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Posted in: I want to eat healthily. So why do I crave sugar, salt and carbs? See in context

Eat whatever you want and as much as you want! Too many of us refuse to accept our mortality. You are trying to live forever and ( SPOILER ALERT ) it ain't going to happen. It's better to live a wonderful 60 years than to sacrifice everything so you burden your kin with extra responsibility to care for you.

A human who lived 100 years had more quantity than quality.

So order that pizza, snag those tacos, and spoon into your favorite bin of ice cream. Life is short!

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Posted in: Female inmate who claimed she ‘wanted to die’ apparently hangs herself in cell See in context

Humanity will never learn. Humans were not meant to be in cages.

Now this woman may not seem like she did the right thing, but she took control of her life. She robbed them of the joy of seeing a human in jail.

P.S: Interesting fact! I drove along Tokyo C2 near Adachi the other day. You can see the Detention Center from the highway and on your map. Have any of you noticed that it's shaped like an hourglass? TRUE STORY. Look at Google Maps. Quite a sadistic design if you ask me.

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Posted in: Soccer player Ito sues accusers for ¥200 mil over sexual assault claim See in context

CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! Standing ovation for Mr. Ito! Go all the way! Follow the Johnny Depp playbook.

SUE THEM! We've got to shut these women who make false allegations down. We men have to stand up to the women who weaponize the #MeToo for their financial gain.

There are REAL victims out there. Then there are these women who are trying to "finesse" their way into financial gain. We need to go after the Amber Heards of any society.

After Mr Ito wins, go after the team as well. Men who won't stand with men need to be held accountable as well.

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Posted in: Japan eyes 20-year background check for those working in jobs involving kids See in context

Creating a new industry I see. I see posters celebrating, and cheering on this new policy. So I ask you, who is going to foot the bill? Who do they have to pay the money to?

Okay, so let's hypothetically say it's the responsibility of the applicant to foot the bill for the security check.


So you're suggesting they pay a security company to do a background check into all your criminal history and social media profiles in order to work at a low-paying job that has little to no benefits?

Well, I can already tell you how that is going to work out. They won't be applying for those jobs. Then you'll be complaining about a shortage of qualified staff to work those jobs.

Be careful what you wish for. And the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

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Posted in: Japan's industry minister reprimands TEPCO president over radioactive water leak at Fukushima plant See in context

This time it's this society's fault. The first accident, 3.11, is their fault. For Japan, to let those off the hook and grant them the public's trust again is our fault. I NEVER ever forget the scandals and fraud of any company. Whether it be TEPCO, Snow Brand, Olympus, NIssan,..etc.

If you let them off the hook, they'll make the same mistakes again and again. Not sure why this society forgets so quickly and easily.

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Posted in: 'Oppenheimer' wins 7 awards, including best picture, at British Academy Film Awards See in context

So sad that Japan is unwilling to show a historical film like Oppenheimer. I really wanted to see it.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for abandoning body of newborn infant in trash can See in context

The suspect, who works in Japan as a technical intern trainee, gave birth to the baby at her boyfriend’s home

It's hard to imagine that people are so easily duped by the editors. In this article, the editor conveniently throws out a non-Japanese nationality., "Vietnamese". Everybody takes the bait and jumps on her.

Meanwhile, this is happening in her boyfriend's home. Nationality kept secret. Why? Which nationality allowed this to take place in their own home? Who didn't take her to a hospital?

@JT Some of us are looking at the information you conveniently leave out.

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Posted in: Foreign firefighters stifled by Japanese gov't bureaucratic restrictions See in context

Sorry maam, I can't save your husband or children. We'll need to fill out some forms and other various documents. That needs to be mailed in. It can't be done by email. It takes about two weeks. At which time, I'll receive a little sticker I can put on my helmet.

Please stand by while we resolve this issue.

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Posted in: Carl Weathers, linebacker-turned-actor who starred in 'Rocky' movies, dies at 76 See in context

This guy was great! It's a deep loss for anyone who grew up with him. Rocky, Predator, Happy Gilmore, Mandalorian, and many many more.

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Posted in: Taylor Swift could make it from Tokyo to Super Bowl. Parking her private jet could be tricky See in context

I'm sending a message to Greta Thunberg! Taylor Swift is killing the environment. She should fly commercial like everybody else. We deserve clean air, now and in the future.

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Posted in: Ito removed from Japan squad at Asian Cup over sexual assault claims he denies See in context

This is too much power for women. No amount of money or punitive damages can make up for opportunities lost. Any successful man is a target for women to marry. If he dismisses them, these women are left with the feeling that they were entitled to a life by his side.

Furthermore, what happened to innocent until proven guilty? Men have the right to break up with women who feel are not a good match. At least with Jonathon Majors, Disney didn't fire him until the verdict. I know some sponsors ditched him, but that's not your job.

Men need to mobilize for better legislation to protect any man from accusations. Especially vindictive accusations. You take away my dream, so I take away yours.

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Posted in: 'We don't give a damn about the feelings of Japanese concerning the so-called Northern Territories:' Medvedev See in context

I wonder how Japan will react to this? Send the JMSDF?

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Posted in: Tokyo police arrest 3 over alleged Las Vegas sex work solicitation See in context

Wait......what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. What happened to the code?

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Posted in: Fans outraged by Barbie Oscar snubs See in context

Abe234Jan. 25  02:25 pm JST

Riiiiiiight! So people are ticked off cause a couple of women didn't get nominated for a PINK BARBIE MOVIE, rather than jumping for joy at the first-ever Native American woman to be nominated for an Oscar whose performance was awesome.

What? A native American woman was nominated for Best Actress, while beautiful Margot Robbie with her blonde hair and blue eyes, wasn't? This is the BARBIE movie. You know the doll that was used in those child experiments to see which color skin they thought was beautiful. Unbelievable!

Decades of hard work, brainwashing and oppression down the drain. Barbie, I mean Margot Robbie, was supposed to win.

Thank you Abe234! You were spot on!

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Posted in: Netflix subscribers jump despite price hikes See in context

Great news! I just love Dave Chappelle. NetFlix can't be canceled.

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Posted in: Seoul court approves seizure of Japanese firm's funds over wartime labor See in context

Good for them! Stand your ground.

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Posted in: Fans outraged by Barbie Oscar snubs See in context

Nothing to complain about here. The judges got it right. Looks like Oppenheimer will get the last laugh.

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Posted in: Vietnamese trainees told to undergo contraception to work in Japan See in context

I understand that this is a hot volatile subject for most people here. You're upset and I understand that. However, I think it's necessary to remind ourselves whose country this is.

Where are we? Japan. Is this our country to bring our ideas and change it? NO. Should we respect their wishes and try to follow the culture here? Of course!

If these Vietnamese women did not feel comfortable with the conditions mandated to them to be accepted into the program, then they should have stayed home. No one is entitled to have access to this country.

Furthermore, most people here assume it was the Japanese man who asked these women to use contraception. What if it was a Japanese woman who asked them? Don't be mind-blown now. It does compute.

Anyway, we all have to play by the rules. If the rules or conditions are there for that particular VISA or training program, then that's what they have to follow. I'm sure there were so many points that were not covered in this or previous articles as to why such conditions were set in place.

P.S: I'm sure if men were asked to do the same thing, we would happily comply with the law.

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Posted in: Japanese journalist brings lonely #MeToo battle to Sundance See in context

Good for her! She's winning.

However, I only believe in FACTS and evidence. What the #MeToo movement wants is instantly believe her favorability. What they want is an advantage in the "He said / She said" argument.

This does not mean, don't listen to the woman. Or instantly dismiss her. What it means is before destroying another human being's life, provide some PROOF!

Unfortunately, for the #MeToo movement, the false accusations impede the progress they are trying to make. Oh, don't get me wrong. You'll change some laws, but you'll fail to change people's minds. Humans are susceptible to thoughts of vengeance and / or regret. When you are hell-bent on winning or destroying someone else, you'll say anything.

There are always two narratives and there are FACTS.

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Posted in: The nuclear family living in a nice house, with one working parent, eating dinner together, watching TV shows together, a strong sense of neighborhood community when kids played outdoors with one another unlike today. Did that really exist or was it something created by 1950s U.S. TV shows? See in context

It only existed in white suburban neighborhoods. 1950s?

It was a period of racism. Fathers were unable to provide for their families. Black men, Mexicans, Asians and other people of color were persecuted. Some not making it home to their families. Black families were not allowed to be part of the community. They were often detained if seen walking through white communities on their way home. Domestic violence was rampant. Women were denied basic human rights. Conservatives were full steam trying to take away their freedom to family planning. Military veterans were demonized. Their PTSD wasn't even being brought to question.

Those were TV shows made to brainwash and model what the "ideal" white suburban family was expected to have! You shouldn't and should not have believed that description of American life. Whether you were a black family living in a ghetto or a poor white trash family living in a trailer, those shows were fake and insulting. The reality of the 1950s in America was far more horrific.

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Posted in: U.S. eyes Japanese shipyards for warship overhauls, says U.S. ambassador See in context

This will create more jobs for Japanese engineers. This deal makes sense. If you aren't going to defend your country, then at least put a fresh coat of paint above and below the waterline.

Can you check the props and turbines while you're down there?

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Posted in: Japan signs agreement to purchase 400 Tomahawk missiles from U.S. See in context

If you want Peace, you must prepare for war. All societies believe that the Sun will always be there in the sky. Or that tomorrow is just 24 hours away.

Doesn't work that way. Your way is life is preserved by the men and women who protect your borders. Ignore this and suffer a rude awakening.

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Posted in: ‘I never lost a fight against a man’: The story of the only woman to join Japan’s notorious yakuza See in context

This was the best story I've seen on here in a long time. I enjoyed reading this.

Please more content like this.

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Posted in: 2 men disguised as delivery workers assault, rob man at his apartment See in context

@Finally rich

*According to investigators, the incident occurred at around 7 p.m. on Sunday. Kyodo News reported that two men claiming to be couriers from Yamato Transport were carrying a cardboard box*

"At around 7p.m" Almost everybody knows that's the most popular time people select to have something delivered.

Play it out in your head. You come home. Open your door. You check the doorpost. Oh, there's the little delivery card. Most of the time it's not inside the doorpost box. You can see the corner of it just sticking out from the outside as you approach your door.

Enter the crooks. They've been watching your daily routine. They see that little delivery card hanging out your doorpost. "Grab that". The resident here is expecting something. Mr Suzuki comes home but never sees the delivery card. All he knows is a package is coming someday.

PING PONG! Mr. Suzuki reacts! That must be apples I ordered from Aomori. Next thing you know, Mr. Suzuki is being robbed at knife point in his own home.

Why is this happening? Because Kuro Neko left the card in his doorpost. These companies give the crooks all the info they need. UPS, FEDEX, DHL, Amazon....all culpable to these crimes.

Use technology! Put GPS on the vehicles!

P.S: Dominos is NOT guilty. You can track them on their webpage.

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Posted in: 2 men disguised as delivery workers assault, rob man at his apartment See in context


You don't worry about me. I got my own home security system. Does everybody have that? The answer is clearly "NO".

Unlike you, what I said was for ALL residents. Think about others. I don't want anybody to suffer a home invasion as this person has.

It's so easy to assume that every comment here is from a personal perspective. Time for some reflection as you read your own comment again.

These delivery companies are culpable. A couple of small-time crooks just exposed how well they understand these couriers and their method of operation. Yamato could be here anytime. Just stay at home and wait all day. Sacrifice your entire schedule because you are at their mercy.

PING PONG! Finally, they are here. Open the door....OMG crooks. Sorry Mr. Pen, you don't know it all. That's why we are here now.

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Posted in: Tokyo Gov Koike asked to stop plan to remake park, baseball stadium See in context

You will all bow to Corporate Japan. Koike is in our pocket now. Remember you just work here.

Time to make up your minds. Do you want your job or do you want to be unemployed living under the Gingko trees?

Anyway, forget about this news. This is not your fight. Go on about your lives. Take your kids to a baseball game.

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Posted in: 2 men disguised as delivery workers assault, rob man at his apartment See in context

This is the fault of Japan's delivery companies. With all the technology available today, why are we not registered residents in their databases?

These companies deliver when THEY want to deliver. Often wasting money, gas, and time by coming to your home when they know you are NOT at home.

These companies should send a notification or SNS that they are trying to deliver to you and when exactly. This will provide better security for Japanese residents. You'll know when to expect them.

As a bonus, you'll know when to NOT answer your door. Bad news for the NHK man, but oh well.

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Posted in: Navy officer who was jailed in Japan over deadly crash released from U.S. custody, family says See in context


You have never lived in America. If you are convicted of a crime in America, you lose everything. PERIOD. Not this guy! He'll get a great job.

Meanwhile....Jonathon Majors lost millions! You do not understand the "privledge". I'm giving you REAL talk.

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Posted in: Navy officer who was jailed in Japan over deadly crash released from U.S. custody, family says See in context

I said it before and I’ll say it again. The privilege is real.

Same goes for those guys who helped Ghosn get out of the country. They knew they would do some time. However, it won’t even hurt their employment opportunities once they return.

No doubt that this naval officer, from Dana Point, California, will get a military contract job after the smoke clears. No one in the U.S will ever remember this guys story. As far as the job market is concerned, it never happened on U.S soil, so it doesn’t exist.

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Posted in: Putin says he will visit disputed islands off Hokkaido See in context

OMG! Any of you ever look at Google Maps ( Kuril Islands )? It's a bunch of rocks.

Putin can call this a tourist spot all he wants. Ain't nobody going out there for a vacation.

Leave this alone. Not worth it.

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