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Posted in: Burger King adds 'angry' burger to Japan menu See in context

“Professor, give me my credits,” exclaimed another.

This isn't an accurate translation. This sounds as if a prof is withholding credits from a student who deserves them ("my credits").

What this really means is "Teacher, pass me please!!!" The only students who say this, are the lazy ones who barely ever make it to class on time, if at all, and who never do any work.

So, as sydenham already commented, "No."

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Posted in: The appalling cooking habits of young single women See in context

Some Japanese women I know do cook, but they're very careless. For example, one will cook up a nice pot of curry with veggies and meat, but then LEAVE IT ON THE STOVETOP ALL DAY in the heat of summer, and when she comes home, she turns on the gas to heat it up. One pot like this will stay on the stove for up to THREE DAYS. I ask, WTF do you think a fridge is for? Put the pot in the fridge! It fits.

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Posted in: California's top court legalizes gay marriage See in context

A spouse has legal rights and responsibilities that a friend or lover do not. The same-sex couples want equal access to that status. Nothing wrong with that.

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Posted in: PTA says 'London Hearts' is worst TV program See in context

What does the PTA have against the most popular and most common TV shows in Japan? We absolutely LOVE watching dumb people eat food and exclaim "OIIISHIIIIII" with their mouths stuffed.

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Posted in: Man lying on Saitama street killed in hit-and-run See in context

15 years ago the description of "a white van" would have been "a van." Remember when nearly all cars and vans were white?

re: not helping those in distress. This is part of the Japanese national character. God forbid you ever find yourself choking in a restaurant, or having a heart attack in public. You'd die in the middle of a circle of Japanese faces.

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Posted in: Nick Baker sent back to Britain to finish jail sentence See in context

ah never mind, that is British pounds. "mum" and his weight in "stone"... why is a Japan news source publishing a story in antiquated dialect?

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Posted in: Nick Baker sent back to Britain to finish jail sentence See in context

How do you even carry 1.4 million pounds of anything? Or is this the value in British pounds (and if so, why?)

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Posted in: Giving birth in Japan See in context

We all have mouths so instead of simply complaining about how rude people are do the brave thing and open your mouth.

Yes, I agree with that. If you need a seat, ask for one, especially if the occupied seat is one of the reserved ones.

On the other hand, I do see many instances of people giving up seats for those who need it more. Just yesterday, I saw a young punk with weird hair and very baggy trousers on the train. When an elderly woman got on, he immediately stood up and offered her the seat. I've seen similar scenes a number of times. This however is in a medium-size conservative city. Maybe in the big cities, people are afraid of getting their butts gang-kicked.

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