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Ren Dean Gardner comments

Posted in: Women in business summits: Annual gatherings advance diversity and inclusion dialogue See in context

I applaud the effort of Japan to include Diversity. Diversity is needed in this modern age to not only increase the workforce but to make sure All citizens of Glorious Japan are Happy and feel Safe.

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Posted in: Facebook to use photo-matching to block repeat 'revenge porn' See in context

Im glad Facebook is doing this :) Revenge porn is done by people with no life. Now maybe we can do something about people who blame the victims

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Posted in: Japanese high school students are causing a stir online by sharing their 'love videos' See in context

I think it's cute! And of course people are gonna complain. They have to find someway of spicing up there boring lives haha. To the future of relathionships and love!

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Posted in: China to invite foreign militaries to take part in parade marking victory over Japan See in context

Not many will join. China isn't exactly a model for a decent country.

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Posted in: Google self-driving car prototype ready to try road See in context

Nice! This will be a great way to get places.

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Posted in: Doughnuts meet sandwiches — with both sweet and salty results See in context

This sounds awesome!

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