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Posted in: U.S. retail sales rise 0.3% in November as Americans hit gas, not brakes on shopping, travel, restaurants See in context

"American love to spend money- they dont have-,"

First-hand experience?

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Posted in: U.S. retail sales rise 0.3% in November as Americans hit gas, not brakes on shopping, travel, restaurants See in context

"But then there's group of shoppers that will wait for deals closer to the holiday."

Nothing wrong with waiting for better deals before Christmas, but make sure you aren't the person bringing a Chia Pet as a gift after stopping at a CVS at 8:59PM December 24 :)

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Posted in: Earliest version of Mickey Mouse set to become public domain in 2024, along with Minnie, Tigger See in context

So now that Tigger's going to be in the public domain next year, does that mean those people who made the Winnie the Pooh horror movie will have him in the sequel :)?

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Posted in: The Napoleon that Ridley Scott and Hollywood won’t let you see See in context

I have to wonder, based on some of the comments here...since when is an article on Napoleon's complicit racism and advocation of slavery considered "woke"?

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Posted in: North Korea calls South's leader a 'guy with a trash-like brain' See in context

Wow, these "insults" from the Hermit Kingdom...who writes them, The Orange Guy?

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Posted in: Putin signals he expects long war in Ukraine; says Trump prosecution shows U.S. political system 'rotten' See in context

Of course Dictator Putin would say that about his lapdog...he wants his orange toady back.

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Posted in: Medvedev says Japan's 'militarization' complicates Asia-Pacific See in context

Medvedev is nothing more than a lapdog, a Putin toady. Why anyone would listen to what this weak mouthpiece has to "say" is beyond me.

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Posted in: First strike in six decades closes famous Japanese department store See in context

“Softbank owns the investment firm buying the company and laying off workers”

Softbank sold their interest in Fortress earlier this year.

True; they sold it to an Abu Dhabi-based firm, Mubadala Capital.

Fortress Management and Mubadala to Acquire Fortress Investment Group | Fortress

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Posted in: X factor See in context

"what a russian man doing there?

who cares about war crimes in Ukraine... the show must go on, right, Biden?"

Uh, it's the International Space Station. As in, "INTERNATIONAL". Biden has no control who gets to go.

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Posted in: 'Barbie' tops box office again and gives industry a midsummer surge See in context

"Barbie is and always has been for children, primarily little girls. I fail to understand the popularity of this and I find it’s a warning to us all about the declining maturity of society."

And those little girls grew up to be women who have a fondness for the things they grew up with. Nostalgia is a powerful motivator, and that's true for men as well as women.

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Posted in: How book-banning campaigns have changed lives and education of librarians See in context

"One book however, will never be banned, The Bible. This book is filled with violence, sexual content, and even incest, so why has it not been banned?"

Actually, there has been at least a couple of notable instances of the Bible being banned because of content, or at least only made available to older students, one of which happened in Utah.

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Posted in: Holy voter suppression, Batgirl! What comics reveal about gender and democracy See in context

"not to mention a sex icon. Beautiful, scantily dressed, and carrying a rope. Basically a superhero dominatrix."

Considering Wonder Woman's creator William Moulton Marston's, uh, proclivities, you're not wrong. But then, he wrote her stories with WW being bound so much, that the editor actually had to tell Marston to tone it down a bit.

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Posted in: Twitter chaos leaves door open for Meta's rival app See in context

I always find it hilarious when the Musk apologists claim to me that it doesn't matter to him how much money he loses on Twitter, as long as he is "sticking it to the Libs". Uh, yeah. Any billionaire who thinks like that won't be a billionaire for long.

Myself, the only thing I use Twitter for these days is posting my YouTube channel videos. And any posts I see when doing so are usually toadies like Gym Jordan and Ted Nugent comparing Democrats to pedos (which is chuckle-worthy, considering how he got one of his uh, YOUNG wives).

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Posted in: Just 16% of Japan assembly heads open to foreigners voting in referendums See in context

Does Japan allow for dual citizenship? In the US and some other countries, if you have dual citizenship you can vote in either country.

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Posted in: Acclaimed A-bomb manga 'Barefoot Gen' excerpts removed from Hiroshima school curriculum See in context

"Probably the americans requested it and the japanese said "Yeah ok, anything else" !"

Considering from what I have read (and that was the four volumes initially published in the US through Last Gasp Publishing, which I still have), the American military isn't really portrayed in a necessarily bad way per se. Americans would have nothing to object to, at least where the manga is concerned.

But what the schools perhaps should do is replace the random fragments of Barefoot Gen with Nakazawa Kaiji's more autobiographical I Saw It! That was published in the US through Educomics, and back in the late 1980s my little sister, who was in 10th grade, told her history teacher about my copy, and the teacher wanted to borrow it for her lessons.

She kept it till the end of the school year, the manga was so effective. I could imagine, since the book is much shorter than Barefoot Gen it might be more effective for classes that way.

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Posted in: Russian ex-President Medvedev says Kishida should disembowel himself See in context

Strong words from a mere toady, Med-boy.

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Posted in: Toyota pushes zero-emission goals by converting old models See in context

"Gazoo"? For some reason I immediately thought of that little green alien guy from The Flintstones (voiced by the late, great Harvey Korman) :)

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Posted in: Man dies after being shot outside residence in Saitama Prefecture See in context

"Someone dies by a firearm in Japan, and it makes the news. Here in the States, over 300 people die by firearms every single day. If they all made the headlines, there would not be room for any other news."

True. Here in Columbus OH (mid-sized city by American standards) you have shootings literally every day. Not always fatal (though I think 144 did die last year). Most will only appear on the local news, and then only once or twice, the exception being if they are notorious enough (as in, mass shooting).

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Posted in: Japan's trade minister calls for new world order to counter rise of authoritarian regimes See in context

"At first I read New Order, and I thought great, they are putting out new music"

I saw New World Order and my mind went to Ministry. But still, incredibly poor choice of words by Nishimura, given how the tin-foil hat people interpret the phrase.

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Posted in: Winter storm batters U.S. power, snarling Christmas travel See in context

Stephen ChinDec. 25  11:40 am JST

Relic 1980

"Are you still Farenheitinging in Ohio? Does Ohio weather get better or worse after you have waited five minutes? I mean, "Do you like the weather better or, don't like it at all, after you have waited five minutes?" Stephen Chin in Montreal, Canada."

Well, perhaps I was exaggerating JUST a little :)...but after our frosty weekend, by this coming weekend it's supposed to be in the high 50s.

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Posted in: Winter storm batters U.S. power, snarling Christmas travel See in context

Stephen Chin

"Is Planet Earth sommersaulting ?"

Well, after we got wind chills of up to -32 F here in Columbus OH yesterday, by this coming Friday were supposed to get temps around 60 F and possible storms! People around these parts comment that "if you don't like Ohio weather, wait five minutes." :)

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Posted in: Winter storm batters U.S. power, snarling Christmas travel See in context

Here in South Columbus OH the temps are finally rising just a little bit. I think the high was 12 degrees F today, and is currently 7 degrees (about 7pm Saturday). Winds aren't as high as it was yesterday, so the wind chill, while still below zero, isn't QUITE as bad. Went out to get some milk for a pie that will be made tonight, and the rough weather apparently wasn't an impediment, judging from all the cars I saw at the local shopping center.

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Posted in: Massive winter storm in U.S. brings rolling blackouts, power outages See in context

I'm right here in my home, in South Columbus OH. Right now it's -3 degrees F outside and a wind chill of -25. Earlier in the day it was -8 and I have a good 4 inches of snow, not counting snow drifts. Thankfully our power provider American Electric Power has been on the ball in the Columbus area, and quickly fixed any outages within I'd say a couple hours. My guess they (hopefully) learned their lesson after a June debacle that saw some 200,000+ people lose power when it was 97 degrees outside.

There's a number of churches and organizations helping the homeless get to shelters, though I can imagine they're getting full about now (9:33pm Columbus time). And the city buses, since it's a Level 2 Snow Emergency, are free to allow people to keep warm.

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Posted in: North Korea slams Japan's military buildup; vows counteraction See in context

I guess His Impotence's missile scare tactics aren't performing well?

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Posted in: Lawson opens 1st avatar-staffed convenience store in Tokyo See in context

"At least they are not asking for tips like they do in America now. So strange."

What convenience store in the US asks for tips in-store?

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Posted in: Ukraine says Russians will take one week to withdraw from Kherson See in context

"Russian state media and pro-Kremlin war hawks defended the withdrawal as a necessary move while acknowledging a heavy blow."

"Retreat? We didn't retreat. We advanced in another direction!" :)

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Posted in: Crush kills at least 151 at Halloween festivities in Seoul See in context

Horrible...reminds me of a concert my friend in high school went to in 1979, The Who, at Riverfront in Cincinnati OH. I think 11 kids died in a crush, and he told me it was all he could do to stay on his feet. I don't know the area, but surely there had to be some sort of crowd control that could have diverted these kids in Seoul to a larger street.

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Posted in: Police drive 'gyoza king' murder suspect 500 km to avoid yakuza public transport attack See in context

""They (Kudo-kai) don't care at all about harming bystanders" to achieve their objective, the source said."

"The vehicle carrying Tanaka, a senior member of a gangster group linked with the Kudo-kai crime syndicate, arrived at the police station in Kyoto shortly after 4 a.m. Saturday as a swarm of reporters and photographers awaited his arrival outside the building."

If this gang of thugs truly didn't care about harming bystanders, then what was stopping them from whacking this guy from among the "swarm of reporters"?

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Posted in: New hires at Lawson convenience stores to work remotely via avatars See in context

This all makes me think of the useless and bizarre things that came out during the venture capitalist-driven insanity of the late-1990s. Convince a VC and get billions in funding for a CueCat! Except this concept is even worse, because the human element is reduced to a couple of generic anime avatars.

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Posted in: Bizarre bicycle vandalism reported to mayor of Mie town; he admits doing it See in context

The mayor clearly doesn't have enough to do in his official position. If he's going to micromanage like this, perhaps he should pick up a copy of Sim City or something.

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