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Posted in: Rapper formerly known as Kanye West is now just Ye See in context

Could just call him Puddintame for all I care :)

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Posted in: 100 yen store chain Daiso opens online shop with 30,000 items to choose from See in context

Looks cleaner than the dollar stores here in the US, and probably has better stuff to boot.

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Posted in: How do Japanese fans feel about Netflix’s live-action 'Cowboy Bebop' opening sequence? See in context

"Not familiar with this subject.

Is the original available with subtitles?"

In the US it is. I have the Funimation Blu-ray set, and it has both the dub (which is one of the best US dubs out there) and original Japanese with English subs.

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Posted in: Thousands flock to walk-in youth vaccination site in Tokyo See in context

"No, in the US there have been more deaths from a few months of covid vaccinations than all other vaccines together over the past 31 years. The serious vaccine adverse reactions and deaths are through the roof in North America and Europe, but they are unfortunately summarily dismissed and ignored by the MSM media."

Always love anti-vaxxers using the bogeyman "mainstream media". The FACT is, according to the Centers for Disease Control (in the US) is that; "More than 363 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines were administered in the United States from December 14, 2020, through August 23, 2021. During this time, VAERS received 6,968 reports of death (0.0019%) among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine."

Those numbers, while tragic for the families who lost loved ones, is tiny compared to the doses administered (this would include the two-dose Moderna and Pfizer (Pfizer has been officially approved in the US by the FDA), and the one-dose J&J vaccine).

99% of those who are hospitalized and/or died in the US are from the unvaccinated.

It's peoples' choice in the US whether or not they get the shots. It's extremely easy to get them; in many places you can just walk in and get them. But unfortunately many listen to so-called "experts" like that failed optometrist in KY, or conspiracy theorists (I mean, what person in their right mind would believe they are being "microchipped" with the shot?).

But at the end of the day, it's their choice whether they have a proven safe solution with a .00019 death rate, or take their chances with COVID. I made my choice several months ago, with Moderna.

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Posted in: Man in Sapporo attempts to rob convenience store with lighter See in context

Probably would have had more luck with an NES Zapper (or whatever the Famicom light gun was called in Japan) :)

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Posted in: Halloween already? See in context

Here in Columbus OH I went into a Kroger store yesterday; they had just replaced the school supplies with Hallowe'en candy (like they usually do this time of year). Guess it's the same in Japan.

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Posted in: Suspect arrested over murder of 80-year-old man in Kyoto See in context

It's a horrible crime, don't get me wrong. But once again, I have to ask....whenever a person commits a crime and they happen to be unemployed, WHY stigmatize the unemployed by mentioning it, as if being unemployed makes you a criminal?

After all, if one is employed and commits a crime, you don't mention their employment status.

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Posted in: Weary U.S. businesses confront new round of mask mandates See in context

"The vaccinated are just as capable of spreading the virus to one another if not more so"

Because the vaccinated, even in the rare cases they get sick, won't get sick enough to go to a hospital. We aren't wearing a mask to protect ourselves as much as we're masking up to protect those who can't or WON'T get the vaccine, and believe that mask mandates "violate their rights".

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Posted in: Man arrested after assaulting visitor to nextdoor apartment for being noisy See in context

Once again, the article vilifies a person because they are "unemployed". While certainly not excusing this guy for slapping another person, I'm fairly certain that his status as "unemployed" does not equate with "evil".

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Posted in: Top court upholds death penalty for 'black widow' serial killer See in context

"Kakehi's lawyers had demanded earlier this month another psychiatric evaluation for her, claiming her dementia has gotten progressively worse, and she does not understand that she has been taking part in a criminal trial."

This is what concerns me. If she is indeed suffering from dementia, and doesn't understand the proceedings, then it may be a mistake to put such a person to death. I'm not necessarily against the death penalty per se, but to put someone to death that does not understand why she would be put to death, then that seems to be a problem to me.

At her age, it seems better (again, if her lawyer is telling the truth about her dementia) to keep her imprisoned. I know many would be outraged at the suggestion that she would still be alive while her victims aren't, but at the end of the day, I don't think living with advanced dementia is really a mercy.

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Posted in: Jill Biden likely to visit Japan for Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony See in context

"I cannot remember a single case where a first-lady alone met the leader of another country."

How about family members (like Ivanka and Jared) meeting with world leaders and negotiating with them on behalf of the President? Did you have a problem with that?

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Posted in: Japanese love doll mistaken for drowned corpse; saved by emergency services anyway See in context

"Why do so-called "men" need things like that anyway? Can't handle real women?"

Made me think of a couple who lived across the street from me years ago. For the guy's birthday he asked his significant other for a threesome. She gave him a blowup doll and declared on the front porch this would be the only "threesome" he'd get from her :)

Next Hallowe'en it made a reappearance in the front yard.

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Posted in: Japanese love doll mistaken for drowned corpse; saved by emergency services anyway See in context

It's worth a chuckle, but I'll be the first to admit that I'd have thought it was a corpse and called emergency services myself....but then, my eyesight isn't the best these days.

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Posted in: Juneteenth, recalling end of slavery, marked across U.S. See in context

"Two independence days. One was gained by white settlers fighting and dying for it. The second was given by white men who fought and died to end slavery. The black community would do well to remember this fact."

Black men AND women fought and died to free themselves, well before 1861. There were Black men who fought during that war, newly freed, who fought and died for it. Black men AND women escaped and helped other enslaved escape their bonds. White people would do well to learn about those facts, if they are capable of doing so and do not fear the truth.

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Posted in: U.S. to donate 500 mil Pfizer vaccines to more than 90 countries See in context

"Just more government spending. If you agree with it fine; but just breaking out in praise for a politician to spend more of your money is pretty simple."

As one of those American taxpayers, I'd much rather my taxes be spent on this than on a useless wall a seven-year old can breach.

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Posted in: Memorial service marks 20 years since fatal stabbing rampage at Ikeda school See in context

While I have problems with capital punishment, I am not totally opposed to it either. But ultimately, this guy wanted executed, and they gave him what he wanted.

A better punishment IMO, would have been to put him in permanent solitary, surrounded by the photos of the children whose lives he selfishly took, embedded in the walls.

For the rest of his misbegotten life. Cruel and Unusual?

Tell that to the families of those children whose lives he took, whose innocence he took.

To him, death was a mercy, and why should they be merciful to a person like him?

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Posted in: Please take Tokyo Olympics condoms back to your home country and use them there, organizers say See in context

So you want Olympians to NOT USE the condoms you GIVE them?

Ooookay, seems unsafe but them's the rules I guess ;)

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Posted in: Man arrested for ruining fruit at supermarket See in context


Here in the US he'd probably just get escorted out of the store and banned from coming back.

But sir, there's no shame in bubble wrap. Or stress balls. Or in autumn, walk through some crunchy leaves.

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Posted in: New COVID-19 cases in U.S plummet to lowest levels since last June See in context

"Everyone is still wearing masks in every store I go to in the US"

Here in Ohio stores like Walmart, Target and Kroger have started to allow the vaccinated to skip wearing masks. Granted, I'm pretty sure no one is stopping people at the door to ask if you have your vaccination card on you.

At least not at the Kroger and Walmart I went to this week...but I have mine, just in case :)

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Posted in: 28 local Japanese governments considering mass vaccination sites See in context

"Mass vaccination sites"? Maybe stop limiting yourself to looking for doctors and nurses (who seem to be too busy trying to deal with sick COVID patients already), and get the military in on inoculations, and open up more areas as sites.

Here in the US, as another already pointed out, you can walk into a CVS or Walmart to get a shot. Kroger (a big grocery chain with pharmacies), you don't even need an appointment anymore to get your first shot. I've seen people lined up in cars at a local church getting them administered. Here in Ohio we're using encouragement programs to get people to take their shot (five lucky people will win $1 million and five younger people will win college tuition to any four-year college of their choice in Ohio, and everything including books, expenses and living quarters paid for).

That approach seems to be getting more people to get their first shot, so there's that at least.

It doesn't take years of med school to learn how to administer shots...just need to know where to give it, how much to give (not even that if the needle is pre-filled), and train locations to keep them cold after taking them from the deep-freeze.

But clearly something needs to be done to pick up the pace, especially since the government really wants a showcase Olympics this year....

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Posted in: Wealthy nations, once praised for success against virus, lag in vaccinations See in context

"That pic doesn't really make me want to get vaccinated! How about one of someone smiling when injected!?"

I thought "really? I barely felt my shot!"

But then, I'm 59 and also diabetic, so I give myself a shot four times a day :)

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Posted in: Wealthy nations, once praised for success against virus, lag in vaccinations See in context

"Let's face it. USA and UK were doing so bad they had to force-feed the vaccinations."

I can't speak for the UK, but as an American living in Columbus OH, no one has "forced" anyone to take a shot. Thanks to the idiocy of the previous administration, there was no coordinated response to COVID, so it was left to the states to come up with their own solutions. But when the vaccines slowly became more available, the people who wanted a shot started signing up to get them.

In Ohio, that meant starting with those 80 and up, and prioritizing nursing homes and their staffs. Then the priority worked its way down the ladder, and I recall in late March everyone 16 and up became eligible. Because you could get the shot anywhere that could store them properly, we saw them at pharmacies, grocery stores, even church parking lots.

But right now, many places don't even require an appointment, you just walk in, get in line and get your first shot and (if Pfizer or Moderna), an appointment for your second one. I got my second shot at a local clinic 15 minutes' walk away from where I live last Friday, barely a five minute wait.

As of this morning in Ohio, approximately 41% of the population has received their first shot, and some 36% has had their second one.

Demand seems to be slowing down because of people who worry that "there's not enough research done" or those who listen to the fanatical political base of a certain party. But again, no one is "forcing" anything. In fact, the Governor announced yesterday that in three weeks, all mask edicts for the average person will be ended, and all restrictions will be lifted.

Though in my opinion, I hope that next school year school officials will require COVID vaccinations to be included with the other vaccinations returning students need to get back into school. Common sense, IMO.

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Posted in: Unused COVID shots piling up in Japan amid slow rollout See in context

Here in Columbus OH local news 10tv has a story about the local soccer (outside of US, football) team, with a partnership with Columbus Public Health, offering free J&J shots to supporters who come to the home game today. A couple of weeks ago I went by a big church who had a huge line of cars lined up for vaccinations.

I myself got my second Moderna shot yesterday at a local health center that is just 15 minutes walk from where I live.

Perhaps that approach is what is needed to roll out the vaccines in Japan; volunteers, ready availability and incentives. Oh, and instead of telling the Defense Ministry to come up with a plan, also give them a deadline for that plan, and be ready to roll it out fast. Sure, there's lunatics here in the US who say they refuse to get the shot, not for health reasons but because they're listening to conspiracy nuts. But I'll wager there are more sensible people than there are lunatics, here and elsewhere.

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Posted in: Strong wind gusts damage 92 buildings in central Japan See in context

"Really? How do you then explain milenia of bad weather?"

If it turns out to be the result of a tornado, how often do tornadoes happen in Japan?

I live here in Columbus OH, and while I don't recall seeing a tornado in my over 50 years in the area, they often show up around flatlands.

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Posted in: Rare Superman comic sells for record $3.25 mil See in context

Wouldn't be surprised if my mom read it back then (she was born in 1933). I know for a fact she read Marvel Comics #1 because, when she was alive I showed her a reprint of the book and asked her if she remembered reading it. "Sure I did", she said. "Had the Submariner in it".

She explained their rarity because during the war, she and her friends used to go on paper drives to recycle, and also they would gather read comics and send them overseas for the soldiers to read.

Myself, I have a Famous 1st Edition reprint of Action Comics #1 from the mid-1970s that I've had for decades. Good enough for me :)

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Posted in: 2nd suspect arrested over fatal stabbing of man in Shizuoka last month See in context

Why, exactly, does it matter if these two were unemployed? I've noticed that, when there is a crime article it's pointed out that the perp was "unemployed".

Is this a concerted effort to vilify the unemployed?

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Posted in: 'Godzilla vs. Kong' stomps to pandemic-best $48.5 mil opening in U.S. See in context

There's a drive-in near me (Columbus OH) that is showing Kong vs Godzilla as a double bill with Wonder Woman '84. I can imagine the take was pretty good.

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Posted in: Man bitten by pet dog in serious condition See in context

I have to wonder if the man suffered from some medical condition related to something in the dog's saliva...unless the dog's bite hit a major artery I can't imagine a regular bite caused this much damage.

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Posted in: Tama schools in Tokyo distributing free feminine hygiene products to students See in context

This sounds like a very good idea....poverty is in places some would least expect, and any little bit helps. As for those who chime in with "What about condoms for the boys", I say HUH?

That's false equivalency at it's worst. Generally, boys choose to have sex. Girls don't "choose" to have a period.

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Posted in: Knife-wielding man shot dead by police officer in Toyama See in context

Every time I see one of these articles it seems the person is identified as "unemployed". Do people think that those who are unemployed are more prone to be violent or something? IMO this just stigmatizes those who are, for whatever reason, not employed.

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