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Posted in: Melania Trump says she might be 'the most bullied person in the world' See in context

Then don't let your husband bully you.

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Posted in: Britain tells EU to engage seriously on Brexit See in context

UK creates a problem... and now others have to solve it for them?

Time to move out of your parents' basement, UK, and start taking some responsibility.

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Posted in: Trump allies, security experts alarmed by Omarosa recordings See in context

even weasels have more credibility than president Dump.

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Posted in: Former campaign aide to Trump testifies he committed crimes with Manafort See in context

but... but... it's OK when the Republicans break the law!

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Posted in: Trump makes veiled WTO threat after EU warning on car tariffs See in context

this is what happens when the inmates are running the asylum...

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Posted in: EU 'possibly as bad as China' on trade: Trump See in context

this guy is mental

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Posted in: Trump backs down; orders end to family separations at U.S. border See in context

it is impolite to call things by the name?

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Posted in: G7 asks Mnuchin to convey concern and disappointment to Trump on tariffs See in context

The Trump supporters are straight out of 1984: War is Peace!

Blaming other countries for this and that, but hey let's not look what the USA has done throughout history.

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Posted in: Trump tariffs on U.S. allies draw retaliation threats See in context

Again the US refusing to play by the rules they insist that others should use.

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Posted in: Bowing to Trump, NFL will require players to stand for anthem See in context

Never going to watch NFL again.

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Posted in: Tempests buffeting White House now threaten to engulf Trump See in context

sounds bizarre how Trump supporters hail bad decisions as good decisions. Stockholm syndrome?

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Posted in: Trump strongly denies Stormy Daniels affair See in context

The outlook is Stormy.

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Posted in: Trump ousts McMaster; picks hawk Bolton as national security adviser See in context

the way things are going... soon even Iran will look like a progressive country.

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Posted in: Do Oscars and Grammys indicate awards shows losing appeal? See in context

largely ignoring the rest of the world... the world will start ignoring them.

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Posted in: Porn star's lawyer says she had sexual relationship with Trump See in context

It is amusing how the Trump supporters keep shifting the goalpost day after day after day.

Trump supporter: "No, he did not do A!"

next day: "OK, so what if he did A, at least he didn't B!"

"So what that he did A and B, at least he didn't C..."

"C does not matter, everyone does C, so what... at least he didn't D..."

Stockholm syndrome?

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Posted in: Empty seats, missing friends as Florida school reopens after shooting See in context

Blacklabel, really? your toys are more important than the lives of children?

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Posted in: Trump on Florida shooting: 'I'd run in there even without gun' See in context

we know how you "ran" when you were drafted to Vietnam...

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Posted in: Plane passenger almost gets busted for unusually-shaped chocolate in carry-on luggage See in context


... but then again, should you take a box on the plain without knowing its content? hmmm :D

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Posted in: Trump lawyer says he paid $130,000 to porn star linked to president See in context

How can the conservatives live with themselves after voting for Trump?

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Posted in: Trump threatens 'reciprocal tax' on trading partners See in context

I think everyone should wake up and smell the coffee, and STOP buying ANY American goods. Buy local.

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Posted in: Trump steps up fight over Russia probe after release of FBI memo See in context

So, Trump team writes some memo (similar to facebook post) and the Reps are shouting "see, see, there's proof!"

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Posted in: Harassment of women can never be tolerated: Ivanka Trump See in context

tell that to your dad

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Posted in: YouTube shuts down North Korea propaganda account See in context

Which makes you wonder why a "private company" goes out of it's way to block political information.

so you are against blocking ISIS and Al Qaeda channels too?

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Posted in: Trump makes nice with Democrats, leaving his party confused See in context

Seems like if anything, the Dems need to somehow stay politically relevant, since they haven't been for the last 9 months

You misspelled "Republicans".

After 9 months in total power, and yet have not got anything done.

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Posted in: Trump's claim Akie Abe wife cannot speak English generates buzz See in context

yet this misses the more important question: why is Trump unable to speak English?

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Posted in: Russia denies Hokkaido mayor entry over Japan's sanctions See in context

never trust Russia. if not penalized, they will just bully more, other neighbors such as Japan.

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Posted in: Koike to push for smoking ban before 2020 Olympics See in context

Excellent news!

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Posted in: Trump doesn't seem to be heeding calls to tone down tweets See in context

you can't expect someone who is dumb to behave smart

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Posted in: Health ministry abandons complete smoking ban in restaurants See in context


If you don't like smoking, don't go to a restaurant that allows smoking. It's as simple as that.

That is called "race to the bottom".

One smoker among non-smokers can ruin the air in the whole restaurant. While one non-smoker among smokers does not magically clean the whole room.

It continues to amaze me the arrogance of smokers, thinking you have some special right above other people because of your addiction.

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Posted in: North Korea sends protest to U.S. Congress over sanctions See in context

Wait, what? Today is April 1? I'm so confused :D

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