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Posted in: Why do Asian pop stars have a hard time succeeding in the U.S. market? See in context

The combination of American focus on talent in a performer's chosen field over all around good looks and fashion and the cultural difference (most Americans are more cynical) makes it odd to hear what to us in an unusually happy song in a foreign language sung by a mediocre singer. Most of our songs are sung by real singers not just good looking people with a microphone and the lyrics usually involve how bad society sucks, how awesome drugs are, how much the singer hates their ex, etc...

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Posted in: Britain refuses entry to far-right Dutch MP See in context

It's sad for me, as an American to see an allied nation that I had considered to have similar ideals and freedoms to refuse to allow this man to show his film in order to avoid offending someone. Freedom of speech should protect offensive speech as well, as some valid opinions will be found offensive by some people. Once we start moving in this direction how far will it go? Any opinion at all could be interpreted by someone as being offensive. A Yankees fan might find a Red Sox fan's criticism of his favorite team offensive. Should that be illegal? It seems to me that this decision is based on the British government's fear of Islam and their violent reaction to this film, although maybe I shouldn't say so in case I offend someone in Britain as this is apparently grounds for expulsion from a free nation now. I hope in the future that Britain will side with freedom and democracy and not give in to their fear of violence from radical extremists who oppose civil liberties that conflict with their religion.

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Posted in: Chinese translation cuts out parts of Obama speech See in context

It's the saddest thing I can conceive as an American to picture over one billion human beings unable to express themselves or command representation in their own government. I hope as China slowly moves towards less extreme policies in regards to democracy and political freedom we will see a fall in censorship as well.

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Posted in: I love Japan! I think all the tiny cars are so cute! See in context

Britney Spears is a moron. I'm sorry Japan...

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Posted in: Bush defends his record of using military might See in context

You should spend some time in the US military. Bush has more than two supporters left.

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Posted in: What's your recommendation for helping Crown Princess Masako recover fully from whatever is ailing her? See in context

Buy herself some kinda pet. I read somewhere once that people with pets are much more likely to recover from a sickness than people without. I would recommend a cat.

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Posted in: Japan to arrest anti-whaling activists, newspaper reports See in context

Sounds fair enough. These aren't activists they're just terrorists. Good call Japan.

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