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And as far as "making an emotional plea for victims of Japan’s wartime sex slavery" goes, where has the UN been on this for the last 70 years?

Now there's a South Korean in charge. Before then, nobody cared. Even now, like you say, low hanging fruit.

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Here, here!

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Posted in: Mega-important debate: Do you shower before work or before bed? See in context

Both. Morning one is the main one, night is a quick one.

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Posted in: Delivery by drone in 30 minutes? Amazon says it's coming See in context

Unless there's a warehouse in every neighbourhood, a single drone will have to be flying constantly and long distances.

And they'd have to be everywhere.

How are they going to deliver stuff to me if they can't land? Swoop in above the verandah, drop cargo and hope for the best? I'd upload those impressive acrobatics to YouTube, assuming I was happy having a parcel dropped a few feet onto a dirty and possibly wet balcony.

I'm sure some people would have fun screwing with them, just because they can. Great, just send out a bigger drone to pick a downed drone up... and see that one forced to crash too. ("See" only if there's a camera attached and it's pointing the right way, plus some douche hasn't thrown a cover over it)

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Posted in: Delivery by drone in 30 minutes? Amazon says it's coming See in context

I hope it doesn’t take down a big commercial aircraft.

I'd imagine this unlikely as manned aircraft will fly much higher? (Regulations)

But yeah, does the world really need this? A drone, safety and noise concerns aside, can only carry so much bulk / weight.

Surely carrying several packages by truck at the same time, all going to addresses nearby each other, or on the way, is much more sensible.

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Okinotorishima has never had a Chinese presence, whereas Japan has been involved since the 1920s. No other country has ever had a presence there, unless you want European explorers who discovered it centuries ago and never made a claim. (Not surprisingly as there was nothing to interest them apart from noting a potential navigation hazard. Oil as a resource, at least as we use it now, was unheard of that time, and they wouldn't have had the technology, assume it exists, to drill for it).

So comparing Okinotorishima to what the CCP is doing in the story has absolutely no meaning.

The CCP is building on contested islands without regard to international law.

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Oh come on people, how can you find anything negative to say ?!

Some people never have anything nice to say about the country. Apparently everything here sucks.

Strangely enough, I see the same thing in ex-pat blogs and forums elsewhere. China, South Korea, places in the Middle East, ad infinitum. The locals are dumb, they should be like back home.

Pretty sad if you ask me.

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Wow, I'm glad he made it. It says that he 'walked' across the border but I think it's safe to assume that he frantically ran for his life.

Depends where he crossed.

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Those atom bombs would never have fallen (on Japan anyway) if Japanese bombs had not fallen on Pearl Harbour.

Those atom bombs would never have fallen (on Japan anyway) if the American government didn't meddle with Japan's affairs in the first place.

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I avoid these types of events like the plague.

yeah same thing year after year, the boredom is excruciating.

Heaven forbid the Japanese do what they want to in their own country.

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In the 2plus decades here I have seen several exhibitions on what Japan did during WWII get canceled, its is a VERY COMMON occurrence here, the norm if you will.

Several? Ignoring you exaggeration, there's no law stopping any museum or any other institution from holding a display.

I'd say "nice try at deflection" but that would be too kind.

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Posted in: Can Islamic State be eradicated by military means? See in context

Not entirely, but you can create some big headaches for them, while diminishing their ability to do mischief.

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He may be gazing somewhere else.

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At a time of intensifying focus on Japan’s reluctance face up to its militaristic past, the exhibition provides a different perspective on the end of the conflict — one in which Japanese were the victims.

Victims were not limited to any race or nationality.

For example, these two children.

And this baby

But the press on all sides was censored to make things look black or white. It's stories like the above that remind us that victims were all individuals, their common ground was their suffering.

I guess the question is, would Japan be open to putting an exhibit like this up? One that shows what the IJA did...

Who would be open? Museums? Some have already been doing it for years.

Horse Manure: Most Japanese are completely unaware of IJA atrocities.

Fact: Those who point fingers shouldn't gloss over their own. Especially folk from countries that committed atrocities well after WW2 ended.

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@ReformedBasher, You mean the war news that doesnt mention Japans warring past?

I'm going to assume this is an attempt at humour, you don't speak/read Japanese at a level where you can actually understand the news, or deluding yourself.

The 10 seconds I spent writing the above sentence, and this, is about as much energy I can muster as to caring which of the above is true.

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Posted in: 16-year-old boy arrested for throwing 2-liter PET water bottles from condo See in context

Glad he was caught before something worse happened.

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The figures compare with 76% of Japanese who think their government has done enough to atone for its warring past, with 17% who say it has not.

I didn`t think they knew much about their warring past so how could they have possibly given a logical and informed response?

Because there are still people gullible enough to believe that Japanese have no idea about the war, despite it being constantly on the news.

In meanwhile in Japan, Japanese TV and media flooded with either Korea bashing news stories or shows making fun of Korea, or shows that claim Japan number one, Japan best, Japanese most superior in the world, and other self-congratulatory messages and self-worships.

And you and the guy above are stuck in the 90s. Japan has moved on, you might benefit too.

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There's something similar on the Akashi Kaikyo bridge (on the walkway behind the restaurant attached to the bottom of the bridge, you can access it from the Akashi side).

Or you can see the whirlpool(s) at Naruto from a walkway on the bottom of the bridge between Awajishima and Tokushima.

Both very much worth checking out if you are in Kansai.

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Posted in: Do you think lowering the voting age to 18 in Japan is a good idea? See in context

Obviously you don't have much contact with them

Just 20 years son. You assume too much.

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Posted in: Do you think lowering the voting age to 18 in Japan is a good idea? See in context

I fear with the lowering of the voting age to 18 we will soon see Funashi as the PM of Japan,

Do you realize this gives us a fair approximation of your own maturity?

as elections will turn into popularity contests, and most of the people who will run will be talents or famous people!

As opposed to the US for example, where Ronald Reagan, Arnie and Clint Eastwood come to mind. Think there's been other also.

Ignoring the ever-present urge of some to belittle the country they chose to live in, considering the current situation with both domestic and international issues, my money is on a large number of young people wanting to play a serious part in their future.

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Posted in: Japan, Philippines eye deeper defense ties See in context

Rhetoric aside, I'd much prefer to see some common sense and adherence to international law, rather than escalation of tensions.

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Posted in: Cameron Crowe apologizes for casting Emma Stone in part-Asian role See in context

Still, the character Annie has iconically been a red-haired Irish-American girl with freckles of the Depression era since the original comic strip came out in the 1920s inspired by a poem written in the 1800s by an Irish-Anglo American, so I can see why some people might have grumbled over the casting choice.

And those some people are part of a bigger problem.

As it is, the new version paid tribute the original story with a girl from the "right" race.

I'm sure some people would also have a problem that the guy who took her in was black, and at the end, he hooked up with his white secretary.

But those people are twisted and/or simpletons who are worth ignoring.

And, oh yeah, I liked the movie. Miss Wallis is a star, and her singing is excellent.

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Posted in: Solar Impulse gets inside mobile hangar in Nagoya See in context

Mobile Hangar

Nagoya Airfield (the old airport at Komaki, now domestic and there is some JASDFactivity)

Which is not Centrair (main airport these days)

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Posted in: China escalates effort to recover missing from capsized ship See in context

It seems, at this stage, the rescue personnel and authorities are being professional.

CCTV said rescuers were deciding whether to cut into the overturned hull — an option that would imply hopes still lingered for finding survivors trapped in air pockets — or to bring two salvage ships to the stern and bow to act as a vise keeping the craft in place while a crane pulls it upright.

Stabilize it first. I'd think about trying pump air in and water out from below beforehand (rather than just cutting away at the hull), but it seems access to remaining passengers/crew is blocked? (Otherwise, you'd think they'd be rescued already).

As the article states, she does indeed appear to have a shallow draft, unsurprising for river craft. And with so much infrastructure topsides, even with adjustments to retain stability, being broadside to strong wind is going to tilt her. Even so, it must have been quite a lot to capsize her. Perhaps there was more weight on the leeward side (opposite side from the wind), possibly the people aboard and/or shifting cargo)

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Posted in: Captain Blatter's fantastic voyage comes to an end See in context

Sepp Blatter has always loved maritime analogies.

From his time spent in the Swiss navy / merchant marine?

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Amazing how the skipper was among the survivors.

Depends how fast the ship capsized, the captain might be more useful alive and assisting rescue operations somewhere else.

In the case of the Sewol, the captain had time to assist passengers escape but put himself first.

Big difference.

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Posted in: Over 400 still missing from capsized cruise ship in China See in context

It reminds me of Sewoll in S Korea.

In the case of the Sewol, a) the ferry was badly balanced due to improper (illegal?) modifications to the infrastructure, b) in an area known for strong currents, c) conned by a junior member of the crew and d) there was ample time to conduct a better rescue.

In this case,

Was the vessel off-balance? You have to wonder.

Who was at the con?

Were the captain, crew and company aware of potential bad weather? What precautions were taken?

I briefly saw something on the news last night about the vessel turning when it capsized. (At least that's what I think I saw). Possibly heading for shelter?

If so, was the turn too tight? Also, bringing a ship around exposes it to oncoming waves and wind. Very tricky without adequate experience.

So similar at first glance to the Sewol incident, but one main difference was the speed at which the vessels capsized. And that counts for quite a lot with regards to actions taken thereafter.

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Posted in: New law aimed at curbing bicycle traffic violations, accidents goes into effect See in context

There are 13 traffic violations covered by the new law.

Not paying attention to other pedestrians and or cyclists due to using mobile devices

Very glad to see this.

Also, as it's apparently required to have a light. I'd like to see a bit more focus as to whether it's actually turned on.

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Posted in: Firearm accident at Yokohama police station leaves two officers injured See in context


This may assist

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Posted in: Temperature tops 30 degrees in Tokyo for first time this year See in context

Who are these supposedly "eco-conscious" greenies who can't live without A/C?

If people are hot, they're hot. It's not a contest.

Although I prefer to use a fan when I do get hot, an a/c does make it easier to sleep. One can be green abut the settings though.

I'll be hiking again this weekend to acclimatize myself for when, for me, it really does get hot and sticky. I've found it effective (if not taken too far).

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