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Posted in: Traditional Japanese seal system hampers telework for some See in context

QR code’s are outdated technology from 20 years ago, which is why the are not used ‘in the west’. Japan will overcome the problem of their ancient seal system by sending faxes - another outdated technology.

Gave me a chuckle. When I visited Japan a few months ago I was surprised they were still using QR codes. I had to download an App to scan the code at a restaurant. My first thought was why are they still using this outdated stuff. Still, I love Japan and their people guess some things are slow to change. As a cash society, I wonder if they will change that.

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Posted in: Japanese health care facilities stretched thin, doctors say See in context

Japanese health care facilities are getting stretched thin amid a surge in coronavirus patients.

Can we have the name of those facilities and there number of beds in use?

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Posted in: New Kyoto green tea dessert drinks join McDonald’s Japan menu with 'ichigo' and 'shiratama' assists See in context

A masterpiece. I would absolutely love one.

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Posted in: Narita to close 1 runway as air travel demand plunges See in context

Good news for the environment and the over tourism in this country. Let's hope it will stay that way.

Honestly some of these comments are hilarious.

People are dying, the world's economies are crashing and people are commenting on how nice the environment is now....sheesh, clueless liberals.

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Posted in: Tokyo Uber Eats union demands hazard pay See in context

At a minimum they deserve better pay. Probably should double the 300 yen.

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Posted in: Taxi firm fires entire workforce; says drivers better off collecting unemployment See in context

Blame the company. Blame the government. Maybe, just maybe blame the true culprit, China?

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Posted in: British PM Johnson in intensive care with worsening coronavirus symptoms See in context

Hopefully a good outcome for Boris Johnson.

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Posted in: Many schools in Japan reopen after monthlong coronavirus shutdown See in context

Life has to move forward.

You can hide and die in your room alone if you want.

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Posted in: Japan not planning to declare state of emergency but will expand entry bans See in context

I think all the countries of the world should get together and write a big fat "Thank You note to China" for all the deaths and economic destruction they have caused.

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Posted in: Tokyo records most new coronavirus cases in a day as pressure for lockdown builds See in context

What I dont understand however is why this year the virus made the jump from bat to chicken? to human, after centuries of wet markets and exposure. Why this year? They are saying mutation, but that seems odd.

This is exactly what I don't understand! In the U.S. they're too busy blaming Trump but your questions are the ones that need to be answered. Something does not add up. Google Dr. Shi Zhengli, head virologist at Wuhan's BSL-4 (bio-safety lab). She and her team had discovered over 300 coronavirus sequences in bats. So why did the virus make an appearance now? Why this year?

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Posted in: U.S. coronavirus death toll rises past 3,000 on deadliest day; New York governor begs for help See in context

The glaring issue with these analysis is that in times of crisis the president can and should override local leaders to allow for an influx of federal assistance.

State and local governments do not have the same resources the federal government does.

A 2.2 trillion dollar budget was just passed and a medical ship with a thousand beds was just parked off the coast of New York and California.

Not sure where you get your info but it ain't working chief.

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Posted in: Drop in China's new coronavirus cases; none in Hubei for sixth day See in context

Isn’t living in a democratic country with a market economy great?

Please feel free to move to China. I'll be happy to pitch in and get you out of here.

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Posted in: 'Contagion' movie stars tell fans coronavirus is 'real life' See in context

Difference is that in the movie, government was the driver for the solution.

In the real world, govts are part of the problem.

"govts", yeah they're not perfect in their response but remove the plural. Only one, China, is the real problem and does not receive enough of the credit.

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Posted in: Shogo Suzuki: The CEO changing Japanese society’s attitude to ex-inmates See in context

If you don't know the guy personally, you should call him Mr. Suzuki out of respect.


I wish this guy the best. I hope he succeeds and I really enjoyed the article. Perhaps a follow-up in a few years by JT to see how he's doing....

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Posted in: Bob Dylan releases first original music in nearly a decade See in context

Please retire Mr Dylan. You inspire only a few people.

Agree. He's just another liberal celebrity living behind a wall with security and flying in a private jet telling all of us how we should live our lives and how miserable we should feel.

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Posted in: Telework, stockpiling spread in Tokyo after Koike's press conference See in context

Blame Abe, blame the governor's, blame the people for not distancing correctly but can we put the blame where it would be - on China.

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Posted in: Koike urges Tokyo residents to stay at home at weekend See in context

China, the gift that keeps on giving.

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Posted in: Japanese firms see economy contracting if Olympics were to be cancelled See in context

Japan's economy is going to contract regardless of whether the Olympics are held as scheduled or not.

+1 Agree.

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Posted in: Panel may advise easing virus controls in some areas; Hokkaido to end state of emergency See in context

It was never needed. Panic mongering doesn't help anyone. Be calm.

Exactly right. Unfortunately your comment does not fit the world media's narrative.

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Posted in: Plane leaves Japan for Greece to collect Olympic flame See in context

Bravo! Thanks JAL and ANA. Keep up the great work.

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Posted in: Inspiring women: U.S.-raised entrepreneur nurtures work–life balance See in context

Congratulations to Megumi Iguchi!

I guess as a hardworking male I will not try to get a job at any of her "business pillars".

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Posted in: Coronavirus to cut foreign visitors' spending in Japan by estimated ¥981.3 bil See in context

Quick math in "USD":

2 trillion in yearly revenues

9 billion loss in tourism

.0045 loss

Yeah it's a hit but Japan can survive this. Stop the hyper-panic and hysteria please.

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Posted in: Japanese airline thanks passengers during coronavirus slump with special message See in context

So what is it? Are we supposed to be flying, or not flying? Schools are closed, but offices are open. Libraries are closed, but the Olympics are still on. We're told not to fly, but then get thanked when we do. Confusion reigns.

Great questions. Please ask the media since they are responsible for this over-hyped hysteria.

Flu deaths = 20,000+ deaths in U.S.

Wuhan virus = 50 deaths in U.S.

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Posted in: Kurabo to sell kits to detect new coronavirus in 15 minutes See in context

A Chinese made test kit for a Chinese made virus. Anyone see the irony in this?

I would be a wee bit sceptical as to how accurate it will be also.

Made me chuckle. Agree with the comment.

Time to pull our supply chains, technology and pharmaceutical, out of that cesspool where the Wuhan Virus started.

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Posted in: WHO pandemic declaration won't change Tokyo Olympics plan: Suga See in context

Guess you can stay inside and hide in your room and hoard your toilet paper or you can go outside and live your life. It's a beautiful day outside and I choose to live my life.

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Posted in: Kobe woman, Nagoya Sagawa delivery man, JAL cabin attendant test positive for virus See in context

I think it is everywhere but so mild that all this panic is wrong.

Is it mild everywhere? Most likely. Should we be concerned? Sure.

But clickbait and headlines work much better when you have widespread panic. :)

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Posted in: Japan begins coronavirus travel restrictions for China, S Korea See in context

I'm still carrying on as usual. Aren't you?

Here in the U.S. nothing has changed. Restaurants are busy, stores are busy and people go about their everyday business. Maybe everyone should just stop social media and stop watching main stream media for awhile. Hysteria has run amuck.

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Posted in: Science says: How risky is that virus? Your mind may mislead See in context

For me this virus is very deadly, how am I supposed to go to the bathroom now without enough toilet papers available on markets or drugstores?

Air dry. :)

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Posted in: Woman arrested for dumping newborn baby’s corpse in drugstore toilet See in context

That's sick! Who does that?

People who believe in abortion?

Here in the U.S. we have the Democratic Party (liberals) that support abortion - of course the baby's body is disposed in a more humane manner (if that's what you want to call it).

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Posted in: As virus spreads, other countries can learn from China See in context

I read the headline and spit out my coffee. "We can learn from China?" Nope. We need to pull our supply chains out of that garbage bin of a country.

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