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Rene X Noriega comments

Posted in: Cost of giving birth in Japan See in context

I honestly don't think the price is that high for a newborn. In the states, the price is about the same, probably a bit more than that (¥1,000,000).

Japan has generated its own low birth rates and aging population due to mismanagement and greed.

I don't think thats the case with Japan. It falls more with its young people not wanting to have to deal with that kind of "burden" while they are are young. They rather focus on their career or their studies, I don't see anything wrong with that.

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Posted in: Japan's women wrestlers take on sumo's big boys See in context

I thought sumo was banned for women? I remember reading about it somewhere around here, about things that are still banned for women in Japan, sumo being one of them. Something about how women are not pure for the sumo ring. Not implying they shouldn't, more power to them if they let them and can do it, but just saying.

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Posted in: Company dispatches hot dudes to make your man jealous See in context

and even substitute grave visitors.

Ok yea, making your guy/girl(if they offer a GF service)jealous is pretty lame, but the sending someone else to visit your relatives/friends/who ever died instead of you, is pretty sad haha. "Hey, so you mind going to the cemetery to visit my dead father/mom/wife/husband/friend and tell em how good I am since i payed for someone else to talk to them instead of me?"

Then again, I probably have no say in this since I don't pay, nor go myself to my relatives graves.

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Posted in: Vending machine dispenses cans with 5 yen coins taped to them See in context

That's legit.

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Posted in: J.League club bans teen for waving banana at Brazilian player See in context

I don't get it... What does a banana have to do with Brazil? Plantations and stuff? I think there may have been times in my life where Ive had a banana in my hand and waved at someone with it.

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Posted in: Abe tours ancient city with Mexican leader See in context

Are there more than one President in Mexico ???

@toshiko No, Mexico only has "1" President. Though Previous presidents such as Salinas de Gortari and Vicente Fox still retain a lot of power and control over Mexico. I wouldn't say Peña is the worst, but he's among the worst. Its good for both countries to do business so that both countries can prosper, it's just unfortunate Abe is dealing with said president.

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Posted in: Abe tours ancient city with Mexican leader See in context

I don't know much about Prime Minister Abe, but know enough about Peña to say that, it's unfortunate that Abe has to deal with him and not with another Mexican president. Though, I'm pretty sure there will never be a good Mexican president worth being dealt with. That's just how the country is.

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Posted in: Man arrested after child's skeletal remains found in apartment See in context

So it took 7 years for the school to notice that the boy did not show up? I won't even comment on a worthless father who allows his son to starve to death.

That, and no neighbors noticed the smell apparently...

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Posted in: Singer ASKA arrested for drug possession See in context

lol again with the "illegal stimulant drugs" when will they ever say, he was using meth, coke, weed, or something.

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Posted in: Fans displeased with idol group’s debut single See in context

are you people serious? its not just Japanese society that handles celebrities in such a way. Look at how America handles their fix for celebrities(Justin Bieber comes to mind). Wanting to meet your favorite artist/idol is a big deal to some people. Probably only reason why some of the people bought this one CD. But when you get told that you will be able to do do something if you do this(buying the CD), and then they add the "certain restrictions apply" randomly without prior notice, imo, that's messed up.

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