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Posted in: Tokyo fashion: A never-ending magnet for creativity See in context

What slander - it sounds like you're all rather opinionated and willingly ignorant to the views of others. Listen, it fashion is fashion - it's style - one's own expression of what makes them who they are. Yeah, you cut and past stuff from different places, but in the end it's your style and that's that; whether that style has traces of others' or not is completely irrelevant.

The first thing I'd say about Tokyo's fashion is that it's colourful and abundant. Saying anything more border-lining slander is just plain distasteful.

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Posted in: Ambulance, rescue crews summoned for increasingly ridiculous reasons See in context

Absurdities never cease, eh?

This problem has an easy remedy. Inform the public on its general use and establish a fine for those that misuse the service.

Seriously, though... it's alright if you place the call if you've severed a limb (or something to that effect), but these people need to learn to tough it out. I mean: come on, little scratches and bruises? I've seen people walk away from ten times worse! Arguably, people o'er 'ere are a lot crazier than what someone would normally find elsewhere.

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Posted in: Hikaru Utada advises fans not to buy her album See in context


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Posted in: Man caught taking up-skirt photos with camera in his shoe See in context

There are a lot of cases like this recently, eh...

Why don't girls wear shorts under their skirt? I mean... at my high school there was a uniform policy, but shorts were still allowed...

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Posted in: Cycling adventure - From Kyushu to Hokkaido See in context

Sounds like something to look forward to.

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Posted in: Daughter of Aum founder relates misery of life at cult See in context

People like Chizuo... they're truly pitiful people. I mean, what they've done is absolutely unforgivable. I'd love to beat some sense into him, but I'm sure his family would protest; after all, family is family, no matter what.

Even if he's executed, the damage he's caused won't change.

As people of virtue, we shouldn't cause more pain than that which was already caused. Where does that leave us, though? All we can do is pick up the pieces and help people piece together what remains of their lives.

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Posted in: Keihin Tohoku Line to get women-only cars as anti-groping measure See in context

I wonder... is it possible for women to like women? Of course it's possible. Now, I wonder if it is possible for women to grope women? Logic dictates that it is possible. I wonder if there will be any such incidents, though.

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Posted in: Child abuse suspected after bruised 3-year-old girl dies See in context

People should realize that there are different sociological circumstances for different societies. Please note that Asian societies tend to promote group unity and inter-dependence while western societies promote individuality and independence. Taking a bath with your child may be awkward and questionable for westerners who grew up only having their parents assist them in bathing but not participate. On the contrary, taking baths with your children may be quite common. Such situations wouldn't be unexpected, considering how there are public bathhouses in Japan.

It is also important to note the bystander-responsibility relationship. This relationship claims that as the number of bystanders increase the likelihood that one of them will act decreases.

Also, I will give my support to the fact that the girl could have obtained the bruises simply by being active (I, myself, am a good example of that).

However, I will refrain from making any conclusions about this particular situation. It is impossible to make an effective argument with the lack of information given.

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Posted in: Bodies of two infants found in supermarket freezer See in context

I loathe stories like this... if you don't want a child then don't leave them to die. In the very least give them to someone else who cares for them...

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Posted in: 14-year-old girl survives suicide attempt at Mie school See in context

I wonder... would it have be better for if she lives or had died. Living as a walking-wounded would be quite sorrowful.

If only people could have saved her before it progressed this far...

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Posted in: Man arrested after embracing female employee in hotel See in context

That's really weird...

I can understand the level of discomfort... but hugging someone randomly is illegal?

Note: I really have to stop greeting people randomly. XP

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Posted in: Teenager’s domestic violence leads to murder and abduction See in context

It is in the face of such tragedies people truly do feel helpless.

Was this boy a bad person, or was it the situation he was thrown into.

The situation need not only be an instant of one's life, but could be one's life as a whole.

I will say nothing more than this was a tragedy I wish I could have helped prevent.

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Posted in: I’m shut out of my daughter’s life See in context

Nyah... these cases are rather complex...

First off, the author comes on a bit strong and confrontational. Second, he's being rather broad with his terms. Third, I can empathize with him - I may be young, but if/when I do have kids, I'd like to be by their side for the remaining years of my life. Fourth, there are many reasons and issues behind the curtains. Fifth, personal matters mean little when it concerns a nation; if you had the choice of finishing something a century from now or not at all, most would go for the century.

In regards to my fourth statement:

people are likely to be aware of Japan's population decrease over the years. By having a law that prevents the foreign parent to take custody, it looks like they're trying to keep the "Japanese" in Japan.

I can only fathom what the other reasons might be.

In terms of this being a prejudice/racist/etc. remark, I assure you it is not (unless I'm self-loathing - or which I'm not).

Side Note: I'MA PROUD MUTT! =D

End Note: I hope idiot officials and ignorant adults will start paying attention to what children have to say. If a child wants to live with their father and mother, they should have the right to have their parents by their side, even if only for a little while each week.

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Posted in: Man saves woman from train after she falls onto tracks See in context

This is the type of person I want to live up to be. Honestly, how many people, do you know, have saved someone's life? I mean there are the firefighters and police, but seriously - an ordinary person who just sees someone in trouble - this guy is awesome.

This is the one of the few stories I've heard that has everyday heroism from a mundane person. He is what I hope to be.

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Posted in: Greenpeace activists call for fair trial in stolen whale meat case See in context

This case is rather awkward. Their intentions were noble, but their means was illegal (if not questionable). I hate myself for saying this, but they should accept the consequences of their actions. These two shall become new-age martyrs of sorts.

I can't say I wouldn't do the same - putting my neck on the cutting board for what could be the greater good. The most I can do for them is wish the good luck.

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Posted in: 14-year-old student arrested for indecent assault See in context

This is a weird and definitely unacceptable situation... but I just can't see how this would happen...

I mean... guys are pretty hormone driven... but this is pretty extreme, and out of the blue...

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Posted in: Tough man Terence Lee loses street fight in Kanagawa See in context

For some reason... I feel like there's something wrong with this type of perspective on the situation. I mean, it doesn't matter how 'tough' you are or what your 'training' is. Anyone can have a bad day, be caught flat-footed, or otherwise. We're only human in the end.

If someone gets hurt we should be there to help them back up, not question their title, status or other trivial things.

If you see a bodybuilder getting beat up on the streets, what are you going to do? Will you just stand there and watch or will you try to help him/her? I know I'd go and help. What about you? Will you cast aside stature and status to help someone?

In terms of someone getting beat up even though they're trained in a martial style - most people don't like fighting. There are tons of people who go to war even though they hate killing. There are even more people who will abstain from fighting if they can help it. Taking some martial training doesn't mean you're a trained killer or anything along those lines - it just means you know how to defend yourself to some degree. Whether your implement this defense or not is still your choice.

Relating more to the matter at hand - it's not like we know the whole story regarding this case. Making statements claiming we do - if we don't - is something I cannot condone.

Please note I am not taking a stance on this, I'm merely playing the devil's advocate to flush out the opposing side.

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Posted in: Cop arrested after breaking into Saitama office to sleep it off See in context

This isn't one of the best options he could have chosen... but at least he didn't do something extremely stupid which would endanger people.

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Posted in: Nakai called up for jury duty in '12 Angry Men' See in context

Hah, good movie. (I was forced to sit through it in my philosophy class - it was mildly amusing, though.)

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Posted in: Fukushima flasher caught red-handed by female police officer See in context

Me too. I have seen this before, and although it was nothing I havent seen before it does give you a shock, and I am glad my kids didnt see.

I haven't seen ANYTHING like this before... (I hope I won't ever have to...) Honestly... people should try to preserve innocence and dignity in the world! Eek... I can't believe someone would do that... though... you do have to admire the fact that he has the guts to do something like that... (then again, if it's stupidity, it should be something to steer clear from...)

Erk... I'm rambling again...


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