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Posted in: Eddie Murphy returns to Beverly Hills, which is good enough for everyone See in context

Watched it last night. No, it was not the blockbuster you are hoping for. Was it bad? Absolutely not.

It was NOT made for today's standards. It wasn't about "THE MESSAGE". There were no gender swaps or forced inclusion of the alphabet community. It was just good clean fun. It was made for fans of the original.

We even got Kevin Bacon! Kevin Bacon!!!! Yes, it's a no-brainer. I'm watching it.

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Posted in: Yen slumps to upper 160 range against dollar despite intervention threat See in context

The way the yen is dropping feels like a teaser trailer for Godzilla -2.0.

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Posted in: Foreign woman walks into bus at Tokyo’s Shibuya Scramble intersection See in context

WAIT....so let's point this out!

Mezamashi TV goes there to get video of the Mario Kart Tours. They are there to put the company in a bad light. Then out of nowhere....a "professional bus driver" goes through a red light at the busiest crossing in the world, and hits a foreigner due to overtourism. The irony is laughable.

We don't need to focus on the Mario Karts. We need to focus on the taxis and bus drivers who think they own the road! Poetic Justice indeed.

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Posted in: Cannes gets steamy with strippers and sex motels See in context

Not watching any of this trash.

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Posted in: 2-year-old girl dies after her neck gets stuck in car window See in context

I wonder if this car was a Nissan or a Toyota? Was there no safety feature to detect an obstruction?

This article carefully leaves out that detail.

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Posted in: Death penalty sought again in retrial of 88-year-old man acquitted of 1966 murders See in context

46 years??? No one here thinks he's been rehabilitated? Does this man stab everyone he comes into contact with? I get it. Social media wants to be judge, jury and executioner, but this is UNSAT.

We may not socially accept O.J, Weinstein, R.Kelly, Manson and P Diddy and hopefully they all will do or did their time, but we cannot lock them up forever. If you are not going to follow through with capital punishment, then at some point, you have to let them out. Period.

88 years old? Nobody knows this guy. Doesn't Japan have double jeopardy laws?

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Posted in: Japan gov't again ordered to pay damages over Cameroon detainee death See in context

You do realize that 1.65 million is nothing!

The calculation for PPD ( Permanent Physical Disability ) or death is 75% of potential earnings per year x the years until retirement. Ishario ( Gomenasai Money ) is a separate issue that any responsible party would be required to pay in addition to the legal requirement.

Once responsibility has been established the government will automatically pay the PPD or Death with weeks. Compensation in a civil suit usually takes much longer. However, the longer they drag the issue, the greater the penalty.

This man died in 2014? This case is totally foul. Disgusting if you ask me.

Mitsubishi Fuso ( similar case ) managed to get away with paying less than 5 million yen in a civil suit in Yokohama.

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Posted in: Fewer domestic travelers seen in Golden Week See in context

With a weak yen and price inflation this was not expected?

The company has asked workers to do overtime without saying “overtime” by calling them projects that they realistically cannot be completed during normal working hours.

Kudos to this society though for being patient. There’s no better to communicate that you aren’t happy with the Japanese yen rate than by not spending your money.

The pandemic made us strong! We know how to stay home now

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Posted in: Town to block Mount Fuji view from troublesome tourists See in context

So if something can't be monetized, then you are going to block it? Talk about building your own prison.

I usually drag people who make ridiculous takes here, but in this case, I'm willing to accept that whoever came up with this idea, and those that support it, really have no idea where that missile ends.

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Posted in: Number of young women to halve in 40% of Japan localities by 2050 See in context

Tokyo gets too much hype. Living in Tokyo is NOT the grand life you would imagine. In fact, areas outside of Tokyo offer a much better quality of life. Unfortunately, with every passing year the execs in Tokyo are luring and forcing people to work in Tokyo. As it goes, as you move to Tokyo, the rich take your land and life outside of Tokyo. Fools Gold for real gold.

We can only hope that the communities outside of Tokyo learn how to suffocate the city till they realize that rural areas demand investment.

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Posted in: Oil sprays from an ANA flight carrying 213 people as it lands in Hokkaido See in context

ANA is not at fault here. This is a BOEING issue. If you make even the slightest effort you will find all the information that a certain whistleblower has spilled about the BOEING 787 series. Do your research!

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Posted in: 'City Hunter' manga hero drops sexism for new live-action film See in context

Definitely NOT watching this! If it's not true to the original story, then there's no need to watch it. Stop allowing other interest groups to hijack your ideas. You are letting someone else destroy your vision.

I can't financially support this movement. Furthermore, this new City Hunter will be ratioed and destroyed by online critics. Have no illusion! The world has changed. We aren't listening to what some corporate exec who stands to profit has to say about the movie or show. We are watching and faithfully listening to online movie critics who will tell us the truth!

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Posted in: 63 doctors, dentists sue Google for keeping reviews they say are unfair See in context

Let those dentists hold that L. You better be very nice to your customers.

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Posted in: Suzuki drives in 3 runs as Chicago Cubs hold off LA Dodgers for 9-7 win See in context

Awww.....I was betting on Ohtani. Oh sorry. Too soon?

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Posted in: Woman, 3 relatives indicted over her 6-year-old son's murder See in context

They seriously need to investigate this group. There must be more. Name their cult please.

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Posted in: All 10 skaters brawl off opening faceoff at start of Devils-Rangers game See in context

Classy! Sportsmanship at it's finest.

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Posted in: 18 taken to hospital after lightning strikes soccer game in Japan See in context

This kind of negligence and blatant disregard for the safety of students is criminal.

These schools need to be held responsible. Some schools even have their students participate in Sports Festivals in the hot summer, leading to heatstrokes.

Safety should be the priority over school promotion and sales.

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Posted in: Man fills void in rural Japan city by opening movie theater See in context

I watched Dune 2 as well, but that does not fit what I said, does it?

Dune is a legacy franchise? No, it's not. It's not Star Wars or Marvel.

How many Dune spinoffs have there been? None.

Did Amazon Prime do to Dune like what they did with Rings of Power? NO.

Was Dune 2 like what they did with the Little Mermaid? NO.

Was Dune made by Disney? No, it wasn't

Don't take it personal. You may not fully know what Wokism is. After all, the whole concept comes from an expression that was cultural appropriation.

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Posted in: Man fills void in rural Japan city by opening movie theater See in context

Movie quality has gone down so much that people don't want to go to the theater.

Hollywood and Disney are all about "THE MESSAGE" these days. Wokism, gender-swapping, and diversity calls for legacy franchises are proving to be a failure.

Opening a theater now is a very risky move. However, I think he would be very successful if he focuses on good food. I'm sorry Japan, but whatever it is they are serving at the snack bar is god-awful.

Uncooked hot dogs? The popcorn and sweets are okay. However, NOBODY wants to buy a large drink at the movie theater. They'll give you a large cup filled with air and ice.

Improve the food and your theater will thrive.

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Posted in: Sean 'Diddy' Combs' lawyer says raids of his homes were 'excessive' use of 'military-level' force See in context

R Kelly 2.0 but, much much worse. This will be the ugliest, most disgusting story you'll read about in 2024 and going into 2025. That's a pure monster right there.

This is good though. We're about to see how Hollyweird and the LGBTQ community really operate.

Stay tuned for more after a word from our sponsors.

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Posted in: Ohtani says he never bet on sports; claims interpreter Mizuhara stole money, told lies See in context

Everybody focused on some Press Release. Use your common sense!

Other than Switzerland, show me a bank, any bank, that is just going to transfer 500,000 dollars?

Guys, I know it's in there. Think about it. You think the bank isn't going to flag it?

I can't even sign into another computer without getting a sign-in notification. The U.S is watching all money transfers in and outside the country. TRY IT! Go down to Mizuho Trust or SMBC and try to wire 500,000. They'll flag you even if it's 10,000.

Do you really believe that Ohtani gave his "translator" power of attorney? Even if that is true, there would be a lengthy trail of documents required before any bank would allow his "translator" to touch his money.

I apologize. It's not your fault. It must be the PTSD of Fake News or the gaslighting that prevents people from seeing an obvious lie.

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Posted in: Japan tees up Abe's ex-interpreter to help chart course with Trump See in context

HopeSpringsEternalToday  08:41 am JST

There was no and will be no shock with Trump Admin, his track record included no new wars, low inflation and global stability. That'll be far easier and more pleasant to translate than the current Biden Admin disaster!

Of course there were no new wars. It was a pandemic that Trump couldn't handle. Ridiculous claims about COVID-19. He let millions of Americans die on his watch. Lets not forget his Quid Pro Quo that set up the war with Ukraine.

Unfortunately, what most of you are betting on is that voters have the memory retention of a Tik Tok video. You are hoping that we forgot. If Trump even tries to have a debate with Biden, he'll be destroyed. He can't risk it. Then you'll have to sit on the sofa and watch Trump lie through his teeth. We've got receipts.

I dare Trump to debate Biden. I hope he does, so the Dems can refresh the memory of American voters.

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Posted in: Japan tees up Abe's ex-interpreter to help chart course with Trump See in context

Yeah, we better do a background check on this interpreter. Any gambling?

And yes, Japan is this article is already trying to declare Trump president. It's not going to happen.

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Posted in: Ohtani says he never bet on sports; claims interpreter Mizuhara stole money, told lies See in context

The bookie the police arrested is starting to sing. Whatever hopes you have for Ohtani are about to be dashed. The press and media keep trying to cover his past and current scandals.

It's all about to come out. You think that rich bookie is going to cut a deal to save Ohtani? You got a rude awakening coming. He's going to save himself. It's called a plea bargain. You might be thinking this is bad for Ohtani and bad media, you'd be wrong. Every news media outlet, YouTuber, anybody who can make a buck off a good scandal for these chickens to come home to roost.

Rude awakening coming.

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Posted in: Japan beats N Korea in World Cup qualifier; then N Korea cancels visit by Japan See in context

I hope the North Korean coach doesn't get fired. I can only imagine what that might truly mean btw.

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Posted in: Should you be concerned about flying on Boeing planes? See in context

Flying on BOEING planes? No problem

Testifying against them and then dead the next day - Problem!

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Posted in: Ohtani's interpreter fired by Dodgers after allegations of illegal gambling, theft from star See in context

[ "I'm terrible at gambling. Never going to do it again. Never won any money," Mizuhara said. "I mean, I dug myself a hole and it kept on getting bigger, and it meant I had to bet bigger to get out of it and just kept on losing. It's like a snowball effect."

After Ohtani agreed to pay the debts, Mizuhara said on Tuesday, Ohtani logged onto his own computer and sent the wire transfers under Mizuhara's supervision in installments over several months last year. They added "loan" to the description field in the transactions.

"We had to add a description for the wire,'" Mizuhara said. "I think Matt [Bowyer] might have told me to just put loan. You had to put something.”

Okay that's proof right there. If you quoted that "verbatim", then Ohtani did not directly gamble. However, he is culpable and complicit in supporting gambling.

That confirms my suspicion that Ohtani and his agents are doing this to cover their interests. Now the IRS may have something different to say about this, but that's an entirely different matter.

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Posted in: 'Curse of the Colonel' KFC statue disposed of in Osaka See in context

How is Randy Bass these days? Would have been nice if he had showed up.

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Posted in: Ohtani's interpreter fired by Dodgers after allegations of illegal gambling, theft from star See in context

I see Mizuhara in this story. I see the gambling. I do NOT see the part about any theft from Otani.

What I see do is "social-distancing" at its finest. It looks like Mizuhara is going to be the fall guy. Otani has to claim its theft. Otherwise, he could be linked to supporting Mizuhara with his gambling debts.

It's kind of like when a woman is caught cheating. She can admit to it or she can claim it's something else that she did not agree to.

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Posted in: Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez are officially divorced See in context

Hmmm she's been out of the limelight. Career seems to have stalled. Time for a divorce.

She's got the Taylor Swift playbook and she's following it. Sacrifice family for career.

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