for nuclear waste disposal See in context

"Taking the map as an opportunity, "we hope to have communications (with municipalities) nationwide and earn the understanding of the public," he said."

LOL !!

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Posted in: Golden Week holiday travelers flood roads, train stations See in context


they all look so happy - it's Golden Week

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Posted in: What do you think of the new Japan Today design? See in context

It's very impressive - love it.

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Posted in: 17-year-old girl hit by train while using smartphone on platform See in context

Not so smart

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Posted in: Brexit shock more bad news for Abe See in context

@Blattamexiguus "Cue Abe blaming the complete failure of Abenomics on the Brexit vote." I agree - I was immediately thinking the same.

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Posted in: Japanese journalists accuse gov't of pressuring media See in context

2015 World Press Freedom Index (1) Finland (61) Japan

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Posted in: Japan restarts Takahama nuclear reactor See in context

"after a court ruled it was safe despite opposition from local residents." the reality is that nothing is safe in this world. Even crossing the road, let alone a nuclear reactor.

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Posted in: Ruling, opposition parties deadlocked over proposed security bill See in context

well spoken

“Japan is now heading toward war, blindly following the United States. The bills are against the constitution,” said 55-year-old Makiko Inui as she stood in the rain outside parliament.

“Prime Minister Abe is wrong in his way of trying to build peace. We must oust Abe or Japan could be destroyed.”

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Posted in: Typhoon Goni hits Okinawa after killing 19 in Philippines See in context

We had a windy day here on Okinawa island. We were fortunate that it didn't hit us directly.

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Posted in: Nuclear regulator says there will be no repeat of Fukushima under new safety rules See in context

Japanese are known for obeying rules, so everything should be just fine.

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Posted in: Ginza monk See in context

I wonder how much the Buddhist monk collects in donations ?

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Posted in: Typhoon Nangka barrels toward Japan See in context

6 p.m. Thursday, July 16, Japan time: Nangka is rapidly losing its power as it tracks north toward projected landfall over southeastern Kyushu about 1 to 2 a.m. Friday. It barely remains a Category 1-equivalent typhoon, http://www.stripes.com/blogs/pacific-storm-tracker/pacific-storm-tracker-1.257110/typhoon-11w-nangka-41-1.356158

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Posted in: Temperature tops 30 degrees in Tokyo for first time this year See in context

Here in Itoman (Okinawa) it's about 26-27 today.

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Posted in: Tropical storm moves toward Honshu See in context

This was a very mild typhoon which only lasted about 6 hours here in Itoman (Okinawa). Hardly any rain, mostly a bit of wind. During the typhoon I could see people walking around and at lunch time the sun was shining. No problem.

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Posted in: UFOs haven't invaded Japan, defense minister tells Diet See in context

Pilots also don't always report sightings as they can sometimes lose their job..http://ufo-case-review-japan-airlines-flight-1628-1986.webeden.co.uk/

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Posted in: More than 890,000 new graduates start work See in context

890,000 new graduates I hope they make it It's not an easy journey http://a-week-in-the-life-of-a-tokyo-salary-man.webeden.co.uk/

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Posted in: China says it hopes Japan will stay on 'path of peace' See in context

The whole world hopes China will get on the path to peace.

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Posted in: Abe says Japan will not restart nuclear plants unless safety is restored 100% See in context

****Japan will not restart closed-down nuclear plants unless safety is restored 100% Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on Monday.

Nothing in this world is 100% safe - let alone Japanese nuclear plants !

Good-bye Mr Abe

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Posted in: SDF pilot arrested for taking photos up girl's skirt at train station See in context

"As inspector general, Katagiri had been in charge of enforcing sexual harassment prevention protocols"

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Posted in: Hokkaido experiences highest temperatures in 90 years See in context

Amazingly hot in Hokkaido. Okinawa was 28 C

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Posted in: 78-year-old woman dies after X-ray at hospital See in context

September 19th, 2013 UPDATE: An article published in the September issue of the Journal of Patient Safety estimates that there are between 210,000 and 400,000 deaths per year associated with medical errors in hospitals. That would make medical errors the third-leading cause of death in the United States, behind heart disease and cancer.

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Posted in: M4.7 quake jolts Kanto region; no tsunami alert issued See in context

@ebisenAPR. 18, 2014 - 09:21AM JST RedMango - at least did she shout in English? :) good point - thanks !

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Posted in: M4.7 quake jolts Kanto region; no tsunami alert issued See in context

I was having an English lesson with my student (using the telephone) who lives in Hachioji & suddenly she shouts "Earthquake". I am in Okinawa so obviously i felt nothing. Be careful. The same thing happened Sunday evening while speaking with another student who lives in Kanagawa.

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Posted in: M6.7 earthquake hits north of Okinawa See in context

ANOTHER pretty big one here in Okinawa @ 11:28 am

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Posted in: M6.7 earthquake hits north of Okinawa See in context

I was sitting in my van after just buying some bananas in the supermarket & my van started shaking from side to side. But after living in the Kanto area for several years this Okinawa earthquake didn't seem so big.The time was 5:11 am

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Posted in: Missing Sapporo girl rescued from confinement; man arrested See in context

some good news

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Posted in: Mobile market See in context

looks like a good outdoor job. maybe better than sitting in front of a PC all day clicking. does one need a license to do this ? how to start ?

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