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Posted in: On-site beauty services give Japan's elderly new lease on style See in context

Have to start somewhere. Elders are a precious commodity that we should always cherish.

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Posted in: Islamic State leader Baghdadi reportedly killed in Syria by U.S. forces See in context

Yeah I dont think the US killed him as other sources say different but hey it sounds great for the Trump minions that will show up here tee harring soon.........

When you have 70 members of Army Delta Force and Rangers closing in on you your next meeting will be with Allah regardless of who pulls the trigger.

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Posted in: Abe visits typhoon-hit areas; emperor's parade to be postponed until Nov 10 See in context

Guys, stop it. He's doing his job as a prime minister. If he had not shown up, you'd be blasting him for showing a lack of sympathy. Some people can do no right.


Well said. Regardless what the guy says or does people complain. Plenty of time later for that.

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Posted in: Typhoon death toll rises to 66 as hopes for 15 missing fade See in context

Chip StarOct. 15  02:02 pm JST

"condolences to those who lost loved ones."

Agreed. Repugnant that at least one person disagrees.

It might not be that they disagree. When viewing articles on your phone it's easy to miss the up-vote and hit the down-vote by mistake. I'm just trying to offer a positive side to it.

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Posted in: 33 dead, 19 missing, over 100 injured after typhoon rips through Japan See in context

"I ask the people of Japan to remain vigilant against landslides and flooding rivers."

And the winner of the most pointless public statement by a rich man who has never spent a moment in danger his whole life goes to...

No matter what Abe says or does he's criticized here. Sheesh....Give it a rest for just one day while Japan and it's families recover from this tragedy.

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Posted in: Thief steals $840,000 watch from Japanese man's wrist in Paris See in context

Where do you pawn a $840K watch? Sheesh....

Just marked Paris off my bucket list.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for repeatedly clogging women’s toilets in convenience stores See in context

Watch women get upset because they can't use the toilet

Seriously, you don't have to do that extreme in order to see them get upset. Just look at them and most will shoot you an angry glance.

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Posted in: Japan imports Ebola virus for research See in context

I love Japan. But I'm so glad I booked my travel time there before the Olympics and all the people that will arrive. No interest in being there at that time. Fall and Spring, the best of times there for me.

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Posted in: Japan comedy duo apologize after reportedly saying Naomi Osaka 'needs bleach' See in context

Man I miss the 80's and 90's where everyone made fun of everyone and nobody lost their minds.

I so agree with that statement from extanker.

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Posted in: Park place See in context

What could possibly go wrong......

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Posted in: Things you should know when going out in Tokyo See in context

That's just great. As a first timer I picked coming to Tokyo during Rugby (/s). I wanted to experience Halloween. Guess the only saving grace is most of my time there will be after Rugby is over.

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Posted in: 12-year-old girl jumps to her death from Oita condo in apparent suicide See in context

Article lacking quite a bit of validated info.

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Posted in: In 'Hustlers,' Jennifer Lopez steals money, and the show See in context


Yeah, whatever. Next article.

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Posted in: 17-year-old boy found hanging in classroom in Gifu See in context

Come on guys. Just from reading this article you hardly know what the details are. Quit condemning the school system or teacher until you have the facts.

A voice of reason.

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Posted in: Companies having hard time letting go of heels: poll See in context

I prefer a woman in heels. I know, down-vote away.

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Posted in: 2 dead as 670,000 ordered to evacuate after downpours in Kyushu See in context

why would you go for a drive when you know torrential flooding is on the way? The stupidity is mind-numbing

Sometimes people make lousy decisions. I know I've made my fair share. He paid with his life for his decision. Best wishes for his loved ones.

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Posted in: Japan surpasses China as largest non-U.S. holder of Treasuries See in context

Think about it... USA dominance is not going anywhere, it's truly a country of business and humans flock from all over the world for a piece of the American Pie. Politics is good theatre but in the USA it's always about the money..

Well said "JustMyThoughts". Most of the negative commenters do not understand the comment above.

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Posted in: Life expectancy of Japanese women, men continues to rise in 2018 See in context

I'm not going out that way. Once I start needing a nappy, it's a bottle of brandy and a whole bunch of pills for me.

I understand what you mean. But when that day finally arrives for you and it's time to carry out your plan your survival instincts might just kick in.

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Posted in: As a general rule, you can tell a lot about people's personalities by the way they treat restaurant or store staff. Do you agree with this? See in context

Unlike the USA, where people often look down on others who have low paying jobs,

Lousy statement above. I never understand someone's need to generalize.

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing 85-year-old common-law wife; says he was worn out from looking after her See in context

No easy answers. Just choices.

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Posted in: 33 dead after man sets fire to Kyoto anime studio See in context

Japan is changing

Social media has consequences.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested over fire outside home of ex-mistress See in context

Relationships can be difficult - lots of emotions and people acting irrational. Relationships while married, well that's just plain wrong. I would hope his wife had already started divorce proceedings and that this guy finally gets some help.

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Posted in: 'Game of Thrones' cast defend final season at Comic-Con See in context

Never watched it and I guess I never will. Not sure if my life is better or worse for that. I enjoy a good book or conversation with a friend more. Just an opinion.

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Posted in: Abe faces challenge from U.S. plan for Middle East maritime coalition See in context


Awesome comments.

I always appreciate your input and I agree with you so often that it is mad.

Sorry but I'm not a fanboi. 86% of your oil goes thru that strait. If you do not want to participate then plant a few of those ridiculous oversized fans off your coast.

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Posted in: Trump defiant as lawmakers blast his 'racist' attacks on 4 congresswomen See in context

It would be really swell if everyone (Dems, Repubs, et. al)would get to work. American politics is like a GD fourth grade class of whiners and rabble rousers.

I never thought I would hear this from Chip...... nailing both sides of the aisle! Thank you Chip and very well written and I could not agree with you more! Well done Sir!

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Posted in: Japanese firms to offer telework to ease traffic jams during 2020 Games See in context

I foresee this initiative having about the same impact as Premium Friday.

Underrated comment of the day shown above.

This works until management wants a meeting and most people are supposedly working from home. What about a meeting via cam you say? Then management finds out people are out running personal errands instead of at home telecommuting. It only works for a short period of time and then it's cancelled and everyone is back to the office permanently.

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Posted in: Saudi Olympic official reportedly hugged female hotel worker in Tokyo See in context

What a disgusting country Saudi Arabia is.

Well then mark it off your bucket list of places to visit. I love it when people generalize. I suspect most Saudis would not "hug" a woman they do not know - yes there is probably more to the story. Japan has a certain culture and so does Saudi Arabia. You should certainly do your best to respect that country's culture and traditions that you are in. I love Japan, but why do they have certain sections on trains for women?

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Posted in: Japan sets up working group on impact of Facebook's Libra See in context

Given that Facebook can't protect user data

If you're that concerned then don't sign up for Facebook. Most of it is just a photo op for the Democrats to rail against the system and grab votes. Use a freaking ad blocker like UOrigin and delete your tracking cookies using CCleaner. It's just that simple.

Only a fool would allow this company to handle their financial affairs.

Then simply opt out of Libra. It's backed by major credit companies so check your freaking statements like you should normally be doing anyway. It's really just that simple.

People suffer from extreme paranoia.

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Posted in: Abe apologizes to relatives of leprosy patients for their suffering See in context

I do want people treated with compassion. But 1907.... We simply did not have the extensive medical or scientific knowledge to know much about the disease so I'm not sure placing blame on the governmental institutions is totally warranted. I'm in the U.S. so maybe there is more here culturally that I do not understand, regardless, I still feel heartbroken for the families and individuals involved.

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Posted in: Idol singer leaves show business, opens ramen restaurant in Tokyo See in context

Congratulations to her. Best wishes and I'm confident she will have continued success.

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