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Posted in: Japan Airlines posts Y38.5 billion loss See in context

How can anyone even afford (or want to) to fly with them, the ticket prices are through the roof

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Posted in: Japan’s unpopular men and women boycott love See in context

I hope they put eye holes in the bags, could be dangerous

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Posted in: Obama administration's relations with China off to rocky start See in context

...but lack of cheap Chinese junk flooding stores in the US would hurt one side a lot more then the other.

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Posted in: Aso takes grilling in Diet over economy See in context

So a payout then a tax increase, hmm that seems logical. LOL

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Posted in: High School Musical See in context

What a fake reaction there

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Posted in: 58-year-old woman arrested for harassing former lover’s son with emails See in context

Couldn't he just block the email?

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Posted in: How would you evaluate George W Bush's presidency? See in context

he deserves being put in Guantanamo, for life.

I guess I could not hope for anything better from the people around here.

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Posted in: In view of the worsening global economic crisis, is capitalism a failure? See in context

How is the government taking over companies, baling them out, and propping them up Capitalism? Let the companies fail, free market wins in the end.

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Posted in: Bear shot in central Karuizawa See in context

No one got hurt but the poor bear

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Posted in: Indian navy sinks suspected pirate mother ship See in context

Seems like a lot of the pirates got away but at least the Tabar showed they meant business. Good work!

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Posted in: Health ministry gets more than 100 prank calls, email threats See in context

He is holding a metal detector

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