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Posted in: Man gets life in prison for murder of 17-year-old girl See in context

All the tragedy;

Be careful, "Disillusioned". Your opening commentary implicates it could have been ever worth it killing someone (a girl) for MORE than a hundreed dollars. A wiser choice of word is appreciated.

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Posted in: Detained man may be fugitive wanted over 1971 Shibuya policeman killing See in context

It is quite questionable what sentece would be "just", considering all the circumstances encircling the case.

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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting high school girl on street See in context

Ah, the ardent youth! You just can not help yourself when you realize the love behind the universe and want to feel somewhat complete as a human being, just for a second.

Except you can. Get yourself helped.

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Posted in: 'Conspiracy' bill clears lower house with ruling bloc support See in context

Is it not the 1984 of Orwells that predicted thoughts punishment?

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Posted in: N Korea fires ballistic missile See in context

You "real world of geopolitics" is the reason people are in predicaments here and there this age. You might want to take several looks at reality and ask yourself, what are you: a human being with compassion or a product of history of the power.

Keep that answer to yourself, though, for you will not win and we will have the world protected from being plunged into primordial chaos you are working hard towards.

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Posted in: 3 women attacked by man in Chiba in separate incidents See in context

Good thing, he did not go trough it, I guess.

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Posted in: N Korea fires ballistic missile See in context

If people stopped making such a mess out of it, simply pretending the North Korea does not exist, or even preparing the defensive measures silently without all the indecent militaristic hysteria, Kim would stop firing them. It is common sense, no reaction without the action, and... vice versa. Were they smarter, they would have broken the cycle already.

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Posted in: U.S. admiral: N Korea's actions 'recipe for disaster' See in context

"The Sasakawa PEACE Foundation"... My heart shall not be deceived.

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Posted in: Youth held on suspicion of murdering female schoolmate See in context

And what are you going to do about it, "Mr. Yubaru"? Name and shame 18 years old murderer? What twisted aims would that serve? Yes the Japanese law system is mentally challenged, No you are not supposed to be inhumane towards inhumane.

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Posted in: Youth held on suspicion of murdering female schoolmate See in context

Obviously the reason is, as always, that he is mentally impaired individual of human origin and now everyone except him has to deal with it. His inability to provide a clear statement on the tragedy or, at least, lie coherently makes clear he is another insane teenager. Which will keep on happening UNTIL the morality rises...

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Posted in: Man arrested for leaving bicycle on train tracks See in context

And that is precisely why a campaign of rising nationwide morality is a necessity unless you are content with catching those deviants before/after they have projected their frustration unto innocent people/things.

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Posted in: Japan joins military exercises with U.S., UK and France off Guam See in context

Article 9 - Japan's most violated.

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Posted in: 'I’m glad I’m Japanese' posters in Kyoto spark outrage among Japanese Twitter users See in context

The problem is what could be considered patriotism for us is nationalism for them, not-so-deep within. And then there is a question how does the line between the two concepts look like.

Take a look from a logical standing. If you express words "I have PRIDE in being [nationality]". There is a concept of PRIDE, which means something great. Then, if you feel the need to express that you or anything is great, then, by the default, you presume the existence of the opposite, less great or worse. You (the fictional you) assume that there is something in your nation(ality) that allows you to consider yourself greater than someone or everyone you have in mind when comparing them and proclaming that there be PRIDE in yours. It could be patriotism, it could be nationalism. Language implies it is the latter.

"I am GLAD I am Japanese" is pure nationalism crap and such people deny Nanking and who knows what. When the same thing happened on Japanese level, where a minister said "I am GLAD it was (not Tokyo) Fukushima" in regards to a nuclear disaster everyone lost their mind. There someone is protecting this national-level kind of proclamation. Hypocrisy 101.

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Posted in: Man detained for touching woman on train found dead after fleeing from Ueno Station office See in context

Let's return to the apartheid times then, on a deeper level now. Female-only and Man-only trainwagons. Solves the problem, yet concentrates the possible offenders.

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Posted in: 2-month-old girl dies after being left in car for over 5 hours; mother arrested See in context

AGAIN! It has everything to do with morality and responsibility culture in the society for growing generations. Alas, the time of multidirectional freedom brought upon lack of basic human decency. This can not be changed by condemning every one of them when it happens. As far as I am concerned, there is no "awareness rising" campaign going on a national level as of now. Until then, countdown starts anew...

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Posted in: Driver gets 30 months over traffic death while playing Pokemon Go See in context

The short sentence has to do with the fact that this tragedy was unwanted by every concerned parties. The driver, while responsible for his irresponsibility, is not a criminal nor a deviant with ill intent. Taking him away from the society does nothing in terms of security since he was not a threat to begin with, nevertheless what happened happened. Legal entities understand that much, but can not make him walk out either way. It would not send the slightly right kind of message. He will serve his time and, in hands with regret, will return to the society working besides everyone else as someone, hopefully, more responsible this time.

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Posted in: Do you think cinemas will become obsolete one day (like drive-ins) as home entertainment becomes more popular due to streaming and other forms of watching films in the comfort of your own home? See in context

While cinema theaters have their little issues, the feeling of being a part of a bigger entity while witnessing different stories, different films outweighs them every time. Home sessions are great for some films, but the other make people feel... "more" when seen in a room full of other people with their feelings and emotions. They might be obsolete in terms of instution, with all the internet cinema platforms, but they will never lose their symbolic and spiritual standing.

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Posted in: Who would you say is the most recognizable Japanese person alive today? See in context

Junichiró Koizumi-san. A great politician, and his son is a fantastic actor.

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Posted in: Fukushima village begins sowing rice for 1st time since nuclear disaster See in context

I hope it IS clearly labeled. People should check the characteristics of this rice several times before venturing into this.

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Posted in: Japan, China, S Korea pledge to resist protectionism See in context

Haruhiko Kuroda looks so happy, as if he was not a part of the Japanese government... makes me forget all the troubles for several moments of existence.

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Posted in: Police appeal for help over unsolved 2000 murder of 17-year-old See in context

The culprit could have been dead for 16 years now, if they are thinking of closing one failed case this late they are not the brightest.

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Posted in: No. of children in Japan falls for 36th year to new record low See in context

This got me so mad I forgot basic English.

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Posted in: Theme park offering fake thugs you can 'beat up' to impress your girlfriend See in context

Promoting violance as pride and inspiration - Japan.

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Posted in: Should Russia return the four disputed islands off Hokkaido to Japan? See in context

Everyone should hug it out and share (communism is good). Too bad the current humanity advancement level still makes it crave to fleeting materialism, as if it was simply an animal species. When the time comes, truths will be understood and hands will be joined. What has to happen before the time comes, and what had better not, is our reality now.

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Posted in: Suspect in death of Vietnamese girl in Chiba to be charged with murder See in context

As the logic dictates, her hair in his car and his DNA on her makes it sound enough to say they were together at some point. Only by building the model of what happened further one can determine that he was the murderer. But while the logic is behind such conclusion, there is no hard, solid evidence to suggest that he killed her. Only that they were together for reasons I do not know.

Obviously they are not letting him go, either way. I sure hope it was him who killed the girl. Otherwise there is a sick scum walking free out there.

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Posted in: Golden Week holiday travelers flood roads, train stations See in context

A shameless yearly triumph of materialistic, consumeric capitalism. If it is laying on the throne daily, that one week it's dancing and signing.

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Posted in: Trump would be 'honored' to meet N Korea's Kim, if conditions right See in context

I am always hands up for proper civilized talks rather than mentally challenged nuclear threats. Anyone oppossed to this mostly wants strangers to suffer, I guess.

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Posted in: Music label Avex failed to pay hundreds of millions of yen in overtime See in context

This is blatantly pathetic and people behind it must be punished by the Japanese justice entity, if there is still one.

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Posted in: Japan wrestles over smoking ban as Olympics loom See in context

No they should not smoking degrades human body and ultimately taints the mind, abusive drinking results in about the same except in reversed order. Saying "it's fine it's their thing" is irresponsible.

I do agree about the part where they do not need to change the culture to appeal to a bunch of some million westerners when they come for yet another Olympics. Would ban smoking and restrict alkohol availability nevertheless.

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Posted in: Should Russia return the four disputed islands off Hokkaido to Japan? See in context

Soviets violated non-hostile treaty with Japanese Imperial Army back in 1939, and Soviets ,as an another example of disregard for whatever international standards or pieces of paper anyone signs, attacking Japan AFTER the nuclear bombardment, and backstabbing them without any honour. While doing so was a condition of Yalta Conference from Roosevelt, there was no condition of stealing the islands from Japan. Soviets never played fairly and cared about basic human decency until the very end.

Russia, by being uncooperative and not acknowledging the former, is simply showing that the legacy of Soviet way of doing things runs deep in the blood of modern Russia. But then again, if Japan really wanted to solve this, they would have agreed to 2:2 islands deal.

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