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Posted in: New Japanese KitKats combine ruby chocolate with everyday nuts and cranberry See in context

Hopefully they will add a Vegan version of this amazing looking treat.

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Posted in: Last crew member of Enola Gay dies in US See in context

This man is directly responsible for the killing of 140,000 people, the vast majority of them innocent civilians. Anyone who claims Theodore VanKirk is not a war criminal, simply do not understand the meaning of the term 'war criminal'.

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Posted in: Flexible arm for smartphones See in context

Could be useful at the office desk as well.

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Posted in: Do you think Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is doing a good job? See in context

I think that any objective observer must acknowledge that Abe is doing great. I guess some comment-writers here are simply prejudice.

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Posted in: The great porn swindle: How one elderly man lost almost Y30 mil See in context

Most of the comments here refer to the victim, but it's the thief that I really can't understand. How can someone be so vicious to steal that amount of money from an old man? What kind of a person is it? Is it even a human being? How revolting.

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Posted in: Night at the temple See in context

I wonder how many millions of people have walked through this wooden temple over the years. I certainly did.

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Posted in: Robot guide scheduled to work atop Tokyo Tower See in context


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Posted in: Who is your favorite 1960s singer or group that is still rockin' on? See in context

The answer must be: Bob Dylan.

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Posted in: Keisuke Kuwata to kick off national tour in Miyagi See in context

IMHO, his "MUSICMAN" album is excellent - I'm listening to it frequently with great pleasure.

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Posted in: Sun shines again for Woody Allen after 'Midnight' See in context

'Midnight in Paris' is my pick for best movie of 2011.

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Posted in: Hermit of Fukushima says he's staying put despite risks See in context

This guy is a true hero.

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Posted in: Shibamata: Where history and movies collide in suburban Tokyo See in context

These travel articles are great - thanks.

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Posted in: Who is your favorite comic book, movie or TV superhero? See in context

Jerry Seinfeld.

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Posted in: TV commercial of the week: BOSS canned coffee See in context

TLJ is great, and "Oku no Hosomichi" is awesome.

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Posted in: Cool off in Karuizawa See in context

Very interesting article - thanks.

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Posted in: Wakayama Castle rich in beauty and important in history See in context

Nice. Hope to get there someday.

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Posted in: Tokyo doctor devotes 2 days a week to tsunami-hit area See in context

Well done!

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Posted in: Megumi Yasu appointed 'takoyaki' ambassador See in context

How can someone eat "baby octopus"?

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Posted in: Donut duo See in context

These retro outfits are cute.

Oh, how I miss Mister Donut.

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Posted in: It's making the Japanese look like they're the poor people, like they didn't do anything. See in context

Like father like son. How disgusting.

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Posted in: A farewell to bullfights in northeastern Spain See in context

cleo:"Bullfighting is a vicious, mindless, barbaric tradition and like all such traditions should be stopped."


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Posted in: Pips ’n’ paper See in context

Nice !!

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Posted in: Man falls to death from 14th floor of condo, hitting woman passerby See in context

Its raining man

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Posted in: Hatoyama See in context

Do you think there’s a chance that in few months from now he won’t be bashed with more or less zero public support?

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Posted in: Nagasaki A-bomb plane co-pilot dies at age 88 See in context

Albury said he felt no remorse

What a complete idiot. a disgrace to humanity. His wife's not better either. A shame he didn't died 88 years ago.

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Posted in: Man arrested for refusing to pay bill after dining at Denny's for 12 hours See in context

He kept ordering for 12 hours... This is sad and funny at the same time.

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Posted in: Cranberry Party See in context

I’m considering a special flight to Japan just to have one of those cranberry - white chocolate - pistachio doughnuts – yummy!

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Posted in: Cerego doubles Japanese learning content on iKnow! See in context

iKnow is awesome – thanks!!

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Posted in: It’s fun. I like seeing the underside of life. And the money’s very good. I meet different targets every day. I’m not so keen on the old ones and I sometimes get to like the young ones. I sleep with a See in context

Why can’t my wife hire the kind services of Kyoko or one of her young friends? So inconsiderate!

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Posted in: Police charge Russian man in spying case See in context

As manifested in the latest Georgian war, in the fight against US defense missiles in Europe, in Iran, in this spying case and many more, it is now clear: the Russian power is back, big time. Beware people wherever you are…

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