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Posted in: U.S. expects immediate action from China on trade commitments See in context

Matt Hartwell..... That was well said.

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Posted in: TOKYO SURPRISE! campaign See in context

kyronstavic..... Well played. :)

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Posted in: Megurogawa Minna no Illumination See in context

Absolutely beautiful. Hope to travel to see it one day. Meantime, I'll have to enjoy it on YouTube.

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Posted in: Woman drives 7.3 kilometers with angry boyfriend on hood of car See in context

The twists and turns off this crazy world as we motor along down the path of life.

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Posted in: Bruce Willis film cancelled after Fan Bingbing tax case See in context

Well just read the movie will open up here in the U.S. but after looking at the trailer on YouTube it looks sorta campy to me. Fan Bingbing it's very pretty. But money laundering and tax evasion? Makes me sad. Good luck with that. Not even sure a good legal team would help her in China.

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Posted in: Veteran Japanese TV, film actress Kirin Kiki dies at 75 See in context

An interesting person. I also had read an earlier article about her impending death. A previous comment said her daughter was their for her final days - that surprised me. I would love to read her life story.

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Posted in: Flexible workspaces: Office-sharing takes off in Tokyo See in context

Nope. Looking at that picture and thinking about my years of experience with offices and cubicles this is a no go. What about all the paperwork and phone calls and printers.......well it's a nice concept but not practical for most environments.

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Posted in: Restaurant operator Skylark to ban plastic straws by 2020 See in context

So many important things going on in this world and now plastic straws are considered a concern. Sheesh...

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Posted in: Woman gives ¥1 mil in cash to man she’s never met, then disappears See in context

I hope they do a follow up to this article. I would like to know how it eventually ends.

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Posted in: New gov't aircraft arrives in Hokkaido See in context

Nice looking aircraft.

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Posted in: 5 found dead in suspected group suicide in Tokyo See in context

Faith Elizabeth Hollett.... interesting analysis on a heartbreaking event.

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Posted in: Survivors of deadly floods face uncertain future See in context

This is very depressing.

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